27 Beautiful Love Poems for Him From The Heart

Love poems for him from the heart

Love poems for him from the heart


I know what it means to truly love someone and at some point in our lives, we all do.

The first stage – you develop feelings for someone who caught your attention by whatever you find attractive in the opposite sex.


Second stage – Then, you go out of your way to make sure he or she knows how you feel and how much length you can go to get them to feel the same way about you. Got you, right?


Third stage – At this stage, it becomes sort of your job to remind them of how you feel every single day and maintain the vibes through the ups and downs until you both tie the knot and spend forever together. Winks.


You are probably searching for the right ways you can express your love to this person. Love poems are a great way to make a loved one smile. As a matter of fact, a single poem got me the love of my life. So, you’re in the right place to find the right words that will keep taking your lover to cloud nine.


Here are some original poems specially crafted to surely bring smiles to the face of your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, or even that best friend of yours that has had your back since high school.


Ready? Let’s go!

Love poems for him from the heart – part one



Look outside, can you see the stars?

They shine for you and everything that you do.

Just smile back.

This is what I always desire to see on your face.


I will walk a thousand miles on hot desert sand to see you smile,

because your smile makes me smile.

And when we smile at the same time, the planet has no choice but to standstill

Waiting for our lips to meet.


It’s the way you laugh

It’s the way you smile

It’s that funny look you make when you are confused

It’s these little things I don’t take for granted

They form the foundation of my love for you.


You rekindle a flame

A flame I thought had died

A selfless side of me I thought was gone

Rare as gold

You have made me whole again


I am your friend

You are my confidant

In all these years, you have made me smile

Bringing sunshine into my life.

I want you to take a 5 minutes break

Take a break from always having my back

Let me have your back too.

Oops! Let’s have each other’s back

We should be both safe that way.


Just like the sun lights up the earth,

You light up my life

Of course, you are the only one who does that.

I’ve never seen with a smile so bright.

Yours does just that.


If love is a crime

I’m willing to be wanted

If trust is a crime

Then I prefer to await conviction

Cause I will break laws after laws

Just to watch you smile


I thought I was happy before I met you

I must confess

I am happier when I am next to you

I know how you make me feel inside

Always warm by your side

This love is better than I imagined

Much more, Over and over again.


Till death do us apart

Through the good and bad times

We will walk a better path

Our hands clutched together

Through the winds and storms

We will prevail together.

This, I promise.


I will be hooked,

to you, with you and by you.

As I looked at the future ahead

It will only be more beautiful with you by my side.


For with you, I would know what true love truly meant

I will make it grow so tenderly

I will never let anyone come in between us

Then, I would be content with everything else life has to offer.


I was empty and undefined

But as I see you, answers I find

Your love comes to me in stages

But it will stay with me for ages

We can stand toe to toe

With no place for us to go

As long as we both have our arms locked together.


I will hold you by your right hand

And I will never let you out of my sight

You fingers squeeze my hand

And your toes sank in the sand

Tenderly we kissed,

It is a moment of bliss.

Never would this moment go away

We would continue this way

So pretty, we are a pair!

I’ll always be there


I have always wanted to be with you,

Except before I met you

You chase away my fears

You gave me peace for years.


Each other’s life is the best thing to hold on to.

To have loved and lost is better than not knowing love

With you, I now know what true love is

You are my perfect definition of love so perfect.


I may forget many things

But I will never forget the one who made my heart sings

Even when death wants to use thunder

I said our love can never be put asunder.


I feel the warmth of your love’s fire

Even when it is winter

It is this love I desire

Which is better than the heater


You won’t hold a grudge

If we are in a hut

Love does not judge

Even when it hurts

You need nothing hot but my love

I will always love you


Our love is special

It is within our reach

What’s so essential?

Is the lesson it’ll teach

To our generation and the next.


It is not what you think

Nor what you did

It is positives on the brink

And the negatives you rid.

We are a work-in-progress after all.


Your mark on this world

And absolutely on me

Would not be rid by word

Neither by you nor by me

We will stand the test of time

Like Romeo and Juliet

Like Jack and Rose


Our true love

Truly sets us apart

No one could shove

You from my heart.


