Sorry For Bringing Up The Past Quotes

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Sorry For Bringing Up The Past Quotes

  1. I am sorry for bringing up the past. I brought back so many memories. I know you couldn’t help but think about it too. I’m sorry and glad we got past it together.
  2. You deserve to be happy, and I can’t make you that way. No one else can. I’m sorry that I brought up the past, and I hope you find happiness in the future.
  3. I am sorry that I brought up the past it was wrong of me. I am lucky to have a second chance with you. It is the only thing I have asked for this holiday, to reconnect and move on from the mistakes we have made in the past.
  4. I am really sorry about what happened with us. I never meant to hurt you in any way, shape or form. I just wanted to set things straight so that our friendship can last forever. I know you are mad, but please please forgive me.
  5. I’m sorry that I keep bringing up the past. It was not my intention to make you feel bad. In all honesty, I do not know what is wrong with me. I guess I am used to holding on to things and finding it hard to let go of the past. The fact is that you have been nothing but amazing to me, and I love you wholeheartedly.
  6. I can’t tell you how sorry I am for bringing up your past. It was a long time ago and I wish you would forget about it. You are my best friend and my confidant. I wish you would forgive me for saying that word in the fight we had.
  7. I’ve been thinking. I am sorry for bringing up the past. We cannot live in the past, because it’s an unknown place and we don’t know where we’re headed. Only look forward — you are doing great!
  8. I know I brought up a lot of past issues today and probably made things worse between us. Please forgive me, I was not in my right mind. I love you and I want to stay with you forever, I’m so sorry…
  9. I am sorry. All I want to be is your friend. I hope you can forgive me, let’s move on. Because I don’t want to lose you again.
  10. I’m sorry for bringing up the past, but I thought it was time. Things haven’t been the same between us in a long time.How many times do I have to tell you that I love you, that I am happy to be with you? How many times do I have to say the words before they sink in your head? Nothing is your fault, Not one thing that happened is your fault. I Can’t keep bringing myself down because of it…
  11. The past is the past, what’s done is done. I’m sorry for leaving the door open. I know that wasn’t fair to you and the past three years have been a roller coaster ride. For all I’ve done, please forgive me. I can’t take back what happened in the past but I can do my best to never make that mistake again.
  12. Hey, sorry for bringing up the past. You did nothing wrong, you can’t help it a lot of bad people want you dead. I didn’t know what to do so I could keep you safe. If there is anything I can do to make this up to you just let me know.
  13. I would like to take the opportunity to apologize as I feel that I have hurt you with my actions yesterday and today. I hope that you will find it possible to forgive me and to forget about these incidents, as they have not been repeated. After all, we are friends for a long time and I’d like to keep things as they used to be.
  14. I’m sorry for bringing up the past. You can’t take back the things you’ve done, and I realize that. What I didn’t know was that it still hurts so much to think about. The more we talked, the more I realized it wasn’t a onetime thing. It happened more than I thought. You took advantage of the fact that I love you so much, and used it against me.
  15. I want to apologize for the way I acted last night. That is not how I truly feel. I hope that someday you will forgive me and that we can continue to have our amazing relationship that we always have had. You didn’t deserve any of the things I said last night, and I know that now.
  16. I am sorry for bringing up the past. I am sorry for making you feel bad, I was not thinking clearly at the time. Can you forgive me…
  17. I hope you can forgive me for bringing up the past. I am sorry that I hurt you and made you feel like I didn’t care at times. You are so important to me and I just want us to stay close always. From this day forward, we will be in each others lives forever and ever! I love you with all my heart!
  18. I know that I have done some pretty awful things in the past, and I wish I could go back to make it better, but since I can’t I just wanted to tell you that I am truly sorry. We are better now, and we move forward from here. Love you!
  19. I’m sorry for even saying anything at all. Please don’t bring up the past, it’s over and I just want to be here with you now, living in the present and looking forward to the future. Forgive me?
  20. I hope you can forgive me for bringing up the past, and I again offer my honest apologies for any pain that I may have caused.  I can only hope that we can put this behind us and still remain friends.  And if possible, I would love to be able to have you back in my life.
