Prayer For Successful Surgery For Brother

Prayer For Successful Surgery For Brother

Is your brother done/about to undergo a surgery or operation? Are you looking for Prayer For Successful Surgery For Brother quotes that you can share? Then you have landed on the right page! Below is a collection of Prayer For Successful Surgery For Brother that you can use.


Prayer For Successful Surgery For Brother

  1. Please send healing, love and positive vibes to my brother as he goes in for his surgery tomorrow. I’m worried about him and want it to go well. Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts.
  2. Please grant my brother surgery. I love him, and his family and friends. Please heal him.
  3. Dear Lord, As we watch over (name) as he goes in for his surgery today, I pray that you keep him safe and comfort him with your loving presence. Comfort his family and friends and help them to cope with what lies ahead. Please let this surgery be a success so he can live with us for a long time to come. All the glory and honor be to You!
  4. Dear Jesus, please watch over my brother during his surgery. Help heal him quickly and keep him safe through the whole procedure. Comfort and support him. Please help relieve all his stress and worry. Please help heal him quickly!
  5. Lord, I call upon you today to heal my brother who is having a surgery soon. Please safe guard him during this procedure and bring him back to health so that he may live a full and prosperous life. Lord, heal him in Jesus’ name, amen.
  6. Your surgery is on the 15th and I’m praying for you to come home safely. I know that you can do it! You are so strong and you have overcome so many challenges in your life. I am proud to call you my older brother and you do mean the world to me. Thank you for being such a great role model and inspiration in my life.
  7. I pray that all goes well with your surgery tomorrow. Nothing is more important to me than your health and happiness. I only ask that that you keep positive thoughts and surround yourself with positive people. I love you, brother and am praying for the best outcome possible.
  8. Dear God, please heal my brother’s surgery. Let the doctors do their job and bring him back healthy into his family. They will be so grateful for their love of his life and his soul that he is safe from harm.
  9. Please let my brother be alright. Don’t let anything happen to him. Please give doctors the strength and knowledge to do a successful surgery on his brain tumor . Please end this pain, so he can live happily again. Thank you for listening, amen.
  10. Dear God, Please, please help my brother. He needs you now more than ever, and I completely believe in you. He is a wonderful person and helps me through my own problems from time to time. Please help him through this surgery and listen to his prayers, too.
  11. I am thinking about you and praying that everything goes well in your surgery. I know you are going to be just fine and will come out stronger than ever! I love you, bro.
  12. I grew up with your brothers, and I remember how close you two were growing up. I hope that this surgery goes well, and I wish for a fast recovery. I hope to see your smiling face soon, my friend. Keep strong!
  13. Today is a big day. I hope everything goes okay with the surgery for you and for your family. I love you guys so much, and I am praying that the surgery goes well and that you recover quickly! You are in my thoughts this morning, and I am hopeful that all goes well.
  14. Dear God, I would like to ask you a favor from you. Please pray for the safety and successful surgery of my brother, who is going to undergo surgeries this coming Tuesday the 29.4.  He has pains in his back and side due to tumor in his kidney. He also suffers from hypertension, heart problems and blood pressure problem too. Kindly please answer my prayer and heal him completely. He is such a good person and loving husband.
  15. Please pray for my brother to have a successful surgery today! It is so important he gets better. He has been sick for awhile and you might have heard of him on the news.
  16. Dearest God, please bless my brother who is sick and is undergoing surgery today. Please protect him and all the doctors and nurses involved in his care. Please give him the strength to get through this, to get better quickly and to recover fast. Please also grant relief for the family and friends who worry about him. Thank you God for answering my prayer, I Love You!
  17. I pray that the surgery will allow my brother to play sport again and that he will be able to lead an active life. I am thankful for your help and guidance throughout this. I love you and appreciate your always being there through thick or thin.
  18. Dearest brother, I would like to thank you for being there for me through all of life’s hardships. I know that in surgery the body is weak after a long period of time, and I pray your surgery will have the quickest recovery possible, so you won’t be too much longer away from your family.
  19. Dear Lord, we have gathered here today to pray for my brother Bob. He has recently been diagnosed with a grade 4 brain tumor and he needs your strength and love to get through his upcoming surgery tomorrow. I ask that you can heal him and protect him as he goes under the knife. I am scared and I miss him greatly but at the same time I know that you will be there with him on this journey. You are our greatest support, so please give him all the strength he needs.
