Thank You Lord For The Successful Operation Of My Father

Thank You Lord For The Successful Operation Of My Father

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Thank You Lord For The Successful Operation Of My Father

  1. Thank you oh Lord for the successful operation of my father today. He is very strong and healthy. Protect him from all evil, we pray to you. Please help me find a good job so that I can support my family. Thank you Jesus!
  2. Thank You, Lord, for the successful surgery of my father. I know that it was a difficult one, and my thanks for your miracles surround the entire family! Thank You for his successful operation!
  3. Great Lord, I thank you for the successful operation of my father. I know it was your intervention; he is fine now. Help him live long and healthy, show him the path to happiness. He is a wonderful man, with a good heart. Bless him with all the joys in life and give him good health and success in his job. Lord you are an almighty, merciful God; bless us all. Amen.
  4. My father just went through a successful operation and I would like to thank you that he is fine now Lord. I am so grateful to you that he will be able to watch his daughter getting married later this year.
  5. Dear Lord, I just want to thank you so much for the successful operation you had performed on my father. I believe it was done in your miraculous way and that you are pleased with his full recovery. Thank you for the life you had given him and for now having him back home with us. I pray that you may keep a watchful eye over him and continue to provide for all his needs throughout the rest of the year.
  6. Thank you Lord for performing the successful operation of my father. Please be with him now, and give him strength to overcome this major surgery.. I will do everything I can , to make his remaining days a little more brighter by visiting him often and being a constant support system to him. Bless you so much Lord….Amen.
  7. I am very thankful to the Lord for the successful operation of my father. I am also thankful that God has heard and answered the prayers of all those concerned for his fast recovery. I send you this little note of appreciation for all you have done for us through the years, hoping that things would continue going on well in this community.
  8. Thanks for the successful operation of my father . . . . . . . . I prayed and you answered it. I knew that everything would be a success. Thanks to you above everybody else. Thanks a lot.
  9. Thank you for the successful operation of my father. I am very grateful for your mercy and forgiveness. My heart is filled with joy and peace as he will soon be reunited with us again. Thank you Jesus, you are my hero and provider. May we always keep thee first in our lives and give thanks to thy holy name!
  10. I would like to thank you and praise your holy name for the successful operation of my father.  During the course of this period, I had many worries and fear but I knew that if there is any reason to celebrate and rejoice, it should be done when am healed fully.   Please accept this little note as the appreciation of your favor upon me.  Thank you almighty God!
  11. Thank you for the successful operation of my father. It was last week, Tuesday morning when our neighbor called and said, I see your father walking toward the street, and behind him is a car. My brother and his wife rushed out immediately to see what happened. They found him lying in the middle of the road with blood streaming down his face and neck. My brother took my father home and noticed that he could not move both his legs properly.
  12. Thank you lord for the successful operation of my father and giving us joy and hope to my family. I say a big thanks to everyone who helped from doctors, nurses and all the people who donated money to make it possible for my father’s surgery. My mother is so happy and she will not stop thanking these people who made her husband live another day.
  13. Thank you Lord for the successful operation of my father, despite of his age. He had a successful bypass surgery. Even though he has to take medication for the rest of his life he is still grateful because his life was in your hands and he survived miraculously. Please give me strength to move ahead so I could be a blessing to him and the family he left behind.
  14. Thank you Lord for the successful operation of my father. I love him very much and could not bear anything bad to happen to him. Thank you Lord, your ways are wonderful.
  15. Thank you Father for the successful operation of my father, because of your mercies I will see him happily with my eyes soon. Many thanks again to you father, I love you very much and much thanks again to you Almighty God.
  16. Father Thank you for the successful operation of My dad. Continue to guide the Doctors and nurses in his care. Please provide insight and energy so that he may have a quick recovery and soon be home. We only want to see him whole, active and happy once again. We pray that you help restore him fully so that he may continue to walk and run in this world on his own terms. I pray in the name of Christ our Lord Amen!
  17. I don’t know what I will do without you. Thank you for saving my father’s life, thank you for letting him come through the operation in one piece. Thank you for not allowing him to have HIV. He is a very important person in my life and losing him would have hurt me so bad. Thank you sweet Lord for making it all happen!
