Happy New Year Messages For Family

Happy New Year Messages for Family

A beautiful message with the New Year wishes for family is a delicious way to bring all of the family members together. Sending messages in this new year is one of the best ways to make your relationship strong and memorable. If you have a close relationship with your family, giving wishes every time, every year is a nice way for you to stay connected with them. We have lots of good collection of new year messages for family you could share.


Happy New Year Messages For Family

  1. A warm hello to you, my dear family. I hope that all of you are in a very good shape, happy and smiling. This is the beginning of a new year, the beginning of a new page in our lives full of beautiful moments. Spend it in good health, by the side of your loved ones and friends! This is one of our chance for happiness, so make the most of it!
  2. I wish you all the best in the coming year, may you be healthy and wealthy. May your life be full of joy and love, and may you get everything you ever wanted except for more wishes. I hope that in the upcoming year, God keeps blessing you and your family with good health. Wishing you a happy new year!
  3. I am sure this coming year will bring us happiness, joy and health. May we live our lives in harmony and keep healthy relationships with everyone. I love you all so much. Happy New Year!
  4. Wishing you a very happy and successful New Year! We love you so much and can’t wait to see what the new year has in store for us all. I know that it’s going to be great with you all by my side!
  5. Another year is almost with us, just a few more days. I am happy to spend it with you. I know it will be amazing, the best one yet. It’s been a great year, filled with lots of love and smiles. While the year is ending, there is no need to feel down. We have each other so stay happy and celebrate!
  6. Wishing you a happy New Year! I hope your year is full of love, light, family and fun. Be sure to catch a smile from time to time. You deserve it!
  7. If I had to choose between spending New Years with you and never celebrating again, I’d choose to spend it with you every single time. You are my rock. You are my person. Thank you for staying with me a thousand more years. Happy New Year!
  8. I have never met a man like you, who knows so much about life and whose wisdom is so respected by me. I am proud to call you my father and I hope that our relationship will be strong for the rest of our lives. Speak with confidence, give advice when it is needed. Your words are important for me.
  9. To the entire family and relatives, I wish you all a happy New Year! You all bring me so much joy, excitement and laughter. I love each one of you very much and have learned so much from you. May your year be filled with wonder, hope, happiness and love!
  10. I’m sitting here in the rain on my first new year’s. I look into my family and think what a wonderful group of people you are. Through all the bad times, you have always been there for me. I have so much to be grateful for, and I thank God every day that he gave me a family like this. Happy new year to you all!
  11. I don’t know where I’d be without my family – and I couldn’t imagine my life without them in it. It’s funny how a year ago at this time, we were starting our new journey as a family of four. Now we’re bigger and better than ever! We went through some hard times last year but they just made us stronger and closer. So, this New Year, I’m looking forward to spending it with the people I love most – my family!
  12. I can’t believe it’s the New Year! It feels like the last one just started. I thought I’d take a moment to wish you everything that you want. The best, of luck and love, all of my love and care, And all the joy life has to share. Happy New Year!
  13. We are so lucky to have you in our lives. You bring joy and love into each of our hearts. We look forward to growing old with you and watching the next generation grow up. You make life so much fun! Wishing you a very happy new year.
  14. Everyone wishes their family a Happy New Year, but we don’t. Christmas is over and the New Year is upon us once again. Enjoy it, of course! But more importantly, enjoy each other. May the coming year bring everyone closer together and in good health.
  15. Dear family, let it be known that the bond we share makes us strong. Our love for each other is shown in the greatest ways. Even through the hardest times, I am thankful for this wonderful family and all our gifts. May we grow stronger together with every year to come!
  16. You are the only family I have and I love you. No matter if we’ve fought. The good times always outweigh those. From silly jokes to special celebrations, our close bond has been made even stronger by spending time with each other and our mutual love for one another. I am so appreciative of you, my dear friends and family members.
  17. I’m so happy to share my new year with you. I love you close to me, you’re all I need to have a fantastic time! Here’s to our future – full of fun, excitement and a whole lot of love!
  18. It’s that time of year again. Time to take out the paper hats and silly wigs, exchange gifts, play games and make fun of each other. I am so lucky to be a part of this new year’s tradition with you all. Let’s continue the fun and make more memories to last a lifetime.
