Nice Message to A Friend

Nice Message to A Friend (Him or Her)

I have compiled a list of 25 Nice message to a friend Quotes for you and your friends. These quotes will really make them happy.


Nice Message to A Friend

  1. I am so lucky to call you my friend. You are an amazing person. I am blessed to have you in my life. You’ve helped change it for the better. I don’t know where I’d be without you, but i do know I am truly happy with you in my life.
  2. Good morning sweet friend. I wish you all the best for the new day and rest of your life!
  3. Dear Friend, You are a great friend in the true sense of the word. Thanks for being there for me and giving me support when I needed it most. You’re always there when I need you and you make me laugh even on my bad days. Thanks for everything you do!
  4. You are my best friend in the world. There is not a day I don’t think about you and get excited for you. Your life encompasses the idea that hard work does pay off, and your determination is admirable. You make me want to do better and dream bigger for myself. I am so lucky to have you in my life!
  5. My dreams are filled with you, my heart skips a beat when I see you in the distance, there is no one else who can compare, you are all I ever want, with you by my side nothing is impossible, your love is all I need to pursue my goals. You are my best friend, for a long time now I have wanted to tell you: that, no matter what happens or whatever we go through, I’ll never leave your side.
  6. Thanks for being such a great friend and listening when I need it the most. Your friendship means more than you’ll ever know! Enjoy your day!
  7. You are a great friend. It’s so nice to have someone that I can hang out with and take any moment to the next level. You are a light in my life and help me fold when times get rough.
  8. You mean the world to me and bring me so much joy. When I look into your eyes I can see our beautiful future together. Our love is like nothing else. You are my everything.
  9. I think about you all the time! I always miss you and I love our memories together. Thinking of you always makes me happy. I’m thankful that God put you in my life, you are such a blessing. You are special to me.
  10. Hey, my favorite human! I hope this card brightens your day. I believe it’s true that you are the sunshine to my life and my one true love. I’ve been a fool for too long and I’m ready for us to be together.
  11. I want to thank you for always being there. Thanks for laughing with me and crying with me. I love you!
  12. Although we may not see each other very often it never affects my love for you. You are always close to my heart, and I always have time in my schedule for you. I firmly believe that friends come and go, but true friends stay with you forever. Love is the same way. It’s a choice, a feeling and a bond. Let’s both choose to love one another forever and stay together no matter what!
  13. Hey! Things are going well. The weather is getting warmer. In a few months it will be summer already, and we’ll be able to go to the beach and go hiking in the woods. I’m so glad that we’ve finally found each other and that we’ve made a great friendship. I think of you often and hope everything will go as planned here. It’s getting late here now and I better get some sleep. Take care, bye!
  14. You are a great friend, always there for me and I appreciate it. I just wanted to let you know how much you mean to me. Thank you for putting up with my crazy family! I love you!
  15. I feel like you’re my soul mate. I love our talks and your thoughtfulness. Just yesterday you told me how much you loved me and if we were friends a year ago, things would be different. I am so happy to have had the chance to know you and experience your friendship. You look inside of me and show me the real person I’ve been missing for a long time, someone who listens and doesn’t judge. You make me happy on a daily basis.
  16. Friendship is a very rare and special thing. It’s a bond that can’t be broken by distance or time, but only by the lack of care. I have never met someone more kind-hearted and caring than you. You have become one of my best friends without even trying, and I value that friendship dearly. I love that we are so different but so alike at the same time; it gives me something to talk to you about every day! I hope that through good times and bad
  17. I am so lucky to have you! I feel so blessed to know you, and that we met up and had the chance to be friends. We have been through a lot together, we have had some good times and bad, but we are always there for each other. I love ya bud!
  18. Hey buddy, I don’t always tell you this but I want you to know that I appreciate all the things you do for me. You’re always there to help me when I need it, even if it means doing something embarrassing when we’re out and about. Thanks for being my friend.
  19. My best friend, my partner in crime, my love. I will always support you and be by your side through all obstacles life throws at us. we’ll be singing the ups and downs at 70 years old with our rocking chairs and walkers. I wouldn’t have it any other way. You are too amazing for words to describe!
