Sorry For Neglecting You Quotes

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Sorry For Neglecting You Quotes 

  1. I’m so sorry for neglecting you. I promise I’ll be there for you from now on. Please forgive me. I love you!
  2. I’m sorry for neglecting you. I want to be the best boyfriend I can be. I will make more time for you and show you how much you mean to me. I love you. Thank you for your patience these past couple of months.
  3. I apologize for not being there for you when you needed me. I also apologize for you hurting because someone you loved left. Or someone who cannot forgive is holding on to your heart. I apologize for all the times we argued or didn’t speak what was on our minds, because doing so would have made us stronger instead of weaker. I am sorry if i ever hurt you: physically, emotionally or mentally; and i’ll never treat you with the same cruelty again.
  4. I am sorry for treating you poorly and neglecting your needs. I know that it has caused you much pain and unhappiness. I won’t make the same mistakes in the future, and I want to show you how much your trust in me is appreciated.
  5. I know you didn’t get the card you were expecting on valentine’s day, I’m really sorry about that. I just got home from work, and I thought getting you flowers would be a nice way to say I love you, sorry again.
  6. I am so sorry that I have not been around much and have not reached out to you. I feel awful but hopefully this small token will give you something to smile about and make you feel better.
  7. I’m really sorry for being so distracted lately. I’m making a bigger effort to put my phone away more often and be with you in real life. If you ever want to talk about it, I am here for you.
  8. You mean so much to me so I want to make sure you know it. I have been putting off talking to you, in hopes that our friendship can work out. I feel alone when your not around and my days are darker when you don’t smile at me or say hi. I care for you very much and I hope this doesn’t push you away. I am truly sorry!
  9. I know I don’t say it enough, but thank you for putting up with me. Sorry I haven’t been the best of boyfriends lately. I will make this up to you, and prove through my actions that you are the love of my life. You are an amazing person and all I want to do is spend every minute of my life with you!
  10. I’m sorry for neglecting you. Please forgive me. I won’t do it again.
  11. I’m sorry. I’ve neglected our relationship and need to focus more on you. Your my everything, I love you all so much.
  12. I love you so much, I just can’t stop thinking about you. I miss you so much; I wish you were here. Please forgive me for the way I’ve treated you in the past. You are my world, and I just miss being with you.
  13. I’m sorry for letting you down. I hope that you can forgive me and love me again. I am so thankful to have such an amazing and caring boyfriend. You mean the world to me and I don’t want to live without you.
  14. I just don’t know what to say, I overheard you coming home last night. The things you said were heartbreaking, but I completely understand. I am so sorry for neglecting you, and making you feel like this is your fault. This is all my fault.
  15. In my spare time I’ve been focusing on my other commitments and ignoring you. I’m sorry I haven’t been the best partner to you lately. When you’re back in my life again I am going to make it up to you. Please forgive me and let’s fix things.
  16. I am sorry for not giving you the attention and time you deserve. I take back every fight, every mean word I have said to you, I think they were all my fault and I’m sorry. You deserve the world. So much love too you. I hope there is nothing but happiness in our future together. Everything was stupid and insignificant, I want things to change for better. I will make it up to you I swear!
  17. I know things have been stressful for us, and I haven’t been the best boyfriend by not making you a priority. I feel like I strictly take from you, and give nothing in return; but that is not true. I really do love you and want to make our relationship better. I know I can be a little crazy at times, but just please remember that it’s because i care.
  18. I feel you deserve better, that glorious sun of my life. You’ve been stuck with me through so much pain and suffering. I regret ever making you feel this way but the truth is I have grown accustomed to it. The hurt in your eyes still haunts me, but one night under the moon shined a great light on the dark secret, I will do what is right, no longer will you be neglected and used as a door mat.
  19. I am sorry that I was not there for you all those years. I am sorry that I did not support you. I am sorry if I took things for granted. And most of all, I am sorry for being an asshole every time we fought. We were both really stupid at times, but we were also really young. Keep your chin up and always know that I care about you. Thank you for teaching me some of life’s best lessons and thank you for giving a shy boy courage…
