Sorry For Wasting Your Time

Sorry quotes are an act of expressing the earnest regret for something said or done to upset, offend, hurt, disappoint or cause pain. One of the finest ways to convey your sorry quotes is through a meaningful apology quotes. Finding the perfect apology quote for someone you love can be difficult. I’ve made it a little easier for you with this list of my top 150+ apology quotes.


Sorry For Wasting Your Time

  1. I am sorry for wasting your time. I should not have lead you on like that. I thought I loved you, but I was wrong. You are a nice guy and all, but I do not love you the same way you love me and that won’t ever change. Please, please forgive me. I will always treasure our memories and if it means anything to you, know that I really am sorry for treating you so horribly.
  2. Sorry for wasting your time. I did not mean to hurt you. My actions were trivial and unnecessary. I am sorry for how I treated you. I wish you the best in life, enjoy what’s left of your youth and when the time comes settle down with a great man who will love you till his last dying breath.
  3. I apologize for wasting your time. I understand if you can’t forgive me and for that I am sorry. You deserve the world and everything in it. You’re strong, independent, and powerful in every way.
  4. I am sorry for giving you false hope. Maybe this isn’t love, maybe it’s a game to me. I’m sorry for kissing you and telling you I love you. I’m sorry for wasting your time, you deserve better than that. You deserve someone who will treat you with love and kindness.
  5. I am sorry for wasting your time. It was never really you, it was always me. I didn’t see myself loving someone as much as I love you. Thank you for being such an amazing friend.
  6. I am sorry for wasting your time. I was a lonely puppy. I have had my heart broken several times, and i am not as strong as you. I want to marry you and have children, but I was living with you and created expectations that i wasn’t able too fulfill. You made me feel special and loved when no one else did, and for that i love you to death.
  7. I’m sorry for all the pain and anger I have caused you. I know that I can’t expect you to forgive me, but I hope someday you will come to realize that I am no longer the person who did these things. The things that once filled my mind are now gone. I am so grateful and lucky to be alive and the new person I have become doesn’t exist without you.
  8. The reasons to end a relationship do not exist. There is no reason to be upset, angry or sad. Everything happens for a reason. I didn’t want to tell you in person because I didn’t know how to be straight forward about it. I am sorry if this hurts you, but it’s one of the hardest decisions I have had to make in my life and also the best decision!
  9. Dear Sir; I apologize for wasting your valuable time in responding to my request. I’m sorry to have wasted valuable time.
  10. I just want to apologize for everything and feeling so distant. I guess you could say I was scared of loving you, and I’m sorry for wasting your precious time.
  11. I am so sorry for wasting your time and letting you think I was interested in you. I hope one day someone will show you what it means to really love someone, the way i hope to do one day with someone who is Meant for me. I’m Sorry.
  12. I am sorry for wasting your time, you deserve the best and I hope with all my heart that one day you too will find someone who pours their love into you and treats you like a queen. And when that day comes, you will know, it was worth the wait till then know that I wish you luck and hope you find love soon. All my love, one who is truly sorry.
  13. I want to apologize for wasting your time in the last few years. I know you must be very mad at me and it makes me feel guilty. We gave each other a lot of hope about our relationship, but then we just wasted it. I am so sorry that you came all this way only to be rejected in the end. I will always remember you and wish you the best.
  14. I am really sorry for all the time I wasted on you. You were not my soul mate. You did not appreciate me and I will never again give my energy to someone who does not deserve it. So, I guess this is goodbye. Sorry…
  15. I am writing to let you know how sorry I am for wasting your time. I can only hope that you will be willing to give me another chance. I know that in order to figure out where things went wrong, I must first acknowledge my part in the problem. I know that it sounds really cliche, but it is the truth.
  16. I’m sorry for wasting your time. You are a kind and wonderful person. You deserve someone who is worth your love. I was not the best option. I hope you realize how great of a person you are and find that special someone to share your love with. You’re a truly special person, and I think you will find what you’re looking for…
  17. I am sorry for wasting your time, I do not deserve someone like you in my life. I am trying to get over you even though its hard without you. You are my everything, do not let me walk out of your life.
  18. I am Sorry For Wasting Your Time and I wish you had the skill to choose better excuses to get out of more boring parties…Maybe you will get that skill right at the top of your list as soon as I stop bothering you.
