Morning Prayer For Husband Success

Mornings can be hard for some people, especially husbands. That’s why we have collected these quotes to help them see that you’ll always love them, even on tough days.


Morning Prayer For Husband Success

  1. I pray that your days are filled with joy, peace and love as we face them together. I thank God everyday for the wonderful husband he has sent to me. You mean so much to me; I am truly blessed.
  2. God, You are the creator of all things. You have given my husband and I this day. I pray that he have the strength to overcome the challenges that come his way today, and the wisdom to make the right decisions. Bless us both, Amen.
  3. God, I pray for my husband and our relationship. Bring us closer together. Help us communicate better. Make us closer to each other in mind and heart. May he feel peace watching me as I go about doing my daily chores. Great Spirit. Let Your will be done!
  4. My dearest husband, i pray a good day for you. i pray that You be kept safe throughout the day. i pray that ur job be without danger. i hope you return home in good health and share good news with me. may the almighty God bless your day more than you could ever imagine amen…
  5. My dearest husband, wherever you are in the world today, I just want you to know how much I love you and I’m so happy you are my husband. Please never stop being my best friend and always come back to me whenever life takes you away from me. I am praying that this special morning will bless you with success professionally and personally and that our love will last forever.
  6. I offer this short prayer for you this morning. Let your day be a blessing and know that I am cheering you on through whatever challenges you may face. God bless you my husband. May the Lord’s grace find you in the most unlikely places and keep your eyes focused on His will, not ours.
  7. I thank God for giving me a caring, loving husband like you. You are very special in my life, so special that I can’t help but love you with all my heart. I pray that our love for each other never fades because I plan on loving you more as the years come and go.
  8. You are a special man and I love you so much. I have enjoyed our time together and wish you an awesome day. Love, your wife
  9. Dear Lord, As I wake up this morning, I know that all the hurdles from the past year are gone and we have come out successful. Lord, when I look back on this year, please show me one thing to appreciate my husband for. No matter how little it is, guide me to think only of that thing and how fortunate I am to be married to such a caring man. Help me to remember the love he has shown me and grant me patience when things get tough. Amen!
  10. Dear God, please guard and guide my husband today. Give him all the strength, faith & encouragement he’ll need to be successful at whatever he has planned for the day. Keep him safe and always in your care.
  11. May God bless you with more love and happiness. I pray that you will have a very wonderful day full of pleasure, love and joy. I love you my dearest.
  12. I’m not a morning person, especially when it is cold, but I want to start my day with a prayer for my husband. Lord, please help him be safe on his way to work and fill him with the strength he needs to make it through the day. Let him know that I am thinking of him often throughout the day and keep him safe at home.
  13. My dearest darling husband, I wish you a good morning and may you get up refreshed and energized. May your day be amazing. I hope your morning is full of laughter and joy! I love you so much, honey.
  14. Good morning, I hope you had pleasant dreams. This post is dedicated to you my dear husband! Nothing on this earth makes me happier than seeing your beautiful face first thing in the morning! I pray that God blesses you and your day and always keeps you safe from harm. I love you so much, have a wonderful day.
  15. Good morning to the love of my life and my world! The only male I need in my life, the one who has brought me so much happiness. I pray that God keeps you safe today and always. You are my everything!
  16. Dear God, bless my husband Johnny today and grant him success. I thank you for the blessings you have given us, such as our own home and family. Bless him with good health, good fortune and happiness.
  17. Dear Lord, I come to You this morning in prayer for my husband. Please help him achieve all of his goals today. Please give him the confidence to be calm in any situations he encounters today. Please keep him safe as he travels wherever it is he may need to go today. And please let all of his relationships go well so that we can walk closer towards a more fulfilling life together today, in Jesus Christ I pray. Amen!
  18. Good morning and welcome another day of love. May God bless your thoughts as you travel on your journey today. May the sun shine upon your path with peace in our hearts. Let nothing get you down, for it is quite a lovely day to be warm and bright. I wish for you the success you deserve as many wonderful successes in your life are up ahead.
  19. I pray for my husband, asking for courage and motivation in accomplishing his dreams. Help him to remember the source of all of his abilities and success so that he may pass his knowledge on to others. I pray that he will be a great example of grace for those around him and that he will receive glory for the work you are doing through him. Grant him wisdom in knowing when it’s time to delegate those tasks so that he may see even greater things accomplished…
