Nice Thing To Say To A Nice Person

Nice things to say are important for building community and showing appreciation for your fellow community members. Here are some of the nicest things to say to make someone feel appreciated!


Nice Thing To Say To A Nice Person

  1. You’re a great person. I’m glad to be a friend of yours. Please, keep up the good work! You are so nice. I like you a lot.
  2. I think you’re a great person, in the way that you are kind, patient, understanding and the list goes on. I will always love you for being such a wonderful friend.
  3. I’m so glad I randomly found you on Facebook. You are one of the nicest people I know. Thank you for being an amazing friend.
  4. I don’t know if I can call you a “nice” person because you always seem to be nice to everyone. That’s how amazing you are! So thanks, for being the nicest person I have ever met! I am extremely lucky and I am lucky to have met someone as amazing as you!
  5. Well, among so many beautiful things you are the most beautiful. You are very important to me, which makes you special. You mean a lot to me and I would never want to see you hurt, unless of course its by someone who can bring out the real you.
  6. It’s so nice to have a friend like you. You are so incredibly nice, and it makes me so happy to know that I can call you anytime that I want and feel completely at ease. Thank you for being such a great friend, I am lucky to have such an excellent friend like you.
  7. It always so nice to hear from you. How are you, dear? Things are going well today? You may not be able to see it but I think you look pretty great. No stress though, I can tell that things will work out no matter how they do.
  8. Thanks for being so nice to me. To be honest you made me very happy when you were talking to me, because I thought that maybe if I was nicer too I wouldn’t get such a cold shoulder. Thanks for being really nice to me, and it was really great meeting you today. I can’t wait to meet you again.
  9. Wow, thanks for being an awesome friend. I really appreciate the times we spent together this summer and you made it possible for me to go on this trip.
  10. I hate to give my opinion for everyone to see, but I have to say that you are a really nice person!
  11. I find myself starting to write more and more thank you notes lately. But I do hope you know that I am thanking you for much more then just the love letters. You are one of kind and it is rare to find someone who is so kind, intelligent and lovable. Thank you for everything and keep up the good work!
  12. I wanted to write you a nice note so you could see what I was thinking. Your smile is contagious and all the girls at the office are going crazy for you. I really love you!
  13. You are a great person. You have been very helpful, kind and generous. I don’t know what I would do without you.
  14. Thanks for being such a nice person! You are always so kind, and you don’t let anyone get away with being mean. I love your kindness, and I hope your nice continues for many years to come!
  15. Dear friend, I’m so glad that we can have many hours of conversation when it is needed. My life revolves around you and works with you. You are a great friend of me and I hope that we will have lots of good times in the future!
  16. Thanks for being a great friend, and thanks for filling my life with great memories and wonderful times. Geez, I feel like I’ve known you forever. And I’m so glad you aren’t a crabby jerk!
  17. Thanks for the awesome tour. You went out of your way to make the day special for us. You were so accommodating and fun to be around. It was an absolute pleasure meeting you!
  18. you are a nice person and i want to make your day just a little better. i hope that i can come up with something very nice for you. Thanks! Your Friend, _____.
  19. You’re the nicest guy I know, and I really appreciate all that you do for me. Your kindness and generosity are greatly appreciated!
  20. The world needs more people like you, and I’m so glad to have met you. You are the kindest, most caring person I know.
  21. I’m sorry you feel bad about yourself, but I’m glad you are nice to others!
  22. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen you, so I’m glad to see you again. It’s nice to see a nice person like YOU!
  23. Thank you for being such a nice person, and for being so great to talk to. I am always happy to talk with you. xoxo
  24. Thank you for being so nice to me! It’s very nice to find people like you who treat everyone with kindness, respect, and compassion. This world could definitely use more of you in it!
  25. Thank you so much for your kindness at today’s dinner; it was my pleasure.
  26. How do you do it? I know at some point everyone has had a bad day, but to be nice to strangers in the middle of the day is just fantastic. You are so kind and I would follow you to the ends of the earth because you are such a great person.
  27. I’m sorry you have such a bad day. I’d like to take you out and give you a big hug, but I would hate to put too much pressure on the poor guy.
  28. Thank you so much for helping me. I know how hard it was, and I will never forget that. I’m also very sorry about earlier. It was wrong of me and I shouldn’t have done that to you.
