Sorry If My Words Hurt You Quotes

Sorry If My Words Hurt You Quotes

When people say sorry for hurting your feelings, it’s not because they’re sincere in their apology, it’s because they feel guilty about it. Here are some sorry if my words hurt you quotes to use the next time you want to apologize to someone who deserves it!


Sorry If My Words Hurt You Quotes

  1. Hey, I just wanted to say sorry if my words hurt you. You are the best person in the world, and I want you to know that I love you, and mean everything I said.
  2. I am sorry if my words hurt you, but the truth hurts sometimes. I love that when you look at me your eyes shine. I hate that I have to tell you this again, and maybe one day you will understand.
  3. I’m sorry if my words hurt you, but I don’t hate you. Sometimes saying things that are hard to hear is easier than keeping them locked up inside.
  4. I’m sorry if my words hurt you, I’m sorry if my actions gave you pain that I didn’t mean. I apologize for the things I might have said or done wrong. It was not my intention to upset or upset you.
  5. I know you’re sensitive and I would never mean to hurt you. I hope you know that everything I do or say is out of love.
  6. I understand perfectly that my words can cause harm and pain. I was a bit harsh when I said that. It may have hurt you, but just know that was not my intention. Words can be very powerful and I shouldn’t have used them in such a negative way.
  7. I needed to get this off my chest, I’m sorry if I was mean. You know how much it hurts to hear you talk about her like that? It burns me inside. When I see the person that you’re so in love with I want to throw up. Please don’t tell me how much you miss her or how pretty she is, please! It hurts me but I don’t want to end our friendship so I have to say nothing and pretend everything is okay.
  8. I can offer no excuse for my inexcusable behavior. I have hurt you and that is something I will always regret. But I must also move on with my life, as painful as it is to be without you. Goodbye and I wish you all the best!
  9. Sorry if my words hurt you. That was never my intention. I meant every word I said and it just hurts me a lot to see you like this, when everything we did seemed to be the right thing that would finally help you realize your dreams being realized.
  10. We were friends before we were more; you were my best friend and I will always love you. But if a great friendship is all that we could have shared, then I am sorry if my words hurt you.
  11. I’m sorry if my words hurt you, I did not mean to. It wasn’t my intention. Forget the words that hurt us and always remember the good memories we share.
  12. We aren’t in a relationship anymore, and I’m really sorry. But if my words hurt you, then I’m sorry for that too. I guess there’s really nothing else to say because we’re over, but don’t think it doesn’t hurt me. I hope you find happiness now that we’re not together anymore.
  13. I am sorry for the times I hurt you. I know those were the worst parts of our relationship, but they were only the painful to me and not because I don’t love you. I’d do anything to take it back if it had been possible, but everything just happened too quickly. You’re still the world to me, and no one else can change that.
  14. I hope all the hurt and anger you’re feeling right now passes quickly, as time heals all wounds. I’m sorry that I caused any of it. If you’ll still have me, my door is open and my heart is yours to take back. I love you!
  15. I am very sorry for hurting your feelings. Whatever I did or said, I wish I could take back .Don’t cry over spilled milk.  I am willing to fix whatever made you upset or angry. I will try to be more supportive and understanding. It’s my fault and no one else’s, so please forgive me.
  16. I’m sorry if my words hurt you, because what I meant to say, is that I care about you so very much and I don’t ever intend to let anything come between us. The only thing that matters to me is that I love you, and I want to see you smile and be happy.
  17. Sorry if my words hurt you, but I don’t believe in tears. Sorry if my words hurt you, But I’m tired of lies and the endless nights. Sorry if my words hurt you but I gotta leave, There’s nothing more for me to say.
  18. Sorry if my words hurt you, but they are the truth. I can’t stand your behavior anymore and I can’t stay with you anymore. This is not my decision and I am not shouting at you. This is destiny, our paths have crossed and we need to move on in life.
  19. I am sorry if my words hurt you. But I am not sorry for speaking the truth in love.
  20. I know I hurt you. I know my words were dismissive and mean. I wasn’t trying to push you away, instead I was trying to protect myself so you couldn’t hurt me. Please forgive me.
  21. If I hurt you in any way, it was never my intention and I am sorry, so very sorry. I hope that we can talk about it and work it out because this is breaking my heart. I don’t want to go on without you.