  20. I am so sorry, I know I haven’t been around enough. You are my best friend and the woman of my dreams. Please forgive me…I love you!
  21. I don’t forget that we are on the same page, I don’t want to make you feel forgotten. Let me show you how much you mean to me. You’re the light in my life. I guess I got carried away and forgot that everyday people need love and affection to do things right. Please forgive me for neglecting you.
  22. I am deeply sorry for everything I have done to hurt you. I wish more than anything that I could take it all back. I know at times it feels like your words fall on deaf ears but please know I hear you. Words can’t express how sorry I am for ignoring you and making you feel second best, no matter what the reason is i’m sorry for my selfish behavior and heartless ways. You are my heart in reality and I love you more than you will ever know.
  23. I’m sorry for not calling you every day. I know how much it hurts when I’m not there for you and I do love you a lot. I just got a bit busy with work, but I know now that I should have made time for you as well. Please accept my apology and know that you are important to me.
  24. I’m sorry that I have been neglecting you lately. The stress of graduate school is beginning to wear on me and it makes me feel exhausted all the time. I want very much to be with you, but I’m just not sure how. I will try harder to understand exactly what it is you need from me, but for now I wish there was something i could do to make you feel better. Please forgive me. I love you.
  25. I want to apologize for the way I have treated you lately. I know I haven’t been the best boyfriend these past few months. I was a jerk and pretty mean to you. In the future I promise to be nicer and more attentive as well as put more effort into our relationship. I know that love is expressed through actions and not words, but words are all I have right now… So, please forgive me?
  26. I am saying sorry for neglecting you by not showing the side of me that I have been hiding these past months. I don’t know where it came from but after last night’s movie, it hit me. I love you and care about you so much. I should have made this clear to you. You mean a lot to me and whenever you are in my heart, I feel at ease and free. I hope that these up-coming months will be as wonderful as the previous ones…
  27. I have just one thing to say…. sorry. I hope you know that my neglect for you was not due to a lack of love or care, but rather is because I love you so much it hurts. I don’t like seeing you cry, I hate making you angry and If there is anything you need just ask. Words can not express how sorry I am and how much you mean to me. I am truly, deeply, and madly sorry for the way I treated you.
  28. I am sorry for neglecting you. I know I’ve been distant and haven’t paid you the attention you deserve. You are wonderful and deserve to be treated like a princess, but I have been so busy with work that you’ve become an afterthought in my life. I am truly sorry if I have hurt you.
  29. I’m sorry I haven’t been there for you, love. I’ll try harder to put you first from now on. I know my time has been limited and I wish I could have spent more of it with you. Please forgive me.
  30. I’m sorry I don’t do more for you. You’re special, and I know I am lucky to have you. You deserve the world, but all I can offer you is my love —- it’s the best thing I have to offer, and I hope you’ll accept it.
  31. I want to start by apologizing. I know I have been distant and maybe even a little mean. I hope that one day you can forgive me. You have always been there for me, even when I deserve it the least. On this special day I want to show you how much I care. I wish that you could see my face because it would tell you everything without a single word. You are the most important part of my life and I will spend every day working to make it up to
  32. I’m sorry. I have been busy with work lately. I know this isn’t a justification for my neglect, but I hope it helps. I didn’t mean to make you feel less-than because I know you’re slice of heaven on earth to me. I love you and miss you so much!
  33. I am so sorry for not being around much. I know every time we talk you cry. It breaks my heart to see you so sad because of me. I am so sorry, and will never stop trying to make things better.
  34. My Friends, My Family, I love you all. For years I have been distant and haven’t been there for you when you needed me, but I am here now and will be here for the rest of my life. I apologize sincerely from my heart, and promise to always be here for you in the future. May God Bless You!
  35. I’m sorry for not being around much the last month. We have a lot going on in our lives and I am always stressed out. I should have taken the time to talk with you instead of ignoring you. I hope it’s okay that I spend most of my time with you just enjoying your company and letting you know how much I appreciate you.

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