  29. You are so nice and it doesn’t make sense. I love you for being so nice, and for making me smile and laugh every single day.
  30. I am so happy that we met because you are awesome. You are so nice and sweet and I couldn’t imagine being around anyone better.
  31. It’s so nice to meet you. I feel as though I know you already, and it is a total treat to get to know you in person…
  32. You’re so nice to me. The things you do for others makes me realize how special you really are. I hope one day when I’m old and grey, I’ll look back and remember all the amazing things you’ve done.
  33. I am so glad we have connected over the Internet and I feel you are one of a kind. You have creativity and are a good story teller. Thank you for being a truly good person.
  34. Today I learned that there is a rude person in the world, and you are not him. That is so cool. Thanks.
  35. Hi today’s your birthday? I just want to say today we are both very lucky to be able to share our lives together. I hope you had the best day ever and you know you make me so happy. I love you far more than you will ever know.
  36. He is an amazing guy and he can be confusing at times, but I love him. He is a true gentleman in every way. He’s the kind of person that can make me feel beautiful when I look terrible and feel confident when I am feeling lost. You are my best friend and soulmate. Thank you for being you! I will Love you Always!!!
  37. Hello there, I don’t know if your husband or boyfriend is reading this card, I’m not sure what you have to say but I will be waiting with an open heart.
  38. You are a really nice person who is interesting, fun, and has cool friends. I am glad to know you.
  39. Well this isn’t too bad. You said you were a nice person, so I’m going to do the simplest thing possible; say something nice as well.
  40. Hey, it’s me again! I just wanted to let you know that I love you and care about you so much. You’re a great person and I am happy to be with you!
  41. I am lucky to be with someone like you. You care about me, you love me and you support me! Thanks for being such a good friend.
  42. You are my best friend, my sweetheart, someone I can turn to whenever I need advice or support. You are kind, helpful and loving. Thanks for being so great!
  43. You are one of my best friends, and I love you so much. I’ve been there for you when every calm was lost under this decade-long storm, and you’ve helped me to grow more than I could have without you. You’re the sort of person who makes the world a better place just by being in it.
  44. I have the great pleasure of knowing you, and I would like to thank you for making me feel so welcome. I hope you have a wonderful day!
  45. I have great respect for you and admire you so much. You are truly an amazing person and I can’t imagine my life without you in it. Thank you for being such a good friend!
  46. You are the sweetest, nicest man I’ve ever met! Thank you so much for doing such a nice thing for me today. I don’t know what I would have done without your help.
  47. I think you are sooo cool! I admire how much you enjoy doing what you love everyday. It really shows in everything you do. You’re a very driven person and always make the most of your time to focus on things that are important to you.
  48. If you were planning on doing that you would’ve done it by now otherwise I would’ve done it for you!
  49. You’re a really nice guy. You are kind, loyal and respectful. I’m truly happy that I met you.
  50. I think you’re really nice. Things you do are really nice. I wish you could do good things more often.
  51. Hey there, nice person! Thank you for being so kind to everyone. And thank you for being so thoughtful. I appreciate that so much.
  52. I think of you every time I wake up and every time I go to bed. You’re a good friend who cares about everything. I hope everything is well with you, life must be really exciting for you right now!
  53. Thanks for the friendship! It makes my day every time you aim to make others happy. Much success to you in everything!
  54. Today is the day that you get me chocolate chip cookies. My favorite kind and I love them very much since they are not so disappointing! Thanks for making my day! You are such a nice person.
  55. Today is going to be a great day, I have all these wonderful thoughts and intense wishes for this coming year!! It’s going to spring, and summer will come with its warmth, but I am grateful for this moment!! And then winter comes and the scenery wears you down!! But when there is just one more second of the day to go life becomes beautiful!! I want to wish everybody great things for their new year!!
  56. I feel so lucky to have met you. I wish I had the courage to talk to you before. We never would have been friends if it wasn’t for our shared love of running. Without each other, we would have surely not become this close.
  57. Dear friend, I am glad to be your friend and I am very happy to call you friend to my friends. You are so nice and the nicest thing that has happened to this girl in a while. What a wonderful person you are. I feel lucky to have met you and that we have become such great friends!

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