Thank You Lord For The Successful Operation Of My Sister

Thank You Lord For The Successful Operation Of My Sister

Congratulations! Your sister had a successful operation. Now is the time to thank God for protecting her and making her surgery successful. These are the collection of Thank You Lord for the successful operation of my sister quotes for you to share for spiritual support.


Thank You Lord For The Successful Operation Of My Sister

  1. Thank you Lord for the successful operation of my sister now her life is back on track you’re so wonderful and powerful I appreciate all your blessing and special touch in our family am grateful that you saved my sister’s life good health, happiness and prosperity always be with her family and continue to bless them.
  2. Thank you Lord for my sister’s successful operation, returned to her normal life. Thank you for blessing us with another year of happiness. Together you and I can do everything we set our mind to. Anything is possible when God is with us… and I know you’re with me! I love you so much and am so blessed by your unfailing love, in Jesus name. Amen!
  3. Lord, thank you for my sister’s safe operation. We are very sad that she is at the hospital but we hope that she will be fine. She is my sister and best friend in the whole world. I hope you will take care of her health right away. Guide our doctor so he can do his best to make her well soon! Thank You!
  4. Thank you, Lord, for the successful operation on my sister. I love her so much, and I was so scared I would lose her! Thank you for keeping her safe. Please keep her safe in the future.
  5. Lord, I thank you for letting my sister have this successful operation and wake up strong, healthy and out of danger. Let all her pain be gone, so she can continue her daily activities strengthened by your divine power, in Jesus name. Amen!
  6. I’m really happy that my sister has carried out the operation successfully, Thank you for giving her a good health, I appreciate your effort in her. Thanks.
  7. Thank you for watching over my family! My sister had a successful surgery and no longer needs chemo. Praise You for blessing her and our family.
  8. Dear Lord, We give thanks for answered prayer with our sister showing the world that she could achieve her goal, and we thank you for the medical team who had serve their purpose well in treating her. We give thanks for your guidance to all those involved in making this possible. You are indeed great, mighty, and merciful. Thank you Lord!
  9. I want to thank you dear Lord for my sister’s successful operation, she went through a lot but I know nothing is impossible with your help. I just want to say that I will always do my best to make you happy and realize all your dreams.
  10. I wanted to thank you Lord because my sister Remona had the successful operation on December 31, 2011 and she said her pain is totally gone. After the operation the doctor told that she would need to go to therapy sessions but Remona told them that she will do it herself. Thank you again Lord!
  11. Lord, I thank you for answered my prayer about my sister’s successful operation. It has been a long 2 months for me, but with your blessing she is fine now.
  12. Thank you so much Lord for answering our prayers, you are a merciful and loving God. Thank you also for all the people who prayed with us and we’re concerned about my sister’s operation. The surgery went well and she is recovering very fast. We love you with all our hearts God, because it comes from your love that we are alive.
  13. Dear Lord, I want to thank you for blessing my sister Sandra with a successful operation. Dear Lord, please let her regain her strength and health and not re-injure herself. Amen!!!
  14. Thank you for all the good things you bring into my sister’s life, and for protecting her throughout her operation. God your love for us is overwhelming!
  15. Thank you for the successful operation, God. You are so merciful. I thank You for Your help. I thank my sister’s doctor and nurses in the hospital. We love them all. Thanks to all friends who helped us and supported us.
  16. Dear Lord, I just wanted to thank you for helping my sister. We appreciate you and we know that you listened to us and healed her. You are always with me when I feel alone and scared. I pray that you will always grant me peace of mind and heart. Thank you.
  17. Thank you for holding her and strengthening her as she went through surgery yesterday. Thank you for allowing all of your surgeons, anesthesiologist and nurses to be there and do what they do best so she could get the care she needed. Thank you for the doctors that came in after hours to make sure they knew what they were doing. Thank you dear Lord!
  18. She is doing fine at the moment. She has been sleeping since 2pm and let me tell you it was the best two hours of my life! I know she’ll be okay, I feel it in my heart, but all the same I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you are doing and have done so far. Please continue to protect her, take care of her, give her courage! You can count on me as a messenger!
  19. Thank you Lord for my sister’s successful operation. Thank you Lord for being there with her. Thank you Lord for being with me! Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!
  20. Thank you Lord for sparing my sister’s life. She was in a terrible car accident, head on collision. The next day doctors operated her and she is recovering well. Thanks to You, she will be able to walk again. We love You, we praise You and thank You Lord!!
