107+ Passionate Missing you Quotes for Him & Her

Heartfelt missing you quotes for him or her

missing you quotes for him

Missing you quotes for him


1. Not seeing you right by my side really hurts, I want to feel your touch, I want to feel your body, I want to be in your arms, I miss you so much, I can’t wait any longer, I want to be with you.


2. I know I have got to wait for you, but missing you is becoming unbearable, I close my eyes for a sec, you are all I see, our love is the only thing that keeps me going.


3. It’s nothing I can hide, every second of the day I miss you more, my days and night are not as exciting as when we are together. I love you so much. My life is valueless without you, my love.


4. The wires and cables that connect our hearts together are so strong. It seems to be the only thing keeping me sane. I am really trying to overcome this depression I am feeling. Please hurry up my love.


5. I miss you so much that I have designed a place in my dream where we meet each other and have fun, but the truth is I want it to be real. I am missing you so much, dear.


6. You know I will cross seven volcanoes and fight my way through the thick forest just to be with you, I miss those cuddles and hugs we share every morning.

You will be making a huge mistake by not doing these every morning.

7. Your thoughts have engulfed my soul, it’s because I miss you so much, and I just can do without you. Please come back soon.


8. We shared a lot of wonderful times, it’s still not enough for me not to miss you, and I miss your sweet and tender touch on my body. I want to be with you soon.


9. Since you left, there is not a second. I don’t find myself thinking about you. I should have gone with you, because now I know I can’t do it without you.


10. I have been so bored since you left. There is no fun or happiness around. I really miss you, my love. Please do well and return to me quickly.


11. It’s really heartwarming when I close my eyes, and I see your beautiful smile, but it’s heartbreaking when I open my eyes, and you are not there. I miss you so much.


12. Look how miserable you let me be, I envy those guys that get the opportunity to be with you every day, please be back soon because I can’t do anything without you.


13. I miss you every morning, every afternoon, every night, every minute, second, and day, I just miss you so much.


14. Now I have realized how much I am in love with you. I can’t just go on without you in my life. Please come back to me, my angel.


15. I am so mad at myself for letting you out of my sight. I think I made the biggest mistake of my life. Please come back to me, my love. I miss you so much.


16. Do you miss me, I doubt if you miss me as much as I miss you, your thoughts have clouded my judgment. Please come back to me.


17. I miss every part of you, even your shouts, I just want you to be here right now.


18. Yes, you said it was only going to be a couple of days away, 3days you said, oh no it’s like 3years, please come back my love, I am missing you so much.


19. Oh, my love, I thought I could bear it, boy, am I wrong, I played myself, come back Honie, I am missing you so much.

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20.  Missing you is like my body without oxygen, don’t let me choke to my death, please come home safely.


Missing you quotes for her

21. Your departure has left a void in my heart, a place you used to belong to.


22. Without a doubt, you are a vital person in my life. It’s the reason I can function adequately anytime you are away.


23. My heart is like a Garden of Eden with an Adam that has got no Eve.


24. I am so cold, wish you were here to keep me warm.


25. I haven’t been okay since you left, and the doctor told me that you are my medicine, so I need you to come back soon.


26. The breeze brings back the sweet fragrance of your smell. It makes me miss you even more. I want to see you now.


27. It’s been raining for days. It’s because my heart has been crying for days, if I don’t see you now it will continue to rain, please come back. I miss you so much.


28. If I cried a cup full of tears every time your thought runs through my mind and how much I miss you, I would have drowned in my own tears before you return.


29. I miss you. I don’t care if we are gonna still fight, just come back home.


30. I can’t die in silence. I miss you so much. Please come back to me, my darling.


31. Words cannot describe or explain how much I miss you, come here let me kiss you.


32. Today I slept, and I saw you in my dream, I woke up and you weren’t by my side, oh that shit hurt so badly.


33.  miss you so much. I miss the person I was while we were together.


34.  You just left me, but I miss you already


35. I miss you, and I can’t hold it anymore, I am not fine at all, it’s all pretense, I regret whatever I did, please come back my love.


36. It really hurts to be me right now, because, I have an injury in my heart, you are only adding salt to it, by not been with me now.


37. Look at all these things I have, with no one to enjoy them with. I miss you now. I am sorry, please come back to me.


38. To say the least, my days are now unproductive for a sole reason, and it hurts, I wish I could punch you in the face right now, so you know how it feels to really miss someone you love.


39. Since you left, it’s almost like my days have been worthless, what’s life without you in it?

missing you quotes for her

40. I miss your cute face whenever I wake up. I miss the morning cuddles. I wish I can turn back the hands of time. I miss us together. Maybe this cute paragraph will touch your heart to return to me because I miss you so much.


