amazing love poems

Short Love Poem to Make her Feel Beautiful


Romantic poems for her.

amazing love poems

Love is powerful and a very sincere word not to joke with. When said, it should be candid. It is said love can make people do odd and peculiar things just to express their deepest emotions. If what you feel is real, you shouldn’t be too introverted about it, show it, and express it. Tell your girlfriend you love her every day, send her short love poems every morning and night. You can make any girl’s heart melt with amazing paragraphs when you do it the right way.

A love affair is usually linked with various love poems, text messages, cute paragraphs, and elegy. But its way more than those mawkish and affectionate words you put together, you got to mean what you say, it got to come from your heart, trust me when your real heart and feelings are poured out, your partner feels safer with you.

Poems to make her feel beautiful are amazing for her if you are bent on making her smile every morning when she wakes up, and at nights before she goes to bed feel free to spoil her to some short love poems for her, it’s never too much. However, if you don’t have a girlfriend yet, but got someone you are crushing on, and you really want her to be in your life, don’t be shy, grab your phone and copy some Romantic short love poems to make her cry and melt her heart with it. If you don’t try at all, you have yourself to blame. She could be feeling the same way for you.

I love you poems for your girlfriend is great for your relationship, you can have some sent to her a day before her birthday, or on your anniversary, whatever you do, don’t take the power of short love poems for her lightly. It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s day or her birthday before you send her an amazing love poem. There is a reason you love her, now copy as many as you can below and send them to your partner. I wish you all the best.

Falling for you poems

Poem Title: Guardian of our Love

The woman of my dreams all wrapped in white like an angel.

She got beautiful wings that glitter when flapped.

Her beautiful hair is white, but she is not old.

Her heart of gold shines so brightly, it has captured my soul.

I get lost in her beautiful eyes.

She breathes love into the air.

I am all wrapped in that love, I don’t want to get loose.

This is the angel of my dreams.

I just want to be in her enthrallment!

I am captivated by her heavenly touch.

Our souls have become united as one.

We sing and dance together like two celestial.

Love of a god and goddess.

This love is eternal!

She is the guardian to defend our love.

I fly with her, higher than the eagle.

I want to make her proud, she wants to protect me.

Oh, my guardian angel, her arms are like the seventh heaven.

She rules my heart, that’s why she is my empress.

I am the emperor, together we will conquer with our love.

We will rule together, forever.

And till death, we will never part.


Poem title: A special queen

A special queen was born today

Heaven and earth jubilates

Behold our queen has come

But there was a lucky man

Shredded and dejected

Given up and left alone

Ahead of time heaven already smiled on him

For love found him

Beyond belief, this queen was made for me.

I say thank you, my queen.

I love you forever.

Falling for you poems

Poems to make her smile

Like a star, you give my life brightness

And filled my heart with happiness

Like a magician, you took all my pains away with your supernaturalness

Your love for me is unbelievable, oh the Lord is my witness

I feel so safe with you because you are my lioness

When I fall you are there to catch me, so I don’t end up in shamefulness

You love me so much, our love can never end in sadness

I know I have wronged you, I am begging for forgiveness.

I am changed now, and I will serve you forever your highness.


Poem Title: My Enchantress

Your smile is so enchanting, one lovely thing about you

That smile can heal any wounded heart in just a glimpse

It’s not hard to believe, because your heart is made of gold

A song from you can give hope to the hopeless

You are God sent because your love is blessed

When I fall in your arms, all the worry goes away

It’s unthinkable what my life will be without you in it

That’s why I give all of my heart to you

I believe it is safer with you

My love for you is undying

Till death we do part.

I love you my princess

You are my world best.


Poem title: I go Boom!!

You are the motherboard of my heart

With the great capability of keeping me alive

Because without you I can go bonkers

You are made for me

That’s why My heart is for you alone

I am unshakable handling any work that comes my way

Because in you I find strength

I find joy

I find happiness

It is impossible to stay a moment with you

Like a pin to a grenade, once I let go

I go boom!!


Poem Title: Made for each other

I love you with all my heart, I am made for you.

