Nice Thing To Say To Coworker

Nice thing to say to coworker quotes to brighten up your day and help improve relationships with co-workers and colleagues. Express how you feel toward someone in a professional environment through one of these


Nice Thing To Say To Coworker 

  1. You are a great coworker and I hope you have a great day!
  2. You are one of my favorite coworkers. I just wanted to let you know that I care about you and have faith in you. I enjoy working with people who are team players.
  3. You are so cool and nice. I’m glad we are coworkers because otherwise you would intimidate me with your talent. I love working with you!
  4. To my good friend,______(name), Working with you has been a pleasure. I love talking to you about anything and everything. You have become like family to me and I hope we continue to work together for many years to come.
  5. I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all that you have done for me. I am truly lucky to be working with someone like you. You are a great friend and always make me smile. Thank you, sir!
  6. Having you as a colleague at work has been so much fun! Every day is an adventure, and I enjoy your sense of humour dearly. You make me laugh! I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I appreciate you and have enjoyed working with you.
  7. I think we have one of the best working relationships in the office. We are both very laid back and don’t take ourselves to seriously. I know that if I need advice or someone to talk to, you are always there for me and vice versa. Let’s keep up this great relationship!
  8. Good to see you again! How have you been? Hope you are doing great.
  9. I love and admire your wacky character. You have such a way with words and I always heard you say something wacky in the hallway, but never to my face. Keep surprising us.
  10. Thanks for being there Anna! You always offer a smile and help when needed. I’m ever so grateful for your kindness.
  11. This is so nice to say to a coworker: You have been such an important part of my life. I hope that we continue to work together for a long time. Thanks for always being so good to me and supporting me in everything I do. The time we spend working together is always fun!
  12. Hey I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for being the nicest person at work! I know we haven’t had a lot of contact but I’ve noticed you are always so nice to everyone. And that’s something I can really appreciate!
  13. You are an awesome colleague and friend. I am lucky we work together. You help me through difficult times with your kind words and friendship.
  14. You always make the best out of a bad day. You are a joy to work with and you’ve really brightened my life.
  15. You’re such a nice person. Every time you pass me in the halls you always stop to say hi and ask how I’m doing that day. You’re really a joy to work with and I hope to have you as co-worker for years to come. Keep up the good work!
  16. I really enjoy working with you. I hope that you know how much I appreciate your hard work, dedication and expertise. Your expertise has proved to be an asset to our team and I couldn’t ask for a better coworker!
  17. Hey man, I really love working with you. You’re a great friend and one of the best people I know. Keep your head up because I think you deserve better.
  18. True friendship is one of life’s greatest blessings. You have been a good friend to me and I value that more than you will ever know. If I ever need advice or support, you are always the first person to come to mind. Thank you for being such a great friend!
  19. I have the opportunity and pleasure of working with you every day. You bring a lot of joy to me and others at work. Keep up the good work! I am sure the sky is the limit for you.
  20. I appreciate that we are such a great team and that you put up with me. I love our time together, especially when I can learn something new from you. Great job! Keep it up!
  21. To me, you are one of a kind. I always look forward to our talks and the advice you give me. You bring out sides of me that I never even knew existed before. I am very lucky to have you in my life!
  22. I’d like to thank you for your help this week. You’re an extremely valuable member of the team, and I say it with utmost sincerity. Your assistance was greatly appreciated and helped make the project a success. I don’t know what we would do without you!
  23. You are a great friend and co worker. We should have lunch sometime.
  24. I appreciate you. You are helpful, smart and outgoing. I am lucky to have you.
  25. Hey, I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it is to work with you. I love your positive attitude and hardworking nature. It’s has made my job so much easier! Thanks for being there. Have a great day!
  26. You’re such a great buddy I want to tell you how much I value our friendship! It means a lot to me that we can share this amazing life together. May all your dreams and wishes come true!
  27. Here’s to a great new year! Thanks for being such a good co-worker. We’re always here if you need anything, so don’t be afraid to ask.
  28. I wanted to drop you a line and thank you for all you do. You are truly one of my favorite people. Your positive attitude always brings a smile to my face. My hope is that we will work together for many years to come!
