129+ Long Good Morning Messages for Her – You will love

Long good morning messages for your crush

long good morning messages for her

Are you looking for that perfect and elegant right long good morning message that you can use to lighten up her morning?  Then look no further. For here is a collection of the very best long good morning messages that you can choose from.


Nothing beats sending your girl some long good morning


ng messages that would completely sweep her off her feet indicating to her that you do not only love and cherish her, but you idolize and treasure her as well for she is worth more than the most beautiful jewels in the world.


long good morning messages for her 1


1. Do you know why waking up is my favorite time of the day, it’s because the first thing I get to see in the morning is your beautiful face, and your smile makes my day perfect.


2. The morning sun shines, but your smile shines brighter, your skin glows like a diamond, the cool breeze of the morning reminds me of you because it’s cool being with you always. Good morning Honie.


3. Hey sweetheart, I know the night was long and peaceful, mine was cool because you are the last person I talked to before going to bed, my morning will be great if you send me a photo of you in bed, thanks love. Good morning.


4. The night was lit, I dreamt of you, it was so cool and real I didn’t want to wake up, thanks to my baby. Good morning my angel, do have a lovely day ahead of you.



5. I am in the office already drinking distilled water and looking out the window looking at birds flying, and their songs are sweet and pleasing to my ears, I am just sad you ain’t here with me, Good morning sweetheart, I miss you a lot. Hope to be with you soon.



6. My morning was boring always, whenever I wake up, I just stare at the ceiling, but since I met you, my morning has been nothing short of glorious, I don’t just get to wake up to your beautiful face, I also get to cuddle and kiss the heck outa you, I love you so much. Good morning my angel.


7. Your voice is so sweet, this is why I can’t get enough of you, I want your voice to be the first thing I hear after waking up and the last thing I hear before going to bed, so never get tired of seeing my phone calls, good morning Honie, expect my call in 2 minutes time.


8. I worry a lot when I am away from you, but you keep my spirit alive whenever I wake up to those sweet voice notes of yours, thanks to my Honie, all those worries disappear when I hear your sweet voice, thanks for the voice notes, I just got them and they are lovely. I love you so much. Good morning.



9. I don’t get so cold again when the morning breeze blows because you are always there to keep me warm, thank you, my love, for always making my morning a great one.

long good morning messages for her


10. All the worries go away, whenever you wrap those arms of yours around me, you are like the goddess of light, because you push out the darkness in me, you give me new hopes, sometimes I wonder what could have been of me if I never met you. Good morning my angel.


11. Being in love with you have actually given me insights into all those lovely cute paragraphs about love really mean, if this love is a dream, please don’t wake me up. Good morning my love.



12. I never knew you were this fun to be with, I guess it’s true what they say, you never judge a book by its cover, getting to know you better has been a whole hell of fun, every time I am with you is amazing. I hope you have an amazing morning.


13. I want to let you in a little secret of mine, I get butterflies in my tummy, anytime I with you, and when you stare those beautiful eyes of yours, and I stare back my heartbeat doubles. I am so in love with you. Good morning my priceless jewel.


14. I promise to be everything you want in a boyfriend, I will be with you in your gloomy and shiny days, and you are more than a friend to me. Do have a blessed morning.


15. Sometimes I amaze myself with the amazing stuff I keep doing, I never knew I had all these beautiful stuff in me, look at what you have done to me, you ignited this wonderful part of me, I am so lucky I found you. I love you so much. Good morning my heartbeat.


16. With you in my life I have been able to blow out the dark flame that has been burning my heart with lots of hate and disgust, you came into my life and flushed my heart with your never-ending love and care. You are my world best. Good morning my sweetness.


17. How can I forget the first time I set my eyes on you? It’s the best day of my life, I still remember every bit of tiny details that happened, and that day marked the beginning of my happy days. You are my source of happiness. Good morning my princess.


18. Love smiled at me twice, once when I first set my eyes on your beautiful face and second when you said good morning to me. That has got to be the best morning of my life. Good morning my morning star.