Though they say is blind,

Yet I can see

From my mind,

I believe it is true


Hatred has no space

When you are in the love race

There is no need for trace

Because you are walking with the right pace

Our differences cannot stand between us

I love you nevertheless


What’s the true definition of love

Love is not easily explained

Even the learned had their heart retrained

Love is universal, it is in everyone

It is innate as we are born

Love is not an object, it does not toe the line

It may be subtle but it is not weak

In fact, it is the strongest of all forces.

Love is invisible but its effect is quite visible

Love is pure and has no jealousy

You can fight for love but not with love

Love is the summation of the law.


A true love, can you find it?

A life with another, would you mind it?

If you haven’t be set free

I wonder where you will be

Where you are is not the ultimate

Without love, where is your mate?

The love you put behind,

You may never find.

What then would be your gain?

Or would you rather it is pain?

If you love longer

You will grow stronger

It is not about the load

But about the growth

May we grow together


One word

One word for my love for you: erratic

Another would be unpredictable

I could continue with the adjectives

But I know you already caught the gist.


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I love you today

I love you tomorrow

I love you this year and always

Till we help each other stand

Till we use walking sticks

Till death do us part


The best things in the world cannot be seen or heard

But feeling it in the heart brings it to life.

Without love, life itself is like a tree without blossoms

It is then safe to say, it is a fruitless life


What is the essence of a tree if it does not bloom?

Or how will it be a success without a successor?

Remember, success is not complete without a successor.

Not all fruit is perfect. Don’t wait until it is perfect.

What makes love perfect is the imperfections in love.

Once you know this, you have passed the first love test.


My love for you will never die

I promise you

We will swim and fly

We will crawl and jump

We will sleep and wake

And nothing will change the love we share

I repeat nothing.


Being loved is good, loving is better, having both is the best.

You are strengthened when you are being loved.

You have perfect courage when you love someone

But when you do both, you will be unbeatable.


My love, I will always remember our love

I could not love you more than I currently do

But this I can assure you, I will tomorrow.


I got you

You are always on my mind

I think of you first thing in the morning

And the last thing before I sleep.

You are the beat in my heart

The only one that warms my heart.

Our true love will be forever.


My Vision

When I was a young boy,

I have had a vision of how life should be

I have tried since then with undivided attention

But the vision gives me the slip

The vision was about a life filled with pleasure

And where love abides too

I run the vision with a solid action plan

To ensure a love voyage for two

No matter how long it takes

I’ll wait for true love.


Smooth ride with you

The road is paved for a smooth ride

To cover rough terrain

Tag along for a drive

To get home before the rain

Together we would get there

To create something perfect and limpid

Even if It took too long to get here

I know the vision would be fulfilled


Is Love Real?

What does the word love really mean?

Is it only a wishful Dream?

Is love two people sharing their lives?

Together, forever as husband and wife?

Is love a promise we make?

A promise we should never break?

A promise to only be with each other,

A promise there will be no other?

Is love a feeling or thought?

Or is it just something we all want?

Is love a choice we make?

Or is it a chance we take?

Is love good or is Love bad?

Does love make you happy or sad?

Is love a simple touch that gives you chills?

Or a beating heart that won’t be still?

Could love be a gentle kiss so passionately on the lips?

Does love hurt, does Love cry?

Is it love when your Tears won’t dry?

Can we love once? Can we love twice?

Or does true love happen only once in life?

Is love real?

Can love forgive?

Can love heal?

I know love is real. Because of pain,

I know how true love feels.

When nothing hurts worse than it,

You, too, will know love exists.

Author – Hope Broderson



When I look back

On the dreams, I left behind,

Buried there in all my thoughts

It is you I always find.

I saw you then as I see you now

Through love’s impassioned blindness,

A heart so fashioned there within

Filled with love and kindness.

How often has my heart declared?

With anguish, for my words are few,

That the wind shall blow a little longer,

To keep me here with you.

Sweeter still is the pain of love.

The bonds of love grow stronger,

Even after the moonlight has gone to sleep,

I shall always love you longer.

No other can stir my heart so deep,

Or thrill me through and through,

And in my dreams, there will never be

No other love but you.

When I look back to times gone by

There is one sure thing I know

It is you my love, who stole my heart

Fifty years ago.


Source: – Richard Netherland Cook –





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