No matter what, you are always making me smile

Eliminating every tears, sadness, and grief inside me

No chance for the world to see my heart cry

The pains were a result of my insecurities

With your unconceited heart, you can’t bear up my cry

You keep smiling regardless, hence wants me to too

You have helped me healed

With your magic touch and immaculate nature

You give me the desire to carry on

You always say keep pushing

When I lack determination, your smile works wonders

I don’t want to give up

Because you are my keystone

With you, pain cannot win

How do I always come through?

Then I realized you are my guts, grits, and heart.


Romantic Poems to make her cry

Poem title – Stupid Move, Greatest Move

It’s amazing how someone I never knew

Became so important to me

My heart is forever contented haven met you

Despite many setbacks, I encountered in the past

That would make me cry, break down and leave me full of regrets

My heart still had space for you

Forgetting these disappointments was never easy

But you came into my life

You were a stranger, it’s surprising how you mean everything to me now

Without thinking about the past repercussions, I fell in love with you

It was a stupid move, I don’t regret

I just want to let you know, you mean everything to me

If I ever stop loving you, it only means I am dead

My love for you grows each day

Needless to say, I will never stop loving you my angel

You are God sent.

I love you so much.


Poem title – Promise straight from my heart.

I promise to always make the world see how beautiful your soul is

I promise to love you two times more than you love me

The stars, moon, sun, and earth will eventually get jealous of our love

And when they plan a coup

We will fly together to the heavens and live there in each other’s arms

For the rest of my life, I will be your queen to serve you,

Keep you close to my heart, because that is where you belong

The rest of our lives will never know any sorrow

Because I promise to be your comforter when you feel down

I don’t mind acting like a clown, just to see you smile

I promise to keep to my world

Even though you might not believe me

I don’t care, you don’t have to believe

My actions from now henceforth would do the talking

But I want you to know this, I am so deeply in love with you

I cannot find my way out anymore

It is uplifting to say, I love it here.

I will die here.


Poem title: My Assurance

The sound of your voice is magical

And the way you hold me, it is enchanting

Most times I don’t want to let go

Your smile means so much to me, it uplifts my soul

 it is the greatest assurance I have got

Your gorgeousness is enchanting

When you walk, you ooze awesomeness

Oh! Boy! Am I one lucky human to have come across this rare gem

My money couldn’t buy this happiness, joy I get every day of my life

You are one bumper package

When I am with you, I lost track of time

You are my treasure, and I won’t lose you

I have and will never stop loving you

As I have from the beginning

I cannot begin to write how much I love you

But you mean everything to me

You give me happiness unlimited

You might not really know how much I love you

But I have the rest of my life to show you.


Poem title – Joyful one

What kind of joy is this?

What kind of joy have you brought into my life?

What kind of love is this?

I cannot really explain

Even when we say goodbye

It doesn’t feel like goodbye

What kind of peace is this?

When we are away from each other

It’s almost like you are with me

I am jumping for joy

I have the woman of my dreams

And if this is a dream, let me sleep forever

What kind of woman is this?

A woman of virtue,

A woman made for me

What kind of man, am I?

A man that will hold his woman dear to the heart

What kind of poem is this?

It’s a joyful one.


I love you poems for your girlfriend

Poem title: Enchanted

You have done so much for me that loving you doesn’t seem enough

Loving you twice is just too easy

What about loving you thrice?

That’s a slap to my face

What can I possibly do for you?

Just to show you how grateful I am to have you in my life

I asked

She replied: To my ever loving boyfriend: Just keep loving me

I replied: I am yours to command.


I love you too much

I don’t want to see a teardrop from your eyes

I love how you appreciate the little I do

I love how you exaggerate on the huge gifts you present to me and call it little

I love you because you love me so much

I love you because you never want to see me unhappy

The least I can do is love you any less

I love you so much, I will never get tired of making you happy always

You deserve every bit of happiness that comes your way.

Stay shining my baby. i love you with all my heart.


Poems to make her feel beautiful

Expressing our feelings to that special someone isn’t often an easy task. One may get tongue tied or be short of words to adequately express what one wants to say to show how important your love means to you.  However, some things, such as love poems would make her heart melt at your words.

If you’re searching for some great heart touching poems to sail your feelings to her, look no further cause we’ve composed the best poems ever from which you can select from.

