Nice Thing To Say To Couples

Here we have nice thing to say to couples quotes. Couples are the most beautiful and rich of relationships when they possess a great deal of quality time together! Take a look!


Nice Thing To Say To Couples

  1. Dear couple, Your love is so amazing. I am so glad you are my friends. You show me what true happiness is and I will always want to be around you. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  2. Our love is beautiful. It’s a unique and rare occurrence. You both deserve all the best and we’re thrilled to belong to this rare group.
  3. Dear Couple, It is not everyday that we find our soul mates, and when we do they are truly the most amazing people on the planet. The love you share is beautiful and I’m lucky to have met you. Thank you for sharing your time with me.
  4. Dear Couple, I just want to say congratulations on being so in love and having such a beautiful future together ahead of you. You make each other so happy and it’s wonderful to see. It makes me wish I had found someone like you when I was younger. You make each other so happy that I wish everyone else luck in finding the perfect person they deserve to be with.
  5. You are amazing. I admire, respect, and love you so much. You are a great, thoughtful, kind and fun person. Thank you for all that you have done for me.
  6. This year I wanted to make this holiday sweeter and so I decided to buy some candy for both of you. Now you don’t have to hand out candy on Valentine’s Day, but I thought it would show I am thinking of both of you the same way.
  7. I wish you all the happiness and love on this special day. May all your dreams come true.
  8. You two are the best thing to ever happen to me. I hope you continue to inspire me and make me feel that way forever!
  9. I don’t know you, and I don’t know how long that will last. But this year I’d like to wish you two a happy year together. You are both so lucky to have found each other, and I hope the years promise to be as good as your first one.
  10. I wish you guys the best of luck in life! I hope that we can stay in touch!
  11. I hope you know that I think your the best partner a girl could ever have. I would never want to be with someone else. You deserve all of the love and happiness in the world. Happy Anniversary!
  12. Thank-you for everything you are doing for me! I appreciate all the effort that you are putting into making my skin smooth. keep it up! Perfect!!!
  13. You guys are great for each other! May love and kindness fill your life in the New Year…
  14. I wish you and your girlfriend the best in life, health, success. She is a beautiful woman and I am glad she is in your life. You are two lucky people to be so close together.
  15. Hope when the two of you look back on this day, you will still think fondly of how wonderful your day was. You both are lucky to have each other. I feel blessed and lucky to call each other friends for life. Every day we grow closer and deeper in our love for each other. My heart overflows with joy and I thank God every day I meet such a great man like you.
  16. This is an amazing family. I love everyone so much and I am so glad that we are all friends. I am the luckiest person in the world to be so close to you and I thank my lucky stars everyday for coming across such a great new family.
  17. You two are so nice together, such gorgeous lovebirds. I’m jealous, you deserve each other. You shouldn’t have to go through life without a great partner like your’s.
  18. I have had the great fortune of getting to know both of you. What a wonderful couple you are. I hope you have a wonderful day and that your relationship is the strong and happy one it deserves.
  19. Having a ring on your finger is such a wonderful thing. I’m so happy for you and I wish you all the joy that comes with love.
  20. I hope you’re having the best day ever. You’re so lucky to find each other, and I wish I could introduce you two. You make each other so perfect and my love for you only grows deeper. I love you more than words can say and it shows everyday we spend together!
  21. Hey there, I didn’t know you had a wife or girlfriend (girlfriend/boyfriend) but from what I’ve seen out of you it looks like you are a really great guy…Keep being awesome!
  22. I hope your day is filled with love and happiness!
  23. You two are an awesome couple. I really enjoy spending time with you and your love for each other is very admirable. You may not always like all of my ideas for a good time, but that’s ok I don’t like all of yours either sometimes they are really stupid, so its ok.
  24. I love seeing you two together. You guys are so adorable. I was like one of the luckiest people to find you! So thank you for sharing your lives with me and I hope you have many happy years together!!
  25. I can’t believe how much you two have gotten done today. You are an amazing couple. If I were you, I’d tell him to just let her be quiet and continue doing what you are doing.
  26. I know you are my girlfriends best friend and I want you to know that I think you’re so lucky. You guys are the nicest couple ever and I want you to know that we all wish you nothing but happiness.
  27. The two of you are very lucky. I wish I could find someone like you two. Just the two of you, getting along and caring for each other is an amazing thing. I love how you take care of each other and how genuinely happy you seem to be together. It’s beautiful and I’m jealous! You’re one of the nicest couples I know, and your happiness is priceless.
