Sweet Prayer For My Girlfriend

When looking for some cute prayers to say to my girlfriend, I found out about the Sweet Prayer For My Girlfriend quotes. These are really sweet prayers that she can find them very charming. Here are just a few on the list:


Sweet Prayer For My Girlfriend

  1. Dearest my girlfriend I love you so much. I know that without you I am nothing, so please stay with me always. I pray for your happiness and success as well as mine. I love you and admire your beauty.
  2. My darling, you are an angel who fills my heart with joy. Your smile is beautiful and lights up my life. I love you and I pray that you will always stay with me.
  3. The universe has blessed me with your love and I am thankful beyond words. You are simply the best thing that has ever happened to me. On this day, I pray that you will always be by my side; the place where you belong, in sickness and in health.
  4. Oh heavenly father, I pray that my girl would find love, peace and happiness from you. Please her to always be made happy when I am close. Let our love bring us the peace that we need everyday. Help me understand her in a way that only I can, let me be able to ease her mind and give her love. Help me make things right no matter what it takes. You are the creator of all and only right, I pray that you could guide us both for the rest of our lives.
  5. I thank God for blessing me with you! My gentle and kind love. I know that all the days of my life will be in your heart and our friendship has become the foundation of my life! Good evening sweetheart, I send you hundreds of thousands of warm thoughts and I hug you! You’re the most patient, generous, faithful and loving person.
  6. Oh Lord, oh please send my angel to be beside her always. Make her happy and secure. Thank you for the life she has given me a reason to live. Bless her with good health and happiness be with our children always. Amen
  7. My Dear, I am here to remind you of the life of a beaming star and how it shines so bright. The stars are shinning on you always and they are the angels which are watching over me and you. I know that your life will shine as brightly as milky way; not only mine but of all others who have been blessed with your radiant smile.
  8. I pray that angels will surround you, and that your sleep is peaceful. I pray that you always know how much I love you and that others respect and adore you as I do. You’re a blessing to this life, my angel–my soft-hearted, sweet princess. I hope this prayer protects you until we meet again…
  9. I lovingly lay this prayer upon your heart. In Jesus’s name. Let all the goodness, peace, and joy that exists in his glorious kingdom come upon you. Let the spirit of grace and supplication guard you with a shield of faith as you sleep. And when your eyes open to this new day, let them open wide with thanksgiving to our lord god almighty who has given you another beautiful day to live and share His love to others. Amen
  10. Dearest, most beautiful and sweetest girlfriend in the world; you are always on my mind, as I know you are on yours. In this prayer I will ask blessings both for me, and for you. May all your wishes come true.
  11. Dear God, I pray that my girlfriend knows just how special she is to me. That she feels loved, respected and cherished every day of her life. I pray that she knows how much I love her and that I will be by her side for the rest of my life.
  12. Dear Lord, Please help my precious girlfriend (insert name) to be stronger in spirit and body. Please help her to take the correct decisions and find peace within herself. Lord, I pray that You will bless her, soften her heart and help her to forgive so that she may be an example of Your love and mercy. I ask all this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
  13. Oh Lord, I pray for my girlfriend. BUILD her up in me and grant her grace and mercy. May she know the Lord Jesus Christ truly. May he be formed in her heart. May she surrender herself to him completely. I pray that she will not rely on her own strength but instead on You.
  14. Lord, May our friendship always bloom, grow forth and never wither. If I have ever done anything to offend her in any way. May the Lord forgive me and give me another chance to set it right. My dear friend, I pray that you will always be protected from Evil Forces by the precious Blood of Jesus Christ. Life is far too precious to be taken away by Death or Tribulation. I wish you a day full of laughter, and a heart full of love.
  15. Dear God, please heal the pain in her heart and fill her with joy and happiness, that she may have a more peaceful night’s sleep…and that is all, Amen.
  16. Lord, bless her with health and happiness! Make her always feel safe and loved. Help her to find laughter and joy in the world around her. May she always have the courage to face each day filled with Your love and guided by Your spirit. In every season of life may You guide her steps! Amen.
  17. I know that we’ve been having a hard time lately. We’ve had our ups and downs, our good days and bad. Though your heart is pure and I know you don’t mean to hurt me, things have become a bit rocky lately. But I love you and that will never change. I pray that our love will see us through. Everything will be ok.
