Long Distance Relationship Letter For Girlfriend

Long Distance Relationship Letter For Girlfriend

Long distance relationship letters are written by either guys or gals to their loved ones who live far away from them. These can be sweet and loving, yet short and to the point. See below our collections of Long Distance Relationship Letter For Girlfriend to send.


Long Distance Relationship Letter For Girlfriend

  1. I know I don’t tell you enough, but I think you are the most amazing girlfriend in the world. Our long-distance relationship makes me miss you so much that sometimes I can’t breathe. I am so fortunate to have someone like you to come home to, and I can’t wait for those long-distance days to be over.
  2. Sweetheart, Distance doesn’t really matter because no matter what, in the end we are still together. I miss you and I love you with all my heart. You are so important to me that no distance can separate us. I have known idea how I am going to make it without you but I will make it somehow because I want to be with you forever.
  3. You are the love of my life, you breathe air into me, you give me joy deep in my soul. There is no day that goes by where I don’t mention your name or wish that you were with me. It’s hard but I know it is just a matter of time before we are together again. I love you so much.
  4. I can’t believe that I’ve been with you for a year now. Time flies when we’re together and it seems like just yesterday, we met. Where does the time go? You mean the world to me. I miss you every minute we’re apart. I’ll be done with this tour soon and can’t wait to hold you again. Before that, though, I wanted to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day. I love your bunches!
  5. I was hesitant to fall but you made me do it and I am glad I did. This is what true love is. I never knew that love, friendship and passion could all come in such a cute little shell as yours. I am madly in love with you and every day that passes I miss you more and more.
  6. There is no one like you and that’s why I love you so much. Even though we are far away, the love you give me is always felt in my heart. I wish there were some way for me to hold you and to kiss you. I love how you are with me and how sweet you always are.
  7. Hey my love! It’s been a while since we’ve spoken, but I am ever so positive of your safety and well-being. I miss you dearly, but I’m holding on to every moment that we get to spend together. Your arms feel like home, your smile sings sunshine, and your laugh is like music to my ears. The best part of my day is waking up next to you, and the worst time is having to say goodbye.
  8. I don’t think you realize how happy you make me. Just the thought of having you in my life makes my heart soar. You’re so beautiful and smart and wonderful that I don’t know why I deserve you, but I’m never letting you go. I love you more than anything.
  9. I know that times have been hard lately and we miss each other a lot. Sometimes it just feels like everything is moving so fast but my heart is into this relationship, love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow. My day just isn’t right if I don’t get to hear your voice.
  10. Hi! It’s me again. I hope you’re doing great on this weekend and had a good time yesterday with your girls! Everything is more or less ok here, just working a lot and dealing with clients and stuff. In the mean time it was very nice to hear from you today. I really appreciate your note and love how thoughtful you always are about everything.
  11. You’re the most wonderful person I’ve ever met, bar none. And it pains me to see you go through such pain after leaving your family and friends. I’m a terrible person for not being able to be there for you like you’ve been there for me so many times in the past. But I’d do anything to make it better for you, if only I could.
  12. It sounds cliche, but I really can’t imagine my life without you. Sure, I’ve had other girlfriends, but none of them made me feel the way you do and no past relationship taught me anything about true love. You’ve been there for me through thick and thin and offered me a life full of happiness. I love you so much and can’t wait to see you in a month!
  13. Dear Jessica, I love you even though we’re not together. You are always on my mind because I care so much about you. Since we live far apart it’s hard to keep in touch but when I see you next, I’ll hug you extra tight. You mean the world to me.
  14. I never knew what love was until I met you. You fill up my heart with so much happiness that I just can’t stop smiling. You are beautiful inside and out, and it is a privilege to know you. I love you more than ever!
  15. It’s been so long since I have last seen you, I miss the things we share, our talks, and most of all being near you. Through all the tears, pain and fears it’s still me and you. My love for you will never die as long as I draw breath dear. I’ll take a lifetime to prove my devotion.