  28. Love is an amazing thing. It can make your life happy or full of sorrow…Life can be great, exciting and fulfilling because you love someone. The funny thing about love is that it has no start or end – it’s just there.
  29. I would like to congratulate you and your spouse on a wonderful marriage. When I first got together with my girlfriend we had absolutely no idea what was expected of us. We wanted so much for each other and we were scared. You two have been incredible. I want you to know that I support you from day one and you make me smile every day.
  30. Remember that first night together? I hope you had a fun and a wonderful experience. Let’s not do it again, the next time we’re dating, we’re going to get married!! You are my soulmate, my best friend and so much more. Being with you is full of happiness and love. Having you in my life is the nicest thing I’ve ever experienced and everyday is better than the one before.
  31. I am so glad that you are my friend. I love knowing that I can talk to you about anything, even my problems! Every time I think about our friendship and how close we are I smile with happiness.
  32. Happy Valentines Day. I hope you had a wonderful day with all your lovebirds. I know what it’s like to have a great love and I could never be the one to steal it from you. This is my way of saying thank you for being such an awesome person, without you Janice I would probably be in jail by now. You are one of the nicest people I know and I’m so glad we met!
  33. No matter how old, young or in between you two are, you will always be a couple. Be kind to each other, love each other and appreciate each other’s inner light. I love you both!
  34. Congratulations on your marriage. I’m a lot of things, but marriage isn’t one of them.
  35. I am so happy for you two. I know that this time is a very important one, and I can’t wait to see what the future brings. Wishing you all the happiness in the world!
  36. Thank you for taking care of me. You are so thoughtful and caring, I love you for that! I love you more than words could ever say. I am so lucky to have you, and I will show you how much everyday…Happy Valentines day Jill and Brad!
  37. I wish you both a happy and healthy life for the many years you have ahead of you.
  38. Happy Valentines Day. I hope you both had a fantastic day, full of love and laughter (especially since you deserve it!).
  39. Congrats! I am so happy for you. You are absolutely amazing and I am very lucky to call you my friend. I wish you the happiest of lives and the most wonderful future! Thank you for all that you have done for me, I never would have debuted without your support.
  40. You guys are great together. You always have a friendly conversation and do fun things together. I’m glad you love each other because it’s really important to me and I value my relationship too. Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness!
  41. you are the sweetest couple around. whenever you are apart i think about you all the time. it makes
  42. I would love to be married at some point in my life. If I ever meet a girl that I think makes me feel the same way, I will propose to her! I really like you and hope that we stay friends after we get married.
  43. You two are so sweet to each other, it’s definitely cute…You should totally get married.
  44. Hey there, how’s life treating you today? What a beautiful day to be alive, huh? You two are my favorite people to hang out with so I thought I’d say hi. You two made me see the world in a different light and it’s all because of you. Not many people can begin to comprehend what mine means to me. Life wouldn’t be complete without you both by my side. With that being said, Happy Valentines day!
  45. Here’s to a great and happy life together!
  46. I would like to wish you the happiest of congratulations. It takes a special kind of love to be able to pursue one another every day and make commitment and life together. I think you’re incredibly deserving of each other, and as long as you continue to challenge yourselves, you’ll always find new ways to surprise each other. You are the epitome of the perfect, loving couple!
  47. Another Valentine’s Day is gone, which means another chance to show your love and have fun. Sometimes it can be hard to find something nice to say to a couple, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, there are so many romantic things you could say that it seems impossible to remember them all.
  48. You are the sexiest couple I have ever seen. Friendship seems so much easier than love, but I know you are meant to be together forever. You two make probably the coolest couple around and I am happy for you.
  49. Wishing you and your wife an amazing Valentine’s Day. I know how much you love this holiday and it makes me wish that my love for her was as strong and pure. What a wonderful way to start these days together!
  50. I recently discovered that the one you were meant to be with will magically fall into your lap. I must say, while I am excited for you… I’m a little jealous! Stay happy together.
  51. Hey, can you believe it? Its your 3rd year together. How sweet!

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