Nice Thing To Say To The Elderly

There are some nice thing to say to the elderly to make them feel good. These are the examples of nice things to say to the elderly below.


Nice Thing To Say To The Elderly

1.     You’re such a special lady who means the world to me. I’m so lucky to have you in my life. Your positive outlook on everything around you makes me truly happy. Remember that I love you very much.
2.     Thank you for being such an amazing role model to me. You’ve lived a long full life and I am so thankful that your last years were spent with me.
3.     I hope my future children find a grandparent half as wonderful and loving as you. I pray they cherish the opportunities that you have given me to know you. I love you too much Grandma.
4.     I hope you know that the world is a better place because you’re in it. I’ve never met anyone like you! You’re the most wonderful person I’ve ever met. What an inspiration you are!
5.     Thank you for always being there for me and I appreciate you more than words can say! You are a blessing to this family and will be missed very much. Like all of us, you’ve had your ups and downs in this life but whatever the future holds, I’m sure you will do just fine!
6.     You are my favorite person ever. I appreciate you.
7.     Hi, how are you doing today? I hope you’re comfortable and relaxed. There is nothing more important than good health. May you enjoy many more years full of joy and happiness!
8.     Being older doesn’t mean that life is over. It means that you have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you get through life. Keep enjoying it. You are still young in our eyes!
9.     Dear, I want to tell you that you are the most important woman in my life. Without your encouragement, I would never be who I am today. You have been a wonderful inspiration and I hope to live up to your expectations.
10.  Dear Grandma and Grandpa, I hope you are doing great. We haven’t talked in a long time and it’s funny. I guess we don’t call each other as often as we should, but I hope you are doing well.
11.  I’m glad to have you in my life. I really enjoy being able to talk to you, your always so kind and caring. Thank you for everything.
12.  Dear Aunt Mabel, thank you for always being there. I love you for your positive attitude and helping out where you can. I hope you have a great day!
13.  I’d rather spend an evening listening to your stories than any trophy-wife I know.
14.  Hi Auntie, how are you? It’s nice to talk to a friendly face. My day was fine, my classes were boring and I’m stressed. I don’t see you very often so it’s always nice to hear your voice. How is life treating you? It’s always nice to hear about your life and what you’re up to!
15.  It’s a pleasure to be here with you today and hear the wisdom that you have to say. I look forward to hearing more from you soon, maybe over lunch or on the beach!
16.  I wish I could stay and talk all night, but I have to be up early. Thank you for helping me. Your wisdom is truly enlightening. You seem to know everything about anything. Thank you for being such a good friend! I hope to see you again soon.
17.  Grow old with me. The best is yet to be…I love you, Grandma!
18.  I’m thinking of you on this toasty day. A bright warm smile to you!
19.  So happy to have you in my life, grandma. You are the most precious person I have ever known. I would give anything to make you smile again. I will always be here for your unconditional love and support!
20.  As you mark your next year of life, I hope you know that your dedication to service has not gone unnoticed and will not be forgotten. You have touched the lives of so many, and your efforts have not gone unrewarded. Thank you for everything you do.
21.  Thank you for sharing your stories and wisdom with us. I think one of the most important things that we can learn from you is the ability to live life like it’s a gift. Enjoy it, live it, make the best of each moment. Don’t take anything for granted and do what you can to leave this world better than how you found it.
22.  I loved the stories about you and your family so much! I look forward to hearing more from you and how you have been over the years. It was a joy being with you, enjoy your time, family and blessings!
23.  There is nothing more beautiful than being surrounded by family and friends. Today marks a very special moment in my life where I’m lucky enough to share it with people who mean the most to me! I love you all so much, and I hope that we’ll be celebrating many more moments like this together!
24.  I hope you take comfort in knowing that while you have lost so much over the years, you still have so much to gain. The greatest gifts that you can give your family and friends are your unconditional love, trust and respect. I know I will always cherish the moments we share and hope that we get a chance to dance again.
25.  You’re a great person. I’m glad to have you in my life. I love you and care about you very much.
26.  Hello. My name is _____ and this is a short note to say that I hope you are in good health. If there ever is anything I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to ask.
27.  There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you, Grandpa Bill. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do. I love you so much!