  19. Hey hun, I’m sorry for wasting your time. I hope you know that at one point in time I thought we had something special. I was too stubborn to admit it was over and then it finally hit me that we really didn’t have anything left. I hate that things turned out this way, but I have learned from our relationship and will take it into the next one. Good luck to you and keep your chin up.
  20. I want to sincerely apologize for wasting your time with my selfish personality. I always think about me. I am a bad person for that. I want to change. I really hope you can forgive me and let me see you again. I love you so fucking much!
  21. I am so sorry you have wasted time with me. I have hurt you beyond what you deserve and what is fair. I was never good enough for you, not even from the very beginning. You are a million times better than I ever was or could be. I am such a fool for hurting such an amazing person, and forgetting which one of us deserves the best life possible.
  22. I hope that you will forgive me for not being honest with you, I hope that one day we will be friends again.
  23. My sweet – I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you. Things sort of got crazy, and I’m sorry. My love for you is stronger than ever, and I promise not to disappoint you again. I missed you so much – let’s get together soon, ok?
  24. I’m sorry for wasting your time. I thought you were a lot like me when we met, but now I realize that we’re complete opposites.  It’s not you, it’s me. It’s not my feelings for you that have changed, I will always care for you the same way. It’s just that maybe a relationship is something we shouldn’t pursue.
  25. I was feeling awkward last night, so I didn’t talk to you much. I am sorry for wasting your time. I hope we can hang out again soon and that time will go better! Your pictures are still really cute!
  26. Dear friend, I am sorry for the way I have treated you out of anger. I am not a believer in any relationship but still as human being I feel bad for the way I have been acting. It may look like I’m the only woman but that’s not how it is. There are many other women who are willing to join me in whatever I do.
  27. Sorry for wasting your time, I just want you to know that I treasure every minute. I love you and hope you know it’s not easy. I’ll do my best to make things right.
  28. I am sorry for wasting your time, I hope you know that. I’m sorry for the pain I have caused, but there was no excuse. For all the times I’ve hurt you; it’s now so clear, I never cared for you.
  29. I am sorry for all the time I wasted in my life when I could have spent it with you. I wish I had met you sooner so that we could have started our lives together much earlier. If this is too much for you, then so be it, but i needed to let you know how i feel.
  30. I hope you are doing well, I am sorry for wasting your time and using you to get to your friends. Hope we can remain friends.
  31. Even though I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with you, it was worth be around you. You have an amazing personality, and beautiful eyes. You always seem to put a smile on my face, even when I’m sad. I am truly sorry for wasting your time, but I hope you can see that i am truly interested in getting to know you.
  32. I am so sorry for taking up your time and not giving enough attention. I know you have been waiting a long time, to hear these words from me. You are my closest friend and I would be lost without our phone calls and conversations. I was wrong to not think about how important you were to me, and how much you cared. I promise it will never happen again! I love you more than any other person I know.
  33. Sorry about the waste of time, I really am. Please know that you were a great friend and I enjoyed talking to you! If we ever become friends again, please know that this is still my favorite picture of you!
  34. I am sorry for wasting your time. I should have known you would never love me like I love you. I’m so sorry for giving you false hope and leading you on. My actions were wrong. I haven’t been the nicest person to know, and I wish I could take it all back.
  35. I want to say I’m sorry for not being there for you. I was being selfish and didn’t care about your feelings. My heart wasn’t in it, and I almost broke your heart. Forgive me. I will make this up to you if you give me another chance.
  36. I am sorry for wasting your time. You deserve better than me. You really do. I will leave you alone now. I won’t call you anymore, or try to see you, or anything like that. I’ll go on with my life and let you enjoy yours.
  37. My love for you is so deep and strong that I know that God must have created you for me. You make me feel like the luckiest guy in the universe. I’m sorry for not being perfect, but am glad that I found you and I’ll never let you go.
  38. I am sorry about last night, I hope you can forgive me. I never meant to let you down, I’m just at a difficult point in my life and need to step back for a while… You were right I do need help… I want you to be physically OK.

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