  21. Lord, I thank you for granting my sister’s recent operation. The doctors say she is recovering faster than they expected. Lord, I realize that things do not always work out the way we plan, but this event was filled with problems and setbacks. Your timing is perfect! In Jesus’ name, I pray…
  22. Thank you for listening to me and accepting my prayer. My sister, who suffered a massive stroke on Aug. 19th, 2013 was scheduled to have more brain surgery this past Jan 5th. Thank you for looking over her during a very difficult time. Thank you for blessing my family and all those we love with good health and safety. Thank you for pulling her through the surgery without incident and making sure that she will continue to have a long, healthy and happy life.
  23. We are grateful to you O Lord because you answered our prayers. You healed my sister from her sickness and took it away from her body. I am so grateful that my family and I will have good health for a long time, Amen.
  24. Thank you Lord for the successful operation of my sister. The doctors said that it was a success, but I still worry that she won’t make it through this rough time. God knows what he’s doing, and I know that everything will be okay. Amen!
  25. Thank you Lord for the successful operation of my sister. We have her back and in our prayers. Come gather around to witness what God has done! Let angels be singing His praises, for bringing this precious person back to life. For she was taken up from us and without a sound, but Now God has brought her back to us; He always keeps His word. Thank you God for this gift that you have given, for keeping your word to her and for giving her life again.
  26. Thank you for the successful operation of my sister. May you be glorified. Please continue to bless her as she continues on her path of healing. Thank you for your everlasting love and mercy.
  27. I just want to thank you, Lord, for the successful operation performed on my sister. The doctors say she will make a full recovery! She was so excited when she woke up and saw me there beside her. I could tell that she felt so relieved, the pain relieved. But the thing is I miss her so much already. I don’t know how those other people must feel in comparison to me.
  28. I would like to thank you for the successful operation of my sister. That it was done safely, thanks to your great mercy. I sincerely appreciate your divine intervention on my relative’s life, who you have saved from this difficulty and also for having done everything possible, I thank him for always being present in everyday of my life and especially at that time when I need it most.
  29. Thank you Lord for the successful operation of my sister Elisa. I pray that God will give you all the strength you need to get better, and that God will heal your pain. I will always support you and love you forever.
  30. Thank you Lord for the successful operation of my sibling. My family and I will always be in your debt.
  31. Thank you lord for the successful operation of my sister… it was great that you sent a nurse and a doctor because they did the operation so fast and easy. I thank you Lord we give you all the praise.
  32. Thank you Lord for the successful operation of my sister. She is a fighter and I am so proud to be her sister. We love you Lord!
  33. Thank you, Lord, for the successful operation of my sister. Last night her sweet husband waited at her bedside while the doctors removed the foreign object a truck driver struck with his wheels that caused her fractured pelvis. May the best of blessings be bestowed upon them both. Amen!
  34. I want to thank you Lord for the success operation of my sister Linda. I was there and the operation was successful. She looks so nice and so beautiful that I stared at her she has no tube in her nose, she can walk by herself, talk by herself and her hands are not bandaged up anymore. Thank you Lord for your blessings.
  35. Dear God, I would like to thank you for the successful operation of my Sister, She has overcome the odds being united again with her family and friends, She is here to run the race again. Dear Lord, please continue blessing me and my family that we may continue to live our lives in Thy name. Amen.
  36. First and foremost, I would like to thank you Lord for the successful operation of my sister Jacqueline Perillo! The doctors did an exceptional job and they named her after my mother. I am so blessed and thankful to have her back because she means everything to me. Everything went so smoothly! I am so lucky! Thank you again.
  37. Thank you Lord for the successful operation of my sister, Maria. It was very dangerous and risky, but we praise you that she is alive and healthy now at home resting. Please continue to watch over her every hour of every day. She is also asking that people pray for her recovery.
  38. Dearest Lord in Heaven, Thanks a lot for the successful operation of my sister. A case like this one is never heard. She is completely cured and can use her right hand now. Thank You again and again!
  39. Lord, we just want to say thank you so much for the successful operation of my sister. We know that this is not the easiest period in our life but everything happens for a reason and we do really appreciate what you have done for us. Thanks!
  40. I am thankful and grateful to almighty God for the successful operation of my sister. I have been praying to him since morning as I knew that she was suffering from some serious disease but I am thankful to god who has heard my pray and saved her life. She is completely fine now and I know that it is all because of his blessings only.

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