Words Of Sympathy For Sudden Loss Of My Brother

Losing a loved one is always difficult and it seems like they never truly disappear. They continue to be a part of your life through all the good and the bad times. If you are looking for some great phrases for the sudden death of your loved one, you’ve come to the right place.


Words Of Sympathy For Sudden Loss Of My Brother

  1. I’m still upset and angry. I feel robbed. Why did this happen to you? It’s hard to believe that you are gone. You were so young and had such a long life ahead of you! I miss you, but take heart knowing that we will all be reunited one day in heaven.
  2. What a great guy! I really enjoyed the special times we shared and the talks we had. He was always there when I needed him and he will be missed so much.
  3. Words just can’t express the pain and sorrow of losing you. You were just too young to go. I will always remember the good times we had and hope that you can look down from heaven and still proud of me. The world lost a prince with your passing, and I lost an incredible brother who I loved so much.
  4. Life can be so cruel and so unfair. I will miss you more than words can say. My best friend has died too young. Life will never be the same without you. You were always there for me when I needed someone, now I turn to you one last time and hope to hear your voice when I need you the most. Rest in peace, I love you!
  5. Words can not express my sorrow. You were always there for me. We had each others back. I never wanted to let you go, but now you are gone. I want to see you again so bad and tell you how much I miss you and love you. I don’t think I will ever get over the pain of losing you, but at least we have our memories of the good times we shared together.
  6. I’m really going to miss you so much. You were my best friend. I know we haven’t gotten along all the time, but you are more than forgiven. No one can replace you and no one ever will. I love you and wish I could turn back time and be with you in your last seconds of life.
  7. You were my brother, my best friend, my biggest inspiration. I will miss you everyday. You were such an amazing person with a huge heart. I hope I was half the brother you were to me. Rest easy big brother and I’ll see you when I rest.
  8. You were my rock, my big brother, my hero. There is a special place in my heart that only you will hold for all of eternity. I love you so much brother, the world isn’t the same without you. You will always be remembered and never forgotten, your memory will live on in our hearts forever.
  9. I miss your smile, your laugh, and all those times when we would share a joke and you’d slap your knees. It’s been hard without you here, though I’ve tried to be strong. If only I could get one more hug from you it would make it all worth while. My heart aches for the times we used to spend together, but now you will never be far away.
  10. Saying I love you is a waste of my breath. You knew how I felt…. We were more like brothers than cousins, and I am going to miss everything about you. I know in my heart that however you left is a better place for you now, but I’ m not ready to say goodbye just yet.
  11. You were my brother, my best friend. I will never forget the time you pulled into my driveway with an old jalopy looking car. I wish we had more time together, and that we were closer when we did have time together. You made a great impact on me in the short time we had. I know you’re in a better place now and suffering no longer. So rest easy.
  12. There are not enough words to express how much I will miss you. I was looking forward to sharing more fun times with you. You were always so positive and motivated that it rubbed off on me. I know that you are in a better place, but that doesn’t mean I won’t miss you. Love you forever bro!
  13. I know it’s hard to see the sun shine today. I know it hurts to breathe. I wish there was something I could say or do to change things and make them better, but there isn’t. I wish I could take away the pain and make everything right again. I pray for a miracle to make you well, but that won’t happen. But surely you are with God now and can feel no pain or hurt. You will always be in my thoughts and my heart.
  14. Firstly, I’d like to let you know that my brother was a great man. His life was cut too short but he made the most of what he had. I hope that you were able to find some comfort in the short time you knew him. It is never easy saying goodbye to loved ones so please allow me to express my deepest sympathy.
  15. Words are not enough to express my sorrow. You were my best friend and my partner in crime growing up. I miss you so much. I will forever be sorry for your loss. I am still at a loss for words. You are always in my heart and soul.
  16. I feel so much sadness inside after hearing about the sudden loss of my brother, Robert. I pray that the family has found some comfort after his passing. I am also praying for you and your family during this difficult time, there is nothing worse than losing a loved one to suicide. Wearing a donation button on my page was a very kind gesture. Thank you for supporting suicide prevention.
