Sorry Message For Wrong Post On WhatsApp

Sorry Message For Wrong Post On WhatsApp

If you ever shared the wrong content or attached the wrong photo to the wrong chat and someone is angry with it then, sorry messages for wrong post on WhatsApp or bad message for wrong share on WhatsApp will help you to control everything.


Sorry Message For Wrong Post On WhatsApp

  1. Hi sweetie I’m so sad for the mistake I have made. I put up a message on WhatsApp to my friend but you got it instead. I am so sorry. I don’t know why this happened. My eyes are filled with tears and I have no words to say what I am feeling right now. But, one thing is sure that I will always be with you in every step of your life.
  2. I’m sorry for this wrong post. But I want to tell you that I Love you. I promise that I will not make this mistake again. Please reply me back soon.
  3. I just wanted to say that I’m really sorry if one day you find out that a post was posted on WhatsApp, but not meant for you. I promise that it was a mistake. I won’t disagree if you felt saddened or hurt by it. On the other hand, even if the person who’s post is seen by others did not mean it, please understand that they have feelings and might have had their reasons for doing what they did.
  4. Hey, sorry for posting that link on your WhatsApp group chat by mistake. It was for another group and I just hit the wrong button. But hey, did you see it? I bet most people wouldn’t have liked it! Lol!
  5. I’m so sorry I mistyped that post. I just wanted to say how much I care about you and how glad I am to have you in my life. You’re the best!
  6. I’m so sorry for sending you the wrong message, I misread it and sent it to you.
  7. Hey, sorry man I made a mistake. This is the big boss speaking! No need to be disturbed. It was a genuine mistake, so don’t be angry man!
  8. Sorry that you have the wrong number. You have reached [enter number here] I’m not sure who you’re trying to reach. Ok, bye.
  9. I am very sorry if I posted wrong message on WhatsApp group on purpose. Please forgive me.
  10. OK I’m really sorry for sending you this post on WhatsApp by mistake. No hard feelings right? Love you!
  11. I am very sorry I sent that video on WhatsApp. I was drunk and thought it would be funny. Thank you for accepting my apology and forgive me if you can. I know that you are a good person, which is why we are still friends. I hope one day we can laugh about this together.
  12. Sorry for the unintended WhatsApp message. It was my fault. When I get angry, my wrong fingers tap on the wrong name.
  13. Sorry, I sent this WhatsApp message to the wrong person. I’m trying to reach Derek with this message, but I accidentally drafted it to you and saved it without noticing that it was a draft. I’m so sorry for any inconvenience or embarrassment!
  14. I didn’t mean to send this to you by mistake. I hope you will forgive me.
  15. Oh, so sorry for posting this on the wrong thread. My bad, my finger slipped! Take care!
  16. Sorry for wrong post in the WhatsApp.. I don’t want any misunderstanding between us… I really love you…
  17. So sorry that I posted a wrong picture on WhatsApp. I really wanted to share that picture with you but it turns out it was not the picture I was expected to post. Really its just an accident, my bad!
  18. I do apologize for the wrong post I just sent you. Please forgive me, I love you and actually I want to share my beautiful picture with you but I am so sorry that I can’t retrieve it anymore. Can you please? Thank you!
  19. I am really sorry. I am sure you will forgive me as soon as possible and it will not affect my relationship with you. I love you man.
  20. Hi, I’m so sorry that I posted the wrong post to your account. Please don’t be angry at me.
  21. I am sorry for uploading that picture. Please don’t be mad at me then we will meet later I was still sleepy and that’s the problem I am sorry.
  22. I am really sorry for posting the wrong statuses. Please don’t misunderstand me. I only want you to be happy. If posting the wrong statuses makes you angry then please forgive me.
  23. I’m so sorry for posting the wrong snap on my status again. I can’t seem to figure out what post goes with what picture. I’m sorry. Just thought I would let you know? Anyways..
  24. Hey friend, sorry I sent you wrong post on WhatsApp. I wonder if you have gone mad? So sorry.
  25. I love you and it’s important for me to say that at times. I didn’t mean to hit the wrong post on WhatsApp it won’t happen again I promise! Love you boo.
  26. Hey, I’m really, really sorry for sending you a wrong WhatsApp message. I just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday! I hope that you will forgive me and be my friend again. I’ll talk to you soon, okay? Stay strong while I’m away. Hugs,
  27. Hey, sorry about the wrong WhatsApp post. Meant to delete it and accidentally sent it before I could. Think its cool you got a new job. Good luck buddy!
  28. I am sorry for sending you the wrong massage. I don’t know what I was thinking. Please forgive me. I love you so much!
  29. You might have treated me the wrong way, but at least you never pushed me away. I am sorry for posting a video of me without your consent. I was just acting like a child and I never meant to hurt you this way. You deserve better than that! I promise to return with my portion of the deal, I will do something good for you soon, please forgive me…
