Nice Thing To Say To A Principal

As we all know, words can have a profound effect on an audience. This is especially true when you are trying to influence a person’s behavior. Here are some great quotes and sayings for principals that will make them head over hills.


Nice Thing To Say To A Principal 

  1. Dear Principal, you are such an amazing man! All the students feel safe in your presence and all the teachers are impressed by your work. I love looking at your name on the board during announcements and seeing how much respect your staff has for you. Your efforts to raise student achievement are impressive, and I wish more people would be able to be like you!!!
  2. You are so smart, and we need you to make sure all of the kids learn how to read, write and have fun.
  3. You are the most wonderful person I know. You make me and all of my classmates feel so welcomed. Thank you for everything you do!
  4. I have known you and your family for a long time and I really do appreciate all you do to make us all learn, succeed and become better people. You are the coolest principal ever!
  5. Thank you for all your help in recent years. You are the best Principal that anyone could ask for. I look forward to working with you again when school starts back up. Until then, have a good day!
  6. I’m so happy that you are our Principal. You have been an excellent role model for my son and daughter. Your hard work and dedication have really inspired me to work hard myself. I know that I can always rely on you as a teacher, friend, advisor, older sibling, and cherished mentor!!!
  7. Today is the beginning of a new year at our school. Thank you for your hard work and dedication keeping our children safe on campus. I wish you and your staff the best of luck this year!
  8. If I could have a wish granted, it would be that everyone could attend school in a safe, comfortable environment with building security. I am grateful for all you do to keep us safe everyday. I appreciate everything you do!
  9. Dear Principle, Just wanted to drop off the list of things we did together last weekend. Thanks so much for helping us out! Love, Mr. Bubble, Mrs. Squish, and Mr. Kodiak.
  10. Dear Mr. Principal, you have been a wonderful and patient teacher to my child and over the years I’ve seen her grow into a young lady with great manners, respect and communication skills. The children are lucky to have had the chance to learn from such an experienced educator.
  11. You are such a great principal! It is very nice to see you willing to work hard and put in so much effort. I am certain that all your students will thank you for it later on. They take full advantage of everything they have.
  12. Nice to see you, Principal!!! We always look forward to having our students in class and know that no matter what, you’ll treat them with respect and kindness. Later on this year, I’m going to bring my parents here and show them all of your awesome pep talks. Keep up the great work!
  13. Hello! I am emailing to let you know that your student Nathan Cunningham is one in a million. He is one of the best math students I have had the pleasure of knowing. Always hope to talk to you again soon. Sincerely. Shawn Mullins
  14. To know you has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am so happy to have you as my principal.
  15. I want to thank you for being a wonderful principal. I don’t think anyone has inspired me more or grown my love of academics than you have. Sincerely, ______.
  16. Principal, I am always so happy to see you and listen to your speeches at the beginning of class. It truly warms my heart when you call out each student’s name and add a personal touch. Your speech is one of the best I have ever heard!
  17. Principal, on behalf of the kids, I want to say thank you for everything you do for us every day. I wish I could give you a hug or tell you how much your classes mean to me. I’m sorry this note is such a hassle but I haven’t had time to write it in with all my work this month, but please know that wherever we are next year you will still be our favorite teacher! Thanks for being so awesome!
  18. The job description didn’t mention a librarian. But I can see the importance of your position. From what I can tell you guide students through their daily learning experience, make sure they have everything they need to succeed and keep them off the streets. Thank you for making this school a safe place for everyone from the teachers to the adults in charge to the little kids in kindergarten.
  19. Good morning, Principal. I was wondering if you could help me with some school work today.
  20. I want to thank you for giving my son a lot of great experiences while being an awesome principal. Classroom teachers love working with him because of his wonderful attitude and positive attitude. Without your help, he would not be the great kid he is today!
  21. Principal, if I could be anything and have everything in the world it would yet seem a puny thing to you, I wish to kiss your cheek, your hand, your ring, though I am afraid my mouth will be too small.
  22. It is my pleasure to direct your daughter today. I am sure she will do so well and will have a great time in school. Have a great day and please send my regards to all the teachers.
  23. I can’t thank you enough for all you do to help other students succeed. Your example is an inspiration to me and I’m so happy you are a part of our school.
