26 Beautifully Written Short Message For A Friend

Short Message For A Friend

To My Best Friend,

How lucky I am to have found you my dearest friend. You’re one friend that I ain’t ever gonna toy with because you are present in almost all my beautiful memories. This goes to show how long we’ve stuck together and bonded like actual sisters. I’m writing this short message to let you know that I truly appreciate you for always being a part of my life. You’re like my better half because no one understands me better than you do. I love your best friend. Cheers to many more years to come.

One In A Million,

I never truly understood the meaning of friendship till I got to be a part of your life. Over and over again, you’ve defined the word friendship not by words of mouth only, but with actions inclusive. Like you would always say, friendships aren’t just stringent of letters but they are way beyond the letters. Only God knows how my life would have turned out to be if we had not struck a conversation on the day we met. I’m so excited to have you in my circle of friends because unlike others, you’re one in a million.

A Thankful Heart

I woke up today reminiscing on our beautiful friendship and I couldn’t help but let the little tears flow. I know I haven’t taken the time to properly appreciate you for what you’ve been and done for me. I’ve been preoccupied with quite some things but today, I’ll be writing this message to say thank you friend for being a true friend. I’ve asked myself on countless occasions what I did to deserve your love and kindness because you’re rare and hard to come by. Luckily for me, I’m going to enjoy every minute with you till we are eventually whisked away by death. However, we’ll always be friends no matter what.

Forever And Always,

It’s amazing how far you and I have come despite the challenges that almost hit our friendship boat. On several occasions, we had people who wanted to come in between us but our bond was stronger and mightier than their evil devices. I love the fact that we’re so knitted like we’re blood-related. We reason alike and do everything together which is the prerequisite of what a friendship should entail. I want you to know that I love you and I’ll always stand by you as we continue basking in this friendship.

My Sugarplum,

I’ve always longed for the day I get to bare my heart to you my sugarplum. Let me use this day to tell you how happy I am to call you my friend. Tagging you a friend meant you’ve consistently shown what a real friendship is. I’m so glad it didn’t take me forever to find the one to call my friend for the rest of my life. I acknowledge all the time you went hard for me and defended me in my absence. Thank you and remember that I’ll value this friendship with you always.

My Dearest Friend,

A true friend doesn’t come easily. It takes a special kind of grace to find someone who would act as a backbone to you under the umbrella of the word friendship. This and many more are some of the things that people go in search of to be able to get a true friend. Lucky I am to have been chosen to share the exploits of life with you. I’m overwhelmed knowing I got all the best memories with you in each of them. I love you, my dearest friend.

A True Friend,

The world’s definition of friendship is so archaic because what we have supersedes what the world has termed friendship. I could have easily tagged anyone, my friend, nonetheless, you’ve earned the friendship tag when others couldn’t. You wowed me with your resilience and love by always going ahead of me to put things in order. You care so much even when others couldn’t care less about me. Thanking you for all the little and huge things you’ve done for me wouldn’t be enough. But regardless, I still want to say thank you for being a true friend.

An Inestimable Gem

Calling you an inestimable gem isn’t because it sounds tush and sweet. But because that is what you are to me. A not to be seen easily gem whose worth is inestimable. With you beside me, I can let loose my fears and pour out my heart to you without having to be judged. You offer the best advice and support such that no one does it better than you do. I’m sending you this short message to show my gratitude for all that you’ve done and made sacrifices for on my behalf. I love you so much, my friend.

My Girl For Life,

If someday am asked to lay down my life for you, I wouldn’t hesitate to get it done because that’s the only way to repay you for all your love and kindness. You make me feel so special and beautiful. You light up my world with your sweet words. You are always down for me even before my family’s. At this point, you’re no longer a friend to me but you’ve assumed the position of a family to me. I heart you my baby and you’d always be my girl for life. Thank you, friend.

To My Friend,

I am not here to write an epistle as the pastors and parishioners would. I want to dedicate today to eulogizing my ageless friend who has been my solid rock from time immemorial. I can’t vividly recall how it all started cause we were still kids back then. What I know is that this friendship will forever stand the test of time. So dear friend, I’m praising you for all the times you had my back and fought for me. For all the times you gave me advice and motivated me to keep getting better. I eulogize you today. Thank you and I love you.

I Treasure You,

I’ve lost count of the number of times you supported me when I desperately needed someone to help with my goals and aspirations. You had this huge faith in me and believed in this little human right here. Your soothing words of advice have brought me to the level I am right now. I don’t know what I could have turned out to be if I didn’t have you beside me to act as my guiding angel. For these reasons, I will forever treasure you till the end of time.

My Paddy For Life,

Life doesn’t often present to us what we need the most. We oftentimes toil till we have gotten our heart desires. That was how it has been for me. Years ago, I thought I had people I could call friends. Unknown to me, I was standing alone at the center. However, life smiled at me and brought me closer to the one person it knows would suit me perfectly well. I am lucky to have crossed your path, my friend. This friendship has taught me a lot more than I envisaged. Thanks for standing out. Can’t wait to celebrate more years with you.

