Sorry For Caring Too Much Quotes

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Sorry For Caring Too Much Quotes

  1. Sorry that I care too much. Sorry that I think about you too much. Sorry that I miss you too much. Sorry that I love you so much!
  2. I’m sorry that I care too much. I’m sorry that most people don’t understand the way I feel. I’m sorry for loving you more than anything in the world. I’ am sorry that i expect you to do things that you have no obligation to do. I’m sorry for wanting a lot from you.
  3. You’re everything to me, I don’t deserve what you do for me. You always are there for me. And I’m sorry that I can’t be the same for you. I’ll make it up to you, some day. But for now, I’m sorr… I hope this doesn’t make you sad.
  4. I am sorry for caring too much about you, for loving you. I am sorry because is it me or is this whole thing one big misunderstanding? I tried everything that I could to stop feeling this way about you, but I can’t. Did you know that breaking up with a person doesn’t make you stop caring about them? The only way to stop caring is to lose someone that matters very much and then moving on.
  5. I am sorry for caring too much, I am sorry for loving you, I am sorry for showing my heart. I do what I do because I care, I do what I say because I love, and I do whats inside because it’s real.
  6. I’m not sorry for caring too much. I’m sorry that you can’t handle all the love I have to give. I’ll spend my life waiting for you while you play games with my heart, it’s only fair since you don’t care enough to play them with me.
  7. I’m sorry I cared so much, but I can’t stop caring. I hope that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends!
  8. I’m sorry for caring too much, for being there whenever you needed me, for always supporting you and for listening to you. If I didn’t care so much I wouldn’t be able to forgive you when you hurt me, sometimes more than once. I am sorry for giving you a shoulder to lean on when you were having a bad day, and for all the care packages I sent you when you were feeling down.
  9. I’m sorry for caring too much. I’m sorry for talking to you when you were upset. I’m sorry for listening, and being there. You said that I shouldn’t care so much, and that it hurts your feelings. I should be thankful that I even have someone in my life, but all I did was cry.
  10. Sorry for not being perfect. You mean more to me than anyone else in this world. I can never thank you enough for all the things you have done for me, I don’t deserve you. But I promise to treasure you and our friendship forever and ever.
  11. You’ve meant everything to me and I’m so sorry that I couldn’t tell you that. You’re too special to me, but for whatever reasons I let you slip away. I was stupid to do so. If only there were a way to turn back time, and erase my mistakes. I would do anything to undo what I’ve done.
  12. I am sorry for caring too much before, and I’m sorry for caring too much now. I am sorry for making you believe that you’re perfect and beautiful and strong, because it just makes me love you more. I am sorry for telling you that I love you and can’t picture my life without you in it, because I know it’s true.
  13. In a world of infinite sorrows I find myself caring about you and being deeply affected by your joys and pain. This is not without its consequences, but I’m sorry if my love is inconvenient for you.
  14. I am sorry for caring too much. I am sorry for thinking about you when I am sleeping and waking. I am sorry for not being able to stop loving you even though you broke my heart so bad and tore it apart. You are hurting me more than you know.
  15. There are so many things I want to say, but I am finding that the best way to explain this is simply with a broken heart. I love you and care about you very much, and helping you from your troubles means everything in the world to me — But if I’ve crossed the line, please forgive me.
  16. Sorry, I was born to care for people and to love them, and I let you use me as your toy because I would do anything for your love.
  17. Sometimes you really hurt me, and it breaks my heart. I cannot stand how you treat me…but I just can’t leave you. You’re so good to me and give me what I want, but then take it away. You don’t show me the love that I try to give to you. But even though that’s true, I’m still here with you because for some reason -I don’t know why- I care too much.
  18. I am sorry for caring too much. I am sorry for saying “I love you” with so much passion. I am sorry for smiling so big when you come around. I don’t want to lose your friendship. I care about you. If you are having a bad time, I want to know about it, and if you do something good, I still want to know about it!
  19. If I ever make you feel like I don’t care then please know that it isn’t true. I am so sorry for being in love with you. I will do everything in my power to show you just how much you mean to me and to prove that all of these things that I say are real and not just words. The only reason why I care so much is because I truly care for you.
