Sorry For Being Rude Message To Boyfriend

Here is the list of some funny and cool messages that you could send to your boyfriend if you want to make him feel and know how sorry you are and how much he means to you.


Sorry For Being Rude Message To Boyfriend

  1. I know I haven’t been the best girlfriend lately, but I want to make it up. I’ve missed you a lot, and I’m really excited about us. I love you, babe!
  2. I’m sorry I act so crazy sometimes. I love you even though you say I’m annoying and that we fight all the time (because you are right). I really wish you would go out with me but I know it’s not going to happen because you are selfish. I hope you are able to put my personality into words when you read this or that it’s good enough for you. I love you and I really hope this letter makes our relationship work out.
  3. Hey it’s me. I’m so sorry I was mean to you last time we talked. It was wrong of me and it won’t happen again. Let’s just try to do better this time.
  4. Sorry for being so rude today, but I have been thinking a lot about our relationship and it really bugs me. I want you to know that I love you and that I appreciate everything you do for me. I plan on working on my attitude. Thank you for your effort in trying to be patient if it makes you feel better.
  5. I’M SORRY. I’m sorry for being rude to you. I had a shitty day and didn’t understand what was going on. Thank you for being so patient with me and loving me through it all. You always make things better!
  6. I am so sorry, I hope you feel better. Sorry for being such a bitch,
  7. Hey there! Sorry I haven’t written you in a while. I’ve had so much going on the last couple of months and LIFE has just been crazy. Well, just wanted to let you know that I still care for you, and maybe we could get together one or twice this weekend (if you’re cool with it). You are always awesome to talk to and we’ll always have each other. Love ya!
  8. I’m sorry! I know I have been acting all crazy lately, but it was all for a reason! It was all planned! I really am sorry about being so mean. I just wanted you to understand how upset I am and that no, it wasn’t your fault. I want you to come to my party on Saturday so we can calm down and talk things over.
  9. Sorry for being so rude, but I just don’t feel like talking to you right now. I have a lot to do and nothing else on my mind. Oh well… you can’t win them all.
  10. My boyfriend, I’m writing this to tell you that I’m sorry that I’ve been a bit of a jerk lately. We’ve been through a lot together, we’ve been through rough times and there are still things that hurt me but the thing I am most sorry for is the way I have been treating you. You are my best friend, my better half, my love.
  11. What can I say? I’m sorry for being rude to you, you’re a good friend and keep me in line. You also remind me that love is not the ugliest part of life.
  12. Sorry for being so rude but I am just so excited to be with you tonight.
  13. I’m sorry I haven’t written any more, but I’ve been writing a lot more lately. Thanks for being the greatest boyfriend ever. I look up to you like a hero and cry every night because of you!
  14. I am sorry if I annoyed you this morning. For being cruel, for being so hard to talk to, and for not appreciating your love. Please forgive me and I will be extra sweet from now on.
  15. Sorry if I was rude to you, it’s just that I’m stressed out because my mom is suing me over my ex boyfriend. But don’t worry, I got a lawyer now and he said it was okay to break up with him again.
  16. I know I’m a pain sometimes, I know you hate it when I throw things at the wall and break stuff. But I want to tell you that it’s not sad that sometimes we have fights, that’s how relationships are! When we have our fights they can make up in a heartbeat and it makes the relationship so much stronger. Love, Me
  17. Hey! Sorry I haven’t written you in a while. I’ve been really busy with work and other stuff. I promise to write whenever I can. Give me a call sometime, okay?
  18. I am sorry. I did not mean to be rude. You are my best friend and I love you so much. You are the best boyfriend and you make me smile every day.
  19. Im sorry for being so rude. I hope you have a good day. I love you so much. You’re the one who makes my world a better place. I couldn’t live without you, and I don’t want to. I hope that someday we can be married. You are the most amazing guy in the world, and I’m so lucky to have you in my life.
  20. Sorry for being a jerk. I just wanted to let you know that I love you and can’t wait till we are together again (when you’re not in school).
  21. I love you! I’m sorry I’ve been so busy lately and that I’ve not been able to call you. But I love you. I want to be the person that I know you love, and that is always wearing you down. Please just ignore how often I text or email you, sometimes I get excited right before calling. Love, Krista
  22. You are such a sweetheart, you make my life complete. I’m sorry for being a jerk all the time though.. for not appreciating how good you are for me. I just had some bad things happen recently and sometimes it makes it hard to see the good in people. I hope that you will someday understand. The fact that we’re together means so much to me, so please don’t ever stop loving me.