41. I wake up and realize it’s still real, I am not in limbo, and then I try to catch some sleep and I up again, missing you even more. All I want is for us to be together again.


42. I know you are far from me, we can’t hold hands and walk side by side, but you are always walking with me because I have you in my heart. I miss you.


43. I promise to change my ways if you give me a second chance because I really miss you.


44. We don’t have to be miles apart before I miss you. I miss you even when you go to the kitchen or the toilet. I just want to be with you wherever you are.


45. I will walk through the Sahara and back, just for you to give me another try, because I miss your touch and everything about you.


46.  What could be more painful than losing the star that illuminates your universe? Why I bask in the misery of the darkness your absence created, the memories of such days are like little Sparks that bring forth brightness. Missing those happy moments are like lightning accompanied by the thunder, reminding me of what has been lost.



47.  What will I sacrifice to listen to the rhythm of your breath, to have my ears filled with the time of your voice, to wake up with the warmth and happiness of seeing you, or be assured that you are no longer a reminder of good old days but a regular feature of the present? Everything



48.  Eternity could go by, yet this feeling would linger, the vacuum your absence created was deep enough to make me relive those beautiful days while contemplating the uncertainty of my future days, that future would surely be sure if it had you in it.



49.  Sadness, wrapped me tight like blankets, meant to shut out the cold. Happiness seems to be a thing of the past for it disappeared the day you left.



50.  Sweet affection, happy thoughts, high hopes for the future, those were features of my past when you were a prominent figure in it, but things took a fast turn. I can only wish that those days continued the way it did. It will be an understatement to say I miss those days.

Miss you quotes


51.  Lately, I have been absent-minded because your absence created a mind of its own in me.



52.  Beauty made me notice; your character got my attention; your friendly disposition got my interest, your smile got my heart. Grace made me notice you, and your style got my attention, your loving nature got my interest, your smile got my heart.



53.  Each human has an identity unique to them. This identity is expressed in the feeling they inspire in others. Your personality makes my soul desperately long for you.



54.  You’ve been a regular feature of the past, a constant reminder in the present, and a semblance of hope for the future.



55.  If memories of your beautiful smile invoke the sweetest of all affection, then your presence will overshadow the gloom your absence created.



56.  Your absence created a dreadful need for your affection in me, but the memories of the moments spent together are like a tiny shred of hope that I hang on to for consolation.



57.  The absence of the sun in the universe would give way to the coldest of days, and darkness would reign supremely over wonders of creation. The beauty of nature would be concealed by dense pitch black, you are the sun in my universe, and your absence has created, urgent despair for the triumphant victory of light, inspired by your resurgence into my world.



58.  We see not the wind, yet we are utterly convinced of its existence, though, tonight, a vast expanse of land separates us, you are right next to me in my heart.



59.  After days of grief, and unseemingly ending peril, I rose up today, with happiness glowed in me, because I realized that missing you was one of the greatest gifts, life has given me.



60.  The pain felt when two hearts bounded by the enduring affection of love are kept apart is by far the most significant emotional distress to be experienced by man. I know this because I feel it every moment of the day.



61.  The day seems longer without the rhythm of your laugh, the tune of your voice, and the vibration of your breath; it becomes longer when I wonder if you miss me the way I do.



62.  Two hearts on fire, inseparable by jealous thoughts or miles of barren lands, despite your absence, I still feel you right in the middle of my heart, because you’ll always reside here.



63.  Spending eternity, this way is worse than imprisonment, every fiber of my calling for your touch, your hot gaze and melodious voice. I miss you a part of my life.



64.  We are different in diverse ways; you prefer coffee to tea, movies to concerts, but one thing we are alike in every aspect is our feeling for each other. Right now I can say, we both miss each other the way I do.



65.  I was once happier, saw the beauty in everything, laughed at the sound of every joke, but since you left, my soul has lost the once vibrant and energetic aura it once possessed, only your presence can resuscitate such feelings because every part of me misses you.



66.  Separating seemed to be the best option then, but days without your smile, your laugh, and your voice have left my soul begging for your cheerful disposition, I miss you, my dear.



67.  There seem to be many things that seem right at the outset, but we know better after experiencing it, spending time without you has made me realize how much my soul yearns for you. I miss you, my dear.


68.  I miss viewing the sunset with you, paddling in the lakes, and the many fun we had. I have tried fighting this feeling, but it’s has gotten the better of me. My heart misses you.


69.  From dusk to Dawn, I have waited to see, if this feeling will wear off, but it keeps getting stronger, I can’t deny it anymore. My heart calls for you, and my soul needs your love. I miss you.


70.  Staring at the horizons, thoughts of the beautiful moments we shared came to mind, tears rolled down, and my heart subtly said ‘I miss you.’