  20. I’m sorry for caring so much that I was there for you when you needed someone the most, I didn’t expect anything in return, all I expected was for someone to be there for me when I needed someone too.
  21. Sorry for caring too much. I’m sorry if I upset you, disappointed you, made you angry or caused you pain. You were only trying to help and I wasn’t, so now I have to say sorry.
  22. I’m sorry for caring too much and saying I love you and understanding when you were upset about something but I really liked it when we went on rides in the rain but if we were married one day I wouldn’t be able to kiss you whenever I wanted like I want to do right now.
  23. I am so sorry I felt the need to show you how much I cared. It’s my fault for acting jealous and possessive because I didn’t want to lose you or let you walk away. You were and still are my everything and it killed me to see that we were failing, although I know its my own doing. I didn’t know how to handle our breakup. Although things did get out of hand, it is something that wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t leave me.
  24. I’m sorry for caring too much. I’m sorry for trying so hard. I’m sorry for thinking you were the one. I’m sorry that embedded in each, ‘I love you’ was an ‘I love me’. It’s okay if you don’t love me anymore, because I never want to love someone as much as I loved you.
  25. I am sorry for caring too much. I am sorry for being there, and for staying to the very end. I am sorry for wanting to be with you, holding your hand and walking together. For giving you all my love, and not hiding it behind a wall of lies. I am sorry that i cared to much, because this was my mistake, and i can’t take it back.
  26. Why do I care too much? Why can’t I just stop caring so much about you? Why? Because of you. You are the first and only person who has ever driven me this crazy with feelings and I can’t help it. I’m madly, deeply in love with you.
  27. Some people are worth melting for and you are definitely one of them, sorry I trusted you.
  28. If there is something that I am truly sorry about, it is the fact that I care about you so much. I should have known better, but my heart had other plans and I was left without a choice. My selfish desires made me stay in your life, but now I regret it so much…You don’t deserve me!
  29. Sorry if I care too much, for someone who claims to hate me so much. If you really hated me you would try to be a little less cold and cruel. If you really hated me You would take the time to say hi back when I say it to you first. If you really hated me You would stop saying hurtful things to my heart that cut like a knife.
  30. I am sorry for caring too much. I am sorry for being there when no one else is. I am sorry for understanding when no one else does. I am sorry for loving you so much that it makes me cry.
  31. Sorry for caring too much. Sorry I can’t separate myself from you. Sorry it’s not good enough to see you every now and then, that I want every day with you. Sorry for being too open, sorry that I’m needy friend, but most of all sorry that I love you because you don’t feel the same.
  32. We may not always agree on everything, but you’re always there for me when I need you and has never let me down…I am so sorry for caring too much about you that annoys you, but I am deeply in love with you!
  33. I am Sorry For Caring Too Much! I have been dumb enough to let myself care too much and go through the pain of getting hurt in the long run. I remember when I sensed our relationship was going downhill, but being dumb, I still didn’t do anything about it. Nevertheless, now is not the time to look back at that mistake…Rather, I shall concentrate on the present and work harder for a better tomorrow.
  34. I apologize for caring about you so much. I didn’t mean to hurt you when I told you, but It just came out. I hope things work out. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there. I love you lots, and good luck on your test tomorrow.
  35. You make me so happy that I can’t think of a life without you. You are such a big part of my life that it just doesn’t make sense to even consider it. I love you more each day.
  36. It seems like I hurt you. I am sorry for caring too much. I think about you all the time. It is love. Please contact me if you have questions about love.
  37. I’m sorry I care about you too much. I’m sorry I can’t stop thinking about you. I’m sorry I don’t want to be with anyone else but you. I’m sorry I need you in my life and that a day passed by without talking to you.
  38. Sorry for caring too much. Sorry for letting a stupid text message make my blood boil. Sorry that I’m always the one that apologizes when something in the relationship goes wrong, even when it’s your fault. Because I love you so darn much!
  39. I am sorry for caring too much. I know it can be annoying and overwhelming at times but please know that it stems from a place of love, and I hope you can forgive me.

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