Warm Love Letters For Him From The Heart

Love letters for him from the heart long distance

Love Letters For Him From The Heart


1.  To my better half

I wonder what would have become of me if i hadn’t met you. My world would have been void, colorless, and meaningless. Since the minute you stepped into my life, my life has never been this sweeter. I look forward to each day knowing I’ve got you beside me. You’re not just my man. You’re my soulmate and my guardian angel.  i savor every moment with you that i can’t imagine being wrapped in the arms of another man except you my better half. You’re the burning passion and the fire that keeps me going. Without you, i would stumble and tumble. Without you, i would have been lost with no one to find me. I’m so happy and grateful to God for making our paths crossed. Having you in my heart and my life is the best thing to ever happened to me. I love you and will keep loving you till forever.


2.  To my World,

 The best moments i ever had in life were the ones spent with you and in your arms. No doubt you’re my biggest drive, my sunshine, and my life. Your thoughts are in every nook and cranny of my heart that i can’t think of anything else except you. Your mere presence in my life gives me joy that i can’t put into words. Now it has become apparent why it never worked with any other man cause the universe was saving the very best there is for me. I love you my world, and I will keep saying it cause nothing can stop me from loving. Not even death cause I’ll be loving you in the world beyond. You own my heart, soul, and body. You are my everything, and I can’t live without you. We may be miles apart now, but tomorrow, we would be inseparable. Thank you for making me your queen my world. I love you so much, baby.


3.  To my Best friend,

Loving you is the best thing i ever did right in my life. Every moment, I keep imagining what it would be like not to have in my life. You’re my sole purpose of existence. You took every broken piece of my shattered world, mending them together. You took away all forms of doubts and weaknesses from my life, instilling self-confidence in me. You saw all my imperfections and loved me nonetheless. What more there is to look for? I’ve fallen for you and am willing to give up anything and everything so you could be with me forever. Indeed, being with you is one of the best feelings in the world. Thank you for everything. You’re simply the best. I am thrilled to spend my life with you and our unborn kids my love. For with you, am more than complete.


4.  To the Man that owns my heart

I wake up each day with a big smile on my face knowing I’ve been blessed with the best man on earth. Your love fills me, energize me, and propel to become a better version of myself. Life never made sense until you came along; then everything started falling into places. I Love you baby, and i want you to know that I’m not going to give up on my feelings for you, cause it the only thing that keeps me sane. Be assured that I am all yours. My heart and my soul are all yours. Never have i felt this complete and peaceful within before. I appreciate you for your love, care, and your persistence. You chose to stay regardless of all the pain I’ve caused. I can’t thank you enough. And i promise to be here for you and to fight for you. The intensity of my love consumes every fiber of my being that nothing else seems important to me except you. I cherish you like nothing else, and i can’t wait for us to become one forever.


5.  To my sweetheart

Never for once did i imagined that i could love someone more than my own life. Though it may seem, absurd sweetheart, that is the depth of my love for you. I love you even beyond scientific explanations and human imaginations. You’re adorable, lovely, passionate, and the perfect description of an Angel. You helped me to discover my true potentials when others saw nothing good in me. You also helped through my fears and insecurities. Indeed, you’re one of a kind. I’ve fallen so genuinely and madly in love with you that I can’t stand being with anyone else. Knowing that you’re mine makes me wanna capture the stars for you. Im preoccupied with your thoughts that i can’t concentrate anymore. It is an honor and a privilege to have gotten the most handsome and admirable man ever. My wish is to spend eternity beside you. I love you, sweetheart.


6.  To my One and Only,

Falling in love with you was no doubt, the best thing that ever happened to me. I never knew there was something peculiar and different about you until i fell helplessly in love with you. Honestly, i had given up on love, and you warmed in your way into my life. What perfect timing! You looked through my ugly past but never condemned me for it, and you taught me always to be bold and unwavering, you completely changed my perspective about life and made me see reasons to love again. Sincerely speaking, our love is the perfect description of ‘true love.’ A love so pure, consuming, and irresistible. I’m so proud to have you, baby. With you by my side, life becomes more comfortable to scale through. I’ve gotten so addicted  To you that i can’t live without you. I promise never to leave cause I’ve seen your soul, and realized that our souls fit perfectly well. You’ve been created just for me so. You’re entirely mine. Love you my One and Only.

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