19. I have now confirmed that, there is no end to the love you have for me, because each day I keep seeing wonderful versions of you, you made the sunshine, oh yes, I believe God exists because you are a living proof, you make me a believer every time I stare into your beautiful eyes. God sure loves me. Good morning my God sent.


20. Everything I ever desired in a woman you have it all, my heart is peaceful anytime we are together, I wake on every morning with the first thought of greeting my baby angel. Have a peaceful morning.


21. You are gorgeous just as your heart, I have loved you since the first day I set my eyes on you, but the best day of my life has to be the day, you told me you loved me too. I am on top of the world knowing that you are mine. Have a beautiful morning my love.


22. I know I love you because, I thank God every morning for having an angel like you, and you don’t know what you have done to my soul. I have been liberated, my hear is light, peaceful and joyous, it’s all because of you, Have a splendid morning


23. Having someone like you, arguably makes me the happiest man alive, there is nothing I wouldn’t do just to make sure I see you smile every morning. I hope this text message makes you smile, I love you, good morning.


24. You are special, you never get tired of telling me those lovely but underrated three magic words ‘I Love You’, any time I get those words I am super excited it constantly rings in my head reassuring me of your love, it practically crowns my day great. I hope these words of mine makes your morning a great one. I Love You.


25. I just realize that it’s the morning cuddles I miss the most, it always work magic on my body, making my day a great one. I am really missing you, and I can’t wait for us to be together forever. I love you so much. Good morning.


26. I get intoxicated with your words when you tell me about your day, I just you to keep on talking, it’s so funny how you smile at me when you notice I am deep in ecstasy. You are one of a kind. Good morning.


27. Just as your morning voice note makes my morning great, I hope my good morning message slaps a smile on your beautiful face. Don’t blush my queen truly you are a marvel. I love you always. Good morning.


28. You are full of positive vibes, eliminating all those negative energies from my membrane when you tell me I can do it, I feel I can do anything and I get things done. You are my motivation, and my world revolves around you and your body too. Ha-ha. Have a morning that is as beautiful as you, I love you.


29. I won’t tell you I am 100percent happy that we are not together right now, yes I do feel lonely, but it’s those times we spend together that keeps me going, looking at your beautiful face on my tablet. But it’s when you tell me that ‘you are mine forever’ that does the magic, I am elated, all negative emotions are wiped out, I couldn’t have wanted a better partner. You are simply the best. Good morning my sugar.


30. I get all worked up in my daily activities, I get tired, I get lost in thoughts, but when I turn back, I see you with a smile telling me to keep going. You make me one hell of a happy man. Do have a wonderful morning. I love you.


31. You got all the sauce in you, it’s in your beautiful voice when you call me, I feel comfort when we hug it, when you touch me I am not on this earth, I seem to be in another realm, those beautiful smile of yours makes me fall in love over and over again. Have a charming day.


long good morning messages for her to wake up to

32. There is only one face that brings smiles to my face every time I wake up, it’s your beautiful face my darling. Good morning.


33. You are one I admire a lot, I will search every nuke and crannies of the earth to find you faster in my next life, because I really love you so much, good morning my queen.


34. Don’t look anywhere else when you need someone, because I will always be right behind you to answer the clarion call. Good morning my sweetheart.


35. It’s you I think about, when I open my eyes every morning before I close my eyes to sleep you fill my lovely thoughts, you are one in a trillion. Good morning.


36. I really don’t get it, when people say love hurts because your love is the most soothing, I don’t think I can ever be without you in my life. Have a lovely morning my love.


37.  Good morning the woman that completes me, I am missing you real good.


38. Good morning to the one I am prince charming to, my princess you deserve all the happiness in this world, I hope my message to you this morning puts a smile on your face.


39. So many things are not really worth fighting for so I tell myself, but when it comes to you my love, I will fight the whole world. Good morning.


