Paragraphs To Make Your Girlfriend Cry

Paragraphs To Make Your Girlfriend Cry

My Heartbeat,

No matter how much I try to pen a sweet note to you, I end up running short of words. My heartbeat, none is and none will ever be compared to you. Your presence in my life is seen by all through the light you’ve brought into my life. Everything around me sparkles with those smooth touches alone. You’ve got my heart locked in yours forever. And am writing you this piece to let you know that you mean virtually everything to me and if you had not walked into my life, I could have been lost for eternity.

Paragraphs To Make Your Girlfriend Cry

My World,

I smile each time I’m reminded of you. All my life, I never knew what it meant to fully give a part of my heart to that special someone until you came along and swept me off my feet with your amazing nature. I live for you baby because, without you, nothing would ever matter. You make loving and caring for you so easy that I want to keep doing them for the rest of my life. I love you so much and I want you to always have this at the back of that beautiful heart of yours.

To My Cupid,

Nothing makes me happier than waking up to your beautiful eyes. They’re the best set of eyes ever found on earth. They are so cute and captivating that I could get drown and lost in them for infinity. One glance at those tempting eyes would send hundreds of shivers down my spine. You’re so beautiful and perfect my cupid. May the heavens be forever blessed for gifting me the best gift one could ever envision. Writing this piece to constantly remind you that you’re deeply loved and appreciated. I heart you and will keep on loving you till my last breath.

To My Sunshine,

It all feels like a dream right now but I know it isn’t. This love is undiluted, rare, and overwhelming. Loving you is like an addiction and I don’t ever want to be cured of this addiction. You’ve awakened in me the deepest depth of my love which has never been awoken by anyone else. Now, I’ve truly realized that love is more than what meets the eyes. And this couldn’t have been possible if you had not shown me what it means to love and to be loved completely and sanely. I Love you, sunshine.

My Wonder Woman,

Never for once did I envisage mother nature smiling down at me someday by sending to me one of her treasures which is you. Growing in love with you is one of the greatest decisions I ever made. At least, I didn’t get it wrong this time around. You are my world sweetie and I’ll climb every mountain And swim every ocean just for you my one and only. I will hold you and show you to all and sundry. I want to scream to the world day in, day out of how much I love and adore you.

My Better Half,

To my favorite being on the planet, am composing this message to express the density of my love for you. I’ll forever bless the day our paths crossed because it brought me to the woman of my dreams. For years, I’ve always been afraid to give my heart to that one person. Love has cost me a lot of pain and tears. But funnily, this same love has brought nothing but happiness into my life. No doubt you’re my soulmate. You compliment me so much like a perfect piece of a puzzle. Love you so much, my better half.

To The One I Love,

Do you want to know why my heart hasn’t stopped beating? Because it has been captured by an angel. You appeared in my life just when the world was closing in on me like stars lighting up a dark sky. You saved me from it shackles that once held me down. You are the reason why I get to live a second life with you by my side. I so much love you and I will lay down my life for you if need be. Together, we’ll conquer the world and live in paradise. I heart you from the depth of my heart.

To My Joy,

If there’s one thing I love most about your physiognomy, it is your smile. You’ve got this charming smile that makes my heart melt and my knees weak. They are like arrows pierced directly into my soul to calm every raging storm. I love you to pieces Baby girl. You make everything worth it. I’ll certainly work so hard so I can give you my baby the best because you deserve everything good in this life. You are cherished and outstanding. I’m stuck with you for as long as we live. You and I together baby.

My Life,

In your arms, I want to lay my head on and gaze at the most beautiful being to ever walk on the face of the earth. Do you know you are more beautiful than Miss world? Your beauty is unmatched. No wonder heaven shook the day you were sent down to earth. In my life, we are destined for one another, and as such, I’ll ensure tears cease from your beautiful and well-carved face except for tears of joy. I want you to always be sure of my love for you. Because without you, I’ll be damned for life.

My Sweetheart,

As colorful and tantalizing a rainbow is, so is your love as colorful as the colors of a rainbow. Wherever you go, you emit happiness that chases away darkness like the speed of light. Everything you touch instantly turns to gold. To be honest, I never knew there was something called happiness till the wind of love blew me to you. All I’ve ever known are pains and heartaches as though I were cursed. Nonetheless, since the minute you stepped foot into my life, the aura of worries have evaporated into thin air. Now, I am happier than I’ve ever been. Love you, my peas.

My Gem,

Each time I look at the sky, I see millions of stars dazzling and entrapping the world with its ravishing beauty. Likewise, have I been entrapped by the prettiest damsel. I could bet my life that you were created with so much time because your beauty isn’t ordinary. It is clearly out of the world. Every inch of you is so perfect. I am so damn lucky to be the one to have held your heart bound to me. I love you endlessly my priceless jewel. And I can’t wait to be with you for life.

My Cupcake,

Are you a magnet? Because I always get pulled by you like a gravitational force. Before now, I would always try to get you out of my head. However, not anymore. I want you to be the only sole occupant of my heart. There’s nothing as important as you. I want to get lost in thoughts of you for ages. Thinking about you and the beautiful future we’ve got ahead of us. I sincerely can’t wait to explore the rest of this life and everything in it with you my dearest. I love you so much.

