Prayer For My Brother And His Wife

Prayer For My Brother And His Wife

Prayer for my brother and his wife have been used through the years to celebrate a variety of occasions. From the birth of a baby to someone celebrating twenty five years since their wedding, these quotes are an excellent way to congratulate those you love on this special occasion.


Prayer For My Brother And His Wife

  1. Dear God, I ask of you to please bring my brother and his wife peace. They have had a hard life: with lots of ups and downs. Please give them the strength and guidance to keep on going. They are at a cross-road in their life, with lots of difficult choices on what is the best path for them. Please guide them through the confusion, take away their fear and make the right decisions easier for them!
  2. Dear God, please watch over my brother and his wife. Please help them through these difficult times. Please bless their marriage and bring them the love and happiness they both deserve. I love them both very much. Amen!
  3. Dear Heavenly Father, Please watch over and protect my brother and his wife. Please spread your almighty wings around them and watch over their health and safety. Please continue to bless them. Please be aware of all the obstacles that they face each day and remove them from their path. Thank you for helping them with everything. I love you so much! God, bless my brother and his wife at this exciting time in their life. God, please help them with everything they will be faced with in life.
  4. Dear Father, please watch over Raymond, his wife and their family. Protect them from all harm and evil, give them the strength to get through this difficult time and guide them to you. Bless their hearts and help them find comfort knowing you are always there for them. May this time in their lives bring them closer to you. In your loving kindness thank you for watching over my brother and his family. In Jesus’ name I pray….
  5. Dear Lord, please be with my brother, Dave and his wife, Pam as they continue to struggle with this decision to take their little girl off of life support. Please give them the strength and courage to do what’s best for her. That is all Lord. Amen!
  6. God, please keep my brother in your care as he travels overseas for training. Please comfort his wife and child. Grant them peace of mind and courage to face their challenges. Please keep them safe from harm and watch over them.
  7. Dear Lord, please watch over my brother and keep him safe. Please guide him in his work and warm his heart. Protect his family and bless their home. Please watch over his wife and make her long days easier to bear. Help their children be good and smart, because they are an inspiration to us all. Bless them with joy beyond measure. In Your Name we pray, amen.
  8. Please be with Dan and Cindy as they prepare for their future and their new home. Please be there for them to guide, protect and watch over them as you have promised. Be there to give them love, respect and honor in the way that only you can provide. Help them to forgive each other when wronged and extend forgiveness when asked for their own sins. Praying will surely help us all.
  9. I pray for your marriage as you face some of the most difficult questions of all; How do I respect her wishes and still make her happy? How do I let love show through even when I’m hurt? And most importantly, My God, how do I love you both?
  10. May your marriage be blessed and grow ever stronger, may the love you share sustain you in the years to come. With all my heart I pray that God will bless you as you embark on this new journey as husband and wife. May your lives be full of joy and happiness, filled with love and prosperity for all time.
  11. Dear Lord, please guide my brother Jimmy and his lovely wife Karen. They are two kind souls that deserve only love and happiness. Please bless them with so much good luck that they will be swimming in good fortune. Grant them patience, compassion and understanding in their daily lives. Help them become the people they wish to be, the ideals you want them to hold dear. I just want the world to shine bright for my brother and his wife.
  12. In Jesus name I pray, let your will be done. Give them health and strength to carry on. Give my brother peace and comfort in this time of sorrow. Guide them with your wisdom through these trials they face. Watch over them, protect them and always keep them in your care. Help my brother and his wife to find comfort in your everlasting love. Let their friends stand beside and lend a helping hand during their greatest time of need!
  13. Lord, please bless my brother and his wife. Keep them healthy and happy. Bless their life. And bless the love they have for each other to grow stronger by the day so that they can share the love you gave them with others!
  14. Dear God, please protect my brother and his wife, who recently lost their apartment. Please help them find a safe place to call home; enable them to pay their bills and put food on their table. Please watch over them and keep them safe at all times. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.
  15. Dear Lord, thank you for my brother and his wife. They have been with each other for the last 45 years now. Please bless their life and marriage. Continue to be there for them as they both age. Help them to not argue, but rather love and cherish each other until the end of time. Thank you for blessing me with such an amazing brother and uncle for my nephews, nieces and all your children. In Jesus name I pray amen!
