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Long Paragraphs for him or her

long paragraphs for her

1.  In my desperate moments of need, you prove yourself true, in moments where pain and depression reign, your presence speaks to comfort my soul.

During periods where confusion gets the best of me, your expression of undying affection is all I need to be calm.

What I feel for you, is far from the love of teenage lovers, something grand, big enough that my heart remains incomplete without the sound of your voice or the reassuring tone of your laughter.

I never imagined in my wildest dreams, that I could care so much for you, I willingly confess, my king, every fibre of my bones has been placed under the submissiveness of your warm touch. I love you, my special one.


2.  I have always fantasised about what genuine affection taste like. I have engaged a lot of the male folks to get the special treatment of being their source of joy.

But with you, I fully came to terms with the word ‘love.’ Days after seeing you, my soul yearns for you. The innermost parts of my being screams for your touch, for the embrace that provided me with the comfort I needed.

I am hopelessly in love with you, and it is my heart desire that the flame of our passion burns until the end of time.



3.  The daydreams that have always got me blushing, the kisses that have made my heart melt, the hugs that have always allayed my fears, I yearn for this.

There’s nothing better than the attentiveness of a considerate lover. I have never been pampered and cared for the way you do to me.

My heart skips every time our eyes meet. My Universe pauses when we lock lips. The passion that arises in me when you hold me is mind altering. May our love endure the test of time. I love you, my one and only.



4.  Days after we met, I recalled how I asked about every detail about you. I sort to figure out the mystery in the special one my heart has chosen.

Days turned to months, and months spanned years, and yet I’m still curious about the man that made my defensive walls come crashing.

The shiver that moves down my spine whenever you hold me, the warmth that gathers in me when we hug, this my dear can only be inspired by you. You remain my world, my true love. I treasure you.



5.  For the survival of our love, we both have given all, during the gloomy season, all that my soul has always sought is the warmth of your body, the soothing baritone of your voice, the musical tones of your laughter.

These have made me fight through terrible times, you’ve brought hope to me, during periods when things didn’t work out well.

I am fortunate to have met you. I feel special to be the one that makes your heart skip a beat. I love you.



6.  We may quarrel, we may say hurtful words to each other, but just one kiss and my soul is screaming for you, my heart completely forgives you.

I’ve always wondered if I ever get mad at you, but alas! No! I’m dazzled by the benevolence of your heart, the uniqueness of your speech and the insight if your actions.

Every day you inspire me, I think of how annoying and stressful my life would be without your warm embraces and comforting words. Thanks for making my world.


7.  I found you love when life ordeal hit me hard, during those sad moments, you stood by me, reassured me of your undying love and support.

Those moments are long gone, but your words and expression of affection remain dear to my heart.

I ponder on how helpful and supportive you’ve been through these years.

I want to always be there for you, and I pray I remain that special one that makes your smile foolishly during the day. You mean a lot to me, my king.


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8.  The pure joy your love brings to me can never be compared to anything. I will trade anything to bask in the comfort and delight of our beautiful love.

How intoxicating this feeling can be. How mesmerising the emotions are. What I feel cannot be expressed by mere words, the actions inspired by such emotions are as pure as the feeling.

I recall every date that has made the foundation of love stronger, the times where we both witnessed the beauty of the stunning skyline complimented by the little touches of the stars, the beautiful rainbows during the cold nights. I cherish these memories, and I’m thankful to that special one that gave me these memories.


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9.  How could I say no? How can I ignore you? Despite the number of times, I’ve resolved to ignore you, your heartfelt apologies and the soothing tone of your voice has always made me betray my resolutions.

You are my weakness. Thoughts of you invoke the sweetest and warmest memories in me. I cherish the times we’ve spent to get her, the times you’ve made me see how I could become a better person.

I appreciate the fact that you took time to see the kind heart that lays beneath the stubborn one. May our love grow stronger by the day. I love and treasure you.



10.  If wishes could come to past, I’ll wish for aeons to pass, while we continue to bask in the euphoria of our love.

Words can not describe the joy I derive from the assurance of our love. No one other than me understands the passion and the emotion that you inspire in me.

Some say my love for you makes me blind, but I’ll continue to be blind if that’s the price to be paid for the emotion that gushes in me.

You’re the only that’s agreeable to my heart, the one that I feel secure with. Thanks for these fantastic years.

long paragraphs for her

11.  Sad days come, moods swings are a regular occurrence, but the only emotion that beats the test of time is my undying affection for you.