40. Let me be your favorite text message sender, I promise to fill your phone with lovely messages to put smiles on your face every morning. Have a lovely day ahead ofyou my sweet chocolate.


41. I woke up this morning all smiles, do you know why, I think how you gonna make the best mom for our kids, I am so proud I have gotten them the best woman in the world as their mom, good morning world best mom.


42. Do you know, a good morning text from you changes my mood, I hope mine keeps your morning groove right on track.


43. I love you, I want to describe my love for you, I just can, and it’s like trying to describe the taste of pure water. Good morning lover.


44. I just woke up, and I got a glimpse of your face. My morning is great already.


45. You are special to me, I might love you as much as you love me, but I am ready to any lengths just to keep our love going. Good morning.


46. There a lot of great love story we heard while growing up, but ours is the best. Good morning my black melanin.


47. I guess you don’t know how joyous my mornings are, knowing I got a beautiful lady out there that loves me so much. Have a lovely day my choice.


48. I love what you bring to the table any time we sit and have a real talk, I have got the best lady as a partner, and I hope your morning is as bright as your smile.


49. You are so important to my life, my life is like a juice and you are the ingredient that adds taste to it. Good morning my heart.


50. A partner that makes everything about me great, I couldn’t have asked for a better girlfriend. Good morning sunshine.


51. Believe me, I dreamt about having a great woman that loves me, but you are more than what I bargained for, you are a complete package, I love you die. Good morning.


52. I still cannot figure out how I got the best woman in the world as mine, I am not lucky to have you, I am blessed. Good morning my morning star.


53. I just want to let you know that, I think about you every minute of my life, I just thought about you that’s why I am sending you this text. Good morning my sugar.


54. It’s funny how I never thought I would have the opportunity to hold you so close to me to tell you how much I love you. Because right now, I need you more than anything. Have a great day ahead.


55. You love me beyond words can explain, I don’t get how I deserve all the love you give me. I cherish you so much. Good morning my God sent.

Long Good Morning Messages for Her [Make Her Smile Today]

Do you know, morning is one of the best times to send messages to your lover? Let me reveal a big secret you might already know but most times take for granted. There is no better time than waking your girlfriend up with some beautiful long good morning text messages, you got to be good with your timing, you know when she wakes, you can send it few minutes to when she wakes up. You have literally light up her morning with a lot of smiles, ushering her into a beautiful and happy mood for that day, making her love you more.

What is even more thrilling is that, with the long good morning messages for her that you have surprised her with, it’s almost impossible for her not to reply you with a thank you, my love message. However, you cannot always expect a reply from her, thanking you for the message, to hit that spot, you have to be very creative with your words and still mean every bit of what you say in the text message. Notwithstanding that fact, it’s not easy coming up with such beautiful messages, you as the boyfriend have to understand what your girlfriend likes and how to trigger those emotions, making her happy should be your number one priority.

A boyfriend that makes his girlfriend happy is the perfect boyfriend for her. That’s why you shouldn’t take sending long good morning messages for her lightly. It pays a huge role in your relationship. Always remember, a happy girlfriend has the perfect boyfriend.

We highly recommend sending her a dose daily to spark up her morning.


56. it’s a shiny morning, not as shining as your face though, I heard the morning whispering, telling the cool breeze how jealous she is. Even I know so and I am not surprised, because you are a rare gem, perfect for me. Good morning my angel rise and shine. I love you.


57. Distance is really killing, I know how my mornings are with you by my side, those many mornings I wake up early just to watch you sleep are so awesome, I really miss them, and I can’t wait for you to come back and be my side. Just send me a photo of you smiling to crown my already started day a perfect one. Good morning love of my life, I am so missing you.


58. The mornings are always great with you, those bed talks, kisses, and cuddles I really miss all of them, but it has become part of me, that is why I can’t wait for us to be together finally, when I wake up I want you to be by my side just to see your beautiful face. Top of the morning to you my heart.


