Prayer For Successful Operation Of My Father

Prayer For Successful Operation Of My Father

Prayers For Successful Operation Of My Father. If you are looking for prayers to pray for a successful operation of your father, below, we have them here. This page is also a good place if you need inspiration for your own prayer for your father’s successful operation and recovery.


Prayer For Successful Operation Of My Father

  1. Heavenly Father, we come before you to ask for the successful operation of my father. We want him to have a successful operation and be healed of his illness. Because you are our Father in heaven, we trust you will heal him physically, emotionally and spiritually. Thank you for your mercy, love and grace towards us as we journey through this time in trial. Thank you for hearing our prayer today. Amen!
  2. I wish to call upon the Celestial Beings, Angels, Deities and all Heaven Helpers to come with me in prayer for a successful operation of my father.
  3. Dear God, Please put all of you miracles in work for a successful operation of my father.
  4. Heavenly God, as I prepare for the operation of my father, please grant the doctors skill and wisdom in performing their task. Please guide them with your powers so that the operation is successful and heals my father from disease. May he walk out of the hospital healthy and strong…Amen.
  5. Dear Lord, bless my father with a successful operation. Please help him with the bills. Put your angels at his side. Let this be a quick surgery and not let it be any big risk. Please let him be ok. Let him make it through it all in one piece and live a full healthy life after that. In Jesus’ name amen.
  6. Dear Lord, please protect my father and grant him complete recovery. Take away his pain and make him healthy again. Give him peace of mind and spirit that he may sleep soundly throughout the night. Please allow for a speedy recovery so that he will be able to breathe easier, walk properly again, and live longer. Give us guidance in this process and allow us to understand the healing process. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.
  7. To my Lord, who knows what is best for me, I pray that you will heal him today and restore his health. Be with him in all the procedures performed on his body. Let doctors perform all the necessary tests and operations so as to find a cure for this decease. Grant him your strength and vigor so he may come out of this experience unscathed.
  8. Dear Lord, I pray for my father’s successful operation. Please help the doctor to perform an operation on my father safely; I beg you to grant his healing and make him better. Amen!
  9. God, We all pray for you to watch over my father and his operation that is scheduled next week. It means the world to me and my family. May you be with him every step of the way so that he can come back home safely. In your name we pray, Amen.
  10. Dear God, I pray for my father’s operation to be successful, and that he has a speedy recovery.  Thank you for sending this special man into our lives. I love him very much, and he takes such wonderful care of me. Please watch over him through this difficult time.  Thank you Dear Lord!
  11. Dear Lord, please heal the wound of my father and give him good health. I pray for my dad and I thank you for blessing me with this successful operation already. Amen!
  12. Dear Jesus, I ask for your mercy for my father. I pray that the operation goes well and that he heals quickly. Please Jesus heal him and keep him safe through this process. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.
  13. Dear Lord, please help my father in this moment of his surgery. Be with him and give him strength. Please look over him and help the doctors with everything they do. Let them know exactly where his tumor is so they can remove it quickly. Give my father courage and strength to get through this with ease. I apologize for all my sins, which will cause you to remove your protection from me. Protect my father and have mercy on him, dear God.
  14. Dear Lord, I come to you today with a heavy heart. My father had a heart attack this morning and I am so worried that this is the end of his life. Please help him survive through this difficult time and heal his wounds, guide him to better heart health and give him the strength to get through this surgery. We will be very thankful for your help and guidance. In your name we pray, Amen!
  15. I pray for the best for your surgery; that it is successful and God heals you soon. The power of love will restore you in Jesus’ name. I also pray that you realize my mom truly loves you, wants to be with you and spend time with you. I ask that you look at her as a friend, a mother and your better half. Amen!
  16. God, I found my father on the floor of his bathroom after he had been there for hours. He was in pain and crying out. I thought to myself, there’s nothing I can do but call the authorities and wait. It broke my heart to see him suffering like that. Please don’t take him away from me, I love him so much! Dear God! Please let my father live! Please grant him a successful surgery.
  17. I expect that my father’s operation is a success upon my pleading and I believe that you are the only one who can help me. I pray that he will have the strength to overcome his illness, from this day until the time of his death. Amen!
  18. Dear God, Please look over my father and give him strength for his operation on Thursday, 29 October 2016. Help him to recover successfully. He needs your help God. Thank you.
