Sorry For Making You Confused Quotes

When you genuinely apologize to someone, a huge weight is lifted from your chest and all your worries seem to vanish. It’s a moment that can mend a broken friendship or repair damaged trust in a marriage. Below are smartly crafted sorry quotes with the right dose of sincerity required to make a great apology.


Sorry For Making You Confused Quotes

  1. Darling, I want to sincerely apologize for making you so confused and angry. I missed you very much and want to be friends again. Yours, Gilberto.
  2. I am sorry for making you confused. Please forgive Me and make me understand your heart. I just don’t know why you are ignoring me. Is it my fault? Please talk to Me…
  3. I am sorry for being so messy and disorganized… Making you worry about me so much… For letting you down in every way possible. I am sorry that I’ve confused you, and made you feel upset. But I have never meant any harm to you. I apologize if this has ever happened. But do not apologize for having feelings of your own. It is your right to feel how you want, I would never wish to change that. Please just forgive me for upsetting you again.
  4. I am sorry to get you confused and sorry for not explaining myself clearly. If you have any doubts, I would be glad to clarify my stand.
  5. I want you to know I feel terrible about making you so confused. I’m sorry we left things the way we did. I can honestly say, it was an honest mistake, but my number one priority is making sure you know how extremely important you are to me and that I truly care about your well being. So again baby, I am so very sorry for the confusion.
  6. I am really sorry for making you confused about your feelings. It has never been my intention to confuse or hurt you in any way. I just did thoughtless things when I didn’t realize the extent of the negative consequences. I will make sure to think about your feelings before acting on my own in future.
  7. You’ve given me the world and nothing I have ever said is enough to show you how much i appreciate it. You are my reason for life. And every time you knock down my walls and touch my heart, I fall even more in love with you. I’m sorry for making you confused, but I also don’t wanna stop the way we are now with our fun and open relationship.
  8. I am sorry for making you confused. I am sorry, it’s all my fault. This time is the last time I said that. I am very angry with myself!
  9. I am sorry for making you confused. I feel like a loser, lowers than that. I hate to see anyone in pain, specially you. I’ll always remember how you forgive me even though we have been fighting in the past. I’m really sorry for my behavior and if ever there’s something that would make you happy, please tell me instead of hiding things from me.
  10. Sorry about my confusion…I just need some time to figure SOME THING out. I hope you can forgive me and give me a chance to clarify whatever misunderstandings may have happened.
  11. I am sorry for making you confused. I hope in the future we can work together to satisfy our time of love.
  12. I am sorry for making you confused. You are my only one love and I really want to make happy. I have done wrong with you and I want you to forgive me.
  13. I’m sorry for confusing you all the time. I want you to know I’ll always be there waiting for you whenever you are ready and willing to accept my apology.
  14. I just wanted to apologize for making you feel confused about us. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to say, and I just don’t mean to confuse you. As much as you may not want me around right now, I still want to be with you. You are the girl of my dreams, and I love you with all my heart.
  15. Though words can never be enough to let you know what I feel for you, I am truly sorry. I love you and need you in my life. May we continue to say it and mean it to one another with every passing day.
  16. I’m sorry I ever put you in this position that leave’s you confused. I never meant to cause you any pain or make you feel unhappy. I was not honest with myself and i didn’t treat u fairly, but know… I do love you, and you will always be special to me, no matter what…
  17. I feel so stupid. I am sorry that I made you feel confused and uneasy but I never spoke of my feelings. I was scared to because most of the time it doesn’t work out but with you my heart is filled with hope, just for you.
  18. I’m sorry for my cruel words. I didn’t mean them, but lashing out on you made me feel better. I hope you forgive me and we can move forward in a positive light. I love you so much and I hope to talk with you soon.
  19. I apologize for hurting you or making you unhappy. Sometimes we just need to take a step back and remember that there is a lot of drama in life. I want to be your friend and lover again, and I want you to redeem yourself when we see each other next. I hope that we can talk and get everything out on the table instead of bottling up our anger on the inside.
  20. I apologize for making you confused. I apologise for not being able to be there when you needed me most. I apologise for not telling you what I really wanted to say. I promise that now I will be more honest because its better to let go of each other while having love rather than having regrets.
