Thinking Of You My Love Quotes For Him

When you are unable to express your feelings to the person you love, these quotes will speak volumes. Committing your love thoughts into words is not an easy task. If you find the below touching and heart-wrenching I am sure the person on the receiving end will be moved and thrilled with these romantic thoughts!


Thinking Of You My Love Quotes For Him

  1. I love you so very much, my heart, my life, my soul. You are always on my mind. I spend my time thinking of the next time I will see you, the next time I can hear your voice, your laugh. Every second with you is a dream come true.
  2. I miss you. I wish you were with me. I love you so much. I think about you everyday and count the days until we are together again.
  3. I know we are far apart and time zones make it tough. But I am always thinking of you, no matter the time of day or night. When I close my eyes, you’re the first thing I see. You’re in my heart everyday and forever more. I love you, my love!
  4. I thought about you and it made me smile. I love thinking of you, it makes me happy and brings me joy.
  5. Each day I think about you. You are my first thought when I wake up and the last thought before my head hits the pillow. We may be hundreds of miles apart, but you are always in my heart. I love you more than A LOT!
  6. Thinking about you gives me butterflies. You’re so handsome and sweet. I hope to marry you soon! Please be mine forever.
  7. I’m thinking of you and miss you very much! I hope you are doing great. Things here are the same. I wish I could show you my love but just in my heart is the only place for now. Thinking of your smile, touch and everything about you is so addicting! I really want to see you again, my love.
  8. I am always thinking of you. In the morning when my feet hit the floor and at night before I catch a wink of sleep. Even when I’m watching TV, or at work, or when it’s quiet, I can’t help but think about you. You love drives me crazy and you care melts my heart. Thinking about how much I love you gives me butterflies!
  9. I’m so totally engrossed in your love. I just can’t stop thinking of you… We really do belong together, and I want to be with you always. You bring me so much joy and happiness!
  10. I can’t stop thinking of you. I love you so much. When you are not around my mind is always wondering what you are doing and how you are feeling today. I hope you have the best day ever. I am so lucky to have such a caring boyfriend who goes out of his way to let me know how much he cares for me! I love you!
  11. I’m sitting in my office thinking of you, wishing I was home. I can’t stop thinking about the times I get to spend with you. I miss your hugs, the look in your eyes and the sound of your voice. Here you are always on my mind…
  12. I miss you so much, my love. I can hardly wait to see you again. The days feel like years when I’m not around you. I have never been happier. You have opened up a whole new world for me since we met, and I thank God every day for bringing the two of us together.
  13. Hey sweetheart, I just wanted to give you a quick call to let you know that I am still thinking of you. It was so nice to have another date with you yesterday and I can’t wait to see you again. I want to thank you for your undying support for me, I will always cherish it. Love is so much better when it’s shared with someone like you!
  14. I’m thinking of you, my love. I hope things go well at work today – maybe you’ll get that promotion! You deserve it! Thinking of you, I hope we can have a nice dinner together this weekend. I love you!
  15. Sending you a smile each day is just one way I want to show you how much I love you. Thinking of you fills my heart with joy.
  16. I thought of you today, I miss you every day. I wish you would never leave my sight, but since life will not halt I am forced to be apart. I love you so much, thinking of you and missing you my love.
  17. I can’t stop thinking of you. The colors of my world start and end with you. From the sky to the sand, I feel so very blessed to have found you.
  18. I am thinking of you in every minute. I love you so much and you are the dearest person to me. I look at your eyes watching every detail of your face when we are together. I am delighted with my love.
  19. At every moment I can’t stop thinking of you, I just like to say thank you for being an unforgettable part of my life. You know how to make me laugh when I’m feeling down. Your smile brightens up my darkest hour. You’re the most amazing man I have ever met, I love you so much!
  20. You are always in my heart and mind. I think of you every night before I go to bed, thinking of all the little things that make you the special person that you are. You are in my dreams, you are always with me. In some ways you’re just part of me and I know this is going to sound cheesy but it’s true; I want to share the rest of my life with you.
  21. I hope that each time you see a falling star, it reminds you of my love. When you see the sun shining brightly in the sky, I hope that you feel all my love for YOU. And when every starry night falls, I hope you can look into the sky and know that my love will never end.
