Sorry Message For Girl Best Friend

Friendship quotes, sometimes, is the most powerful weapon in our life. These friendship quotes encourage us to handle all the ups and downs of our daily life. Here’s my collection of best apologies quotes for girl best friend. You will surely love this sorry quotes collection.


Sorry Message For Girl Best Friend

  1. I’m so sorry for what I did. I broke your heart. I had no idea how you felt… Please forgive me.
  2. You will never know how much I regret what I did. I wish I could take it all back and make you feel again the way you did before. I miss that girl that was always so kind and sweet to me. Please forgive my betrayal, but most importantly, don’t ever forget that you are the best of friends a person could ever have.
  3. I am so sorry. I miss you and wish there was a way to take back the things I said that hurt you or made you cry. Please forgive me, I promise my actions will never encroach on our friendship again. I care about you too much, please don’t let whatever happened in the past stop us from being there for each other!
  4. I think about what I did to you and I feel so bad, it pains me to see you so upset. I want you to know that I am truly sorry for causing you pain. It was never my intention to disappoint you, I hope some day you will forgive me for acting so unkindly. To mend our friendship I offer my deepest apologies and sacrifices.
  5. I am sorry that I hurt you in any way. It was not my intention and I hope you can forgive me. If you can’t it’s alright, and I understand. You’re still my best friend and I want us to start fresh and be able to trust each other again.
  6. I’m sorry I hurt you. I’m sorry for making you feel bad or sad. It was never my intention to do that. I’m sorry we fought and I brought all the sadness back into our lives. How can you forgive me? Will you ever trust me again? Please take my hand and know that everything is okay now. We’re together and that’s all that matters in this world!
  7. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you when you needed me the most. I was wrapped up in my own self pity and couldn’t see that you needed me too. I am so sorry, I would take it all away if I could. Please forgive me. There’s no one else in this world that I want to share my life with but you. I love you unconditionally friend.
  8. I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt you, break your trust, or let you down in anyway. Please forgive me for always letting you down. I didn’t mean to be so insensitive to your feelings. I’m sorry for making you cry so much and putting you through so much pain. You are very important to me. You are one of the strongest people that have ever come into my life and I want us to be together through it all. I want our relationship to grow strongeragain…
  9. I am sorry I caused problems in our friendship. I miss you and want to clear the air and socialize with you again. I regret leaving a bad note on your phone. Please call me back so we can get drinks sometime this weekend.
  10. I’m sorry for ever letting you believe that I wasn’t there for you. If I hurt you I am truly sorry, I feel like an awful friend but know that If I could take away the pain I would in a heart beat. You mean more to me then anything in the world and one day everything will change again.
  11. I’m sorry for being so stupid. I’m sorry for forgetting. I’m sorry for not being what you want me to be, but most of all I’m sorry for hurting you. I know things could never be the same again and I understand why. Words alone cannot express how truly sorry I am. My hopes are that one day we will have another chance to become friends once again, it takes time though. And we must both respect each other during the healing process. I love you so much!
  12. I am sorry for everything I have said and done. I love you and hope we can be friends again someday.
  13. I’m sorry for the way I treated you sometimes. I realize my thoughtless actions could have hurt you. If I made any mistakes, please forgive me. I love you and want to grow old with you.
  14. I know I have been difficult at times but please know I feel absolutely awful deep inside when I am mean to you. I don’t act that way on purpose and really want to be able to control my words better. Please accept my heartfelt apology and let’s move forward with our friendship stronger than ever.
  15. I’m Sorry!!! I don’t know what happened but I just wanted to say I am so sorry! Please forgive me, forget it ever happened. I will never do anything like that again. You are the most important person in my life. It was all a mistake and one big misunderstanding.
  16. I am sorry for the way I treated you when I was mad at you. I didn’t mean to act like that, it was wrong. We may fight and disagree sometimes, but we are friends and nothing will ever change that. Forgive me for not speaking to you for a while, it wasn’t because I don’t love you!
  17. I’m sorry for all the times I was there but never around. I’m sorry for not listening to you, for making you feel unwanted. I’m sorry for not seeing the real problem. No matter how mad we’ve been at each other, you will always be my friend, my only true friend. We may fight once in a while but we are back together shortly after. There is no one else in this world that understands me like you do. Please find it in your heart to forgive me.