28.  I’m thinking of you today, and always. I hope your blessed life is full of happiness with much warmth and love.
29.  Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weakness.
30.  If I were a poet, I could fill volumes writing about you! All of your kindness and tenderness are tangible as the air we breath. You are truly one in a million and I am honored to call you a friend. Happy Birthday and many more to come!
31.  I love you, great grandpa! Happy Birthday!
32.  I just read that you turned 90 years old. Congratulations! Just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you and I am so glad that you are still around. Enjoy your day and happy birthday! Love from, Your Friends.
33.  Growing old is inevitable, but growing up is optional. I hope you will stay young at heart forever.
34.  I love you so much grandma. You are the inspiration in my life. I hope to be as strong and kind as you. You will always be in my heart and I will never forget all your love and guidance.
35.  May you always have a smile on your face. I have had the pleasure of knowing you for most of my life and I hope for many more years to come.
36.  My friend, I hope you are having a pleasant day. I have heard that the elderly feel lonely and unwanted at times and just want someone to talk to for companionship. Know that you are loved and never alone. I really mean it! I hope you are doing well on this fine sunny day and catching up on your favorite soap opera. You’re looking amazing as always, take care!
37.  You have taught me so much, not just about love but a more meaningful life. You are an amazing person and I will always look up to you with respect.
38.  Hi grandma, I’m your favorite Grandson! You have always been a good and better role model for me. You make the best cookies in the whole world! How’s that cake baking on the stove? Have you ever wondered if I’m ok? Well, here’s your chance to know. Hope you are doing great and hope this little card brings a smile to your face no matter how sick you might be, because you deserve it; after all, you’re my favorite grandmother!!!
39.  We are so lucky to have you around. You are an inspiration and a good friend. I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me. You are still awesome!
40.  Mr Smith, you are a nice fella. I see you around here on a regular basis and we always say hello. You are such a sweet man and my grandma says you are the nicest person she knows. Keep on being an awesome guy!
41.  I loved spending time with you. You’re the best!
42.  Every day I grow more grateful for you, and today I want to say thank you for changing my life from the moment we met. Your kindness brought me confidence, your support challenged me to live life to the fullest, and your love has picked me up when I felt like giving up. You are such a positive influence in my life and I can’t stop thinking about all of those wonderful old memories. Without you by my side I would have never got this far. Love you!
43.  Hello there, I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! As you enter this new phase of your life, I want you to always remember that you are the wind beneath my wings.
44.  If there was one person who I wish had more time in this world, it would be you. I know the world would have a lot more smiles without you here, but I would be heartbroken if it did. You may not be family by blood, but you are family to me. My family loves you so much and one day we will meet again!
45.  You are my go to person. You know everything, have been through so much sadness and happiness, but you’ve never lost your smile. I love talking to you and watching you laugh. I hope we can be friends forever.
46.  Thank you for being such a kind person. My co-worker might have a bad day, but you’re always there with a “good morning” and a warm smile. Everyone is so much happier that you’re here, especially me.
47.  Thank you for helping me out. I hope you have a wonderful life. Stay happy and healthy.
48.  Grandma, you are a wonderful grandma. I am glad to have you in my life. With all the chaos going on in people’s lives this world is a better place because of you. You are filled with such history and wisdom. It’s amazing! I love your stories, thanks for telling them to me..
49.  Dear Mom and/or Dad, you are both awesome! I know some people think that getting old is a bad thing but not me. As I move into my later years I hope to become more like the coolest parents ever. I cannot wait to experience more of life with fun, exciting experiences and hopefully you can share some of yours with me. Happy Birthday!
50.  You are more than just an important person to me, you are my family. So much love, so much joy and so much laughter. You hold the key to my heart and I love you with all of me.
51.  People always told me: Oh, when you get old, you get grumpy and don’t like kids anymore. I found that couldn’t be further from the truth once I had grandkids of my own. The more time I spend with them, the more I enjoy them! They bring me so much joy that it actually makes me look forward to growing older. Good health for many years to come. I appreciate everything you’ve taught me in life, and wish you nothing but love and laughter.

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