The purest of all emotions, the sweetest of all feelings are what bubble in me whenever I wrap my arms around your broad shoulders.

My source of constant joy, I am grateful to you for the undying affection you’ve shown me through these years. I love you, my king.


Long Love Paragraphs for Him


12.  The radiance your presence brings, the reassuring feeling of comfort your hugs give, all this I feel only with you, my dear one.

In troubled times, the sight of your face is enough to comfort me. I find solace in your calm words of encouragement.

I have always fidgeted on how grand the feeling, love brings, but not until I met you did I understand how addictive it is. I love you, my special one.



13.  In times of peril and great emotional pains, In times where happiness becomes dismal, and sadness controls my heart, in these moments, you’ve always held on to me.

Despite my inadequacies and my vulnerability, you have always been my rock.

Sometimes I wonder how my life would have been without you, the sad picture that comes to my mind is worse than the worst nightmares I’ve ever had.

You fill in me a high vacuum, a special place meant for a particular person. How much I love you, my beloved, may our love continue to grow on till the end of time.



14.  As I lay on my bed tonight, my mind travels back in time, to the special day when our worlds met. That special occasion changed our worlds.

Despite your angry response to my subtle jokes, insight made me understand that behind the common reactions, and the irritating looks hid the purest heart.

One which when incited to display the superb quality of love will inspire cold-hearted individuals to retract their steps.

I was never wrong, years from that particular day, you’ve been my Queen, the bond that knows the vulnerable part of me.

It’s an honour to have you in my world, thanks for letting me into yours. My Queen, I cherish every moment spent with you.



15.  Despite the distance that separates us, my heart sings your name. My beloved, I desperately long for your smiles, your flirting gaze, your tender touch.

Your words are like a soothing balm to my soul. They endear me. The toughest part of me is reduced to nothing when your voice rebounds in my heart.

My special one, my dear one, my beloved, this feeling of love is one that I will forever bask in.



16.  Though my heart has been rock solid thanks to several heartbreaks, the moment we spoke, the moment you poured your heart out to me, I realised how hopelessly in love I’ve become.

The anxious wait for your calls in the morning, the hours spent daydreaming of your touches, all this my love refreshes my soul.

Every time I sight you, my mind breaks into a frenzy, the deepest part of me, screams your name. I fantasise daily about spending time with you. I love you, my Queen, you made me once again experience the blissful emotion love presents.



17.  Among the multitude of mortals on the entire planet, my heart fell for you. The feeling you invoke in me is one that makes sick souls die.

I feel lucky and unique to be the one whom your heart desires. I appreciate your beauty, your love and the emotions you inspire in me.

During my darkest days, you comfort me, reminding me of previous feats. How could I ever forget you, no one has made me feel this way, you’ll forever have a special place in my heart.



18.  It is often said that we never appreciate what we own until we lose it. I’m lucky I realised how precious you are to me before things went sour.

Despite the strains in our relationship, despite the hurtful words, we still find a way to make our love strive. My love, your happiness is my priority.

Cursed be the one which brings tears to your eyes, despite the bumpy ride in our journey to eternal happiness, I cherish your understanding, the patience and love you’ve shown.

I promise you, dear, never, to take you for granted, you’ll always remain my special one, my number one.



19.  Words mean nothing in the absence of true feelings, as I pen this note, the emotions that flow in me my love is one which words cannot express.

I feel special and humbled that you chose me among the male flocks who tirelessly expression affection for you. With you, I have come to become the best version of my self.

Your alluring qualities have rubbed on me. I feel special to experience this heartfelt affection that has made me realise how much beauty and good thing life brings.

I pray we grow old together while our love survives the test of time.



20.  Seasons of joy, seasons of love, seasons of sorrow, you stick by my side through all. A special place in my heart, you possess.

Everywhere I go, the radiant of your wonders reflect on my face. I feel privileged to enjoy this sort of love. No matter the sorrows, you’ve always proven loyal.

My special one, my favourite being, the only one that inspires feelings of hope and determination for success in me, i want to thank you for this moment.



21.  Safely tucked in the secret chamber of my mind are beautiful memories of time spent with you. The fulfilment and satisfying feeling of love is one which my heart succumbs to.

Within me,  a thousand emotion rise,  a thousand voice speaks,  all are connected to you. The smiles my face knows is related to the very benevolent act of love you extend to me.