  23. Hey hun, I just saw how you were, and I’m sorry about your head. I know that maybe I wasn’t a very good friend before, but after the other day I have no words to describe how sorry I am. We used to be really close and now you’re treating me like this? Everyone knows that when someone gets shot in the head it can sometimes cause memory loss. Just keep it as a secret between the two of us ok? That’s really all that matters right now.
  24. I’m sorry to have upset you like that. I needed to tell you something and it seems like I didn’t do a good job of it. So please don’t be mad at me again, alright? You don’t know how much you mean to me. It’s important that I tell you how much I love you because without you I don’t think I would be able to handle everything. You always cheer me up and make me happier than I have ever been.
  25. Hey baby, don’t worry about our argument last night. I’m really sorry – it’s just that I thought I saw a mouse or something and freaked out. Honestly I’ll stop talking now. Love you!
  26. I’m sorry for being rude. I don’t know what actually happened but I am so sorry. When you’re done with your business take a shower and come back to me OK.
  27. Sorry for being rude to you tonight. I had things to do, and now I have nothing to do.
  28. I am sorry for being so rude to you today and not answering my phone. I had a good reason though, I was singing in the shower. And I would like to apologize for not saying ‘I love you.’ I’ll stop making weird comments.
  29. I am sorry for being rude. This is just something I feel you need to know. This is my last day here and although we are no longer together I wish you the best on all the other days.
  30. Sorry for being rude, I’m just not in the mood to think with my head right now. I can only hope you understand.
  31. Sorry for being so rude last night. I was just really sick of being around you and I didn’t want to deal with you. Don’t worry, it won’t happen again.
  32. I don’t know what I did, but I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be so rude. He is a great guy and he’s always been there for me. You are an amazing person and I should apologize for being mean to you.
  33. You have no idea how much this means to me. I am overjoyed about every single thing about you and I can’t thank you enough for your support and love. Please know that I don’t think you’re ever rude, but when you act like a jerk, it really hurts my feelings and frustrates me. So whenever that way happens, please let me genuinely apologize.
  34. I just want to apologize for being so rude the last few days. We’ve had a lot of stress and I was dealing with it poorly. I’m sorry about that. Can you please accept my apology?
  35. I was thinking of you today and I guess I got a little irritated with the way things have been going between us lately. I’m sorry if I was rude today, but I miss our easy little laughs and our simple conversations. I need to do something different or the relationship may end, which would break my heart into a million pieces. Love you…
  36. I am so sorry for being rude to you yesterday. I shouldn’t have been so busy texting/doing homework with friends. You bring out the best in me and make me brighter when I feel down. Thank you for always having my back, my main man.
  37. I apologize for being rude yesterday. I know I am hard to get ahold of sometimes and I promise not to do it again.
  38. I am sorry for being so rude to our relationship. I promised to always be honest and I don’t want you to think that I’m not. I’m really trying hard to make this work, but at times I feel i might lose you to someone else. I think about it all the time and feel horrible. Everything in me says that we are really good together, but my head is telling me it’s not working and i shouldn’t have been so mean.
  39. I’m sorry I was short with you at school. I apologize for not noticing how hard you were trying at practice last night…sometimes I can be really insensitive and I know that when I’m mad, I’m usually incosistent with my apologes…I really am that sorry, and if there’s anything that can make me more than that, then let me know.
  40. Sweetie, I am sorry for being so rude, but you just made me really angry. I was trying to have a good time! You’re supose to do things like that all the time! Just be yourself and not make it mad!
  41. I am really sorry for being rude this morning. I should have been nicer to you and we’re going to make up for it. Your a great person and you said that I could be someone special to someone special, so I hope this message hits him right in the heart.
  42. Dear Sweetie, You can be mean sometimes. Even if you’re joking or really just being mean to mess with me. I’m sorry, but I love you anyway.
  43. I shouldn’t have treated you so poorly. I am so very sorry for anything I said to you. All I can say to make you feel better is that I am madly in love with you. Even if you do not believe me, I promise that I will never do it again.

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