Nice Thing To Say To Colleagues

You can find thousands of quotes about friendship but have you ever searched for “something nice to say to colleagues”? If not, let me help you out with a list with some quotes you can use for your coworkers.


Nice Thing To Say To Colleagues

  1. It’s such a pleasure working with you. You are a total inspiration to me. I love your positive energy and enthusiasm for work. You are a great person to be around and an even better coworker!
  2. This is just a note to tell you that I really appreciate your help with the workload. It means a lot to me, and I really do admire how well you do your job. If there’s anything I can do to help you, let me know!
  3. Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it. You are a genuine person and a pleasure to work with!
  4. You are a joy to have around, always making people laugh with your jokes and antics. You are the kind of person everyone wants around them. Keep smiling!
  5. Now that I’ve had a chance to get to know you better, I see how much potential you have.  You are truly the cream of the crop. You amaze me with your passion for your job.  I’m so glad that you and I got to work together this year!
  6. So much has happened since you first asked me to be your coworker!! I’ve seen you through a lot and can’t imagine my life now without you being here! You are a kind and wonderful person. I look up to you so much, if only you knew the impact you have on my life. You are such a wonderful human being and I’m blessed to know you.
  7. I want to thank you for all your help with that big project. I know it was a lot of work and the outcome was great. I am sure it will make our boss happy too! Thanks so much for all your hard work, don’t know what we would do without you!
  8. Thanks for letting me share my work with you. It’s great to know that there are smart people I can rely on to help me out when I’m stuck on something tricky. Your feedback helps me see a new perspective every time we review a project together, which is key for advancing my skills and career.
  9. There comes a person into your life and you know that things don’t make sense anymore. You think back to the past and realize that they have been there the whole time. When you are with them, nothing else matters. Everyday I want to run out of class and kiss you in front of everyone! Life wouldn’t be complete without you!
  10. I appreciate you taking the time to work with me on this project. I am very pleased of the results we had. I will be contacting you soon for another project. Thank you again!
  11. You are a pleasure to be around! You bring happiness in this office and put a smile on everyone’s faces. I’m blessed to have you as a colleague.
  12. You are so hardworking and great at what you do. I admire that about you. It makes me happy to know we work together!
  13. Thanks so much for everything you do around here. It’s nice to have a hard worker in the office, and I appreciate all the effort you put in… You have really become outstanding at your job, and I know you’ll only get better. Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you!
  14. I’m so glad I get to work with such a wonderful person like you. You are so easy to work with and shine with positivity. I really appreciate your company and friendship!
  15. I always look forward to your company. I appreciate the information you provide, as well as the friendly atmosphere you create while we’re at work. I am grateful for your dedication and enthusiasm and will continue to count on it in my future endeavors.
  16. We would love to have you as part of our team. We believe you are one of the best, maybe THE BEST! Here’s a little cash bonus here for your time and the hard work you put in.
  17. It’s easy to forget about all the little things that you do for me. Thank you for always being so kind, wonderful, and supportive. While this is a simple “thank you” card, know that every day we spend together just makes me love you more.
  18. You are so much more than just a colleague. You are my friend, my shoulder to lean on, my confidante, my comforting voice on the phone with a good laugh, and I could not imagine what work would be like without you. You can always find a place in my heart!  As we grow older together it only gets better. Thank you for being so much more than a job.
  19. Thank you for all the hard work and the many hours you have put in this week. I really appreciate it and it has helped our team to get the job done. You are a great person to work with and I hope that I can learn more from you in the future.
  20. Friends are like lovely flowers to me. I can count your love among my favorites. You trusted me enough to show me your true self when we first started working together, and you’ve proven that what I thought of you then was spot on. We’ve become inseparable since then, and it only makes sense–it does feel like we’ve known each other forever! I am so glad that we’re friends, and I look forward to many more years of shared happiness.
  21. I’d like to thank you again for your help with that report. The numbers I got from you made the final version look even better than I could have hoped!
  22. A colleague is a friend you happen to work with, and if you’re lucky, as one of mine.
  23. I always enjoy our conversations and appreciate your insights. You always have something to offer and a nice way of saying it.