  18. Thank you so much for watching over my father, Dr. Ken Fong in the successful surgery yesterday. We are so grateful that he made it safely through. It is all because of your blessing protection, and we will always be grateful to you.
  19. I strongly believe that you allowed my father to have a full recovery from his operation. So many people have lost loved ones but unfortunately I was one of the few lucky ones for whom it did not happen. Lord, thank you for all the love!!!
  20. Thank you Lord for the successful operation of my father. I was really scared when I heard about the car accident. However, it give me great joy knowing you saved his life and without any major injuries.
  21. Thank you, my Lord, for the successful operation of my father after the second heart attack. I always try to observe your commandments and to be worthy of your holy grace.
  22. Dear Lord, Thank you for granting me the successful operation of my Father. It’s been a very long road but with your help and the fantastic doctors in Singapore, my dad is now okay. We are so grateful that he is back to his full health.
  23. You can ask anyone in the family- I’m a daddy’s girl. We’re incredibly close, always have been. He’s my best friend and my shoulder to cry on. When I started having these difficulties breathing he was the first person I called! Thankfully God heard my prayers and my father is recovering beautifully! Thanks be to God for the successful operation of my father.
  24. This email is a heartfelt thank you to the departed spirits and Almighty God for the successful operation performed on the body of my Dad, Kenneth. I had been so upset prior to the operation but in view of the successful outcome, I can only say a heart-felt ‘Thank You’ to God and his assistant spirits. May you live long and continue writing more books as your books are precious tools in our hands that can be used to fight evil forces.
  25. I sincerely appreciate the Lord for the wonderful, successful operation on my father’s heart two weeks ago. The doctor was warm and caring, competent and confident and accurately spelled his name when he introduced himself to my mother in pre-op. We have had no complications and my father is now returning to his normal schedule (which consists of doing a lot of nothing).
  26. Dear Lord, I am very grateful to you for giving me the greatest father. I would like to thank you for my dad’s safe surgery. I am very happy to hear that it was a successful operation and do pray that we will have healthier times ahead. Praise be to you!
  27. Dear Lord, I want to thank You for doing an excellent job on this operation in mending my fathers broken shoulder. He thanks You for the painless surgery You performed so that he could return home to his family. As he recovers, always keep him safe and unharmed by any other problems. I pray so very hard and long for his speedy recovery and that he feels no more pain at all. Please allow nothing to go wrong with his surgery or healing process. Amen!
  28. It is finally Friday! I am so glad that the operation was a success. Now I can relax, knowing that dad is on the road to recovery. Since I live so far away from him, my hands were tied and I could only hope and pray that everything would be okay. Now, with your help, I know that they will be. Thank you again, Lord.
  29. Dear God, we thank you for successful operation of my father as he has recovered from his heart disease. Your ways are miracles and miracle is ability to do something that should be impossible for us. Our god is able to do all things and I am sure that my father will live long without any problem in the future.
  30. My father had a successful heart valve operation at the Hospital. Thank you for helping him, and for the hospital’s great doctors. I pray for his quick recovery.
  31. My dad just had a successful heart surgery, and I would like to thank the doctors that helped him during this difficult time. Thank God it’s over.
  32. Thank you Lord for the successful operation of my father, that was conduced yesterday. Thank you for the serious status of my father and saving him. God be praised! With love, __________.
  33. Thank you Lord for the successful operation of my father. You have blessed him with good health and allowed him to be there when we needed him. We are grateful that you looked down upon us and watched over us during this tough time in our lives. Thank you, Dear Lord, for watching over my father and our family, during his recovery in this difficult time. We appreciate your presence in our lives, love and guidance.
  34. Lord, we thank Thee for the successful surgery of my father. May Thy will be done unto him. Now, I bless all that Thou hast placed in his life – his family, friends and all those who surround him. May they be blessed with peace and happiness every day of their lives. Thou art truly great.
  35. Lord, we come together to thank you for the safe return of my father from his trip to Miami. We give thanks as he had surgery in Tampa. Through your graces I pray that my father begins his healing process. I pray for all those who are hurting and hurt and suffering right now, who are suffering right now. Lord I know that you’ve heard me and that your in Jesus name I’m asking.
  36. Thanks for saving my father during the operation. He is the best father in the world and thanks to you, he can happily live another 20 years! I love you very much! Lord, You are a mighty God!!!

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