59. You are my good morning vibe, I wake up full of energy for the day, not because I am physically fit or because of my morning workouts, it is mostly because of the beautiful lady I go to bed with and wake up with. You are such a darling. Good morning, I hope you saw me in your dreams?


60. The sun shines in the morning

But you shine so brightly in my life 24/7

Have a great day, my sunshine.


61. You are getting my text this early because

I slept thinking about you

And I woke up with the thoughts of you in my head

Tell me, how your night was, hope you dreamt about me?

Good morning!


62. Each new day

Each morning

My love for you renews

And the idea of spending my morning alone

Scares me. Please be mine forever.

Good morning!


63. It’s not because I am too handsome

That has made me see this beautiful morning

God made that possible.

It’s not because I am the best

That’s why you love me.

I know God blessed me with your love.

Good morning.


64. I love you every morning

Because my love refreshes every day

You can do me wrong today

And tomorrow I have forgotten about it

But no babe, you do no wrongs in my eyes

Good morning.


65. Just as your love has given my morning fragrance, so shall my love for you break barriers anywhere you go today, may our love fill our heart to prompt us to pass it on to others. We cool like that, good morning my best partner.


66. The Lord has made you see today, so as your day shine brighter than the sun, may your day be better than your previous days, and everything you have planned will go accordingly. Good morning my love, have a great day.


67. My morning won’t be complete, if I don’t wish the love of my life a happy great day ahead, good morning my angel, go out and break barriers, it’s in you..


68. It’s because I think about you every morning when I wake up, that’s why you are getting a message from me right now, I love you so much, and I want your day to be as awesome as you. I love you, good morning.


69. My wish for you this morning is for you to have so much reason to keep smiling throughout the day, and I want to be among those reasons you smile. Good morning my dear, as you move out, Grace will smile on you.


70. As you have seen this new morning, that is as bright as your smile, may you keep smiling today, just know that I will be a text away if you ever want or need something, I love you so much.


71. God has done great, he made us see today, it’s now left for us to go out and do exploits, I love you, and I want your day to be a successful one. Good morning.


72. I am wishing you a good morning because I want you to enjoy the whole of today with happiness in your heart, you have a heart of gold, pray that sorrow will never find its way there, shine on my angel. Good morning.


73. You are beautiful and full of life, I love you because your confidence is impeccable, so my dear I wish you have a day as productive as the love you have for me. I love you so much. Good morning.


74.  Crack a smile today, it makes you look ageless

I have sent 3 hugs for you to make your day better

I want your day to be amazing so, I have attached sweet kisses

Enough for you today.

Good morning.


75. I am grateful to God every new day I wake up

He has given me a reason to be happy for the rest of my life

I want to let you this morning that I love you so much

And you are the reason I smile every morning I wake up.

Good morning my princess, smile because I love you.


76.  I have got a beautiful girlfriend

She loves and supports me

What more can I possibly want in this life

I have got it all with you in my life.

I will spend the rest of my life making you happy

Because I am happy every morning.

Good morning my sweet choco.


77. Good morning my beautiful sleepyhead girlfriend

This is your alarm boyfriend speaking

Wake up!!!

It’s time to brush your teeth,

Take youth bath, eat some good food

And look beautiful for me.

Check this message attachment, I have some kiss for you

I love you.


78. I might not be with you to drink your delicious morning tea

But you are always in my heart

Working your magic on me

I don’t add sugar to my morning tea

Because your love is enough sugar for me

Good morning my love.


79. Hello my love, its morning again, and it’s as bright as your beautiful face.

I wish you lots of awesome moments that will leave a smile on your beautiful face. I love you so much.

Hello babe, babe wake up!! It’s me, I am waiting for my morning kiss, common wake up. I love you.

Good morning messages for her

good morning messages for her


80. In my heart, I know we will be ok, with our love we will overcome any trouble that comes our way, when the night goes away and the morning comes, you are the first thought of mine. There is nothing changing my love for you. Good morning.


81. Your love has got me dreaming of you, I miss your touch, hugs, and kisses, I hope your morning is as lovely as your heart.