  24. Dear Mrs. Burwell, I’m very pleased to be able to meet you today – I had heard good things about your school and am excited to start my student teaching here this fall.
  25. I am not sure what’s keeping you from the principal in regards to a raise, but if you don’t get an increase soon then I will start talking to the other teachers about my PD.
  26. How nice to meet the principal. I’m a student at your school so I really want to make sure I do my best for you.
  27. You’re the best principal I’ve ever had. Keep up the good work, you’re doing a wonderful job!
  28. Principal, I can’t believe how well you relate to students yet always remain so professional and calm. For your guidance and moral support, I am very glad I have a Principal like you.
  29. You provide a wonderful service to the community. I think your school is an incredible place!
  30. Hey Mr. or Ms. Principal, You’ve been so great these last couple of years to my children and I. Thank you for taking the time to help them with their schoolwork and deporting the disruptive kids. We all appreciate it! Have a productive day!
  31. I wouldn’t be caught dead in your office, but I have a soft spot in my heart for principal’s that care about their students. So thank you sir! I am so glad to know your still out here making sure kids actually get to class when they promise. Your such a great principal!
  32. it is a pleasure to be a part of such a dynamic and supportive school, and I am thankful that you were able to recommend me for this assignment.
  33. I really admire your dedication and commitment to job. The new school policies you drafted are a great idea in which everyone is on board. Thank you for always working hard and being a great example of all that is good. Keep at it because your dream will come true some day!
  34. Dear Principal, Today is a special day, as today is the anniversary of our first date. In that time I have learned to love you even more than the first day we met. You are always so nice to me and considerate. Your smile and laugh are a true blessing. The way you care for us at school shows how much you love us as students. You really do mean well in everything you do and I appreciate it so much!
  35. Dear Mr. Principal, thank you for everything you do, and I’m so happy you chose my son to be on your school band! Thanks for taking the time to get to know him and his friends. You’re a great principal!
  36. Fairfield, I know that you’ve worked hard to get where you are in your life and I don’t want to take any of the credit! It’s because of your hard work and dedication to your students that I feel so at ease now that I can come here after school instead of after school on the weekends, since you don’t have one. Sincerely, ______.
  37. I am so happy you can inspire my children to do their best. You are a wonderful role model and I am proud to call you a friend.
  38. Thanks for a great year! I’ve enjoyed it. If you don’t mind I’d like to ask your permission to give our daughter Kate your number so she can call and tell you how cute she thinks you are.
  39. Dear Principal, I’m writing to you because I really enjoyed the book that you gave me yesterday.
  40. Congratulations on your recent promotion. It’s always a pleasure to see you in the principal’s office.
  41. Hello Mr. President. I was so happy for you when you were elected as the school principal. You are doing a wonderful job and I can’t wait to see you retire one day!
  42. Have a great year at school Mr. Holloway! I look forward to seeing you next year in class again!
  43. We were so excited when we heard you teachers are turning out to be the nicest people. Some of our students talk about how they can’t wait for class to get started. Thanks from the Goodwin Family for a fun and safe school year!
  44. I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I thought about you every day. Its a nice feeling when you do what you love, and you can’t help but take some of the happiness back home with you. I know you love the kids and are doing great things for them. Thank-you for helping me live my dream. Good Luck!!
  45. Dear Miss Morgan. Today is Friday, February 13th, and I just wanted to say that the older I get the more respect I have for you as my principal. The example you set for my children really makes me proud of the way you run our school. It’s great to see the children happy and excited about learning. You have been a wonderful influence in my life and I couldn’t be happier that our paths crossed.
  46. You are our Principal, and part of our school family, and I know you do an incredible job. You’re a wonderful role model for the kids, and I hope they look up to you. Every day we walk through your doors we learn and grow (I especially know this because you always tell me something is wrong with my hair!) You are a true leader at Westside Elementary. We wish you nothing but the best on your upcoming 40 year anniversary!
  47. I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful job you’re doing. I’m proud of you and wish you well sir.
  48. Dear Sir or Mrs Principal, I would like to thank you for your time, manual labor, and guidance towards our students as we worked towards a well-rounded education. Your students are the brightest in our school district and we are very grateful to have you among us. Your presence is deeply felt by all of us. We will never forget your dedication to that which is better than yourself and for all of our benefit! Thank You!

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