  30. I’m sorry I misunderstood that you were talking about me on your post. I love you more than anything, and would never want to hurt you. I forgive you, please forgive me.
  31. I want to apologize if I sent you the wrong post on WhatsApp, I’ve done it 3 times today. I’m sorry and I hope we can still be friends.
  32. Sorry for disturbing you. I just wanted to say that I really love you. I really care about you and one day, when you will message me, I will be happy because I could see from your WhatsApp what are you up to and we could update with each other. And I am sorry for sending this useless message to you.
  33. Sorry I posted on the wrong WhatsApp group… but I just had to tell you that today is our anniversary and even though we are far apart, your love fills my heart and takes me away. I love you very much. And happy anniversary dear!
  34. Baby, I’m so sorry for being confusing. You might have thought it was a group message or something, but that’s only because you’re always the 1st name in my contacts.
  35. Sorry for the wrong post. This is my brother’s number Please forgive me, he was using my mobile.
  36. It was not my fault, I did not mean to send it! I pressed the wrong button and then everything is ruined. I am so sorry, please forgive me.
  37. That text went to the wrong person. I apologize. My boyfriend and I had an argument earlier. We broke up last night, but we got back together this morning. Please don’t tell anyone.
  38. I’m sorry for posting the wrong Picture for you. I must have clicked on the wrong button. I didn’t realize I made a mistake. Please forgive me and don’t be angry at me.
  39. Sorry, I mistakenly replied to the wrong person. I hope you haven’t gotten your hopes up. Sorry if it caused any confusion.
  40. Sorry for posting that message for wrong contact number on WhatsApp. What I can do is to back chat with you and make me wrong person in front of you.
  41. Hey! So sorry to wake you. I was playing on my phone and somehow accidentally hit the WhatsApp post thing while I was trying to turn the alarm off.  I should have said that I’m in Starbucks so if you could please meet me there at 7:30 or so that would be terrific? Thanks!
  42. I’m sorry for posting the wrong thing. I don’t want to fight. I only want to make up with you so we can dance together at our anniversary dinner tonight. Please forgive me.
  43. I’m sorry. I accidentally texted you the wrong thing, don’t reply okay. Don’t worry about it. You are so sweet and beautiful!
  44. I am really sorry I sent this message to you. I will always respect my elders and be very patient with them!
  45. Hey, I’m so sorry for posting this on your wall instead of my own. I hit the wrong button and it’s been driving me crazy. Sorry again hun! Love always
  46. I didn’t mean to post this for you, I meant to post it for him. This will surely show you how much I love you.
  47. Hey honey! I’m really sorry I posted the wrong image today, I actually have been working hard on another amazing meal I swear! and will have that ready by dinner time. Hope you’re having a great day, love you!
  48. I am sorry for putting the wrong post on your WhatsApp. You are the only one I want to share everything with, and I don’t want to break your trust. I hope you can forgive me.
  49. I’m sorry. I don’t know why I posted that on your WhatsApp status. It’s totally a wrong post. Maybe I am posting this post because I am feeling bothered because of something else. Please forgive me and also, I’m sorry for any inconvenience caused by this post.
  50. Sorry I posted your love letter on WhatsApp. Whats up with that one? But your love is amazing! All 5 girls in the office want you now.
  51. Sorry, I pushed the wrong button and posted the wrong WhatsApp message to you on WhatsApp by mistake.
  52. Hey! Sorry I posted that on your wall by mistake. It’s just, I have so many pictures of us on my phone, and sometimes I just like to share them with the ones I love. You’re special to me, so I wanted you to see it.
  53. Hello how are you doing? I’m really sorry. I accidentally wrong post a message on Your WhatsApp’s status instead of my own, So I do apologize for that. Please forgive me!
  54. I am sorry for the wrong post on WhatsApp I didn’t mean to post that but it was by accident and once again I’m sorry.
  55. Hey sweetie, sorry I posted the wrong article on WhatsApp. My bad, my hands move too fast sometimes . . . . . . . . . Love ya!!!
  56. Hey girl, sorry for the drunk message… Haven’t been using WhatsApp long, its so late there, oh crap shouldn’t have sent it.
  57. Oh my goodness, this message is for someone else isn’t it? Sorry! I’m just texting a random number so I can’t help it if the person I’m texting messes up. Be more careful in the future.
  58. Sorry for wrong post on WhatsApp just wanted to wish you happy valentines day.
  59. I love you guys, I’m sorry for the wrong post. I really didn’t have anything else to post! Hope you guys are okay and thanks for sending me those kind messages. You all are great!
  60. I am very sorry for that mistake. I like your post and it is so helpful, but it was a wrong link. I’m deeply sorry for that again.
  61. I’m sorry for posting the wrong message on WhatsApp group. I love you so much and I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings by doing that. I hope we can put this behind us and move forward with our friendship.

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