Light of my world

You brought light into my life when my world was clouded with darkness,

you brought joy when I only knew sorrow,

You emitted sunshine when there was only rain.

You’ve made my life magical and may it never wade off till eternity.


Made for you

I long for your touch and your kisses that would send shivers down my spine.

My soul yearns for yours,

and my heart craves to behold your ageless beauty.

Now am convinced that I was made just for you and you alone my love.


You are a charmer

Your lovely charm has smitten me,

Your smiles enthrall me,

and your body stimulates me.

I promise to love you with every fiber of my being.


I wouldn’t mind

I wouldn’t mind holding you in my arms

so you can feel my heart beating faster for you.

I would hug you so tight that our souls reunite as they become one.

I can’t wait to run my fingers down your curves as our bodies

become intertwined cause loving you is the best feeling I ever felt.


My words fail me

Words are failing me to describe your beauty.

The right words seem further that I am unable to express myself with them.

Not even a thousand poets can define your beauty

for it transcends the optical ability of the human eye.


I will give it my all

I can’t assure you that I will give you the world,

but I will grasp the little I can.

I may not be able to provide for you all that you want,

but I promise to do my best.

And I may not live up to expectations,

but I will make a strenuous effort to give you the very best.

And if perchance I trip and fall, I will rise mightily again.

You are the light of my day and the stars of my night.

And for that, I promise to put in as much effort as I can

so I can give you all your dreams and heart desires.


You love is a spell

I’ve fallen so in love before,

but it was never as intense and consuming like this,

Where my entire being shudders at the thought of you.

Your love is a spell that has enchanted me,

and may it never be broken. Thank you for being with me.


Divine love

The future is yet to be opened,

but it’s bursting with mind-boggling treasures.

Like a book, it is overflowing with the desires of life.

Our love is pure and divine. And I will love you forever.

This world is rigorous

Your existence still remains a mystery to the world.

Your eyes sparkle even more than the sun,

and your beauty is out of this world. Each time I hear you speak,

I’m bemused by your angelic voice. You are, indeed, an angel.

And I’m willing to walk on thorns and trend on scorpions and snakes just for you,

so I can hold you close while I kiss your lips with a raw passion for the rest of my life.

words fail me, but I Love you more than anything precious in this rigorous world.


I have searched and i have confirmed

I’ve searched all over, and I still couldn’t find anyone like you.

You’re priceless my most special one.

You’ve got a captivating smile that sets my heart in flames.

Your killer curves give me goosebumps that I want to be curled up in bed with you each second.

I want to savor, kiss, and caress every part of your body while I ran my hands down your thigh.

I will forever treasure each moment spent with you.

You’re sweet, you’re unique, and you’re modest,

and I’m the luckiest man to have you.

I love you so much, my beautiful damsel.

Your soul fits into mine perfectly

There comes a moment in life when we’re fated to meet a unique soul.

A soul that fits into ours perfectly well, making us complete.

And then, we tend to understand why it never worked with others as we put the pieces together.

It finally dawns on us that we’ve been destined to be together all along.

We connect perfectly

We begin to connect and inebriate one another like wine.

Things start falling in place,

as you see part of each other in one another and as we experience a connection so real and divine.

And we become one as our bodies twined together tingling and exploding with pleasures

and it is the start of magical fun.

We will journey to the unknown and be together till everlasting.


We complete each other

I am incomplete without you beside me.

I wish to hold you so tight without letting go.

You make my knees quiver at the sight of your beauty

as your eyes shine straight into my soul,

eliminating darkness while I drown in them.

You’re lovely and perfect.

You’re the best gift the universe has ever given me.

Thank you for being a part of my life, my sunshine.


My Imperfect life

I thought my life was perfect before I met you.

I thought I was elated and fulfilled before you breezed into my life.

But I was wrong all along.

I was oblivious to the great joy and happiness you came with the minute you stepped into my life.

Before I met you,

I’ve fallen in and out of love thinking I knew all about love

but never had I experienced this ineffable deep feeling for you before.

I thought I knew all about me until you dug out new things inside of me that I didn’t know I had.

I thought I was so versed in love until I met you.


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