You Broke My Heart Quotes For Her

You Broke My Heart Quotes For Her

Let us be honest, if you’ve found this article about You Broke My Heart Quotes For Her, then you’ve been hurt by someone and are trying to get your feelings out. This post is made just for you….


You Broke My Heart Quotes For Her

  1. You broke my heart. I’ll always care about you, but I can’t be with you anymore. Though I hate that you broke my heart, but I love how it feels to miss you.
  2. You broke my heart and the wound will never heal but still. I can’t help but love you. You are my best friend and I know that you didn’t mean to screw up things between us.
  3. I know we’re not together, but I think of you everyday. You ruined me for anyone else and broke my heart when you left. I’m trying to move on but it’s so hard because I really loved you, like no one else. It hurts so much being away from you and only talking to you online. How could you do this to me?
  4. I trusted you. I believed in you. I loved you, and what did it all get me? Grieving for the loss of someone who obviously never really cared about me. A broken heart and a world of pain for trusting you. Thanks for nothing.
  5. I’m not sure why you broke up with me. I thought we were good together and I know I didn’t do anything wrong. Now all I do is think about you, wondering if you are okay and missing being in your arms. I hate being without you, but I really hope that someday soon we can work things out.
  6. I thought our relationship was safe, but I guess it wasn’t. Our love meant nothing to you and you have broken my heart. You are like an angel without wings, what a shame. For the last time, I will tell you: I loved you!
  7. Hey there baby. Did you know you broke my heart? You had my arms wrapped around your waist, and then you just let go. You’re really scared of me, and I don’t know why. But it hurts to know that you don’t feel the same way I do. I really miss you baby, because I am in love with you.
  8. You broke my heart, so why do I still love you? I always will. I still see your smile in my dreams, even when I awake. Know that the love you felt for me is real. It didn’t go away because you left; it’s locked inside my heart where it will stay forever.
  9. Today, you broke my heart and told me to just hang out with other people. Why, I don’t know. We had been dating since the beginning of time and they say that friends can be more important than family, but you have also broken my heart.
  10. I’m sending you my broken heart because you’re the reason why, your smile means everything to me, I’ll be fine without you . . . it’s just that I’ll miss all of our memories together.
  11. I don’t care what you do or who you’re with. Somehow you always manage to be on my mind, even if I’m still mad at you for breaking my heart.
  12. I can’t believe we’re done. You were my life, my soul mate. We were supposed to be together forever. This is all I ever wanted. You couldn’t do this to me, I trusted you!
  13. Hi, how are you doing? I just wanted to say that I miss you. Like I said before you broke my heart. I thought that you loved me and we were going to be together. It was as if we could never be apart. Well, now it looks like we will never be together again. I will always love you for the time we had together. Have a nice life and good luck with everything in your life!
  14. Hello, I am a dying man. A man who has fallen deeply, madly in love with you. You broke my heart. There’s nothing left. Just a near endless fountain of tears that I cry for you. I hope that you and I will be friends at least and I hope to see you again soon.
  15. I stand before you a broken man. I don’t know how to go on, but I must. How could you do this to me after everything we shared? I hope one day you realize what you’ve done. I will miss you so much.
  16. This is not goodbye, just so you know. I’m still here for you, both of us will stay friends. We love each other deep inside even though you hurt me so bad. I don’t want us to be apart. I want to be by your side forever, whatever comes. I want to tell you everything about myself and for you to tell me about yourself too. Because I will let you know one thing; I love you from the bottom of my heart.
  17. I wanted to let you know that I still love you. We’ve been through a lot together, but our love for each other is really strong. I just can’t seem to get over you, so I guess if you are willing to give us another chance, I’d give us another try.
  18. I asked you to take a chance on me and invest your time in me. I thought that we would hold each other in our hearts until the day we died. Although I placed all my love in you, the opposite is true. My heart broke when you shattered it into pieces and now it will be scarred for a long time, If not forever.
  19. Did you really have to end it like this? Cutting me out of your life like I am nothing to you. I shared everything with you, my thoughts, my dreams and now there is no room for me. I hate to be the one that says it but you broke my heart!