  20. Dear lord, please protect brutha J and allow his surgery to go well. Make sure there are no complications, and that he has a speedy recovery.
  21. I know that the doctor can fix you up good as new. Please be okay brother. I need you to help out parents and just be there for everybody when I leave for college. I’m gonna pray to God that everything goes well and that it isn’t too serious. Get well soon big brother!
  22. Please God, help my brother. Heal him and let him know how much I love him and that I’m thinking about him. Keep us close in your prayers and let us feel your presence on this difficult day. Send your angels to watch over my brother and do not let him worry about anything else other than getting better! He is a brave person who never thinks about himself when others are in need. He may be modest but he has helped me over the years—especially during hard times.
  23. Good luck on your surgery and I pray the doctors can make you live longer bro. I love you and I don’t want to lose you. Please stay safe and sound.
  24. Please help my brother get through his surgery quickly and successfully. The doctors are very confident of a full recovery but I pray you will intercede and carry his pain, fear, worries and sadness to the cross.
  25. I want to pray for my brother to have a successful knee operation this week. My brother’s name is Adam and he’s been having trouble with his knees for a while now. He’ll be having knee surgery on Thursday Feb. 6th. Please pray for quick healing, less pain, and wisdom for the doctors during the procedure.
  26. Dear God, please come through for me. My brother is in the hospital and has to have surgery later today. Please let him come out of it safe and sound. I don’t want him to endure any pain or fear during this process, please hold his hand along the way. I love him so much, and you will always take care of him. Please help everyone here to stay calm, and not worry about anything that may go wrong.
  27. Dear Lord, I hope you can hear my prayers. I am so worried about my brother. He told me the doctor said there was a 30% chance of complications during and after his surgery. He has been so brave through this all and trying to be strong for me. I worry about him and what will happen if something does go wrong. Please help our family through this time as we watch our brother recover from surgery. Please be with him through this time and heal him completely.
  28. Dear God, please keep my brother safe in Loma Linda. Please give him the strength to get through this surgery and help him heal quickly. Please protect him from all harm in recovery. Please make sure that his stay is very short and that he is put back to 100%. I will pray for him as well. In Jesus’ name I pray; Amen!
  29. Dear Lord, I am here to ask for your help and guidance as my brother undergoes a surgery today. Please watch over him with your holy angels and help him through this. If you would be so kind to protect him, keep him calm and focused I would be forever grateful. If he gets nervous or worried please grant him peace of mind and give him strength to rest peacefully during the surgery.
  30. Dear Lord, grant my brother courage and strength in facing his scary situation now and thank you for granting him a successful surgery.
  31. Dear St. Jude, I ask that you hear my prayer and help me. Bless my brother with a safe recovery from his operation tomorrow. Breathe peace and serenity over him, and please allow all goes well. In your name I pray, Amen!
  32. I pray that your surgery is a success and that you recover fast and that you have a healthy life!
  33. Lord, I pray that you will Heal and Bless my Brother (name) and shield him with your Loving arms. Please be with him in this time of need. Please heal his pain, so he may feel a whole again. Let his reconstruction surgery go as planned, and help him to recover quickly so he can be back on his feet and running again. Please bless all of the doctors who are performing the surgery today, that they may be successful in their efforts, and bring my brother back safely.
  34. Dear Lord: I pray for my brother, let him make it through in one peace and let the surgeons, doctors and specialist give him the best care possible. Let them find out where the problem is and how to cure him immediately. Also, let all of his family members, friends and faithful followers be at peace with this. In Jesus name I pray.
  35. Dear Lord. I pray that as my brother goes into surgery this afternoon, he is kept safe and protected in your mighty arms. The procedure and recovery is challenging enough without adding the unnecessary burden of fear and worry to him or the rest of our family.
  36. Lord, Please watch over my dearest brother, as he recovers from heart surgery tomorrow. Please heal him and protect him from any complications. May he soon be well again and able to return to his usual activities. Comfort our family in this time of uncertainty, and help us all have faith in your healing power. Bless him with strength and courage that he may overcome this surgery and live a long life for many years to come. Thank you for your selfless gift of life you have given us.
  37. I pray for my brother Danny’s success in his upcoming surgery. Please heal his heart and help him to regain his strength. May he have a quick recovery and emotional happiness as he deals with the stresses of everyday life. Bless each and every person involved in his care, most importantly my brother Danny. Heal his body, mind and soul as we ask you through your son Jesus Christ’s name.  Amen.

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