Sorry For Keeping You Waiting Quotes

Below is a Collection of “Sorry For Keeping You Waiting Quotes” which are designed to serve as apology quotes for delaying someone. When you are trying to apologize to someone due to delay and you want to come up with great apology quotes, you can use these apologizes here.


Sorry For Keeping You Waiting Quotes

  1. I hope you can forgive me for being late. I had a lot of things going on in my life and I don’t think I was taking it as seriously as I should have. I am sorry and I want to take you out tonight.
  2. I am sorry. There is no other way to say it. I’m an asshole. I returned late, got lost on the way, and slept in. You know my excuse already, but you deserve to hear it from me directly. I’m sorry for being such an ass.
  3. I am sorry for keeping you waiting. It was not intentional, as you know I work long hours to make ends meet. The peace and calm which usually surrounds me has been shattered by recent stressors, and I feel this has affected my timekeeping.
  4. Dear John, I am sorry for keeping you waiting for so long. Every hour that passes, my feelings for you become stronger and more intense. I am sorry that I cannot love you like you want me to, but the truth is that I do not know if I am ready for such a commitment yet.
  5. I apologize for the delay in this project and I’m working hard to bring it up to speed. I apologize if this delay has caused inconvenience or concern for you but we are doing everything we can to complete this project as soon as possible.
  6. My dearest friend, I apologize for the delay in responding. I was held up in meetings all day, and didn’t get your message until it was too late. I hope you understand that the reason for my tardiness has nothing to do with a lack of feelings or thoughts about you. Life is far to hectic and rushed at times to allow for us to keep up with our correspondence as we had hoped that we might be able to do. I just hope you can forgive me for
  7. I apologize for keeping you waiting. I hope you can understand my predicament. Please don’t be upset, I would never intentionally make you wait.
  8. I’m very sorry for keeping you waiting. I know you always arrive on time for our dates and I hate to keep you waiting even if it’s just for two or three minutes. You are the love of my life and I will always treasure your love.
  9. I am sorry if I have been driving you crazy today, the wind has kept me from calling. I am anxiously awaiting to see you later. Love you!
  10. I know you are angry, I can see it in your eyes. You try to hide away your tears but they fall. I tell you everything is okay, that everything will be alright, but you still feel that pain and confusion. I apologize for keeping you waiting, for putting you through this pain. My only hope is that maybe one day we can smile again together.
  11. I know how much you want to be with me but sometimes life gets in the way. I am sorry for keeping you waiting. I am very glad that despite all the barriers, the situation is not so bad.
  12. I apologize for keeping you waiting. The traffic was brutal and the parking situation… well, just forget about the parking situation. I know it’s late but I really wanted to take you to dinner tonight… so here I am!
  13. Hey, I am sorry that I did not have the time to talk to you, work is keeping me busy these days and I just don’t get the chance to speak with you. Hope you are doing well my dear, see you soon.
  14. I am sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I am so sorry that I have taken this long to respond and do not want you to think that I have forgotten about your request. I will get back to you as soon as possible.
  15. I am sorry for keeping you waiting. I love you so much and couldn’t wait to see you again. I had my reasons, but you are worth the wait.
  16. I am sorry for keeping you waiting. It seems that no matter how hard I try, it makes no difference. I promise to do better, so that we can be happy together once again, so that we can return to a normal life and become a real family.
  17. I know you’ve been waiting for this package, and I’m sorry about the delay. We were expecting it two days earlier, but because of the storm we didn’t get it until now. I know that doesn’t make it any less frustrating, but it’s a load off my mind knowing that you received the gift on time.
  18. Hello guys, I am sorry for keeping you waiting for so long. Spring has a hold of me, and I’m having a hard time getting back to work. But, it’s almost over, and I promise I’ll complete my project soon!
  19. Baby, I’m sorry for keeping you waiting. There was just so much to do before we could be together again and I wasn’t about to leave any of that for later. So, here I am sitting in the airport waiting for a flight with my heart in anticipation for our reunion. I look at the clock and only thing I can think to myself is, “my love is coming” and nothing else matters until I get on that plane. This is going to be the perfect weekend!I
  20. I am sorry for not contacting you before now. Busy working on my project but I wanted to touch base with you and let you know how much I was looking forward to spending time together. I am sorry for the wait.