71.  The momentum is building in me, and the apprehension is getting the better of me. I have ignored the extent to which this emotion has invaded my heart, I miss you, my love.


72.  You aren’t the only beautiful one, the charming goddess, but your smile beguiled my heart, it breaks the most vigorous resistance in me. Even if an ocean should separate us, my heart still succumbs to your will, my heart whispers in sire confession ‘I miss you.’


My body misses your touch


73.  I looked up at the sky to see you smiling at me. I tried reaching out to you, but I couldn’t. Though it hurts, but I know someday, the miles, oceans, and forests won’t be able to separate us ever again.


74.  I can feel my heart exploding within, I can feel my soul leaving my body, and I can feel my thoughts clouded with your images. I miss you so much. Come back to me soonest.


75.  Right now, I feel like a wave that’s about to wreak havoc. I miss you. Don’t keep me waiting please so I don’t lose my mind. I love you.


76.  Today, I put aside my moodiness and loneliness and wore the garment of happiness. I convinced myself that I am strong because I’ve got just a day left to see you.


77.  My mornings are meaningless, my days are lifeless, and my nights are colorless. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, and I can’t think properly. Your absence has traumatized me. I miss you, baby.


78.  My world is void. My heartbeat lacks rhythm. My life is in chaos. Everything seems out of place without you. I know you haven’t gone, but neither are you here. My heart needs you. Let’s meet as soon as possible. Heart you.


79.  I dropped my heart in the deepest part of the sea. The day you get a hold of it, would be the day I stop missing you.


80.  When the sun goes down, darkness looms over the face of the earth. Sadly, that’s what I see now. Darkness all around. Nothing seems visible. You’ve gone with the sun. Now I Can’t wait to have you in my arms again so this darkness could disappear. I am missing you so very much.


81.  I miss you. I might not say it as often as I should, but I do. Madly and crazily missing you right now.


82.  Just like the flowers need the sun to grow, so do I need you to keep living. You’re the oxygen to my breath. Unplugging, it would be the end of my life. I miss you.


83.  At this moment, nothing feels right now. You’ve always been my motivation and happiness. Knowing I won’t see you, kills me, love. I’m truly missing you badly.


84.  I hid my tears when I saw your pictures. But the agony I feel within still hasn’t changed. Nonetheless, I wear a hideous cloak to hide my pain. But no one misses you as much as I do.


85.  I don’t care how long it takes, am always gonna be here waiting for you, so we could be reunited forever.


86.  I crave for your touch — kisses, hugs and most important of all, your presence.


My heart misses you


87.  I miss you asking ‘How was your day? What’s the way forward? Do you want me to come over? I’m missing you badly, my love, patiently counting the days left for us to be together once again.


88.  I’m still sad knowing you aren’t close by. My heart still having difficulties in accepting that we’re a distance apart. But I know soon we will never be alone. I miss you.


89.  If I could put into writing how I feel about you, I could keep writing forever. I love you so much that I am willing to build walls around you, so I don’t ever get to lose you. I miss you.


90.  The amount of happiness you’ve brought into my life is numerous. So please, I need you back to pump more joy into my life.


91.  Time seems to run faster when missing a special someone but moves slower when you’re distant. Honestly can’t live a day without you.


92.  I am missing my girl. The days seem longer without you beside me. I miss you being there and caring for me. I miss you giggling and playing games with me. I await your return. See you soon.


93.  You don’t realize how much you miss someone until you want to do something beautiful, but they are not there to do it with you. This is what I feel right now. I miss you so much.


94.  No matter the hours or days I spend with you, I still miss you the moment we’re apart.


95.  I wish I were holding and caressing you and not missing you.


96.  I could care less if it’s just a few hours or a day. I just want to be with you again.


97.  I struggle to get a hold of myself because I seem not to get you out of the head. I miss you, dearly.


98.  I look at my heart each time I miss you. That’s the one way I can contact you. Miss you.


99.  Dreaming about you and not waking up beside you is hell. I miss you way too much that it hurts.


100.  I will think of you today, tomorrow and even in the future till I finally get to hold you so tight close to my heart.


Missing you messages for her

101.  I never knew how loneliness felt like until you left. I’m missing you.


102.  Each moment spent in your arms feels like seconds while each moment spent without you feels like years. I miss you.


103.  To say I am happy to be a part of your life is an understatement. I’m thrilled, delighted and blessed to have gotten onto your ship. Let’s keep sailing together beautifully. Love you, and I miss you.


104.  I lose my self when you are not around. With you, I find myself once again. I anticipate seeing you soon.


105.  I miss you in the morning. I miss you on the day. I miss you at night. How I wish you would always be here with me.


