Prayer For Successful Surgery For A Friend

Prayer For Successful Surgery For A Friend

Prayer For Successful Surgery For A Friend Quotes – Many times you want to pray for successful surgery for your friend who’s delicate, fragile, and in the most invulnerable position. If you find yourself lost in what to say, here’s a wonderful collection of prayer quotes that will inspire you.


Prayer For Successful Surgery For A Friend

  1. Dear God, please watch over my friend in her surgery today. Please heal her and help her to recover quickly. Watch over her doctors and the nurses helping take care of her. Protect them from harm and keep them safe as they help my friend on this day. I know you will do what is right, thanks for all your blessings!
  2. Dear Lord, please watch over [friend’s name] as he undergoes surgery today to fix his aorta. Please guide the doctor’s hands with your wisdom and expertise so that the surgery will go smoothly and with no complications. Please protect him from any pain or discomfort while he is in the operating room. Thank you for allowing him to get this life saving procedure, and please remove any fear that is within him before surgery. We ask all of this in your Holy name. Amen!
  3. Good morning. I pray that your surgery is successful and doctors are able to remove the tumor without complication. You have been a wonderful friend. Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you.
  4. Dear God, please protect our friend. Please heal her and make her better as fast as you can. Please guide the doctors’ hands and help them find the cause. We are asking you to please help out a really good person with a family that loves her and needs her. Please grant your protection over us too, as we plan to take care of our friend and be there for her until she recovers. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen!
  5. I hope you feel better soon and are able to recover quickly. I know you will be in great hands with Dr. Randall. When he’s in surgery, I pray that you are surrounded by pure love, calmness and comfort. To ease your stress, I will also do a little healing for you as well as this time of worry and uncertainty.
  6. Dear Lord, I know it’s been a while since we’ve spoken but I had to stop by and ask a favor. Not for myself, my family or friends but for this man who is undergoing surgery today. This man is as good Samaritan who always lends a helping hand. He deserves to get better so he can continue to smile. Please keep him safe and everyone operating on him today. I say these prayers in your name amen!
  7. Dear Lord, please heal my friend of her troubles. May the surgeon know what they are doing. And while they are in there, may they fix the rest of her body up too. I pray this in your name, Lord. Amen.
  8. Dear God, please keep my friend safe and healthy during the surgery and give them strength to recover quickly. Give doctors wisdom to do their best, help surgeons keep my friend calm and clear their mind to avoid any mistakes.
  9. Lord, hear our prayer. Prayer for surgery! During this time, we ask you to restore health, strength and wellbeing to this dear friend of ours. Only you can help us with this grave situation. Please guide the doctors and nurses in their efforts today. Give them wisdom and strength today & during whatever comes tomorrow. We humbly ask that you protect us all from the negative “entities” which might try to make their way into the operating room.
  10. I pray for my friend Leah to have a successful surgery and feel better soon. I will pray that she has a quick recovery and is back on her feet soon. I love you, Leah!
  11. Dear God, please watch over my friend during surgery. Give strength to his doctors as they work to heal his broken body. I want what is best for my friend and I know you do too. Watch over him this day and every day from here on out. Amen.
  12. Dear God: We pray that you keep cool watch over our friend’s “NAME”. As he or she recovers from surgery, bring them peace and comfort. Grant your healing grace and by the love of Jesus Christ, Amen
  13. Lord Jesus, be with my friend as she faces her surgery. Be with the doctor and nurses who have prepared and will care for her. Watch over those she loves who are unable to be by her side. Comfort the family that prays in solitude. Lord, please grant a speedy and complete recovery for my friend.
  14. Dear Lord and Father of mankind, we pray for your strength to help ease our friend through this difficult time. Please give him courage, endurance and strength as he undergoes surgery. Guide the doctors’ hands and ease his mind in this trying time. Grant him a painless procedure with a speedy recovery. In your name we pray, Amen.
  15. Dear Lord, please protect Jane in surgery today. Let the doctors know all the right things to do and let the laboratory work go well. Let Jane be perfectly healthy and free of pain. Let her through grace and medicine move forward in her life with every opportunity she deserves. I pray that it is your will that he recovers quickly and completely. Please grant her a full recovery in body, mind and spirit.
  16. Dear God, thank you for the gift of my friend. Please watch over her during this time and give her the strength to recover quickly. Heal her from the inside out. Comfort her and ease her anxiety. Give her peace, serenity and tranquility. Best of luck to her for a fast and full recovery! Take care of our friends! Sincerely,