  20. Thanks for being such a great friend and not just to me, but to the rest of our friends as well. We love ya and it’s so fun to hang out with you!
  21. Baby, you are my heart and soul. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. Just the thought of being with you makes me happy beyond words. You make me complete and fill my life with love and happiness. I love you so much!
  22. Hey man, didn’t want to leave you hanging. I know that you are going through some hard times right now. Just remember that even tough times don’t last forever, good times are coming soon. Don’t forget to reach out to people who care and have a positive attitude.
  23. Life is made of small moments. Those moments, when you become really aware of the people around you and everyone has a smile on their face. Peaceful and simple moments. Then, the flame is lit, and your soul burns slowly but steadily. The only thing that matters to me in this world is to be with you forever, to help you through all the problems and to make every effort just to see you happy!
  24. I’m happy to call you my best friend. We have been friends for a long time and I wouldn’t want anyone else to know me like you do. You are caring, thoughtful and so full of joy that it is contagious. You make people happier just by being yourself. Don’t ever change or let anything hold you back because your freedom is what makes the world better place. I love ya!
  25. I’m glad we’re friends. The times we spent together are so good, you’re amazing. I love your laugh, your smile, your voice. I just wish that I had told you more often that I really care about you.
  26. I am blessed to have you as a friend and I want you to know how much you mean to me. I want you to know that you can always talk to me about anything. I hope that we always stay close, because my life just doesn’t feel right without you in it.
  27. To a very special friend who makes everything better and brighter. You make me smile even on my hardest days. Your smile can bring so much joy I can’t help but grin from ear to ear just at the sight of it. I hope you have a wonderful day, kiss kiss!
  28. How are my two best friends doing today? I know it’s not a holiday or anything, but I just wanted to send you this note to tell you how much we mean to each other. We’ve shared so many great times together and I hope there are many more to come! Keep smiling and don’t forget me!
  29. Hey man I just wanted to have a word with you about this and that, about what´s going on and to see how you are doing. I heard your voice a few days ago so I thought I´d check up if everything is alright. Keep me in the loop!
  30. Thanks for the good time today. I’m glad you’re my friend, and I hope we always stay that way. Have a good week ahead!
  31. You are my dearest friend. Your friendship brings me more happiness that I thought exists. I always look forward to talking with you, as it is always a total joy! Everything you do has a positive effect on me, and your love gives me strength to face difficult times. You are caring, intelligent, and funny! I feel like we are complete opposites, yet somehow the same person. You are my sunshine through the dark clouds of life.
  32. Hey there! I hope that you are as happy and as positive as ever. I just wanted to say hi and tell you that I care about you so much. I want you to know that you can always come to me for anything, and to let you know that I am here for you.
  33. It’s been so nice having you as my friend. Even though we’re only in grade school, I know we will always be friends, even in middle school, high school and college too! That’s why it’s so upsetting to see you go. I love our sleepovers, the good times we shared and all the memories we made. You will be missed so much!
  34. Dear Friend, would you like to have a cup of coffee with me? I hope my note finds you smiling and at peace. I can’t help but be glad that we are best friends, for time has proven us to be so much more meaningful than mere words.
  35. I think you’re the most amazing man I’ve ever met. You are the best father and husband and I just want to thank you for being such a good person. I hope you know that no one deserves happiness more than you because you deserve it all. Looking at your smiling face makes me feel as if nothing in the world can go wrong or sad, so don’t stop smiling!
  36. You are some one I never want to loose you’re one of a kind I hope and pray that this friendship will last forever not only for us, but for the Lord.
  37. We’ve been friends for so many years, and I’m still amazed at how strong our friendship is. You inspire me to be a better person every day and I am grateful to have you in my life.
  38. Thank you for always being there for me and for loving me. You are my best friend and I owe you everything. There is no one else I would rather grow old with. Thank you!
  39. You’ve made it into the best friend’s hall of fame. No one is better company. If only I could clone you.

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