Sorry For Giving You A Hard Time

I’m sorry for giving you a hard time Quotes are useful in many occasions. They become a rhetoric tool when used appropriately. Most of the time, they can be used to apologize or cite a fact. Below is a handful of sorry quotes that you can copy and paste anytime.


Sorry For Giving You A Hard Time

  1. I apologize for giving you a hard time and teasing you. It was just so much fun to see you worry and blush. I hope that you accept my apology, and know that even though we bicker and tease often, I do love you, and care about your feelings.
  2. I am sorry for giving you a hard time about the little things, I thought they were big at the time, I love you for being there in the good times and the bad times. I love that you forgive me over and over again. Forgive me as many times as you want. I just want to make you happy. I love you with all my heart.
  3. I just wanted to say that I am sorry that I gave you a hard time. Sometimes I can be so stubborn and I don’t think of the consequences before I do things or say things. It’s not any easier for me than it is for you. Please forgive me…
  4. I just wanted to say I’m sorry for giving you a hard time. Some friends asked me today how things were going with us and I had to admit that things weren’t so good, mainly because of me. And I feel really bad about it because you have been so nice to me and always there when I need someone. So now I’m saying sorry for all my wrongs, please forgive me.
  5. I love you. I’m sorry for giving you a hard time and not always saying what’s on my mind when it needs to be said. I want us to always be friends first and foremost because that is all we’ve ever been.
  6. I’m so sorry for giving you a hard time about all those silly little things. You taught me that sometimes you disagree with each other, that’s ok. It doesn’t mean you love each other any less or have stopped caring. I am so blessed to have you in my life. I don’t know where I’d be without your love and support. You are the gentle giant and I love you more than ever!
  7. I love you. I know I haven’t told you that in a long time, but I do. I’m sorry for giving you so much trouble. I promise it won’t happen again. Can we just forget about all that happened this year and start over? We can eat pizza every night like before and you’ll take me out on dates again like in the good old days.
  8. Dear Tom. I am so sorry for giving you a hard time. I am so sorry for hurting you, and for keeping my distance from you. There was no good reason for me to act that way towards you, so I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart! Please forgive me and know that I love you very much!
  9. I’m sorry for the times that I got mad with you. I was wrong and I hope that you can forgive me. No one could be a better boyfriend than you are. I love you very much!
  10. I’m so sorry for giving you a hard time, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You deserve the world on a silver platter and I’m lucky enough to have you. I’m sorry for all the times that I got angry over stupid stuff. Please forgive me, never leave my side!
  11. I hope you know how much I care for and love you. I am sorry for all the times I gave you a hard time. I should have let things go by. I should have realized that it is impossible to control everything around me. I am sorry for being petty and sometimes make you feel guilty.
  12. I am sorry I have been so preoccupied lately. It is just a hard time for me right now. I am sorry I yelled at you and said that horrible thing. I wasn’t in the right frame of mind, and my mouth said something terrible about you, but my heart never felt such love for anyone before and never will again.
  13. I apologize for giving you a hard time. I should’ve not treated you like this. I realize my mistake now, so please forgive me. We can get through this, together as we always have!
  14. I’m sorry that I gave you such a hard time over the years. I want you to know that I really do care about you. I hope someday all of my restraint won’t be necessary and we can have a great relationship.
  15. I’m sorry for annoying and teasing you so much. You are my best buddy, and I will surely miss you. Wish you all the best! –your friend
  16. I am sorry for doing such nasty things such as ignoring you, not listening to you and even sometimes yelling at you… I know I should have not been that way towards you. You are a good guy and you cared for me very much. I wish you the best in your future, may God always be with you!
  17. First off I apologize for giving you a hard time. I didn’t think what I was doing was affecting you this much. Your always my best friend, and I never want to get in the way of that. If I did, that’s not the relationship we should have. And if it’s not, then just know it has nothing to do with you, it’s just me being silly. But seriously if I do anything that annoys you or bothers you please tell me.
  18. I am so sorry for the hurt I caused you, I didn’t mean to do it. I was wrong and really didn’t know what I was doing. I know it doesn’t matter now, but please forgive me. Love you Sincerely, John.
