Short Happy Birthday Quotes For Girlfriend

Short Happy Birthday Quotes For Girlfriend

It is common for people to say ‘Happy Birthday’ as a greeting. It is also common to share these words in short messages on the social media. Wishing happy birthday to your girlfriend is a nice gesture and it says that you like them a lot. Today, I am going to share some lovely quotes which are sure to make your girlfriend’s day really wonderful and special.


Short Happy Birthday Quotes For Girlfriend

  1. Happy Birthday to my beautiful girlfriend! It’s never been easy loosing you, but I promise to love you forever. I love you a lot.
  2. Your birthday is practically here, and it has brought a great deal of excitement to me. I wish you all the happiness that life has to give. You bring joy and happiness in my life. I am not sure what would happen if you weren’t there for me. You are one of a kind and my life would be empty without you. Wish you a very happy birthday!
  3. You are a unique being, and I am glad you landed in my life. Even though we have differences, they are unimportant to me. The biggest difference is no one will be able to love you like I do. You make me smile and rejoice, and that’s all I want! Happy birthday to the best girlfriend ever!
  4. You are one of the best things that has ever happened in my life. Thank you for being an amazing girlfriend, a mother figure and a friend. I wish that your day is as happy as you are.
  5. I know you are a classy lady, who loves her family and friends dearly. As your true friend, I wanted to say that I wish you a happy birthday full of all the good things in life. I love how you always manage to look at the bright side of every situation; I bet that’s why we are best buddies? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  6. Being a girl is one of the options you have taken for my sake. Today is not the ideal day to test my patience. You deserve much better and I am glad that you have chosen me to be your boyfriend. I love your good nature and kindness and I hope that in future you will never change for anyone but yourself, your friends and family! Happy birthday!
  7. I hope you have a wonderful day full of love and lots of laughter, because you deserve that. May your day be as happy as the past year has been for you and may your future years be just as great. Have a rocking birthday!
  8. Happy birthday, dear friend! Life would have been much duller without you. Happy birthday to the person who is always there for me for any decision I need to make.
  9. I wish you a very happy birthday my girlfriend! I have a lots special surprises for you, but don’t want to spoil them, so just wait and see what I’ve got in store for you. And as an added bonus, the whole gang is going out to celebrate your birthday tonight, so make sure you wear something that looks good on you because we will be stopping at every bar along the way. I’ll drop by later if it’s alright with you.
  10. Dear girlfriend, I hope this message finds you in a good mood. Today, I want to wish you a very happy birthday! I would like to acknowledge all the help you have rendered me and all the sacrifices you made for my sake. Your love, affection and care made me what I am today. I will always be grateful to you for your love and support. You have my best wishes for today and for the rest of your life.
  11. I wish you a very happy birthday my girlfriend, you’re special to me and I hope it’s one of your best. I promise to be attentive and very caring on this day. You are the most beautiful person in the world. Enjoy!
  12. I am celebrating your life. I am grateful for all the joy you have brought into my life. On this special day, I am sending you my deepest love and wishes that you enjoy a great year ahead! Happy birthday to you!
  13. I don’t need a lot of words to wish you a happy birthday, I only want to tell you how much you are special to me. You mean the world to me! Happy Birthday!
  14. On your special day, I wish you a great and awesome year ahead. You are the special person in my life and for that, you deserve everything nice in life. Happy birthday!
  15. I wish to convey my warmest greetings and best wishes to you on this day of all days. I have been through so much in a short time, and every moment I am with you is precious to me. Wish you a very happy birthday!
  16. I am grateful for your love and friendship. With you, everything is more fun and exciting; without you, life is dull and boring. Both way, I love you, and I wish you a happy birthday!
  17. Dear Girlfriend, if there is anyone in the world that deserves a royal celebration on her special day, it’s you! I know you have gone through a lot of pain and turmoil in life. But it’s heartwarming to know that you are still holding on. So just to tell you what I feel for you, I wish to say that you are indeed my best friend and my ever loving companion. I pray for more years of joyous friendship with you and remain yours forever.
  18. Your birthday is one of the most important dates on my calendar. Every year, it seems to fall at a different time. This great mixture of randomness and predictability is just like you aren’t it? Happy Birthday- I love you!
  19. You are a great mother to me. You believed in me even when everyone else had given up. You have never failed to be standing by my side, offering the best advice I have ever gotten. As you grow older today, I wish you all the happiness and peace of mind that life has to offer you. May your life continue to be stress free and enjoyable as it has been so far?