  16. Dear Love, Anticipation has filled my heart with glee! The thought of your kisses, lying next to you, holding your hand and hearing your voice. My heart is racing wondering what today will bring. I can hardly wait for you to tell me you love me. Let’s see how many times a day we can do that?
  17. We have been apart just a day and I miss you already. It’s hard to be far from the one you love. But I have faith that we both will make it through this difficult time. I can’t wait to see you soon, to hear your laughter again and hold you close in my arms! Love you always, Paul.
  18. My love, I can’t apologize enough for the way we left things. You mean so much to me that it hurts and I’m not sure what I would do if I ever lost you. We have something beautiful Rose, and it’s worth fighting for.
  19. You’re the most beautiful and funniest person I know. You’re so incredibly smart and talented, and every minute I spend with you is another minute of wonder. I think about you all the time when we’re apart, which isn’t very often! But when it does happen, I feel woefully incomplete.
  20. I miss you so flipping much. I hope this card finds you well, and that you are safe. I feel closer to you when I hold this little stack of cards, we have sent each other over the years. It makes me think that someday SOON I will be able to kiss your sweet lips again and never leave your side. Until then.
  21. Dear My Dear, I know that this is not easy, but we’ll get through it together. You mean the world to me and I will continue to cheer you on as best as I can. Just promise that you’ll always do your best in school and I’ll try my hardest not to worry too much about you. Even with the distance between us I will always be here for you. We are a team after all. Love always and forever, your man.
  22. Hey friend! How is your day? I have made you a card. I hope, it will fill up your soul and heart with love. I was thinking of you all day today… I am so happy that we found each other. If I ever lost you, if you would be so far away from me, I think my life would be not worth living. You are the most beautiful lady in this world, I can’t imagine my life without you.
  23. My love, I miss you more than I could have imagined. I have never been so happy and content than the times we’ve spent together. When it comes down to it, I just want to be with you. We’ll make everything work out; we always do. You make me feel alive like no one else could.
  24. Why do I love you? I’ve thought about this countless times, and I can still never answer. There are so many reasons, I just can’t describe it. Every time you’re in pain, my heart breaks too. One thing drives me insane though, I can’t stop thinking of how much we miss each other. You are the love of my life.
  25. I send this letter out as a reminder that we will be together again soon. My heart aches from the distance, but in a short time we will embrace each other and forget about this pain. I am waiting for you to come back to me. I am counting down the days, hours and minutes until we see each other again. I love you!
  26. I’ll always be here for you. No matter what. I love you more than anything in the world, with all my heart and soul. I dream about you every night, and I never want to let go of your hand, because it would be like letting go of a part of me. Don’t forget, you’re mine forever.
  27. You are the sweetest, nicest, prettiest girl a guy could ever ask for. I want to tell you that I absolutely love you so much, and you are always in my thoughts even when we’re apart.
  28. I miss you so much and I really wish I could be there to warm you up, cuddle with you, cook for you again and again. On the bright side just thinking about it makes me smile. I know I will be with you Soon. And then, my angel, we can make all our dreams become true and live in that world of love forever.
  29. I thought a lot about you today. I think about you every day, of course. But today I had a long phone call with you and we just talked about everything: life, the future, our favorite memories. I’d do anything to be able to see you again. My heart aches. I miss you so much!
  30. You’re a breath of fresh air and I wish we could be together every day. I’m willing to take the long-distance relationship if you are, because being with you is worth it.
  31. I’ve always wished every morning I woke up would be next to you. Just as I am now. There’s nothing like the feeling of waking up with your head on my chest, and me smiling right back at you. And that is exactly how I want to wake up every day for the rest of my life. It feels so right, so good, and so perfect just to have you in my arms.
  32. You always see the good in me. You don’t think the worst, you always believe in the best! You are so incredibly sweet, thoughtful and supportive. You see beyond what most see and love me for who I am, one who you would travel across any distance to be with.
  33. Dear my love, what can I say about you that anyone else could not say? you are so perfect in every way, your eyes and your lips and your hair. I just look at you and I get butterflies. I am so glad I met you, you are the most wonderful thing to ever happen to me.

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