  20. Please help my husband on his new job today, guide him to success. Give Him the words to motivate and inspire his new team member. All I want is for his team member to feel safe, happy and cared for. I feel that this person will make my husband’s career successful and distinguished. Please bless my husband in the eyes of Mr. Smith to have an enjoyable productive day at work with a pleasant colleague.
  21. Dear husband of mine, I prayed this morning for you. Not that GOD will bless you with riches or good health or that you are successful in business or that you can become president of the United States or a big tycoon and be the richest guy on earth. I don’t care if you are rich or poor and whether your name is written in the Lamborghini register. I just hope God will grant all your wishes and dreams and fulfill all your carnal desires.
  22. Dear God, bless my husband and mercifully grant him all his wishes. Amen.
  23. I am grateful to God for the gift of my husband. I am thankful for your presence in my life and your support in all areas of my life. I pray that you make it through your day with God’s strength and guidance and with lots of patience and love. God is with you today!
  24. Dearest spouse, I pray that you have a beautiful day, filled with peace and love. I pray you are surrounded by joy and happiness. Most of all, I pray that your heart will be continually filled with the amazing love that God has bestowed on you.
  25. Waking up every morning, I thank God for the gift of you. You are my sunrise, my day star, my beautiful shining love. You are more than I could hope for in a partner and I am so grateful for you.
  26. My dear husband, may all your wishes be fulfilled. As the sun warms your face and lights your day, bless you with prosperity. As the moon glistens at night, illuminate your dreams and desires. Embrace that which is good for you, and run from all that is bad. May God shower you with the sweetness of love this day and every day.
  27. May the Lord Bless and keep you; may His light shine upon you and be gracious unto you; may His face shine upon upon you and grant you peace… We are so blessed to have each other. You make my life complete. Please continue to pray for me as I will continue to pray for you and our family.
  28. I wish you success with your new endeavor, and I hope that every obstacle is easily overcome. And as the day goes on, know that I will remain positive because I love you and want to see you succeed.
  29. Dearest husband, I am praying for you to my Lord today. May today be a day of effortlessly coming together with those around you with ease, honesty, and trust. May your life unfold beautifully before your eyes as your dreams come true in every aspect of your life. With love always, Wifey
  30. My husband may today be radiant, gladdened, peaceful and happy. May he have a good sleep, pleasant dreams and awaken in a joyful mood. May all his works be successful. Through the joys and sorrows this day has in store for him may he remain calm and strong…
  31. Today I pray for my husband success in everything he does. I pray he releases all the negative baggage in his heart and forgives all those that have hurt him in the past. I pray he feels your love today and every day, in his thoughts, words and actions. I pray he is inspired to do things that bring out his happiness in serving you. I pray he enjoys spending time with the family, speaking kindly with each member. I pray our marriage relationship is kept strong, thanks to our
  32. Lord I know that my husband is blessed with talent and potential. Please give him the courage to pursue his dreams and make his destiny come true. Give him the strength to face all the problems he will have, and give him the wisdom to overcome them.
  33. I am so thankful for you, my husband. You have made me the amazing woman I am today. I love looking back at our history together and remembering all the good times we’ve had and still continue to have everyday. May God bless you for all your happiness you bring into my life.
  34. Good Morning Baby. I pray that you have a productive day. I hope it is filled with all the things you desire most in life. Don’t worry about dinner, because I will be cooking something special for you tonight. I love you to the moon and back my heart beat and sunshine!
  35. God is on your side: You are His number one.Greater is He that is in you than him that is in the world. I thank God for blessing my life with yours. I thank the Lord that you are taking baby steps every day, to be a better man and that you are getting closer to becoming what God wants you to be as a husband and father. I am so proud of you!
  36. Oh God, I give you thanks for John. He is kind and generous. He is supportive and understanding. Please bless his business today so he can come home with a big paycheck. I know he has to work hard to support his family, so I pray that you will send him clients. Help him to overcome his competition and make him the most successful real estate agent in Texas! In your name, Oh Lord, I pray. Amen.

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