  29. Thank you for inviting me to the party! I had a lot of fun hanging out with you guys.
  30. It’s been such a pleasure to work with you. I’ve learnt a lot from you and hope we can continue to work together in the future.
  31. There is a lot of stress in my life, you always make me laugh. It’s so hard to find a good laugh these days and it really makes a difference.
  32. You know I never really believed in love at first sight. But when I met you it all changed. You really know how to brighten my day and make me smile. You’ve captured my heart and my love, I don’t want to lose you ever. Whenever you need a shoulder to cry on, or someone to help kick start your car, I’ll be there for you no matter what.
  33. I really appreciate you taking the time to have lunch with me. It was great to spend some time dancing and just having fun. I had a blast!
  34. Thanks so much for your hard work and dedication. Your talent and skill are very apparent. Its been a pleasure working with you!
  35. Thanks for being a great coworker. It’s always nice to arrive at work each morning and see a friendly face. I appreciate the hard work you do each day. Good luck on your presentation today!
  36. Kim, you have been like a sister to me since I met you here at work. I appreciate everything that you have done for me, your honesty and openness over the years has helped me so much. You are a good friend and co-worker and I am glad we work together.
  37. It’s nice working with you! I really appreciate how much extra effort you put into your work. I enjoy working with a hard worker like yourself! Good luck on getting your bonus!
  38. You are great to work with because after all the years that we’ve worked together you always greet me with a smile and some friendly chat. I value your personality and am glad we can work together so well.
  39. You have been working here for two weeks. I like your work ethic and how willing you are to do more than your job demands. Keep up the good work!
  40. Gina, I don’t tell you enough, but I really appreciate you. Not only are you great at your job, but you’re a good person. Everyone likes to work with someone who is friendly and easy going, but it’s even better when they are skilled and bring their best game to work everyday. Thanks for being a good friend Gina.
  41. I like the way you are quick to give a word of encouragement when I’m feeling discouraged. You give all the interns great ideas for ways we can make the hospital a better place. You care about each and every one of us. Thank you!
  42. You are a great inspiration to me! You always help and don’t shy away from any responsibility no matter what. Thanks for all your help!!
  43. Cheers to another great year of working together. Thanks for always being there during my rough times, we are going to have an amazing year! I really appreciate you!
  44. Hey there how was your weekend? I hope you had a nice Valentine’s Day. From across the room, I see you working hard. Thank you for all that you do. Your friendship is something I value greatly. Late night Poptarts and movies are so great! Keep up the good work!
  45. I had so much fun today working on the project with you. It was awesome that we were able to work so well together and deliver such a great result. I really enjoy your company and look forward to helping you out again soon!
  46. I think you are a great and nice coworker. I enjoy working with you and talking to you. You are always kind, friendly, respectful, and professional. I am lucky to work with you!
  47. I love that you bring positive energy into my work day. I think you are a fantastic person!
  48. You’re a great teammate and a great coworker. I know I can count on you for support and I’m glad we get to work together! Nice work [insert name here].
  49. Hi, I’m Mike. I have noticed that you are often times smiling at work and I was wondering what made you so happy?
  50. I value our friendship. I enjoy any chance we get to work together or talk. I know you are there for me no matter what and that means the world. Thanks!
  51. You truly are a sweet person. I see how much you give to your friends and family. I hope you always know how much you mean to me and how lucky I am to be so close with you.
  52. Hi Jessie, how are you today? I just wanted to thank you for all your effort and hard work over the past few months. You are definitely one of our best workers and I really appreciate everything you do. Keep up the good work!
  53. You are always there to listen to me with open ears and an open heart. You always crack me up and the best part is it’s not forced, you honestly think that every word you say is funny. I LOVE spending time with you and look forward to it everyday!
  54. Hey, I know it’s been a while since we’ve talked, but we should get together for drinks soon. You’re always so busy and it would be nice to catch up. Let me know if you want to grab a drink sometime or go for coffee… or whatever. See you around!
  55. Mike, it’s been a pleasure to work with you. You are such a great person. I never thought from day one that I would enjoy working with the new guy, but our friendship certainly grew over the months. I will truly miss you on Mondays because your sense of humor kept me going when things got tough. The good news is that we can hangout anytime we want now!

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