Nice Thing To Say To A Photographer

When it comes to photography, most of us want a nice image. We need it to look professional, beautiful and for us to be proud of what we’ve created. But sometimes it’s just nice to create things that are memorable. This can be done through saying something nice to the photographer when they’re in your presence.


Nice Thing To Say To A Photographer 

  1. It was nice meeting you and thanks for shooting our engagement photos!
  2. Hey how are you? Lovely to meet you. You’re the best. I love your work so much!
  3. I am glad that you love to photograph our special moments because you make it extra special for me. You are one of the most talented photographers around and I truly appreciate all of your hard work making our pictures look so great!
  4. I have always admired you as a photographer! You are such a nice person and talented artist! You are the reason I know what flowers look like! You are truly an amazing photographer. I hope you have as much fun photographing my wedding day as I am looking forward to seeing all of your beautiful work.
  5. Hey I know nothing about you, but I really appreciate the awesome photos. Thanks for your service!
  6. Thank you for taking the time to take our pictures…I know it’s really hard to see a picture and not remember every little detail..but I can’t express more than how much it means to me that you put in so much effort. You give us so many great ideas for pictures too – thank you so much!
  7. Hey there! I don’t recall if you were one of my first clients, but I’m so grateful for the amazing photos we got! You did an incredible job capturing our love and relationship. I am so proud of everything you did to help bring this day to life, not just for me, but for us as well. The love that we share is genuine and I feel so lucky. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Everything you captured was perfect!
  8. I really want to make a good impression on you so that you give my work the attention it deserves and I can work with you again!
  9. Hey, thanks so much for taking my photo! It means a lot to me! I love the way you can capture the most beautiful moments.
  10. I’m glad you took this because the moment I saw it on the web, I knew it would be a dream come true. Thank you for capturing our special day and showing it to us in a beautiful way. Nice things are nice and it has been nice to know that we’re so important.
  11. I am so glad you are my photographer and that we can capture all those moments together. I am so thankful you were there to capture our special day!
  12. I had an amazing time shooting with you. I hope we can work together again soon.
  13. I would like to thank you for being a wonderful photographer. You help make my life so much more fun and easy. I hope that we work together on many fun photo shoots in the future. Happy Holidays!!!
  14. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to capture all those special moments and images for you. You really made the day so special for us both. It was a great experience working with you and I’m sure it will only get better as time goes by!
  15. Wow, this really is some great work you’ve done. I love the photos you took of our wedding. I feel like it’s a book we’ll be looking at forever. Thanks again for capturing all the special moments that made up our day!
  16. Hey man, I want you to know that I have had the best experience with you so far. You’re a great dude and it’s been an absolute pleasure to be working with you. Stop in tomorrow or next week and I’ll print this out for you!!!
  17. You are the nicest man I’ve ever met! And you do great work! I love you, don’t change for anyone!
  18. I want you to know that I appreciate the beautiful photographs you have taken over the years. You are an amazing photographer, and your work has enriched my life in so many ways. You are a great person, and I enjoy spending time with you as well as talking with you.
  19. You must be really good at photography, because your pictures seem to make people smile.
  20. I am so glad that you are here in my life, I really love our time together–you make me smile! I feel so lucky to know you and work with you. You are a photographer extraordinaire.
  21. Thanks a lot for helping us have the most beautiful wedding ever. I love your work!
  22. I’ve known you for more than half of my life. I can’t believe how much I love you! You are the most amazing person on this planet and all you do is make me smile. You were born to shoot and now you are a photographer. The world needs people like you. Keep doing what you do and I will continue to love you forever.
  23. Thanks so much for sharing the perfect photo with us. It was a real pleasure meeting you and talking photography, and I learned a lot.
  24. Thanks for being so patient with all my dumb questions! Oh and by the way, I love your work.
  25. I absolutely love your work. I would love to get my photos taken by you! You are so thoughtful and take such amazing photos, thank you for putting time and effort into each shot. I will look forward to seeing my pictures as we move forward in our relationship!
  26. I can watch you all day. Your work is a true inspiration to me. I find myself reaching for that camera all the time just to capture a moment of your perfectness. You are both amazing in your own way.
