Short Captions for selfies

101+ Witty Short Captions for selfies – 2019 Trending

Short Captions for selfies

Short Captions for selfies


  1. Morning Lovlies, its good day to be alive

  2. Positive vibes only

  3. Bad energy stay far away.

  4. This boy so fly and wavy.

  5. A good day to ball hard

  6. It’s just vibes these days

  7. I see the love in their eyes

  8. They steady hating, I am steady balling

  9. Forgive me, I am wasted, but I happy cus I am feeling elevated

  10. Why you hating, this young nigga must shine

  11. Once I love, I love with all my heart.

  12. Want my 2cent? Get your own perfume

  13. I would love for cupid to shoot me a boyfriend

  14. If I was a guy, I would get married to myself.

  15. I woke up feeling delighted, I believe its going to be a good day.

  16. Today I have decided I want to be more of me, and less of what they want.

  17.  Since happiness is free, I want to believe regret is an option, and I don’t want it.

  18. Hold on, while I get my Sunday pose on.

  19. Camera, lights, action. Let the day begin.

  20. Some people are just too uneducated to realize what the deal is.

  21. Nobody got nothing on me, I lead and you follow that’s how its going to be.

  22. I am violent, I kill everything that come my way.

  23. I am not February, cus once in a while I don’t miss a date.

  24. I keep it hot every day, like propane, that’s why I am dope with no cocaine.

  25. Don’t call it a comeback, cus I was never gone.

  26. These guys don’t know what’s coming.

  27. I grew through the pain, now I am basking in delights.

  28. I am twice the devil you know, twice pretty, twice clever, twice evil.

  29. I know it’s my life.

  30. Escape and be liberated, no holds bar.

  31. Excuse me, what’s your name?

  32. It hurts so much, and I let it go. I am good now.

  33. He snatched my soul, now I am his forever.

  34. It’s sweet and salty.

  35. My confidence is pretty high today – I have got a selfie with no filter.

  36. It’s OYO. On your own.

  37. Want to preach a sermon, please get a pulpit.

  38. You hating the fact you are small, and I am big.

  39. If no love found, then you must be hate.

  40. I am on the fast lane, so I am on full speed.

  41. If you don’t want me to cause you much pain, you better back off.

  42. I live a life you can’t imagine, you only see it atimes, when you passing.

  43.  I am an hustler not a magician.

  44. I am trying to dominate the world with my addiction.

  45. I am so young, and I am doing it big.

  46. I am so good at what I do, and you are so wrong if you think it’s a trick.

  47. I am trying to dominate the whole world with my addiction.

  48. I was paid to entertain you. So enjoy the show.

  49. Others are succeeding at what they do, and you steady talking about them. You need to think your life again.

  50.  It’s FRI-DAY. Now let’s get some fry turkey.

  51.  You must be a dreamer, if you think you are better.

  52. I have got too enemies around me, and they be making feel like a boss

  53. I am busy repping my team for eternity.

  54. I don’t play games, I be having out with coaches.

  55. You know I am so broke, that’s exactly why I can’t afford to lose.

  56. All I do is win, I be sorry for my opponents.

  57. This is a game I can’t lose.

  58. I know you got class, but I own the whole school.

  59. Give them a knife, let these niggas cut me some slacks.

  60. I wear my confidence around my neck, like medallions.

  61. I might not be perfect, atleast I am authentic.

  62. I am coming for that throne you sit on, but I aint Satan.

  63. All I hear is a lot of people telling lies on the truth.

  64. These haters eye balling, but they never buy shit.

  65. My eyes on the price, the reflection of my iris.

  66. We going up like we defying laws of gravity

  67. Everybody claiming king, but only one can be crowned.

  68.  Leave them second guessing you.

  69. Do what keeps you sweet, choose happiness.

  70. Sorrows shows you are human

  71. Failure will make you humble.

  72. Pray for grace and success

  73. God will always keep you going, against all odds.

  74. When life happens, open a can of beer.

  75. I know you hate me, the feeling is mutual.

  76. More money more problem, I will make even more money.

  77. So old, so sweet.

  78. If you know, you know.

  79. I keep falling in love with my self.

  80. If you can’t make it, don’t fake it.

  81. If you play hard to get, I will easily forget you.

  82. You can’t love me any less, I am wavy.

  83. Its Benz, or I aint going nowhere.

  84. Temptation is not the problem, falling for it is.

  85. So many have my images on their phone, only few get the picture.

  86. Happiness is like a cover, it shield against this wicked world.

  87. I have got looks that can kill.

  88. Send my regards to your aristos.

  89. The difference between you and I, is the positive always present in my vibes.

  90. Real eyes realize, fakers in disguise.

  91. They act like your friends, when they see you on the rise.

  92. Get me a suit with a machete, so I can cut ties with these ingrates.

  93. You are not welcomed in this family, not even out tribe.

  94. I think it’s just plain ignorance we often ignore the ones who adore us.

  95. It’s sad, we adore those who hurt us, and hurt those who genuinely care for us.

  96. Attention that isn’t freely given, it’s not worth having.

  97.  Before we leave, wait, lets take one more selfie.

  98. Good is goog, but more is better.

  99. He is the guy I have always wanted

  100. If you think I am lying try me.

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