  20. Dear sweetheart, I am wishing you a birthday filled with joy and satisfaction. My life is beautiful only because you are in it. I love you baby!
  21. My dear girlfriend, you will come a long way and wherever life takes you, I know that you will always remembered me and my birthday. You have done so much for me that I can never repay. I love you beyond anything else in this world. Happy birthday.
  22. For all the joy, happiness and love you have given me over the years, I wish you a very happy birthday! Wish you all the best in life to come!
  23. I am happy to have a girlfriend like you. You are my best friend and I can’t imagine how to live without you. On this special day, I wish you a very happy birthday!
  24. When we met, I had no idea how your love would change my life. You are not only my lovely girlfriend, but also my best friend. On this day, I want to tell you that you mean the world to me and that I will always love you with all my heart. Happy birthday!
  25. Sending you warm wishes on your birthday and making the day more memorable. I hope this year is filled with more happiness, laughter and success for you. I wish you life long good health and prosperity. Happy Birthday!
  26. I wish you a happy birthday! I hope you spend lots of fun and memorable moments with your loved ones to make this day even more special.
  27. For this special day, I am grateful that you have been a wonderful friend and confident. Thanks for showing me what trust and loyalty are all about. You are someone who I can always count on in hard times, and happy times as well. Happy birthday my dear!
  28. I’ve always known that you would be a great girlfriend and a wife, and will take care of our children when we start a family. I was right; you have shown that day after day. You are the best! Happy birthday!
  29. I want you to realize that while the congeries of human beings are many, it is you who made your life worth living. While the world is full of people who seek happiness, it is you who has proven that there is a way to do so. While everybody thinks they have life figured out, it is you who has seen through theories and lies and found the path that makes sense of existence! You are amazing! Happy birthday!
  30. I want to let you know that I feel grateful when I say you are my girlfriend. You make my life worth living, and happiness is what I always see in your eyes. Happy birthday!
  31. Happy birthday messages for my sweetheart, my partner in crime, my beloved! I count myself lucky every day that I have you in my life. You have contributed to me becoming a better person. You are as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. Wishing you a very happy birthday, baby!
  32. Hey girlfriend, happy birthday! You are well on your way to achieving all your dreams. Remember that I am always here for you and have your back. I know many people say this without meaning it, but I do- I hope you know that. So wish you a lot of fun on a very special day of yours.
  33. Wish you a very happy birthday! I hope your special day will be bright and cheery, and that it ends with all your fondest wishes being answered. I’ll be thinking of you on this special day. Sending you thousands of birthday wishes today!
  34. Looking at your face makes it worthwhile to wake up in the morning. No matter how much chaos and confusion surrounds me, I can always take refuge in your love. Having you by my side and on my mind is a source of comfort, joy and endless motivation. Happy Birthday!
  35. Babe, I am so happy to have you in my life! Today being your birthday makes me even happier. You steal my heart and make my life complete ad I love you forever. You are a real angel who I hitched on this earth for a short while until the angels sent you back to them!
  36. You are always there for me. I am blessed to have you as my best friend. It’s only through you that I feel secure and safe. You are very special and different from others. May you have a wonderful birthday!
  37. I am the luckiest guy alive to have you as the best friend a man could have. The smile on your face and the optimism in your eyes light up my life like the morning sun. Your presence makes me realize what joy feels like. I hope you know that I love you so much, even if I haven’t said it out loud. Thanks for all that you do for me, my dear friend. Happy birthday!
  38. Dear Nancy! I happened to be thinking about you, and here you are. I am sending my love and best wishes for your birthday. You mean a lot to me, and I cannot express my feelings for you in words. I miss you whenever we fight or don’t talk for days. You are my one true friend; I wish you live your life the way you like it to be.
  39. There are no words to describe how I feel about you. You are capable of breaking my daily routine of chatting with friends and responding to boss’s mails. You are my every desire, and the purpose of my life’s breath…I love you so much!
  40. Happy birthday to my dearest girlfriend! The fact that you are now a year older makes me so proud. You have grown into a wonderful young lady, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. Have a happy year full of happiness, laughter, and all its joys! Hope this year brings you everything you could possibly want or need! I Love You!!!

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