  19. I’m so sorry for the way I treated you, I do care about you. I won’t keep pushing you away like that.
  20. I am sorry for giving you a hard time. I was being selfish and not thinking about what you were going through. You have been nothing but supportive of me in my time of need, so I figured it was only fair if I could do the same. I love you and thank you for all your help and understanding.
  21. I know I am giving you a hard time about being too busy to hang out with me, but it is only because I am afraid of losing you. You are so important to me and I would be heart broken if you fell out of my life. So I promise not to push you away anymore and I look forward to spending more time with you soon.
  22. My good friend, I am sorry for all the times I have given you a hard time. I thought the world of you and now, just by thinking about it makes me laugh. Now looking back, our experiences has made me a better person. Your friendship is priceless and I’m glad we got through it together. Whenever you are in need of someone to talk to I’ll be there for you no matter what!
  23. I’m sorry for giving you a tough time. I realize I make you feel unappreciated every once in a while. I’m sorry for sometimes not being there when you need me. Even though we fight, I still want to be with you forever…I may not show it but I still love you..
  24. I apologize for giving you a hard time because, I really love you and I didn’t mean anything of it. don’t leave me please come back to me and we’re going to be okay again. I am sorry for all the fight, the ugly words and everything. I miss your smile and wish you could smile again. if we are still together, I promise that I will make things right, and no more pain and confusion.
  25. Dear Steve, I am very sorry for giving you a hard time when you said something without deliberation. You are my best friend, so I want to ask your forgiveness please.
  26. I’m sorry for all the times that I gave you a hard time when I should have been there for you and protected you. I love you my baby girl.
  27. Hey love, I really hope you can forgive me for how I have been acting lately. I have been rather short with you and it has come to the point where I hate the way it feels.
  28. I promise to never give you a hard time again. I am so lucky to have you in my life, and I hope that we can forget about what has happened and move forward because I really want to make this work! I love you!
  29. I am sorry for giving you a hard time, for complaining about everything and for not listening. I would like to say thank you so much for sticking by my side through all of this. I am lucky to have you in my life. I would be having the worst year of my life if it wasn’t for you. I trust you more than anyone and love you with all of my heart. Never forget that!
  30. I know I can be a pain and I hate giving you a hard time. But without you I wouldn’t have the greatest life. You are my best friend. You make me laugh, and I love how we finish each other’s sentences. Without you I would be lost. Yours Forever, Justine.
  31. I apologize for giving you a hard time when I was angry about your job. I don’t want you to lose your job, but I want to know that my future husband will always be there for me and take care of me as he should. I promise you I will try not to complain about little things and hope we can have a great life together.
  32. I was wrong about us. I am sorry for giving you a hard time and not believing in what we had. I love you and want to apologize for all the pain it caused you and I.
  33. I must say I have been giving you a hard time. This is not me. I apologize for that. Things will change. You gave me a chance, despite the mistakes, and I will try my best to make you love me again and make this relationship stronger than before.
  34. Hey baby, I just want to say I miss you so much! You’re all I think about. I’m sorry for being such an asshole. Please come back to me. Sorry in Advance, I’m a douche bag.
  35. I am sorry for all the times I have bugged you, all the frowns and all your tears. But today I ask that you forgive me because I realized what I have done and how lucky I am to have you in my life! You mean everything to me. Love you!
  36. I am so sorry I was difficult to you. I should not expect you to change or to be familiar with how things feel. I love you and enjoy that we share the same space. I apologize for being annoying, it was very wrong of me. I don’t understand what my problem is, but I will fix it. You are one of a kind. Your love Is amazing and this means everything to me!!!!
  37. I know we have both made some mistakes. Let’s forget about them and move on together, forever. I am sorry too. We can work out anything if we want to. I give you this promise with my heart and hand.
  38. You know I love you more than anything in the world, but I realize that I gave you a difficult time. Work has been stressing me out and it was hard to be nice with everything going on. My bad for not being sweet to you lately. Thank you for understanding.

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