82. It’s marvelous how you love me so much, I appreciate all that but I want to let you know something this morning, I am under your spell, and I don’t think I can ever get over you, in you I find comfort, good morning my comfort zone.


83. It’s a fact that you have shown me more times than I can count that you love me so much, and I know in my heart you will never walk out on me, for this reason, I dedicate the whole of my life to seeing you happy always. Good morning.


84. I am deaf to all they say, it’s you I want to be, you are my one and only choice and I want to spend the rest of my blessed life with you, we are gonna grow old together and have grandchildren running around in our homes, good morning my wife.


85. It’s really impossible for me to stay without you, the only true joy I have in my life, you have given me, this love is made to stay forever, bigger you I pray my dear. Good morning.


86. Every morning you continue to look even more ravishing, I want you to know that I will never hurt you in any way, every day of my life I am happy that I have found the one I want to be with forever, I will be by your side at all times, good morning.


87. It’s true when I tell you, there is no one like you, I can’t let you go, because my life will become a calamity, it’s my dream to always be beside you when you wake up every morning. Good morning my love.


88. I love you more every morning because I get to see a new you every day, I am honored to have you walk this long life journey with me, I promise to never let you go. I love you good morning.


89. You see through me, you know exactly what’s best for me, we are a perfect match, made from heaven, nothing will ever come between us, I am gonna give this relationship my best even if I have to put my life on the line, because I will do anything for you, my dear, Good morning.

Your wife will love these trust me.

90. I find it hard to close my eyes, anytime you are away from me, I know you are not gone, but I want us to be together every moment of our lives, I am able to hold on because of the beautiful memories we shared in the past, please come back to me soon, I want to be happy again. Good morning, I can’t wait to be with you again.

Long good morning messages for best friend

91. When I first saw you, I saw perfection, knowing full well I don’t deserve you, you closed my lips and told me, you will give me all your love. Know this today, I will spend the rest of my life making you happy. Good morning


92. I don’t think you have any idea the love I have for you, I am mad about you, it’s pretty clear I can’t think straight now, I can give you the world so you be ok for me. Good morning.


93. It’s no more a surprise all my thoughts lead to you, it’s because I’m bedazzled by you. Good morning my sunshine.


94. It’s really insane to say love makes one unguarded, your love has given me more than I asked for, you see how your love made me a better guy, I owe it all to you, my girl. Good morning.


95. I will travel around the world to get all seven wonders, just to throw at your feet. And ask just for a kiss and a beautiful smile. Good morning my heart.


96. I seem to know my shortcut to happiness, I quickly wake up before you and watch you wake up, then you smile at me. My new day is already great.


97. Baby, I just want to let you know that you are always in my heart every day of my life, but my sole purpose in this life is for you to be in my house living happily with me in your bosom. Good morning!


98. If you really want something, go down on your knees and talk to God, it worked for me, I prayed for you, now you are mine. Good morning.


99. You are my wish that came true, you are beautiful, smart, and hardworking and have a heart of gold, what more can I ask for. You’re the best. Good morning.

long good morning messages for her (last part)

100. I know you love me, that’s why I am happy I have got the best woman to bear my kids. Good morning wifey.


101. You supported me from day one, you only deserve all the accolades. Good morning love.


102. Sometimes I just can express how much you mean to me in words, I just want to hug and kiss you, so you will understand perfectly. Have a great day ahead of you queen of my heart.


103. You are like spice in my life because you make my life sweet. Good morning


104. This is the calculation I came up with trying to figure out why I am always happy. It’s simple math though. Me + You = Felicity.


105. You don’t know what your kiss does to me, one kiss, baby command me, I will bring the mountain down to your feet. Good morning


106. I don’t mind walking up to everyone in this world, just to hug and thank them for letting me have you all to myself. You are the best dear. Good morning.


107. I have you in my mind, and I look forward to the day that we will finally be together and make beautiful babies. Good morning honey.


