Happy New Year Messages for Family


happy new year greetings

Want to say goodbye to 2018 and usher your loved ones into the brand new year 2019? Yes, my dear reader, you have come to the right place, here you can get new year greetings, quotes, paragraphs for your family and loved ones.


Its not comfortable seeing the whole of 2017, we all had trials and tribulations, but look at us, we all have come out victorious, honestly its something to be joyous about, lets take out time to thank our creator maker of the heaven and earth, and lets spread joy across and love to our friends and well-wishers, make the beginning of their year a great one to not forget in a hurry.

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Time to say goodbye to the old year and to embrace this new year with our arms wide open to receive all the great things it’s coming with. Happy New Year. I pray the sweetness and blessings of this new year finds their way into your life.


This coming year is going to be full of positivity and surprises for you and your family. May every good thing this year has got to offer to you and your family now.


Happy New Year. Keep the memories, trash the sorrows, keep the enchanting smiles and trash the sadness. Live, love and laugh freely without regrets.


Another blissful Year has come to an end and an exceeding year is on its way to beautify our lives with continual blessings. I wish you a great year of splendour.


My prayer for you is for this year to supply you with all your needs and desires. You’ve experienced a spectacular year, and you’re on your way to having another spectacular year. Happy New Year.


Welcome to another year. New year new hopes,  new achievements, new vibes, unique spirits, and new goals. My wishes are for you to attain that position you’ve always desired. Have a superb and a fabulous New Year.


May this new year be full of great news for you. All your hard work and sweats will amount to success in Jesus name. Eternal joy and peace await you.


Happy New Year. I pray that this year will be the best and most beautiful year of your life, and may your long ambitions and dreams be fulfilled. Enjoy the rest of the year.


A new year, a new feeling, a new effort, an original resolution, a new commitment, a new focus and a new beginning. I heartily usher you into this new year. Happy new year.


May the peace, favours, blessings, and happiness that accompanied you last year, follow you into this new year. May they lead and guide you to the end of your destination in Jesus name. I wish you a glorious year.


This new year will be a year of upliftment for your family. Your lives shall be beautified with the sweetness that this year has come with — a happy new year. I wish your family a prosperous new year.


Each new year is like an open blank page, waiting for something to be inscribed on it. May you all write an excellent story on it — a happy new year.


May this year mark a new beginning in your lives, career and in everything you all lay your hands upon. Now is the set time to set the ball rolling. A beautiful new year to you all.


The previous year has gone, a new year has come. I’m so happy we all could cross over. I know you’ve written down your plans for the year and I pray God enables you to achieve them all. I wish you a fun filled year. Happy new year.

New year wishes for friends

Yippee, Yippee, Yippee. We made it to another year. Another 365 days gone and a new 365 has begun. You’ve got to aim, dream and be prepared to explore. Trash the failures and keep the lessons. All the very best. Happy new year.


Now it’s the time to wave goodbye to the previous year and welcome this new year aboard. Be refilled with enough zeal to make your dreams become a reality this year.  Happy new year to you and your family.


Here’s a wish for you for this coming year, may your footsteps be directed towards the paths of success, may you overcome every trial and temptation that will come your way, and may you not get lost on the road to prosperity. Happy new year enjoy every moment of this new year.


Happy New Year Family. My earnest desire is for our happiness and the beautiful things of life we enjoyed the previous year, be renewed to us. We will keep growing and growing.


It is midnight. Happy New Year. Just as God has preserved our lives as one family, may He continue to protect, strengthen and empower us to be stronger and better than we were the previous year. I love you all.


Hurray! May this year be a stepping stone to our dreams and aspirations, may we be directed to more adventures to explore and new goals to attain. Happy new year family.


I wish you a fantastic year, a fulfilled year and a mellifluous year. And as you continue climbing the ladder of success, may you not trip and stumble. All the best.


Happy New Year all. It’s a great privilege to have come this far. May this new year and the years beyond set mind-blowing records for this family. Happy new year.


I wish you a joyful and a pleasant year ahead. As your journey through this new year, my goodness and celebrations never depart from this family. Happy new year expects the best.

Happy new year greetings

i am wishing you a happy New Year. Now is the moment to let go of all the negative feelings you’ve been holding. It’s time to allow honesty, meekness, and humility to be your lifestyle. Your new year is blessed.


Just as a flower blossom, your life will blossom this new year unexpectedly. There will be freshness and beauty all around. Whoever comes in contact with you, will love and treasure you amicably. A great year lies ahead. Live this year to the fullest.


As we’ve entered into another year, may God step into all of your situations, may He make your lives to be fragrant and may He brighten all of your days with love and laughter. A happy new year to you all.


Begin the new year with a new prayer, new aspirations, and new hopes. May you be blessed throughout this year. Stay safe, stay blessed — a happy new year.


It is my prayer that all your days be filled with light throughout the 365 days of this new year. Wishing you a great year.




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