106.  Knowing I won’t be unable to see you for quite a long time shreds my heart into a thousand pieces. How am I gonna live life without you is what I can’t fathom. I wish you missed me as I do now.


107.  I knew hanging out, acting goofy and spending quality time with one another would make me so happy and loved. But I never knew reminiscing on the past would bring tears.



Missing you quotes

108.  There’s nothing as painful as being separated from the one you love. It’s a feeling so devastating and consuming. I long to touch and hug you but sadly, I can’t. I miss you deeply. I can’t wait to see you again.


109.  Every minute of the day, you’re always on my mind. The world seems further with you far away. If only I could get access to come to spend some time with you. But I’ll be here, patiently waiting to reunite with you, my love.


110.  Life is fun. Life is beautiful. Life is worth living. But not having the one person that makes life enjoyable, it’s one of the worst feelings one can ever feel. Come and make life meaningful again. I hope to see you soon.


111.  Our hearts have been intertwined with one another. Such that when you ain’t here with me, I am consumed with sadness. I miss you. Please come soon so I can feel whole and sane once more. I love you dearly.


112.  When two hearts are destined to be together, nothing can ever come in between them. So regardless of the miles between us, we’ll always be connected in hearts and minds.


113.  My world, for your sake, I am ready to cut across borders to come to wrap you in my arms. You’re like air. I can never get enough of you for without you, I cease to exist. I love you and I need you.


114.  We ain’t always lucky to get whatever we want. It’s either not available, not reachable or not permissible. But I know wherever you are, there my heart is as well.


115.  Months ago, we were planning how our future would look like. Now, fate has truncated our little plans. I know you’ve got to do this. But always remember that there’s someone special waiting for you. I miss you.


116.  I woke up with a terrible illness. At the hospital, I was told I had heart failure which can only be cured by your presence. Please come back to me soonest. I miss you and I can’t move on without you.


117.  I will send the sun to shine brightly over you, the wind to keep you warm and safe, the birds to sing beautifully to you, and angels to wade off evil from you. This is to show you how much I miss you.


118.  Every time it rains, know that it’s my heart weeping for your absence. Nothing seems special without you in it. I miss you more than anything in the world.


119.  I had thought this would be easier. That every little thing would go on smoothly. I never knew I was wrong. I didn’t know life would be useless when the heart is in despair. I miss you a lot.


120.  My world is crumbling. Only you can build them up with your soothing hands and the sweet words of your mouth. I miss you, babe.


121.  Each moment I am alone, I reminisce on the sultry times we’ve spent in each other’s arms. Those are moments I want to keep living for. Those moments grew me to be the person I am today. I miss you so much and I’ll wait to create more beautiful moments with you.


122.  I don’t care about the number of miles we are away from one another because I am always with you in spirit and in the soul. And if you could pay attention to the still night, you will hear the beating of my heart just for you my love. Heart you.


123.  Even in the midst of friends, families and fun, I still miss you. I want you back so much.


124.  I feel lonely in your absence. You’re my perfect addiction and I don’t ever want to be cured of it. I love you and I miss you.


125.  The world has not been colorful until you showed up. You made the rainbows to appear more colorful and attractive and my world began to bubble up. You’re no doubt God’s sent. My heart aches for you.


126.  If loving you means not seeing you every day, I wouldn’t hesitate to disagree but to agree because I’m willing to sacrifice anything for your sake.


127.  It’s been a while since I last saw you. Days spent without you are dull and lifeless. I want you, baby. Come back soon.


128.  To the sweetest person I know, always remember that you are in my heart and prayers. I miss you terribly.


129.  I had thought the most difficult to do was to smile through difficulties but now, the hardest to do is to keep missing you. You are at the center of my life. I love you and miss you. I’ll wait for your return.


130.  Some people strike you at your first meeting. With them, you feel safe, relaxed and cozy and when you hold them, it feels like bliss. You’re my home and my most favorite person on earth.


131.  It was my promise to care for you, protect you, honor and appreciate you. I practically can’t live a day not seeing nor getting more in touch. I really miss you. Be here soonest my love.


132.  It’s 365 days in a year and no day passes by without me thinking about you. You’ve entrapped and captured me with your charms. I can’t wait to be coiled in bed next to you for the rest of our lives. Missing you.


133.  When we’re together, my world becomes sweet, creamy and bubbly. When we are far apart, my whole world sinks into darkness. I need you every second of the day. You’re one person that can’t be found in a thousand years. Your kind is rare and out of this world. I miss you, my love.


134.  Today was one of the most beautiful days of my life. So sad you weren’t there to spend it with me. I don’t know how long I can keep up with this. But if waiting would be the only remedy to get to be with you, then I’ll wait in years to come. I love you.

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