  21. I am sorry for all the pain that i have caused you through out our relationship. It has cost me every thing in my life, but it was worth it because of the precious memories that we shared together. You taught me what it is like to really be loved and i am so thankful for that. I really hope that someday down the line we can be good friends again because i would never want to lose you.
  22. I’m sorry for losing my temper, for yelling at you, for not being more understanding. I didn’t mean to hurt you or your feelings. I overreacted, and I shouldn’t have. For that, I am truly sorry.
  23. I really want to apologize for how I acted back then. I was a real jerk, and I am so sorry for it. I will always regret that and wish I could change it. But if we are going to move forward, please get past this because I do not ever want to hear about this again. If we are going to be happy and look towards the future, the past stays in the past!
  24. I’m sorry for what I said that hurt you. I love you with all my heart, and I don’t want anything to come between us. Will you forgive me?
  25. I want to say that I am sorry for bringing up the past we had. I am now ready to put the past behind us and move on with a fresh start. Please give me another chance. There is no one else in this world that I want to spend my time with more than you.
  26. I am sorry for bringing up the past. I know it is old and there is no reason to bring it up. I totally understand if you refuse to forgive me. I don’t really deserve it either way.
  27. I am truly sorry for bringing up the past. And I was just trying to tell you that I got over it, but just randomly bringing up every fight we ever had at once wasn’t helping any. I am really sorry and understand if you don’t forgive me.
  28. I guess I just want you to understand that I’m deeply, truly sorry for what happened that night. It was so long ago and it was wrong of me to bring it up. I don’t blame you for walking away in anger, but please know that it really hurt me too. It had such a strong impact on my life, in fact it probably ruined my entire life since then.
  29. I hate having to do this, but I think I need to bring up the past. I am so sorry for bringing up the past. This is something that I just can’t control. It’s a part of me now, and has been for a long time. I understand if you feel differently on the matter, but its not going away.
  30. I am sorry for bringing up the past, I just want you to know that I love you and your beautiful kids.
  31. I am sorry for bringing up the past to you. I just couldn’t help but come back to where we started. You have given me so much and you don’t even know, maybe I’m scaring you by coming here and saying all this. Please forgive me, I’m just so freaking in love with you, I can’t help myself.
  32. I am sorry for bringing up the past. I didn’t know it would cause this much pain. The truth is that I cannot imagine a future without you in my life. I care deeply for you and you make me smile every day, but that’s not to say that there aren’t times when I wish things could be different between us.
  33. I know things haven’t been great between us. I hope you know that I never meant to hurt and upset you. I’m sorry if I did and if so, I am truly sorry. All I wanted was your love and happiness, but it didn’t turn out that way. For some reason we grew apart and we drifted away from each other into a black hole we can’t seem to get out of…
  34. I am sorry for bringing up the past. I just feel bad that we can’t get past certain things. I’m angry too, and I’m sorry for lashing out at you. I understand how you must be hurt.
  35. I am sorry for bringing up the bad memories. I know we have had our differences but I want you to know I love you. We can get through this together, as long as it takes. I remember the good times we spent together and that’s all I am focused on. When we were younger life seemed so much easier and yet just as meaningful. Never forget how important your life is to me and never doubt my love for you!
  36. I am sorry for bringing up the past. It’s a closed chapter in our life together, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still learn from it. I will always bring it up if I feel like you are heading down the wrong path again and wont let you get away with it.
  37. I’m sorry for talking about my ex. I shouldn’t have done that. It was very immature of me. I hope you can forgive me dear.
  38. I love you anyway, and I care for you a lot. It’s hard for me to say I’m sorry for anything, but I am sorry for bringing up the past.
  39. Let’s forget about the past, It is the past we should let it be, I want to show you that I love you now and forever. My love for you is great, Let’s show what we can do. Let’s leave the past behind us, We are not children anymore. I need you now, You are the one I want to adore.

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