  17. Dear God, please help my friend, have a successful surgery tomorrow. He is going to have a very difficult surgery. I ask that you keep him safe and calm during the procedure and that he is returned to us healthy and whole. May his strength be renewed not only physically, but also in his spirit. I am thankful for his friendship and want him to return to us as happy and positive as ever. Be with us all tomorrow during this time of surgery and recovery.
  18. I hope there are many years between us. You can be my friend, a safe harbor in the storm, a listening ear, a sharing heart. Love may come and go in my life time but friendship is for always. I pray you have successful surgery!
  19. Dear Lord, please watch over my friend as she goes through surgery. Please keep her safe and let her have a positive and successful surgery. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.
  20. I am sending this prayer that you have a successful surgery. That all goes well and that the doctors will take good care of you. I wish you a speedy recovery and health after all is over with.
  21. You have been my best friend for so long I’ve lost count. You are a beautiful person and I am so glad to know you. You make my day brighter just being around you and I hope everything goes well with your surgery. Remember, I love you!
  22. Dear God, please guide the surgeons’ hands and touch the heart of the patient. Please allow him to have a successful surgery and heal as completely as possible. Please be with him as he heals and restore his strength and health so that he can enjoy your blessings in return. Give him the strength to face this obstacle and allow him to find peace in your calm words. Lord, I know that you can heal what doctors cannot. You are good and kind, loving and giving.
  23. Good morning, dear friend, I pray that your surgery and all that entangles will come out fruitful. I pray courage and strength be with you today as all the surgeons carry out their duties. I pray that no stone is left unturned in the area of your concern, I pray all medical procedures will be successful and all tests negative. God’s healing grace will be upon you through it all. All these things I pray for God’s glory, amen!
  24. Good morning, God! I pray to you today that friend’s surgery goes well and they are healthy. They’ve been under a lot of stress the past few months and I just want them to be okay. I don’t know how much you control what happens on this earth, but I’m sure you have power over it. I just pray for their successful surgery.
  25. Beloved Spiritual Father, Holy Mother and Divine Spirit, I invite you to join me on this day of prayer for my friend’s son. This is a special time for all of us who are here to ask for your help in our beloved friend’s time of need. Lord Jesus, you taught us to pray with faith and that whatever we ask for in prayer, that we shall receive. We come together today to pray for the successful surgery of our dear friend’s son.
  26. Dear lord, please look out for my friend, while he is recovering from surgery. Give him strength, comfort and peace. Also give his family the support and guidance they need to get through this difficult time. Lord, please continue to watch over him as he heals and protect him from any illness and disease that may come his way. Please also help him heal in a timely manner so that he can return to work and enjoy life once again. Thank you, lord, for your kindness towards my friend.
  27. I ask that you give strength to my friend as she goes in for her upcoming surgery. Give her the will power and determination to climb back on the road to recovery. Guide her doctors’ hands and those operating around her. Heal her body, strengthen her spirit, and give her the stamina she needs to perform all of her daily tasks. Bless her friends and family with strength during this time. Allow their support to help my friend get better.
  28. I pray that God will guide the Surgeon’s hands and that you will fully recover after surgery. I know how much pain you are in and I hope it eases soon. Sending lots of Love and Prayers your way.
  29. My heart aches for you. I hope that you are able to get the surgery done, and I will be sending positive thoughts your way. Reach out if you need someone to talk to.
  30. Many people may not know it, but you are special to me. I think about you all the time and I pray that everything will turn out ok. I hope that soon life can get back to normal and we can pick up where we left off. If I could grant only one wish then it would be to see you smile again. Stay strong!
  31. Dear Lord, please allow all to go well with my dear friend Jean’s surgery tomorrow. You, who created the world and sustains it, enable her surgeons to find what they are searching for. Let them be guided by your wisdom, given with so much love for us all. As you give them insight, help them as well to see clearly what must be done and by your grace ensure that there is no more pain after today.
  32. Please help my friend have a successful surgery and recovery. I have been praying all day for God to help him with his physical and emotional needs. A healthy body will give him the strength to do things he thought were not possible. Please be there by his side guiding his hand and heart in all decisions made. His family and friends love him so much and want him with us for many years to come. So, please God, ease the pain of the surgery, protect him from infection and let him he heals!

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