108. My day is not complete if I don’t compliment my darling, you are the best love. Good morning.


109. My baby, my honey, my blessed angel. I love you so much, may your day be filled with divine blessing. Good morning.


110. It’s now fun waking up every morning, knowing exactly how my day will turn out. Your love is the only source of happiness in my life, please don’t stop loving me. Good morning my dear.


111. I never planned for this love, look at how it has swept me off my feet, now you mean everything to me, I live for you, my dear. Good morning.


112. My heart beats for you, each beat is a reminder of how important you are to me, my love for you is everlasting. Good morning.


113. I remember the days when all I did was dreamt and fantasize about cuddling and whispering sweet words to you, my dreams and fantasy have come alive. Thank you my honey. Good morning.


114. My life has changed in a special way, with the awesome love you give me. You are like water to my system. You are important to me my dear. Good morning.


115. It’s no secret you love me so much, but I am clueless how? Because I look at my life and can’t believe a beautiful girl like you would give her all to me. I am so glad I have got you. Good morning sweets.


116. I just miss being with you, because when I am with you, everything goes away, your touch sends shivers down my spines, it’s one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. I hope you looking great this morning. Have a nice day my love.


117. Your beautiful bright eyes I never get tired of staring, because when I look at it, I see a beautiful world that is peaceful, and that’s where I want to be. Rise up and shine my baby.


118. I miss being wrapped in your arms my dear because it’s the safest place for me . I miss you so much. Do have a great day.


119. I love you endlessly my dear, this way I have never felt for anyone, what we have is unique, and that’s why I love you more every day. Good morning my queen.


120. I know I am not good enough for you, but you are excellent for me, I promise to be a better person just to make you the happy woman you want to be. Good morning


121. You came around and proved me wrong, that I deserve to be happy, and you, my darling deserve more than happiness, I will spend my life making sure of that. Good morning.


122. You have brought so many new things to my life, i cannot say it all. i just want to let you know that i have got my mind made up. i am doing this with you for the rest of my life. i love you so much. good morning the love of my heart.


Long good morning messages for girlfriend


123. Good morning Angel. I woke up this morning with a beaming smile on my face. And that is because i saw you in my dreams, looking so beautiful than ever. God must have created you with the most beautiful clay on earth for your beauty is out of this world. Have a beautiful day, my love. Love you.


124.  Hey sweetheart. How was your night?   Mine was terrible for i missed holding you in my precious arms. You know i love you so much and a second without you is just like a dying man gasping for breath. Have a day as beautiful as you are a sweetheart.


125.  Good morning beautiful. I can’t help but bless the day i met you. For since the day you stepped into my life, it has been mellifluous. Though the last few months had been great, these few days with you have been exceedingly high. I love you so much beautiful, and i can’t imagine my life without you by my side. Wishing you a happy day. Kisses


126.  Good morning babe. Hope you slept well? I miss you so much, babe. Your absence is killing me, and i can’t wait to behold your presence. Wishing you a blessed day devoid of tragedy and sorrows. Take care. Love you.


127.  Rise and shine cupcake. Woke up this morning feeling an ache in my heart. And then, it dawned on me that my heart was missing you. It’s obvious i have become so besotted with you, and i can’t wait to finally wake up next to you for the rest of my life. Take care.


128.  Each day, i keep asking myself what on earth i did to deserve a unique girl like you. You’re so amazing and adorable. You invigorate me, you bring out the very best in me, and you believe so much in more than anyone else. Can’t love you less honey. Thanks for being a part of my life. Good morning and have a fun-filled day ahead. Kisses


129.  If peradventure is asked to cross the deepest ocean for you, i would gladly do it over and over again. For my love for you knows no bound. Your beautiful eyes and fantastic soul has enchanted and captivated me that i see no other girl except you. For with you, i find solace, peace, and tranquility. I love you so much, and i can’t wait to see you again. A beautiful morning to you, my love. Bye. Lots of hugs and kisses.



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