  20. My heart is broken and I am so sad right now. I miss you so much its unreal. You have taken away my happiness. My whole world shattered when you left me. I can’t believe you broke my heart…
  21. I will always love you but my heart has moved on. I really wish you would understand, so I am hoping this letter will help. Love is a precious thing and I want it to grow. You broke my heart in many pieces and scattered them around. You say that you still love me, but how could you when were together you had no time? You were too busy for me and there was never enough room for both us.
  22. When I heard that you broke up with me it nearly killed me. It was like getting punched in the stomach and having the wind knocked out of me; my soul was shattered and my mind went into shock.
  23. We broke up, and I’m not even angry with you anymore. I’m only sad that we didn’t work out, but I wish you all the best. Maybe someday when we have made new friends, grown a bit wiser and moved on with our lives; we will go to a cafe and share a coffee together – but for now I’ll just need to say goodbye.
  24. You were everything that made me smile and laugh. You were sweet and caring. I trusted you so much, but you broke my heart. I used to think that love was just a fairytale, but now I know its real cause you broke my heart!
  25. I’ve loved you for so long. We’ve been down this road before, & yet here we are. Nothing has changed. I’m still an idiot in love with you. I’m broken like I was once before. You broke my heart, just like you said you would.
  26. I am trying not to hate you harder but every breath you take only makes me a little angrier! I just wish you could see what you are doing to your family, friends, and how selfish you are being. I love you more than anyone in the world and I don’t want to lose you. We have been through so much together, but nothing hurts as bad as this. Just please call me so we can talk peacefully; I know that this would really help us move on and live.
  27. You broke my heart when you walked out the door. I am crying now, because only our memories remain. We had a good thing going, but it didn’t last forever. You are in my dreams most every night. You are in my thoughts every day and every time I try to smile, it makes me cry. You were once my lover but now there is nothing left to say. Who would have thought you’d be the one to break my heart this way?
  28. There once was a girl who loved me and I loved her. We were so happy together and it was bliss, our love brought us joy. We were inseparable with love that transcended time. Then suddenly you broke my heart and ruined everything. You left me in the dust without a word of goodbye. You destroyed all of my happiness without any warning that I might be able to prevent it somehow.
  29. I’m sitting here trying to figure out how it all went so wrong. I thought you were the one but now I see that we just couldn’t make it. You broke my heart when you told me that we was through. Almost everyday I cried myself to sleep. This must be some kind of sign that I need to move on. Thank you for showing me the door, for letting me know what’s best for me.
  30. Dear Jane, I’ve loved you since day 1. But now my heart is breaking. I want nothing more than to be with you but you push me away. Please tell me what I did wrong, why are you so angry? I love you and I want to help you.
  31. You broke my heart, but you didn’t break me. You came into my life and did your best to tear me down, but it only made me stronger in the end. You showed me how strong and independent I could be and because of you I am a better person. Now that you’re gone, I never have to look over my shoulder again, knowing that you are watching. You’ll never know me better than you do now and so I wish you luck as you find another victim.
  32. I know that you broke my heart. I forgive you and won’t let your mistakes rule over me. I wish you the best in life. Know that I will always love you, but as friends. Please remember that no matter what, who, or how long we are apart, we will always be connected through this place called the world wide web (the Internet).
  33. I never knew you had so many emotions. You know I hold all your love in my heart as one of the most precious things in my possession. While you were with me, my life was perfect, I never thought we would ever have to separate. I treasure the time we’ve spent together, it’s been perfect and memorable, but I still can’t get over how shocked I am knowing you broke my heart.
  34. You broke my heart and I will never forgive you. You had every chance to make things work, but instead you decided to break my heart into millions of pieces. I am so angry that I could just scream! If you would have only loved me…
  35. Take my tears, you could use them in your coffee. Then swallow it down, and smile. But realize this; without me, you will never be whole. You broke my heart.

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