A Worthy Friend,

How crazy it is to find one of my most amazing friends on earth on a social media platform. It so shocking and surprising that we vibe so well despite being miles away from one another. This is to show that friendship doesn’t have to be within a region. And am so elated we get to show and define what a true friendship we’ve got here regardless of the enormous distance between us. As such, I’ll go as far as sticking my head out for you in whatever circumstances that we may encounter.

To My Life Changer,

It has never dawned on me that friends could change one another’s life till we’ve made an example of it. Knowing you has made me a more positive, loving, caring, and considerate person who always watches out for those around me. You opened my eyes in ways that have made me view the world in a different spectacle. My life has surely changed in some years now and I owe all of it to you. Friendship is one word that you have given meaning to perfectly well. Thank you for being a life changer.

Most Cherished Friend,

Over the years, I’ve met quite a lot of persons who I once considered friends, but, one way or another, they ended up stabbing me at the back. I recall how scared I was at first when we just met. I couldn’t open up to you on everything happening in my life because I kinda had little trust in you. And as time went by, you gave me tons of reasons to fully trust in you. Gradually, I let down my guard and became free and open with you. Till now, I’ve never regretted making such a decision. I love you, my most cherished friend.

My Sweetheart,

While we journey through the uncertainties of this world, the only thing we’ve got to hold on to is a true friend. There’s this joyous feeling I get right in my heart each time I think about us. You’re truly what I specifically prayed for when asking God to bless me with a sister. You’ve attained such a position because of your trust, understanding, and encouragement. You’re nothing more than a sweetheart to me because you make life fun with friends like you.

To My Caring friend,

If an award should be presented to the most caring person on earth, you’ll be the one to receive it. No doubt your care is out of this world. You never hesitate to put others first even before yourself. How can a human be this selfless? You are willing to go a thousand miles for me without a second thought. My friend, am writing this piece to sincerely show my appreciation for being that caring friend to me. I’ll forever bless the day I set my eyes on you because that was the beginning of this wonderful friendship.

A Selfless Friend,

I don’t know how you do it but you always seem to be there for me. At my lowest moments, you’d say to sweetest words to me to lift me from that weak point. At my happiest moments, you’d put your hands around me and hug with so many smiles clustered on that beautiful face of yours. You’ve proven without reasonable doubt that friendship isn’t all about hanging out and catching fun. You’ve defined what it truly means by constantly being the best friend one can ever ask for. Thank you so much, my love. I heart you so much.

To My Better Half,

Half of me belongs to you because you alone know a lot more than anyone could ever have. Knowing I can call you at any point in time gives me this joy that so many people long to have. God bless your heart for all the time you listened to me rumbling and ranting without judgment nor complaints. You’re so perfect my better half and I can’t help but be grateful for being a very good friend over the years. I love you my better half. Cheers to the future.

My Crazy Friend,

How funny it is to have two crazy best friends that fit into each other’s life so perfectly well. We’re like Bonnie and Clyde in the movie that does everything together. It’s so amazing to have you in the transit of life laughing, crying, and pushing to become an upgraded version of ourselves as a new day is being birthed. So today, I am sending this message to you to say that I take into cognizant everything that you are doing for me and I genuinely appreciate them. You’ll always be my number one girl.

My Favourite Girl,

In my next life on planet earth, I wouldn’t mind choosing you again to be my favorite girl. You’re the one friend I would so much love to grow old with so we can fill our children’s ears with all the memories we have and the memories we’re going to amass in the nearest future. I don’t think I would have ever gotten this friendship right with any other person. I love us and I love the fact that we put ourselves first before others. Love you, my friend. I promise to keep this friendship for the longest of time.

A Rare Gem,

Mother nature really must love me to have blessed me with you who is worth more than hundreds of friends combined. I will never in a haste forget even the littlest things you ever did. They may not be so huge but they meant so much to me since it was coming from the one friend I can’t trade in this world. You’re so rare and am so so blessed to be called your best friend. It is a great honor to which I will cherish in years to come.

To A Friend I Adore,

It’s kind of weird to see that I finally met someone that I am willing to share the rest of my life with. I had thought forging through life all by myself was what I needed to be balanced with my goals. I saw having friends as distractions. Little did I know that I wouldn’t have been able to make it past one-quarter of life if you had not helped me through it all and guided me down to the tunnel. It feels so great to have someone you can confide in and thank goodness you happen to be the one. I honestly adore you, my friend.

My Ride And Die

They said show me your friend and they would tell you who you truly are. As for me, I have you to show to the world so they see the one who has crafted me to be the best in my field today. I vividly recall all the nights and days we spent pursuing our dreams together and ensuring we were growing in every facet of our lives. It gladdens my heart to see how hard we worked together and did what friends are expected to do in a world like ours. Love you, friend.

To The One That Matters,

Do you know that feeling a person gets when he meets someone who is a replica of him in every angle of life? A thrilling, extraordinary, and sensational feeling that can’t be equated to anything. That is what I feel to have you as a real friend. You’ve not only left a mark in my whole world, but you’ve also left a huge footprint on each corner of my heart. And with this short message that is being composed to you, I want you to know how valuable you are to me. Thanks for always gassing me up. Sending you kisses and a big hug because you matter. Love you.

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