The smiles my face knows is akin to the very selfless act of love you continue to show me.



22.  My smiles, your touch, my soul yearn for them. Moments when anxiety lay upon my heart, your reassuring words were like a soothing balm that calmed my soul.

I want for those moments when I wake up to be greeted by your beautiful smiles. The only one my heart truly desires, these days without seeing have been dismal.

Thoughts of rejection rule my mind. The reassuring text I receive daily from you is the only thing that has kept me on. I can’t wait to be reunited with you again.



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23.  You are the reason why I am full of hope today. You are the reason why I smile. But the most important of all, you are my reason to live.

No exact words can best describe how excited I am to have gotten a jewel like you. I would forever cherish every time spent with you.

I keep asking myself over and over again what I did to deserve someone as magnificent and beautiful as you, but I shall be forever grateful for your kindness, affection, love, and attention.

Thank you for being my partner. I love you.



24.  There is no second, minute, or hour that I don’t think of you whenever we are apart.

I’m always reminded of your smile, your gorgeous face, and those captivating eyes that leaves one gasping for air with your melodious voice soothing my heart.

Each time I stare into them, I feel safe, secure, and surer of myself. It feels tremendous knowing there is someone out there who cares about you as much as I care about them.

With you, it feels like I can face all trails and obstacles without backing out. You believed so much in me when others failed to.

You are my rock in hard times and my light in dark moments. You make me feel so special that I don’t want ever to feel this way with anyone else except you. I love you,  dearie. You will always be in my thoughts no matter how far apart we are.



25.  Ever since I was born, never have I dedicated myself to anyone except you. My heart, my life,  and my soul are yours.

You’re such an essential part of my life that I feel beautiful and alive each time we are together. And for that, I promise to put in more effort, more energy, and more time into this excellent relationship we’ve got.

Even if I say I love you a thousand times, it still won’t be enough. Our love is exceptional, perfect, and excellent. It is science beyond human understanding. Can’t wait to see you again, darling. I love you.



26.  Whenever I think about the fact that we are together, I am always amazed while reminding myself how lucky I am to be a part of your life.

You are a unique being with a gentle heart and a lovely soul. Never in my life have I seen anyone who is as caring and thoughtful as you are.

You are the most beautiful blessing I’ve ever received from God. Though we’ve had our fair share of arguments, but am more than convinced that we are met to be together. Thank you for choosing me out of millions out there.



27.  While I may not be able to give you all the most exquisite jewels and pearls in the world, I promise to provide you with the little I can.

I promise to love you both on terrible and beautiful days. I promise to love and cherish this relationship no matter the unpleasantness of life.

I promise to lift you whenever you are feeling down. I promise to keep this relationship sailing. I promise never to hurt you and to kiss away all your worries and fears.



28.  Nonetheless, I can’t promise you that we won’t have ups and downs. I can’t promise you that I will always be strong and not cry.

But I can guarantee that I will always love you more than anything in this world and won’t let go of your hands in regardless of what we may go through.

And lastly, I will never give up on you, and I will never give up on us because I promise to stay with you till eternity. Love you to the Moon and back my special one.



29.  Ever since we crossed paths, I knew instantly that my life was about taking a U-turn. Life has never been this sweet since we met. My life is excitive, blissful, and fulfilling all thanks to you.

You have helped me discover so many potentials and talents. I’m courageous, stronger, and fully prepared to face the world with you beside me.

Thank you for giving me so much more than I ever could have wanted. You give me sheer happiness from within.

I will eternally be grateful for what we have and for the future things that are yet to come. You are the only one I want to actualise my dreams with.

The only one I want to wake up in his arms. The only one I want to build an empire with. I love you, my backbone. I always will love you until the day that I breathe my last breath.

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30.  I have fallen so deeply in love with you, that I even get confused if I have been charmed, don’t blame me, if I have refused to take things slowly with you, this is as a result of your mesmerizing enchantment over me, I just want to be with you for the rest of my life. I will be so lost without you. I want you, and I think the right word is, I need you.


31.  You are one hell of a complete package with many emotional incentives, and I feel your kiss all over my body when we lock lips, it sends shivers down my spine, I haven’t felt this way for anyone before. When you say those soothing words mildly in my ears, I feel like I am floating in outer space. Who would have thought I would love someone I once saw as a stranger, you have become the most critical person in my life. I heart you real good.

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