  19. Heavenly father, please be with my father as he has had heart surgery. Give him strength and endurance to get through this failure and allow him to live a normal life. Please give him courage so he can go ahead with his life with ease and with no pain. I love you father.
  20. Lord, please heal my father of his illness. Use the gifted and skilled doctors to the help of the healing process. Thank you for your divine presence at this operation to heal my beloved father.
  21. Dear God, please keep my father safe, and let the surgeons be able to extend his life. Please heal him quickly and let him come home safely to me. I love you, Dad and wish you a speedy recovery!
  22. Father, you protect me and guide me. You help me stand up tall during hard times. Please help my father recover quickly from the surgery the doctors have performed today. I pray that the operation is a success and he is returned to me healthy. You are always there for me Father, please show your presence in his life today. Help guide the surgeons in their work and make them successful in surgery. Let them return his kidney safely so I will embrace him again.
  23. Dear Lord, You know all my desires and prayers. I ask now for an operation for my father. Please get him the best doctor and surgeon available. Please take away all his pains and let him be healed of any operations or illnesses he has or will have in the future. Please make it a safe operation, so that he is not hurt and can make a full recovery. In your Will give him another chance at life with good health to enjoy the sun shine, travel, love of friends and family.
  24. Father God, please hear my request.     I pray that you deliver my father from the ill effects of his operation.     I ask you to strengthen him and allow him to remain in good health so that he may continue to help us.     I pray you allow him to have a speedy recovery, with no complications or setbacks.     Please Father hear my cry and bless my father, delivering him from this illness. Amen!
  25. Dear Lord, please look over my dear father, bless him and give him strength, courage and optimism that he will successfully undergo the operation. Please bring my father a quick recovery and healthy, happy life. Increase our faith in you through his successful operation, or failing that, grant him a safe passage to Heaven. Thank you Lord!
  26. Dear God, I know that you have been watching over my father. Please protect him and keep him safe as he undergoes his surgery tomorrow. Please let him be okay and let this operation bring him a full recovery.
  27. Dear patron saint of surgery. Please look over my father’s incision and make sure that everything remains clean and sterile. Please heal his wound so that he can recover quickly. If he dies, please let him die quickly and painlessly without any suffering. Please protect his mind so that the horrors of death don’t affect him too much. Also please don’t kill any operating surgeons or their assistants because they are only doing their jobs.
  28. Lord, please protect my father during the operation Lord, watch over him and grant him good health. Guide the surgeon’s hands and grant them the skill to perform a successful operation. In your hands we are not fearful, be our trust today in this hour of need. We pray for God’s protection and care, amen!
  29. I pray for my father’s successful operation, for a quick and safe recovery and for God to bless him and all his loved ones.
  30. Father God, I am taking time to talk to you today because I need help from you. I know that you will always give me the best direction and pray for my father Benjamin’s successful operation. Please Father, let the doctors know that both of us have strong faith in them. Please give them wisdom and strength as they go about their work because only if my father gets a successful operation he will live again this is why I ask for your help.
  31. Dear God, Please hear my prayer. Please let my father’s operation be a successful and quick one, one where his full health would be restored and he would never have to go through it again. I pray that you guide the hands of the surgeons that operate on my father and give them strength to do their jobs well. God bless us all. O Lord our Heavenly Father , help us to heal sickness, to guide and protect your servants who may need surgical operations, kindly restore health.
  32. Dear God, my father is sick and we harbor faith that he will be healed. We thank you for everything you have done for us. We pray for a successful operation. Thank you God.
  33. Dear God, dear almighty, the universe and everything in it, please help my father to recover soon from his surgery. With tons of strength and love, I will pray for his speedy recovery. Amen.
  34. Father, grant us the success of this operation. I praise you always and ask that my father recovers quickly and safely. Watch over him as he is wheeled into the operating room and help the doctors get him well soon! We love you.
  35. Dear God, Please watch over my father as he goes through the surgery. Please guide his doctors to make sure the surgery goes well. Please allow for a speedy recovery so that my father can get back to doing what he loves most. Amen!
  36. My dear God, I pray to you today for my father, who is in hospital. I know that his operation will be successful and that he will not encounter any serious illness. Please God, watch over him and keep him safe. Amen!
  37. Dear God, I pray to you every day because I believe in you. I ask that my father has a successful operation and full recovery so that he can enjoy being with his wife and daughters. Thank you for hearing my prayer and always watching over me.

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