  19. I wish that your New Year would be filled with much love. I hope that you will achieve all of your goals this year and that nothing but good comes your way during the coming year.
  20. I am wishing you a very happy and prosperous Happy New Year! May everything you do this year add luster to your name and bring joy, peace and harmony to your life.
  21. Merry Christmas, I love you. I hope you have a lovely day and that you can spend this new year surrounded by your family and friends. All my best wishes and love to you.
  22. I never thought I’d be able to say this in a few years, but me and you are a great family. We’ve gone through so much together and we’ve grown so close. You guys are my greatest accomplishment and best friends. I cannot wait to see what new year will brings to us!
  23. I am so glad to have gotten to know you better this past year. Thank you for the memories, and I can’t wait to make even more memories in the new year!
  24. You are my family and the people I love most in this world. I am thankful to have you in by life, even if it is miles away. I wish you a new year filled with joy, laughter, love and all the happiness in the world.
  25. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family this New Year. It is a great feeling when we can bring our families together to share our love for each other and cherish the moments that are too short. I send my warm wishes to you and your family on this new year. Wish you all the best!
  26. Happy New Year to family friends and most importantly, you! I’m looking forward to the opportunities that this year will bring. With each passing day we get a little closer to a brighter future together. May your days be bright and filled with love and laughter. This is a new beginning, let’s make it one to remember.
  27. Family comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether it be a few people, or billions, family is a blessing. We may not be related by blood, but we are still connected through love. Every New Year my family gets together to celebrate another year of life, another year of happiness. I am so lucky to have this wonderful family!
  28. I’m just sending you a quick note to let you know I love you very much. It has been a great year, and I want to thank you for all that you have done in my life. I hope the new year will be filled with the same joys and good times that this one was. Here’s hoping it will be even better! This year could not go so well without my family, thanks for being there for me. I hope this coming year will be full of even larger.
  29. So, as we say goodbye to this year and welcome a new, remember that you are not alone. This year won’t be forgotten, even though it was tough there were still good times! I hope whatever lies ahead, you meet new friends and make new memories. May your troubles be out of sight and your happiness abound. Always have faith in yourself and never give up, listen to your heart because love is always the answer so let it led you through the end.
  30. New Year’s is meant for a fresh start. To prepare for the year ahead, and let go of things you’d rather forget. It’s a time to surround yourself with friends, family and good food! Wishing you all the best I could think of in 2011, and here’s to more happy memories this coming year!
  31. I am so glad to count you as my family. I have been loving by you for years and look forward to many more. I will always be here for each of you, no matter what. You are my true north; may your new year be one of happiness, prosperity, and health.
  32. With each year that passes I hope you are happy and healthy. With each year more love grows in my heart for you. Seeing you grow up is the most amazing thing in my life, I look forward to watching who you become as the years go on! Please be happy, healthy and successful in the new year!
  33. As you reflect on the year gone by, and the new one on the horizon, allow yourself to feel all the love that you have to share. May your days be filled with happiness and light, as you nurture your family relationships. Let this new year be a time of joy and fulfillment as you make memories together.
  34. You are the most amazing aunt I could ever ask for! You are my sister’s best friend and because of this very special bond we have become great friends. I am always laughing when I hang out with you and look forward to every second. I hope that our friendship will create many more wonderful memories and family gatherings. Happy New Year!
  35. Happy New Year to you and your family. I hope this year brings you happiness, joy and love. May it be filled with wonderful moments and great memories. Have a fun, safe and happy new year celebration!
  36. I hope this year has been filled with nothing but happiness and joy. I wish every single one of you a Happy New Year and much many more to follow!
  37. Wishing you a Happy New Year, my love. I am excited to see what life brings us next year. Thanks for being such a special part of my life and I love you
  38. I cannot believe another year has flown by. We have had so much fun over the years, good and bad. You have been through thick and thin with me, supporting me no matter what. You are my best friend; my rock and I love you so much!

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