21 Cute Goodnight Quotes Specially Written for You


Cute Goodnight Quotes

Good night my love

1.  A little charming goodnight message to you. I  pray you sleep well while the stars sing a lullaby to you. I pray that as you sleep, may you get solutions to all of your problems in your dreams. Goodnight beautiful.


2.  As you coil up on your bed, don’t hesitate to remind yourself about your simplicity and kind nature. You’re loved and admired by everyone hence, continue being an original version of yourself. Goodnight special one. Always remember that the person sending you this message cares for you.


3.  I will go to bed with smiles on my face tonight because I’ve got something more than gold in my life. I know the smiles won’t wear off even in my dreams. What a sweet feeling! Have a great night, lovely.


4.  Praying and thinking positively before going to bed is a great way to end the day. The thoughts you end up coming up with contributes significantly to your dreams because great ideas breed positivity.


5.  It’s bedtime again. I  will send my guardian angels to protect you and the night’s breeze to keep you cosy. The duvet will warm you up lest you get cold as you enjoy the calm nature of this beautiful night.


6.  I have prayed to God to lift you unto his palms so you could sleep comfortably without having to worry about anything. You’re covered tonight and forever. Have a sweet night.


7.  No matter the miles, oceans, and deserts between us, you are always going to be in my heart and thoughts. Goodnight.


8.  I don’t want to know how your day went, but I want to ensure your night ends beautifully. Sweet Dreams. A lovely night to you.


9.  Saying goodnight to a special person doesn’t literally mean goodnight. It connotes silently that am thinking of you before bidding farewell to the night. Goodnight.


10.  Goodnight beautiful soul. I wish you nothing but a pleasant dream. Rest well, Dearie. Tomorrow will be brighter than your day. Enjoy the coldness of the night.


11.  Not quite long, I heard an angel whispered into my ear a question asking for my wish for tonight. I quickly replied; please watch over the person am sending this message to — Goodnight dear.


12.  As you shut your eyes to sleep, may you shut out all the negative feelings you’ve got inside of you so that you can sleep peacefully.


13.  Do not regret the mistakes of today. But see them as a stepping stone to your route of success because you will never be able to get this day back, but the mistakes can be amended by getting back all that you’ve lost. Goodnight.


14.  A million years have passed, and a million tomorrows awaits us all. But, we’ve got this day which won’t slide off without me telling you how much I miss you. Have a good night — all the best for tomorrow.


15.  May the angel assigned to watch you sleep hasten his footsteps to your doorstep. Goodnight sweet friend. A great day lies ahead.


16.  You want to enjoy and explore the beauty of this night? Then stop worrying over the past and stop pondering over the future. So sleep so soundly and engage yourself into dreamland. Goodnight.


17.  Dreams give us a blueprint of all we’ve set to achieve in the future and use every minute and hour of the next day to put into place all that we’ve dreamt of. Have a spectacular night dear friend.


18.  Zip your troubles in your pillows, keep your burdens wrapped in your duvet and lay your uneasiness on your linen. And when you rise up tomorrow morning, you will have an unclean bed sheet and a light heart and a free mind. Goodnight.


19.  Nights give different varieties of gifts. The greatest gift you could ever get from the night isn’t a sound sleep, but the assurance that tomorrow has lots of opportunities in store for you. Good Night dear.


20.  I pray this goodnight-message brings smiles to your beautiful face just as the sun shines brightly. Have a good night rest.


21.  Goodnight to a fantastic personality and a lovely damsel. May this night be the most delightful night of your life. Bye. Rest peacefully.


22.  No candy on earth can beat the sweetness I get from you. You’ve sweetened my heart with your doings. Have a quiet night, dear.


23.  Just as the stars shine brightly in the sky, may you shine more brightly in all of your endeavours. Sleep tight and wake up feeling refreshed. Goodnight.


24.  The moon has shown it’s beautiful face in the dark displaying its glimmering light around with the stars sparkling above us. So am gonna wish you a fantastic night, dear friend. Sleep well.


25.  I don’t know the predicament you’re in right now, but I want to assure you that God is in control and He is set to bring peace to you amid the storm. Goodnight.


26.  Goodnight Angel. I’m sending the wind ahead of you to blow away all your pains, including the moon to create a calm and relaxed night specifically for you.


27.  It’s time to bid goodbye to the stars of the earth as you close your eyes to sleep. So forget about today and ruminate on what the future holds. Goodnight my friend.


28.  A cute message to a sweet lady. I simply want to wish you a happy night filled with lots of fun and good spirit. Sleep beautifully, princess. Goodnight.


29.  I pray my message turn that frowns into a bright smile like the stars. Have a wonderful sleep.


30.  The night has just begun. So enjoy every minute of it and stay blessed. Goodnight


31.  Let go of all your burdens and console yourself with the belief that tomorrow will be far more cherishing, promising and beautiful. Sleep nicely, dear one.


32.  I can see your pretty eyelids closing and your body gravitating towards your bed.  Time to give your body a smooth and beautiful sleep have a glorious night and sweet dreams.


33.  Goodnight my love. I wish I could teleport myself over to your place. I guess I will have to wait till morning. Take care. Goodnight.

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