To The One Who Owns My Heart,

You always make loving you a lot easier than one can ever imagine. On countless occasions, you keep solidifying the love I’ve grown for you in my lowest moments. You are the only one who has come to the perfect understanding of my being and despite my enormous flaws that are more than enough to chase you away from me, you stood and accepted me for who I am without hesitation. For this single act alone, I’ll hold onto you and never let you slip off my hand in any way. You’re my lifeline, my princess. I Love you.

My Love,

Each time I am down, I instantly recall your gorgeous smile, and the lovely moments we’ve spent in each other arms transcends my weak moments to moments of happiness. You light up every aspect of my world such that nothing can get me worked up for long. Why? Because I’ve been blessed with the best gift that is only wished and dreamed about. You’re the best that has ever happened to me since the day I was birthed. And I’ll shield you with my wings like an angel so I don’t ever get to lose you. Love you now and always.

To My Cinderella,

You have made me the joyous man I am today. Years ago, I could barely smile because everything around me was constantly falling apart. I was void and had nothing happening in my life until the day I lay my eyes on the most beautiful human ever birthed. At that instance, I could feel the butterflies in my tummy and my heart was throbbing with so much sensation overwhelming every part of me. My world changed instantaneously in the twinkle of an eye. It feels so good to have that special person in one’s life that would be down for you. And that is what you’ve been to me. I will never stop loving you, my love.

My Princess,

I don’t think words would be enough to pour out my heart content into this writeup. Babe, if I am to bring a thousand poets to come to compose the best poems to be dedicated to you, they certainly would fail woefully. Your kind is so rare that no other woman can be likened to you. You’re distinctively perfect and unique in your little way. I wake up every morning thanking my stars for this wonderful soul. I truly love you, my princess.

To My World Best,

Writing this piece is a way of assuring you of my love for you. A love that would keep flowing from its fountain. A love that would defile the world’s ideology of love known to only humans. What I feel for you right now transcends the love above the earth and all the natural entities put together. For this purpose, you hold the most special place in my little heart. You’ve attained that position because of the unending sacrifices you’ve made for my sake. You’ve shown that no one can love me better than you do. I was made the luckiest man ever the day I got to know your existence. I love you.

My Angel,

How I wish I could rip my heart off my body and hand it to you so you could see how it pants and yearns greatly for you. But since the possibility of that happening is slim, I would resort to composing a paragraph to you which would entail my heart’s content. I so much want you to know that you’re my biggest fan and motivation spurring me to the best version of myself daily. When others saw nothing good in me, you saw everything good and kept motivating me to keep my head afloat. Today, I’ve become the envy of others and this was made possible with your presence in my life. I’m grateful darling. I heart you very much.

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To My Treasure,

My valuable treasure, your coming into my life has been blissful and delightful. I couldn’t have made it to this point if I had not surrendered my heart to you. At first, I was skeptical because of my past relationships that dwindled and sank into the ocean. But I knew I couldn’t keep on building walls around my chambers for years. I knew I had to give love another shot. And I met you, I got this sharp piercing right into my heart as a sign that I’ve finally found the one. I quickly realized the search was over for I have found the one my heart beats for. Since then, it has been from one blissful journey to another. Indeed, this is the best era of my life. Thanks for sticking with me despite my shortcomings and all. I love you dearly.

To My Jewel,

There are millions of persons out there who so wished to be true recipients of true love but unfortunately, they kept meeting their Waterloo. How lucky I am to have found mine within a short frame of time. How lucky I am to have found the woman of my dreams. How lucky I am to have found the other half of my heart. I love you dear such that it drives me crazy. I want to keep going crazy over you, my love. You’re my emerald and I’ll cling to you for the rest days of my life. I don’t ever want to separate from you because that would be the end of me. Always remember that you own my heart and every single thing in it belongs to you. I am all yours my jewel. Today, tomorrow, and forever.

To My Soulmate,

Can you kindly expatiate on the things I did to have gotten this immeasurable love? So I wouldn’t stop doing any of them that I don’t lose you to the world. In you, I’ve learned what it means to put that special someone first before the rest. In you, I’ve learned what it means to let loose of all my fears and insecurities when you’re with the right one. On this day, I promise to always hold you so close to my heart. I promise to be your call and beck whenever am needed the most. I promise that my heart will forever be yours and that you’ll never become second fiddle. You’re my life and I love you beyond the world and beyond.

My Superstar,

Since words have limitations, I don’t think I can adequately make use of all the dictions in the dictionary. They would fail me in passing my messages across. Nevertheless, I’ll make do with the little I can. My superstar, the past few years we’ve spent together has shown how powerful and exhilarating our love is. It isn’t the type of love that is experienced by the people of this earth. It is a love that is consuming and known to only angles. It gladdens my heart that I get to experience it with no one else but you. It all makes sense because you have been chosen to explore this paradise with me. Thanks for accepting to continue walking through this path with me and baring your heart to me. I’ll cherish it till our last breath.

My dearest,

How wrong was I to have thought you wouldn’t spend a long time with me. I had always been scared to lose you due to my flaws. But the shocks was wiped off my face the minute you told me you were going to love me no matter what life decides to throw at us and regardless of what flaws I may have. And with time, you helped me to overcome each one of them. You’re not a human because only angles could do such. You’re way too perfect and I want to sing praises of your perfection every day of my life. I love you, dear.

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