  18. Dear God, please protect and watch over my beautiful girlfriend. Give her a long, happy and healthy life. Keep her mind strong, body healthy and safe from harm. Watch over her and let me know if anything will happen to her.
  19. I’m praying for your happiness, for your dreams to come true, for your wishes to be fulfilled. I’m thinking of you and I need you, because I love you so much. I want to see you smile and hear the laughter in your voice.
  20. God we pray for your continual blessings upon this, our sweetest love. We pray for your divine guidance and protection. Comfort and surround her with your love daily, in Jesus’ name, amen.
  21. Dear Lord, please send blessings of joy and happiness to my sweet girlfriend. Fill her life with love, peace and harmony, fill her heart with your presence so she can feel your care from above. I pray that she stays happy always, that you guide her in making good choices and decisions in this life. Let her know you are there for her in this world we live in. Let all our loved ones be kept safe from harm and danger I pray to you now dear Lord. Amen.
  22. Take this prayer of mine and let it be for good. I promise to always love you and never leave. I will always love you no matter what we face, I just want you to know that my heart is yours forever.
  23. Dear Lord, as I stand here to pray, I ask that you take away all of her fear. She is scared right now, and she doesn’t know what to do. Her heart aches with sadness in the place where love used to grow. Please send her peace: so she can drown out the hurt, turmoil and pain; then see the light of your love shining through.
  24. Dear Lord, if it is at all possible, please let Inma feel the same way about me that I do about her. Help me to treat her with the love, respect, trust and care that she deserves. Give me the strength to be everything that she wants and needs in a man. Let our hearts always be together.
  25. I pray that our love will continue to grow, that we will never be apart. I pray that they will always be a special someone waiting for me to come home every day, someone who will be there if I’m down. Someone to hold, to hug and to love. I pray that the Lord will keep you by my side for all of my life and that He will give us many more years together.
  26. I pray that all your wishes will come true. I pray that you be safe and healthy. I pray that you love and happiness surrounds you in all ways, but most of all I pray that I am always there to support you and love you.
  27. Dear God, thank you so much for giving me a wonderful girlfriend. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I was totally lost before I found her, but now I’m filled with joy because of her. You have blessed us with a romantic love story that we will always remember. Thank you, Dear God, for giving me such a beautiful life!
  28. Lord, please help me thank and honor my girlfriend. She is there for me with love and gratitude. She keeps me on the right track, brings peace of mind and she shares her joy. Oh Lord, Please keep her safe when I’m away from her. Guide us as we seek your light. We give you praise, we expect protection!
  29. I pray this prayer for you… You may be miles away but I know you hear me. With hopes and dreams of me, now and forever. You have my heart in your possession, may it stay there protected. To me you are one of a kind, I cherish every moment with you. A precious memory that will never fade with time. You bring warmth to my heart, peace to my life, love where there was none before.
  30. Dear God! I pray that you protect my girlfriend from anything in this world that threatens her safety. I ask that you show her how much I love and appreciate her. I feel so much power every time she comes into my life, as if a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Please lead her to happiness, always being with me, and also fulfill all our deepest wishes? Cuz when I am with her, there is nothing else I want more.
  31. I want to be the most important she has in her life. I want to hold the key to her heart and her happiness. I want to mean as much to her as she means to me. But most of all, I pray that she will always know how much she means to me, how good it feels when she’s here, how empty my days feel when she’s not around, and how much I love her for who she is.
  32. You’re the cutest girl in the whole wide world. If it wasn’t for you and your love, I don’t know where I’d be right now. You’re like a flower, so fragile but still lovely. You deserve all of life’s goodness and I will do my upmost to give it to you. I love you so much and always will. May God bless you always!
  33. My love, every time I look at your beautiful face, I fall more in love with you. I tell you all the time how amazing you are and how lucky I am to be the man that you chose to call yours. I love you with all my heart and soul and I would do anything for you.
  34. May you be blessed with good health, abundant prosperity, and divine protection. May you live a long life with no regrets in this world or the next. Travel to paradise on the wings of angels. You will soar high above the troubles, stress, and anxiety for all eternity.

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