  18. I’m sorry. I let you down in so many ways and in each and every one of them I tried to be a good friend to you. I neglected you in my times of need and took advantage of your kindness and love when I should have been the one comforting you. I hope you can forgive me as time goes on, but if not I understand fully.
  19. I am sorry for all the times that I put you down, and made you feel bad about yourself. I hope one day you can forgive me and understand that I was hurting too, and sometimes people say things they don’t mean.
  20. I miss you so much!!!! I miss our long talks about life, the future and all of the bad guys we will beat up. I never meant to hurt your feelings. I got so caught up in what was happening with me that I never took the time to see how you were feeling. I hope you realize that it was never because I didn’t care anymore.
  21. I know I’ve said it before, but please forgive me for that. You are my best friend and you mean the world to me. I hope we will always be friends, because I don’t know what I would do without you by my side.
  22. You are the best friend I could ever ask for. I know that we fight and we disagree, but that is what makes our friendship so great. We are both honest with each other, and when it’s all over we just hold each other and forget about everything else. I promise that our friendship will last forever!
  23. I’m sorry. I was wrong and I regret upsetting you. I hope with all my heart that you will forgive me. You’re my best friend and I don’t want to lose you over something so silly! I hope in time you can find it within your heart to forgive me and we can continue to be close friends. Please don’t shut me out please?
  24. I am sorry for the times when I couldn’t make you smile. I am sorry for my many mistakes. For all that I have done wrong, I’m truly sorry. But most of all, I am sorry that you can’t accept me for who I really am.
  25. Angel, I am so sorry for breaking your heart. I really wanted to be happy with you, but deep down, I knew it wouldn’t work out. I hate that it had to end this way, but we can still be casual friends right?
  26. I am sorry for every time I’ve said anything wrong or held back the words. I am sorry that we fought. I am sorry you felt like I was against you…And most of all, I am sorry for not trusting you. I hope one day you will be able to forgive me.
  27. I am sorry. I was wrong and I know it now more than ever. I have never been good with words, so I speak from the heart. You took one on the chin for me and you didn’t even hesitate. You are just incredible, and I love you for it.
  28. I’m sorry for being such an idiot yesterday. I hope we can be friends again and that you will forgive me. I didn’t mean to upset you; I just feel the need to be myself. It’s part of my personality, you know.
  29. I’m sorry. I really wish I wasn’t so awkward sometimes, and that I would have a hobby other than making people laugh. Most of the time I’m focusing only on what will make you laugh, but I do want to support you in your goals as well. I hope we can be friends for a long time to come, always there for each other.
  30. I’m so sorry I hurt your feelings. I didn’t mean to upset you. You are my best friend and I only wanted the best for you…Please forgive me for saying such hurtful things.
  31. Dear friend, I am very sorry for my recent actions. Seeing you sad has opened my eyes to the pain I caused you. I would do anything to take back what I did and see you smile. Please forgive me and know that I will do my best to make it up to you.
  32. I’m sorry to bring you down, sorry if I don’t stay true. I’m sorry for being wrong, I’m sorry for breaking your heart. There are things I regret, and there are things that I want to forget. But the most important of all is the person you have become, and how sad it would make me to see our friendship end.
  33. I’m sorry for ever hurting you, for any times I’ve said something mean, for the time we broke up and made up like fools. But what I’m truly sorry for is not realizing sooner, how much you meant to me. I wish you knew how much your friendship meant to me before we spent our last night together as friends. I guess it’s only fitting that it ended the way it did, it could never be in any other way.
  34. Wow, you’re really upset with me! I am just so sorry. It was my mistake. I overdid it because I am super passionate about you and my love for you. I will make it up to you by doing anything you want! I apologize so much!
  35. I’m sorry for the hurtful things I’ve said. I should have never said those things in the first place. I should have been more thoughtful and caring with my words. Please forgive me for that and know that I didn’t mean a single thing that I said…Tomorrow will be better and will show you how much you really mean to me.
  36. I am sorry! I have been horrible to you lately. I didn’t realize how much I was hurting you until now. To not hear your voice every day and hold your hand…something is truly missing in me.

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