prayer before surgery for sister

Prayer Before Surgery For Sister

Prayer Before Surgery For Sister Quotes: Prayers for the sick are very important in our lives. Even though doctors can help, we can ask God for help. Here we present 40+ Prayer Before Surgery For Sister Quotes which you can share below.


Prayer Before Surgery For Sister

  1. Lord, thank you for looking out for my sister before she went into surgery. Please use your powers to protect my sister and guide the doctor’s hand. Please keep her in your loving care until she has fully recovered, and please help us pay the bill. We love you and thank you. In Jesus’s name I pray.
  2. Dear God, Please help my sister to have a successful surgery and help her to recover quickly. She is smart, kind, and has a beautiful heart. I hope that you will continue to lead her in the right direction whenever she needs guidance. Thank you for everything that you do for us. Amen!
  3. Dear Lord, please watch over my sister. Keep her safe as she goes into surgery today. Guide her doctor’s hands and give them wisdom and knowledge to do what is best for Beth, who we love very much. Grant her strength throughout all this and comfort her in her time of need. Please protect all those that are working on Beth and keep them safe from harm. Watch over Beth’s body as the doctor’s work on it and return it to perfect health. You are our Lord, our healer!
  4. Dear God, I humbly ask that You send healing hands over my sister. Please guide the physician’s hands as he/she performs this necessary surgery.
  5. Dear Jesus, please watch over my sister and have mercy on her. Please guide her to do the right thing and lead her to you. Help her recover quickly with no complications. Be with the doctors that are taking care of her and give them wisdom; let them know what to do and make it as easy as possible for my sister. Please also protect our family while she is gone with us; let us remain well so she will feel better when she returns. I pray this in Your name Amen!
  6. Dear God, please be with my sister Clara today. Please help her through this, and give her peace and strength. She is very scared and nervous; I know she will be fine though. I’ll be there to support her the whole time, please help us both to get through this. Thank you for keeping us safe. In God We Trust.
  7. Oh God, in whose hands are all things living and moving, we come to Thee as Thy children, in the hour of this sister’s sickness and need; we bring Thee our sorrow, that cannot comfort her in her suffering; we bring Thee our faith, that cannot see a prosperous outcome at this time. We bring Thee our loving prayers that Thou wilt come to the aid of this sweet sister of ours. Watch over her, guard her and give her patience.
  8. Dear God, if you are listening to my request, I am asking that you please take care of my beautiful sister. She is going through so much right now and I am scared for her. Please keep her safe. Take away all the pain she is feeling and make her better. Amen.
  9. I hope everything goes well for you today. I know that everyone is praying for you and your family too! Please stay with us, we love you and just want to see you have a full recovery!
  10. Hello Angels, please watch over my sister Laura during the surgery she is about to have. Give her peace, comfort and strength. Thanks for your help with this. Your guidance and love are always hugely appreciated!
  11. Dear God, I ask that you watch my sister through the surgery today. Permit her to have a safe and speedy recovery. Comfort her during this time, strengthen her, and help her recover with power. In Jesus name, Amen!
  12. Dear God, please help my sister get through her surgery safely. Please release her from pain and suffering, cure all the diseases and give her strength to move on and be happy again. Please hope her soul, heal her body and bring happiness back into her life so that she may continue to serve you. Also grace me with the ability to help in any way possible so we may both be able to serve You better together. In your Son’s name I pray, Amen!
  13. God is my helping hand and you, my dearest sister, are the same. I often pray to Him for your health and happiness. Today I ask that He give you strength during this surgery and may He watch over you now and forever.
  14. Dear God, please take good care of my sister. Please grant her a speedy recovery. Please keep her safe and bring her back to me soon. I love her dearly, please don’t take her from me.
  15. Dear God, I pray to you on this day, the holiest of days, that all will go well witch’s surgery. Guide her through the pain and suffering and help keep her strong so that she may endure this harsh procedure. Let no harm come to her or to her loved ones. In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen.