  21. You are the love of my life. We have no boundaries or limits to our relationship. I cannot imagine a day without you by my side. I never wanted to make you confused because I deeply love you!
  22. I apologize for making you confused. I want to tell you the truth. No matter what happens, I have never regretted as much it happened in my life. The first time I saw you I thought of spending the rest of my life with you. You are an amazing person and you make me happy every day.
  23. I’m sorry for making you confused. I’m just not ready to commit. Maybe if you’d done things differently, I would have picked you over her.
  24. I apologize for making you confused. I know I am not good to you sometimes but my heart is pure. I want to spend my life with you and your son my step son. We will be a family in the future if u give me the chance to show u that I can change for good. I know u have lost trust on me and our relationship because of my past mistakes, but I wanna try again if we don’t have a second chance then it’s not worth to grab…
  25. I’m sorry I made you feel bad. I didn’t mean for it to happen at all. Please forgive me! We’ve been friends for a very long time and I didn’t want to lose that. I hope we can talk again soon and clear things up!
  26. Although our love has been, and will always be complicated. The truth is, I’m sorry for making you confused. It was never my intention to ever hurt you that way. For this I am truly very sorry. I love you and hope you know this in your heart.
  27. I’m sorry for making you so confused. I’m scared for you to think that it’s okay for me to lie and cheat on you. I know how much I hurt you, I am truly sorry.
  28. Let me start by saying I’m sorry. My actions confused you, they hurt you. I have no excuses for it except that I love you very much and was desperate to win your heart again. You mean the world to me and I want us to find happiness once more together. Let’s forget the past and move forward into the future.
  29. I apologize for confusing you. I hear most of the time when a girl is confused it’s because it’s over a guy, but that couldn’t be further from the truth in my case. I’m not sorry for letting you go. I’m sorry that I made you feel like there was more there than there actually was and for leading you on all this time.
  30. I’m sorry for getting in the way of you and your goals. Sincerely, I apologize for my uselessness that brought us closer to a big fight.
  31. I am so sorry for not being clear on what I wanted and making things complicated. I always had a feeling that we would break up. I never meant to hurt you, and hope that there will be no hard feelings. You are one of my closest friends and I hope we could stay that way. Forgive me if you still feel hurt.
  32. I was wrong and I admit it. It was a moment of weakness, but the other person involved will not be forgiven. Please forgive me for my mistake, and accept my apology. I want things to go back to the way they were, before the incident. I want us to fix this and move forward without this person in our lives.
  33. I’m sorry that I made you feel bad. I’m sorry that I caused you pain. I’m sorry for neglecting your feelings. I didn’t realize how much it hurt you. For that, I am truly sorry.
  34. I am sorry for making you confused. I really hope that you can forgive me because i want to assure you that this is not my intention. I am sensible that you are confused at this moment but I want to let you know that this will never happened again. Hence, I am begging for your forgiveness so that we can continue what we have started last month. I love you and i will do everything in my power to prove it to you!
  35. I cannot apologize enough for the pain I have caused you. I love you more than anything you are my best friend and my worst enemy. I know I should have been a better mother, a better lover, a better wife and person. You deserve only the best and I am so very sorry that I failed to be what you needed. But no matter how bad things get, I will always love you and pray that someday we will understand each other.
  36. I am sorry for hurting you. I had no intention to cause pain but I know that I made some mistakes. It’s not fair for me to take advantage of the fact that my love for you is unconditional. I do admit, I was wrong, please forgive me dear?
  37. I’m sorry for not telling you how I really feel. It’s just that I am really scared to lose you, because I’ve never felt this way about somebody before. I love you from the bottom of my heart.
  38. I am sorry I made you confused, I will never hurt your feeling. I will try to change my mistakes. Please forgive me, I love you a lot and appreciate all the things you do to make me realize how stupid I am…
  39. I apologize for making you feel confused, I hope you have a good day. I really love you that’s why I’m apologizing. I really do, and it hurts me that I took your trust for granted. You are an immensely wonderful person that deserves the best.
  40. I am sorry for making you confused. I am not a person who makes a habit of writing love letters. I don’t believe in half-hearted measures, and this letter is a testament to that. It took me quite some time to put it together, but what’s done is done.

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