  24. To everyone at our office who helped make last year so successful, Thank you! I would not be able to do this job without the help of such wonderful co-workers. You are all amazing and a huge reason for the success of this company.
  25. I couldn’t ask for a better friend. It’s so nice to see you Lavelle and I’m always glad to get your text messages. Please say hello to your mom for me. Stay safe!
  26. You’re a great person, and I enjoy being around you. You make me feel comfortable in ways that I can’t explain. Your positive attitude and outlook on life is contagious and I love it! You have so much life to live, and I hope we get the chance to experience some of it side by side.
  27. You continue to amaze me with your hard work and dedication to your goals. I know you will do amazing things with your life!
  28. Without you, my job would be a whole lot harder, but that also goes for the rest of the team! Every day I am thankful for all of you. More than any paycheck should say!
  29. I wish I had a nickel for each time you showed me kindness, a dime for each bit of advice you shared, a dollar for every laugh we shared. But since I don’t have any change to give you right now, let me give you a big ole THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!
  30. I really enjoyed working with you these past few weeks. I look forward to the future and hope to do more projects with you.
  31. Hey you doin’ alright? Thats great news! I’m happy for you. You better drive safe out there, and I’d be happy to help if you ever need it. I hope your whole week is this awesome. Keep it up, bud!
  32. I’m going to miss you terribly. I will always remember the laughs we had in the elevator, the silly emails, and all of our conversations about movies, sports and food. It’s so hard to see you go. If I could have a wish-it would be that you come back somehow!
  33. Hey, Thanks for the help with that project. You did some awesome work! I really appreciated how you handled the way that Bob was acting. Are you hungry? You look like you could use a break. Let’s grab lunch one day this week after work! It’s been great working with you!
  34. There are so many great things i want to say about you! You’re the best colleague I could ever ask for. You are always friendly and make everyone laugh with your witty sense of humor. Thanks for all the help and support, you are a wonderful person!
  35. You are a great person, and it is always a pleasure to work with you. I really enjoy having you as my colleague because you are so funny and kind. It’s impossible not to smile when you’re around.
  36. I don’t tell you this enough, but you are a great friend. You always have the nicest things to say and bring a smile to my face. I am lucky to have you!
  37. I have the most amazing job in the world; I get to work with all of you. There’s not a single day where I don’t enjoy spending time with the entire team. You each bring such vibrant energy to the office which makes every day so much more enjoyable. It really makes me feel proud to work here. Thanks for being a great team!
  38. I hope all is well with you. It was such a great time working with you last week, and also, thanks so much for all the support. It means a lot to me and really does mean a lot about how good our team can be!
  39. I know you’re busy, but I just wanted to say you had a great presentation today. You inspired me to do more with my life!
  40. You can really make a difference when you treat people with honor and respect. People will want to come and work for you, because they know that you value them. I am glad that I was able to find an employer like that!
  41. You are a wonderful teacher . You have the patience of a saint, and I appreciate all your hard work. I’ve enjoyed working with you, and I hope that you stay in this field for many years to come.
  42. I appreciate all that you do for me, and hope that we can work together for as long as possible. I hope to continue to grow and learn from you as a professional and mentor. Thank you!
  43. I’m so happy I get to be here with you guys! Everyone in this room has a fun, vibrant and motivating energy. I can’t wait for what 2023 brings us!
  44. I don’t get you guys. But I guess if there’s anything I’ll never understand, it’s the human condition.
  45. I’m so glad we work together! We’re a great team and I can’t imagine working with anyone else.
  46. Life is so much more pleasant, fun and enjoyable when people are happy at work. And it’s a lot easier to be happy when your co-workers are friendly, upbeat, charismatic and helpful.
  47. You are definitely one of a kind. You have a great work ethic; I’ve really enjoyed working with you. Thanks so much for all your hard work! I really appreciate it.
  48. You have a very comforting personality, and your friendship means so much to me. I couldn’t imagine my life without you. You are a crucial part of the team!
  49. Thank you! I don’t know what I would do without the support of my coworkers and friends. Here’s to another fabulous year!
  50. You are a truly incredible person. There aren’t words to describe how grateful I am for you. You make me smile on the hardest of bad days. My life would not be the same without you, and that is nothing short of the truth!

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