  16. All I want in this world is for you to be safe and sound. Please guide the surgeon’s hands as they treat your ailment. Give them the knowledge of exactly what to do and let them have the ability to carry out your divine plan. If it is in Your will, let everything go well and give me peace of mind that all is well again.
  17. Dear Jesus, we are asking that you please heal my sister Amanda’s knee. It hurts so very much and she has so many people praying for it too. Please help her if it is your will! We love you and thank you for hearing our prayers!
  18. Dear Lord, thank you for putting people in my life that are like family to me. Thank you for being there for me and protecting me. And please protect my sister as she is going through this hard time. Thank you, Lord, amen.
  19. Dear Lord, please surround my sister Jennifer with love and peace. She is about to undergo surgery so please keep her safe, prevent any complications and above all grant her health and strength. Thank you for watching over us. Amen
  20. God led me, show me what to do. God set me free and let nothing come between us. God let me be the person you want me to be. I pray for strength, courage and wisdom so that I can be the best sister I can ever be. Bless my little sister that she will be brave and strong even though she’s going to have surgery soon. I pray you keep her safe in your arms until we see each other again.
  21. Please watch over my sister, and help her recover quickly. Help the doctors and nurses care for her, guide their hands, soften their hearts. Please let her insurance be accepted so she can pay them on time. Let her husband understand and do his part too. I am grateful for my sister and all she has done for me and family! In Jesus name I pray amen.
  22. I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how much I love and appreciate you. Praying for you today, as you are scheduled to go in for surgery, you are such an amazing person, with a huge heart and loving soul. Love you!
  23. Please keep my sister safe and let her feel your healing grace through this time of her life. Guide her to places you would have her go, show her happiness, love, and make all evil things come to an end. Let trust be given and take away the pain that surrounds her now. In the name of God, I pray!
  24. I pray that you and all my friends in the recovery ward are blessed with a quick and easy recovery. Please even if it is just one of us, I pray that we all make it through surgery safely and with no complications.
  25. I will always be your friend; I will always be here to help you. I love you with all my heart. God loves you more than I could ever.
  26. Hello God, I am writing to You to ask that You will keep my sister Amy from harm during her surgery tomorrow. Please let everything go smoothly without any complications. She is a very dear person in my life and I love her so much. Watch over her for me please.
  27. Dear God, please watch over my sister during her surgery and after. Please guide the surgeon’s hands, give him the wisdom he needs to do his job well, and most of all be with my sister in her heart as she is scared before and during her surgery. Guide her, be with her in this new chapter of life that she is about to open up to. Please may there be no complications and watch over my sister through this situation.
  28. I am so blessed to have a sister as wonderful as you. You’ve always been there for me, and there to help me find the light in every dark situation. I miss you and love you more than I can say! Say a little prayer for me tomorrow while they operate on my knee, so God will guide the hands of the surgeons. Thanks sis, love you!
  29. Dear God, I love my sister so much. She’s been such a great friend, and I don’t know what I would do without her. Please keep her safe tonight as she has surgery. And please help me be the best that I can be for her. Amen
  30. I pray that you and all the family are doing well. I heard about [Sister]. I pray for her health and for a speedy recovery.
  31. My dear sister, we really love you and care about you very much. I hope you can overcome this difficult time and feel healthier soon. We all care about you, love you and send our sincere wishes for a fast recovery. Please get well soon!
  32. God, please watch over my sister. Give her comfort and love in her time of need. Please give all the doctors wisdom in what they are doing and strength to fight. Help us to understand that all this misery is merely a test. We pray that you will give us the patience to make it through and to prove once again that you’re great. Bless us with the fortitude and courage needed to carry on through this year long procedure we pray of thee, Amen.
  33. Dear Father in heaven, please spare my sister Angela. She’s young and her life hasn’t yet begun. Please let her be okay and heal swiftly. I love her and she means the world to me. Please let her recover fully so that we can all be together again as a family and live a long, healthy life. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

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