  21. Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you earlier but I was really busy. I’ll try not to take so long this time. Have a great day, and thank you for your patience.
  22. I am sorry for keeping you waiting. I almost miss you, before we met again. I know that you are the only one I can rely on, until the end.
  23. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I had to take an important phone call and finish a few chores around the house first. I really wanted to let you know how much your friendship means to me. Here’s a big hug, now lets go out for drinks!
  24. I’m sorry I was late to pick you up, the traffic was a mess! – I am so sorry to keep you waiting, I just didn’t want to get you a card that I wasn’t completely satisfied with! – The extra wait was worth it though, this is so beautiful! Thank you for the cookies, they’re my favorite!
  25. I am sorry for keeping you waiting so long. All I can say is that life happened and I lost track of the days. My intentions were not to hurt you, but I realize by doing so, I caused you a lot of pain. If there is anything I can do to take away your heartache please let me know. Trust is very important to me, and if I lost yours by not being there when you needed me most, please forgive me.
  26. I wanted to be a better man for you. I want to give you the world but I haven’t yet figured out how. I want to be able to give you the love that you deserve, and I pray with all my heart this card reaches you soon. I am sorry it took so long.
  27. I apologize for the delay. It won’t happen again. I am so happy to have you in my life. You bring me so much joy and happiness I couldn’t imagine what it would be like without you. I love you with all my heart!
  28. I am sorry for making you wait. I was away on a month long vacation. Our communication is important to me, and I missed hearing your voice. I’m sorry for the anxiety that must have caused you, but know that you are the center of my world now and always will be.
  29. Greetings! I am really sorry for keeping you waiting! I hope that this letter will inspire you to forgive me and not be too mad at me!
  30. Hey, sorry I haven’t responded to your message yet. I am on my way there, but unfortunately I am running a little late. As soon as I get there I’ll give you a call and we can chat! Hope everything is going ok!
  31. Sorry I took so long to get this to you, but the hours were getting away from me. Had it not been for my best buddies, my laptop and coffee I don’t know how I would have made it through the lonely hours. My only excuse is that I couldn’t wait to get to you, with your warm smile and tender touch.
  32. I’m sorry for keeping you waiting. I’m finished with all the chores and can finally join you at the theater, that I do love. Let me take your coat and have some wine, that will make us both fine. This evening will be so special, the best on our year.
  33. Sorry for being late. I woke up and found myself in a hurry, so I rushed to work. All my dreams turned into nightmares. On top of that, I accidentally left my wallet and cell at home. But I should be done soon and will get you your cup of coffee and breakfast on the way home.
  34. I apologize for not writing you sooner, which I am sure you are already aware of, but life got in the way. Sorry…
  35. I want to apologize for keeping you waiting. I know we only started talking a while ago, but I feel in love with you instantly. I’m sorry that our first date went this way. Please forgive me. My love for you will never cease to exist.
  36. I hope you can forgive me. I am so sorry I have kept you waiting for so long. When I saw your picture and read your profile my heart just melted instantly, then I started writing to you and well… now my heart is yours. You are the love of my life, please be patient with me as I will prove to you every day that you are the one for me.
  37. I understand you have been waiting for me a very long time, and I want to apologize for keeping you waiting. I never meant to hurt you or cause you any inconvenience. Please accept my apologies. The weather has been so bad and I couldn’t get a ride to work.
  38. Thanks for everything….especially for being so patient with me. I’m sorry I didn’t respond immediately. Again, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
  39. I want to offer my deepest and sincerest apologies for the delay in this form. Unfortunately our office manager has been out with a very sudden medical condition and we are not able to process any orders at this time.
  40. I am sorry for keeping you waiting. I know you must have been so worried about me. Please forgive me for my tardiness.
  41. I apologize for the delay, but my love for you is real. I love you so much that thoughts of you occupy all my waking moments and I wonder if it will always be so. I don’t care because I will love you till the end; the end of time itself. I’m just glad that you’re in my life, and that we’re experiencing this rare love together.
  42. I am sorry for keeping you waiting. I want to start by saying I love you very much. You are the center of my universe and I thought about you the whole time I was gone. Let’s spend the rest of our lives together, and you will make me as happy as I am now.

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