  17. Words seem so inadequate at times like these. We’ve had our big brother in our lives for over 50 years, and yet he was taken away so quickly. We are all still in shock, not understanding what has happened. There aren’t any words that can express the sadness we feel.
  18. It is because of you that I look forward to every morning. It is because of you that I face each day with a smile on my face. Your love has given me wings to fly and the strength to conquer any obstacle in my way. You are the root of my heart and soul. I would be a fool not to repay your love with mine. I value you as a blessing from God in disguise. To love you endlessly is one of my greatest passions in life… you will forever be missed but never forgotten.
  19. Hi Mike. As I sit here writing this, I’m trying to find the words that could even begin to describe my sorrow over the loss of you. The realization that you won’t be there for any more family get-togethers fills me with such sadness that I am finding it difficult to swallow. Your endless enthusiasm for life and never-ending appetite for the world around you will be truly missed. Knowing how much you love your family and how proud you are of your children fills my heart with so much pain. You will forever remain in my heart.
  20. We will love you forever. You had a kind soul and a huge heart. I hope you are at peace. Words can’t even express how much I miss you. May God watch over your soul and keep you safe until we meet again.
  21. You will be sincerely missed. I know you were taken from us before your time, but I am thankful for the time we did spend together. You touched so many lives and will be greatly missed. Your impact on my life will never be forgotten and I promise to keep you in my heart always.
  22. Just wanted to let you know I love and miss you. I know you are in a better place and watching over everyone. You are missed and thought of every day. Rest in paradise brother and look after all the people I care about, okay?
  23. I don’t think I have ever met someone so caring and full of life. You meant so much to the world, way more than you could imagine. We will always remember your kindness and amazing character that had all of us smiling from ear to ear. Rest in perfect peace my brother and
  24. Your laughter, your smile, your stories and jokes. Your generosity and knowledge of things that I find fascinating, you’ve taught me a lot. You made the world a better place. I’m not sure if it was just time or what, but your passing has left a hole in my life and everybody elses for that matter. I can’t wait to see how everything works out for you on the other side. Until we meet again…..Love ya always.
  25. I would like to make a tribute to my brother, he passed away and I loved him very much. We have been close friends since we were very little, I learned from him that life is an opportunity to live, not a reason to cry. He believed in me when I tried the first time, and he taught me that life is worth living once you have learned how to die.
  26. You were my brother and I loved you and miss you every day. Life will never be the same without you. For our parents it’s been six long months without our baby boy, and for me it’s been six long years. Thank you for always being there for me and for being such a great brother.
  27. My heart is heavy with grief and sorrow. You will be missed for all that you have taught us. But you will always be in our hearts, for you hold a very special place in my life. I love you!
  28. It has been a sad and emotional day. Ive probably lost more weight than I’m comfortable with, but at least my appetite is gone. Sleep is still not appealing to me and I can’t wait for the pain to subside. My brother was a true joy and I miss him. Life will never be the same.
  29. Things are never the same without your presence. Things seem so much different. The memories we had and the laughs we shared will NEVER pass my mind. I miss you so much, but know in life things change. You are in a better place.
  30. Having you in my life all my life was a blessing. I’ve never known anyone as selfless and caring as you. You were always there for me when I needed you the most. You protected me from bullies, adults and even some of my siblings. People thought we were just friends but we really had a special bond like no other. Most people didn’t believe it though. Even now I am still trying to come to terms with this harsh reality  that you are gone forever. You will be missed greatly bro.
  31. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. You are my best friend, the brother I always wanted. My life was full of joy until you were taken away from me so quickly and unexpectedly. There are no words to take your place, so my sadness will always show itself in my tears. I miss you so much and wish I could see you today and give you a big hug.
  32. Your were a wonderful brother. I can’t imagine life without you. I love you so much! You will always be in my heart and memories. Your sense of humor was the best, always making me laugh with your silly jokes, I love you so much my sweet brother!
  33. You meant so much to me, i am so broken. fuck cancer, i had a connection with you and it hurts so much. My heart is heavy and full of pain…Rest easy bro.

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