Happy New Year Wishes for Friends and Family


Happy New Year Wishes for Friends and Family

With this year ending on a beautiful note, the new year promises to be great and fulfilling. May this be your portion throughout the course of the entire year. Happy new year.

A new year is another God-given year to achieve what we couldn’t conquer and acquire in the former year. As you begin the journey of completion, may you round off in a triumphant way. Happy new year to you and your family.

A prosperous new year to you. I know you’ve got your new year resolutions written down and may His grace be sufficient enough to attain the heights of your resolutions.

Wishing you a Happy New Year. This new year will be a year of delightful and splendorous things to come. You’ll get double of everything you couldn’t lay your hands upon it the past year.

Old things have passed away, all things have become new. May you have reasons to celebrate in this new wonderful year. Happy New Year!

It’s a season of love. And on this day, you shall experience boundless love like never before. I hope you enjoy the New Year and its blessings.

Every year is like a new page of a book. You’re given a pen to write all your desires on it. May all of your inscriptions be the course of a new testimony for you. Happy New Year friend.

A new year, a new path. May all your days be full of light and happiness for the rest of this new year. You’ll excel beyond what your peers can see. Happy New Year Friend.

Looking back at the past with gratitude and looking forward to the new year with a renewed mindset and great plans for achievement. Happy New Year to you and your entire family.

I pray for you that this new year would be a year of manifestations, you’ll enjoy an abundance of joy, your aspirations will never be cut short and the sweetness of the new year would never seize from your life and that of your family. Happy new year friend. Greater heights await you.

One more glamorous and fun-filled year with sweet memories has passed. You’re one person who made this year exceptionally beautiful. The moments spent with you would be treasured in my heart forever. I love you dearest friend. And I pray may we be granted the grace to spend more years together and recollect more beautiful times.

Happy new year dear friend. On this New Year, I pray that the first 6 months of the year shall be superb, exciting, peaceful and fabulous. And may the remaining 6 months of the second half of the year, be spectacular and stress-free.

Hurray! It’s 12:00 am. Another victorious year has ended and a more pleasant year is here. A year where milk and honey would flow endlessly. May you be focused on all your endeavors, overcome all limits and explore a new life adventure. Happy new year.

A short prayer to you that your faith will not fail you as you journey into a new year, you will live up to the plans you’ve orchestrated and you will never know any pain. Happy new year to your family and to you.

May this year bring new opportunities, new dreams, new breakthroughs and may it release unto you bundles of joy in your life. Happy new year all. I wish you nothing but the purest form of happiness.

It is my desire that every day of this year is filled with lots of good news that would spur men to tap into your testimonies. None of the challenges and pain you faced in the previous year would cross over with you into this new year. Instead, you’ll be compensated with heavenly blessings for all the heartache. So shall it be dear. Happy new year.

May warmth of this new year would act as a cover from the cold of stagnation and protection against the forces of nature. Happy new year. May the new year bring you stillness of mind, love, and light to guide your path to a positive destination

Here’s me wishing you all the happiness of this season as you put into plans your goals for the year. Have a Happy New Year friend.

A new year is God telling you He’s giving you another chance to make up for the excess and lapses of the past year. Now it’s time to cave for yourself a beautiful story. Happy New Year.

As the new year draws closer with dreams anew, I pray we succeed in scaling through with the circumstances that life may plaque us with. Wishing you and your family a wonderful year ahead.

As the new year breaks, may we not be tagged with the word failure but be attracted to success as we go through another 365 days on earth. Happy New Year

In every ending point marks a new start into another phase of life. The wind of the sea will not sail you away, the rays of the sun will act as a defense from all harms and the rain will soften and water every hardness of life. I wish you a Happy New Year.

On the path to your aspirations, may you not tarry and miss your way to your destination. Keep your head high and the Lord God will set you above all satanic principalities. Happy New Year.

Happy new year to your family. The past is gone and dusted. Though the hand of time cannot be changed nor mistakes undo, but the present can be corrected. So focus and work on the future to regain all that you’ve lost.

Now it’s the moment to let go of all the worries and habitation of this concluded year and to begin afresh on a new page. New doors would open for you, new alliance would be formed for your sake and new things would flow into your life uninterruptedly. May you have a Happy New Year.

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