  27. I can’t believe how many wonderful, creative and artistic photos I have gotten over the past few days! I just wish it were like that all day everyday! Thank you so much for making me feel so special, beautiful and sexy.
  28. You’re a great photographer. I had so much fun at our shoot. Your work is great, thank you. Here is a link if you ever want to check out some of the photos we took together!
  29. I am so excited to get our photos together. I cant wait to see all the ones we got today and share them with the world. You are so talented, and an amazing person. Keep making your magic happen!
  30. I am so glad I found you. You have really made me feel so beautiful and thanks again for pushing me to be the person in front of your lens that I can always be. I really like your work.
  31. I thought it was really cute that I ripped when I did your photo. Thanks a lot for helping me to become a much better photographer. Keep up the great work!
  32. I look forward to seeing your future work. I’ve really come to appreciate the style you work in and am eager to see what it’s like once you’re finished. You do great things.
  33. I am so glad we have fun and live our lives one day at a time. You and your hand-held camera are such an important part of this story that I can’t wait to see how the rest of it plays out. I hope you will let me be a part of it in the years that come. I really like your work.
  34. I am so happy to have a great photographer like you, who takes good pictures but never intrudes on the happiness of the moment.
  35. I’m impressed by your pictures. They are so amazing! You have a great talent for photography, I love them!
  36. If you need advice about how to capture all of those important details in photographs, I would be happy to share my knowledge.
  37. I can tell by your work that you have a very good eye for capturing beautiful images. I love the way you see the world, your passion for photography makes it easy for me to relax when I’m hanging out with you.
  38. I can’t wait to see your work! You’re very talented and I hope that you get famous one day!
  39. I wish I could take credit for the quality of your photos. But your gifts are so pure and beautiful that they’re all my work. You deserve more recognition for such a kind, sensitive and talented soul. Thank you for being so great at what you do!
  40. I just had to tell you how great my pictures turned out. I see every photo you take as if it was your first time at the carnival. It is an honor to be your subject and I am so happy with the photos. There is no one as talented as you and in all honesty there is no one else I would trust in capturing these moments for me. Thank you so much!
  41. Hi, it’s me. Thanks for everything always makes me feel great. I really like your work.
  42. Hey, I really do like your photos. It sucks we don’t have time for a shoot this weekend but maybe next month?
  43. Thank you for doing our wedding photo shoot. You made it more fun than we ever thought possible! I hope the album does justice to what it was like.
  44. Thanks for making some really fun pictures! We sure had fun. I like your way of doing things, it seems to work great. Thanks for staying so cool even when we looked like a mess! Here’s a not-so-great picture for you! I wish we could have taken more pictures, but we will next time.
  45. Thank you for taking some of the most beautiful photographs of my life.
  46. Hi! I think you’re very good at your job. You capture some amazing shots. You have good skills and make my picture look great!
  47. You are so talented and a master of your craft. I’m in awe every time I look at your work. Your photos are like looking into the heart of a beautiful rose.
  48. I’m really lucky I have a photographer to love and cherish! Being in love with a photographer can be magical and surreal but I must say it is some of the best times in my life. As an assistant, I am truly thankful for your skill and talent. You always amaze me with your creativity and the passionate way you shoot…Keep up the great work!
  49. Thanks so much for the amazing photos! It was great working with you, I wouldn’t change a thing. All the best!
  50. You are AWESOME! I would love to be your friend. Every time I think of you, I smile even more. You make great shots and I’d love to see them one day.
  51. I think that you should change your name to “photographer” because even though I never knew what a waterpolo player meant, now I don’t know how to describe myself without saying you. Your work is amazing and I am so happy we can talk about the same things.
  52. I think the reason I like photographing your photos is because some of those smiles you give me. From the first time we met to the last time, you have always been the nicest person. I’m so lucky that you’re a part of our family and that you do a fabulous job at it!
  53. Thanks for taking time out of your day to make my photo happen. I really appreciate that. Speaking of work I’m looking over on the inventory sheet, and it looks like you have a few openings at my place today. We are having a 60% off special, so feel free to take advantage of it. Yeah, let’s trade numbers and maybe try to get together on another shoot some time. It was a pleasure to meet you!
  54. I love to paint, but I love photography even more. I think you are beautiful and the photos you take are amazing. Thank you for showing us our wedding through pictures, and being there to capture the memories forever!

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