  22. I am sorry that I couldn’t find a better way to speak my mind without hurting you. The thing is, I care about you so much and it hurts me to see you in pain. I would take your hurt away in an instant if I could, but I can’t. It’s all in your hands now. You’ve proved to me before that you can recover from heartache and move on, so let’s do that again!
  23. My intentions were not to make you upset, rude, or angry in any way. If I’ve done anything to hurt you or make you feel uncomfortable, then I am sincerely sorry.
  24. I know I can be difficult, and I’m sorry. People do their best to change, and I’ll try to be better at that. In the meantime, please know that what I did–or failed to do–was never intended as a permanent slight. And when you forgive me, we’ll finally get back to being comfortable with each other.
  25. I’m sorry if my words hurt you but I had to be honest. I want you to know how I really feel about you and all that I want is for you to be happy.
  26. Sorry if my words hurt you. I can’t promise we will never fight again, but I promise to never say anything to deliberately hurt you.
  27. I’m sorry if my words hurt you. I didn’t mean to…. but what those words said is true. I don’t want to be in a relationship with you anymore. And for that I am sorry, but it hurts me to see you doing the things that you do. If this means we are over… then I will accept it… but I still love you.
  28. I hope you know that I never meant to hurt you, your words just stung a little. I hope we can put this behind us and move on.
  29. I hate that I hurt you; sorry if my words hurt you and made you cry, but they were just the honest truth. I wish now I had chosen different words, but it’s too late because you’re gone and no way to apologize can bring you back.
  30. The only thing that hurts me when I see you is the fact that you hurt me. I’m sorry if my words hurt you or the way it made you feel.
  31. I’m sorry if my words hurt you, but I never said that I thought you were an angel. You are far from perfect and I never have expected that. You are fun to be with at times and I thought we had a pretty good relationship. I don’t think it should go any further unless you can treat me better and not yell when something goes wrong.
  32. I am sorry if my words really hurt you because I always speak the truth. I never had any evil intentions when I said those words to hurt you.
  33. I would never intentionally hurt you. I know in the heat of an argument, words can turn very nasty. No matter what I said, I didn’t mean to hurt you. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I don’t want to ever lose what we have. Please tell me how you feel and I promise to be more understanding and patient.
  34. Sorry if my words hurt you. But bringing you pain is the only way to show my love for you. Sorry, but it’s the only way I know.
  35. Sorry if my words hurt you but they are the truth. I know that it is not easy but try to see the results rather than your mistakes. I’m afraid that you won’t improve your work and efforts, so I write this message because I love you and want to help you do better. We can do this together – love, mom.
  36. I’m sorry if my words hurt you. But there are worse things that hurt much deeper. I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong impression. I wished to make your day or send a nice word to cheer you up. It’s not something that I would make up but something that we should leave in the past. I know that in our hearts, the truth is the only thing we want.
  37. Sorry if my words hurt you, but those words were only a reflection of your thoughts. I’m sure you didn’t mean to hurt me when saying what you did. Be careful what you say, it reflects on who you are inside.
  38. No matter how hurtful words may be, I am sorry that they came from me. If you think about it, what good are words? They are only a waste of breath, but please know that my heart holds nothing but love for you.
  39. You have a big heart and a kind soul. I love you for that, but I am sorry for the hurtful things I said. I wish you would have told me how much they hurt so we could work through this together, but I understand if you don’t forgive. I will continue to fight to be with you because my love is unconditional and that’s a promise!
  40. If I hurt you, I’m sorry! If I made you feel unwanted in any way, I’m sorry. You are beautiful, from your head to your toes. Please know that!
  41. I would never want to hurt you intentionally or make you feel bad. I’m working on figuring this whole thing out. I hope we can be friends again.
  42. It hurts to hurt you, but this is how it feels when words are not being said. I may say things that you don’t want to hear. Friends have these conversations all the time. I can’t live with saying nothing, even though it hurts, because my silence will only bring more pain and suffering.
  43. Sorry if my words hurt you, but I cannot help but tell the truth. I needed to let you know how much your words have hurt me. No, I am not perfect, but neither are you. I am willing to work things out for us, but in order for that to happen things have to change on both sides. I decided to let it go and keep the memories instead of dwelling on them. So if you have time can you give me a call?

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