  22. I am stuck in bed with scrips(script) for a week now and all I think about is you. You are by my side forever. I love you so much!
  23. Yeah that’s right, I’m thinking about you. Constantly. When I wake, when I lay down at night, and everywhere in between. You invade my head constantly, like a thought provoking song you can’t escape from.
  24. I just can’t stop thinking of you. I’m completely infatuated with you and your body… My favorite part on you is your _______. I wish I was there to see it in person.
  25. Thinking of you day and night, only makes my love grow stronger. You are always on my mind, my heart belongs to only you. I love you more today than yesterday! Never stop thinking about me.
  26. You are always in my thoughts. I start every day by dreaming of you and end every day with thoughts of you in my mind. You are everything that I have ever wanted. Boy, this love is crazy! I’m so glad you’re part of my life.
  27. I’m not saying that thinking about you makes me smile, it makes me feel amazing. Thinking about you takes my breath away. There’s no way to describe how much I care for you.
  28. I’m thinking of you. You’re always on my mind, I can’t stop thinking about you. When I think of how happy you make me, my heart almost can’t take it. I love that we’re together and that we’re crazy about each other. I miss you so much already and wish I hadn’t had to leave this morning. Thinking about how much I really love you makes me smile in the middle of the day when other things might be trying to bring me down.
  29. I see your face everywhere I go. I look forward to the moments when we laugh together. Every time you smile my heart skips a beat, and for every moment you are away, I am counting down the minutes until we meet again. I wonder what you are doing right now… I will always love you!
  30. I find myself thinking of you often. When I can’t sleep at night, I think about your smile. When I feel bored, I reminisce about the things we did together. I love the way you look at me with your hypnotic eyes. Sometimes when I feel hopeless I think of all the comforting things you’ve said to me and suddenly everything seems better. You make my days so much brighter!
  31. I long to hold you and kiss your sweet lips. I hope our paths cross soon, so that my heart will beat fast when I see you. Last night, I could still smell your scent on my pillows…it took everything out of me not to call you. I want to hear your voice again, even if it is just for a moment. I miss you…can’t wait to see you again!
  32. Hello, little baby (his nickname). I really miss you… Thinking of you is like breathing. I just can’t stop even for a second. I can’t wait to see you again because my life has started with you, and it will end with you too. Everything in between is irrevalent and useless without you.
  33. Thinking of you is easy, I do it every day. Missing you is the heartache that never goes away. Hoping and wishing you feel the same, but knowing I’ll never really know. Is the worst kind of torture, the kind that doesn’t show. I will go on loving you whether you want me to or not.
  34. I was thinking of you the other day and it hit me…I can’t stop thinking of you! I think about you all the time, and it gets harder and harder to focus on my work. I stare at the clock every hour hoping that I’ll get to talk to you sooner. I just can’t live without you…how did I get this lucky?
  35. I am thinking of you, and keep thinking about you. You are so beautiful to me and it’s like you are heaven sent. I love you so much and I can’t wait to see you again. Words will never describe what you mean to me, I love you!
  36. I can’t stop thinking about how much you mean to me. I never wanted to love again. But you came and changed everything. Now there is no one else, only you.
  37. I just can’t stop thinking of you. But that’s a good thing, because I miss you. I love being intimate with you and I can’t wait to get out of here and start our new life together. You’re my one true love and I’m so glad we found each other. Its amazing how one person can make your world turn upside down in the best ways possible.
  38. I can’t stop thinking about you. Call me so I can hear your voice. I miss your texts and our late night talks. Please be mine again. I love you so much, I don’t know what I would do without you.
  39. I just want you to know I can’t stop thinking about you. I know things have been tough, but when I think about all the good times we’ve had it makes me stop crying and keep smiling. I love you and can’t wait to see you again!
  40. I haven’t spoken to you in ages. I’m just sad and lonely without you. I can’t stop thinking of you. Everyday, every hour, every minute…… thoughts revolve around you. I miss you when we’re apart, but when I see your face my heart feels at ease. You are everything to me; more than you will ever know. I keep thinking back on the good times together where we had such great fun. Some day soon I know we will hang out…Love you!
  41. My heart aches when I cant see or hear you. Listen to your heart; call me! I will be there for you always, no matter what, forever and always. MWAH!!

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