  16. Dear Father, thank you for the many blessings in our lives. Please bless and guide my brother, his wife and their family. Thank you for giving them a son, please fill his life with wisdom and love. Thank you for all the unconditional love that you have for us all. Please give my brother’s wife comfort and wisdom to raise their son in a loving home. Thank you for being with me at every moment of despair, pain and loneliness, thank you also for being there when I need you.
  17. Dear God, please help them. I don’t know if they are right or wrong, but pray that you switch their hearts. Everything seems so muddled up, and I know it isn’t my place to deal with, but I know there is still some good in both of them. Please give them a sign and help them see that they just aren’t the same people anymore.
  18. Dear Lord, please bless (wife’s name) and (your brother) in their new home. They will never be alone because you will always be there to comfort and protect them. Please watch over daily as they take their first steps into this new chapter of their lives. As they settle in we ask that you teach them what is the best thing to do and that it bring to you praise and glory. In Jesus’s name we pray, Amen.
  19. Please watch over them and help them to make the right decisions, through your wisdom and guidance. Help these new parents to raise a happy and healthy family. Love them as they love each other, and bless them with long life, happiness and many blessings.
  20. Dear Lord, thank you for the friendship my brother and his wife share. Thank you for their dedication to each other and their respect of one another. They are not only partners in love but partners in life. Thank you for marrying them on their wedding day; I know you join them in their dreams and hopes, laughter and tears. Bring them happiness now and make all they do a blessing to others.
  21. Dear God, Please give my brother and his wife strength, comfort and courage today. Hold them close, bring healing to their hearts and surround them with the love of family and friends. Give him the strength to help his wife through this difficult time.
  22. Dear Father in Heaven, Please bless my brother and his wife (Natalie and Casey) with your love. Guide them as they build their new life and help them to really deepen their love for each other and for you. Please help them to open their eyes to the abundant blessings that you have given to them. And please help Natalie to maintain her positive outlook on life while she deals with this difficult time in her life. In Jesus name I pray A-Men!
  23. Loving Jesus, please be the guiding light in the life of my brother and his wife, who are victims of a crime. They will never give up because they know that it is by your grace that they can meet this challenge – if not now, then at some point in their lives. Seeing the goodness in others helps these kind people appreciate you – your love for them, your power at all times to save anyone from any evil…
  24. Dear God, please protect and help my brother, his wife and their unborn child. I pray that they are safe. Amen.
  25. Dear Lord,   as you know our hearts are filled with love. We know that you can help us with our problems and we are asking for your guidance in our relationships. Please bless my brother, Ethan and his wife, Sam. Help them overcome their issues with trust and communication so that they may build a stronger relationship together. Please touch the hearts of their children and protect them from the pain of divorce.
  26. Dear Lord, Bless my brother and sister-in-law, with the love that they deserve. I pray that you will bless them with a home of their own, A loving heart full of joy and happiness, Friends who care and friends who understand. Defend them from the evil things in life and help them to accept the good. Teach them always to give thanks for every good thing you have given them. Help me to be patient and understanding, To advise justly but not judge unkind…
  27. Lord, bless my brother Earl, and his wife Sarah. Bless their marriage and make them the husband and wife that you intended. Lord, fix the problems in their marriage and heal the wounds. Help them be one flesh and fulfill all your divine purposes for their lives. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen!
  28. Dear Lord, please let my brother and sister in law be blessed with a new baby even though they do not want to try anymore. Please bless them both and help them become better Christians. Please protect their marriage and help each other grow as people. Thank you for the blessings you have given my family during the last year. I pray that everyone is able to get along and be happy.
  29. I’m so glad my brother David married you. Even though you get on my nerves at times, I love you so much and am happy you are in our family, I pray that his wife will accept God into her heart and realize that kindness and patience are eternal fruits of the spirit. I also pray that they will come to love and respect each other so deeply that God might join their hearts as one. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!
  30. Dear God, please allow my brother and his wife to communicate better. Please heal all ill feelings and replace them with love, happiness and faithfulness. Touch their hearts and make them realize that they are meant to be a part of each other’s lives. Please help them find love again and faithfulness the next time they embark on their matrimony. Thank you for your grace. Bless them always!
  31. Dear God, please bless my brother and his wife. Please let them have a wonderful family and many happy years together as man and wife. -Sincerely, Cesar.

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