130+ Long Deep Love Messages for Her – 2021 Updated

You can’t go wrong with these beautiful long deep messages for her.

Long Deep Messages for Her

1.  It’s scintillating how good I feel every morning, just knowing how much you love me with all your heart. I have realized that you in my life make me the luckiest man alive. I want you to know whenever I smile, it’s because of you.



2.  I have watched so many love movies, I have seen quite a couple of telle novellas, I have even read love novels and stories, there are nights I dream about falling in love, today I am living that dream, because, with you, I have found true love. Thank you for my heart.



3.  You make my heartbeats

You make up my thoughts

I see you, even when my eyes are closed

I miss you every second

Believe me, when I say, you are perfect for me.




4.  I have seen quite a lot of women come and go, most of them very beautiful, charming, and enticing to be with, whenever I got close to them, I find out they don’t have the qualities of a good woman, then boom! You came along and proved that there is still a beautiful woman with brains. My children will forever be grateful to me because I have given them the best mother. With all of my heart, I will love you forever.



5.  I think God was on a blessing spree that day our path crossed because you have been a blessing to me since you came into my life.  I adore you and my love for you is eternal. Good night my queen.



6.  If you ask me how much I love you, I probably can’t complete two sentences,  I am pretty sure whenever I hug or kiss you, you feel that what I have for you Is out of this world, I just want to make you happy every day of your life. because that is the only way I can express my love to you.



7.  Every morning I thank God for making me richer than King Solomon, I don’t have 700 wives neither do I have 300 concubines, you are more than a thousand ladies put together. I couldn’t be any richer in this life. You are my world best.




8.  Even if it makes me lose blood, I will do that just to see a smile on your face, pain is no hindrance. My love for you supersedes all. My long life goal is to make you the happiest woman on earth. I love you deeply.


9.  Your kind is rare so I must keep you safe and protect you so I don’t lose you. I hold you in reverence and high esteem. As such, I’m more than willing to take this relationship to another level where we would be together forever. You are my treasure and I promise to put a smile on your face all the days of your life. I love you!


10.  At times, I imagine what would have become of me if fate had not brought us together. I guess my life would have been in a state of misery and wretchedness. My whole soul has been engulfed by your kindness and uniqueness. I love you so much.


11.  You are my biggest addiction. I can’t seem to get enough of you. My thoughts, mind, and heart are occupied by you. Losing you is my worst fear and that’s why I will never let go. You are and will remain the only girl in my life. I love you endlessly and am happy I have you beside me.


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12. I will never betray you or do anything to hurt you. I love you too much to risk losing you. You are the brightest spot in my day. Without you, my life would be all darkness. I am so in love with you that it is hard to think straight. All I want is to be in love with you for the rest of my life.


13. Now and then, I try to put in words how I love you so much, I want to tell you the exact length I can go to see that you remain happy the rest of your life, the more I try to put them in words, I fail miserably. I love you so much, words aren’t just enough.


14. amazingly, all the doubts I used to have about myself are all gone, I was incurably insecure, but just one look at your face every morning I have cause to smile, work and get going. I feel peace within. You are my everyday motivation. I love you beyond measure.


15. In this life that is full of ups and downs, you inspire me to overcome, the love you give me daily is more than enough strength to be a better person. I promise to always be hardworking to see that we are set for life. You will make the best mom for our kids. I am so proud of you.


16. Sometimes I just feel like calling you in the early hours of the morning, your voice gives me a boost, you are my best talk buddy, my sweetheart choc, how can I go on without you? You are so important to me. May you shine brighter than the morning sun.


17.  Your voice is my lifesaver, I can’t go a day without hearing you call me sweet names, your laughter makes me fulfill, and when you smile I forget all my worries. I just want your life to be filled with happiness. I love you endlessly.


18. I promise the always be there, whenever you will need someone, I will be more than obliged to lend you a helping hand to help you work through the hard phase of life. I will be by your side together, we will scale through anything. Out love is divine.


19. I am always at my best since you ventured into my life, I work harder, I have this extraordinary belief that I can achieve anything once I set my mind to it. You have given me my lost confidence, I cannot love you any less. You are the best thing that happened to me.


20. I hit the jackpot for life, I couldn’t have asked God for a better companion, you are ultimately the best partner for me, you understand me so well, I don’t have to utter a word, I get the space, I also get those comforting words from you. You deserve much more than a medal, you deserve everything good on this earth. I cherish you, my love, thank you so much.


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21. You don’t know how relieving and awesome it is for me, returning from my hectic everyday job, knowing fully well, I am coming home to meet the best woman in the world, seriously, you are like the shore I return to, after my rigorous activities. I am really the luckiest man alive to have you as mine. I adore you.


22. You have instilled so much confidence in me, even when I realize that not all day is going to be the same, you still inspire me to move on. Telling me I can do better regardless. You are my everyday crush.


23. I feel so proud of you, that’s why you get a lot of tags and mentions on all my social media handles, I love you so much, and I won’t get tired of letting the whole world know, you are awesome and it’s a great feeling showing off a lovely person. I am happy I have you in my life.


24. You are that unique star, shinning in those dark corners of my life, spreading good vibes in my life, I am having the best time of my life with you. I don’t look outside anymore, I have all I need in you. I love you much.


25. Your thoughts about you in my head have turned into a thing of delight for me,  every day of my life I think how my life would have been without you in it. I am grateful to God, he blessed me with a damsel, the most beautiful lady I have ever come across to date, I doubt if there is someone prettier than my baby girl. I love you with my life.

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26. Love is not blind as proposed, because I couldn’t be seeing any clearer than I am now, I see that you love me so much, I also see you mean everything you say and do, that is why I wake up with smiles and joy in my heart. From the bottom of my heart, I love you.


27. Don’t be shocked when I tell you I can die for you, you are too precious to me to lose, you are special and that should be treated specially. You are a rare gem and I love you so much.


28. My baby is too fine, my sweet melanin, my heart is pretty occupied, don’t get me wrong, it’s all you in my heart, so there is no space for any other person. You are and will remain the only woman in my life. In you I have found peace and happiness, that’s why I will never let go.


29. You cannot be forgotten at all, I think the more I think about you, those thoughts multiply in my heart. There is no possible way I can forget about the woman who changed my life entirely. You are too precious to be forgotten.


30. I am happy because you are in my life. It took me many years to find an angel-like, so I must keep safe and protect you with my life. You are a treasure and my wish is to put a smile on your face all the days of your life. I love you!


31. Every day of my life I look at you and I thank my lucky star because you are one sent to me divinely, I see it in your eyes every time I look at you, without any doubt you are God biggest gift to me yet, I will spend the rest of my life being grateful and also loyal to you. I love you is an understatement, I can die for you.


32. This one love is so special, even when I miss you, your sweetness still booms around the corners of the house, I can perceive that romantic moment which we spend every morning, I see you when I blink my eyes, but I still miss you and I want us to be together in each other’s hand again.


33. I hit the jackpot when I found you, my life was blessed the day, you said you love me too, I am proud to be your man because you are one in a zillion. Everything about you is perfect. In the whole wide world, you are the best.


34. Sometimes I just sit and imagine how miserable my life would have been if fate didn’t bring you my way, every day of my life I am happy, just because I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to love me,  your compassion has engulfed my soul my heart is for you only. I love you so much.


35. My sweet choc, to be honest, you are a rare gem, you are awesome, sweetness beams around you, I have been infected with your love, and I don’t think I can be cured, you are my pebble I don’t want to lose. You are the reason I have butterflies in my tummy every morning. I love you, my queen.


36. Your light brought serenity into my life, when I think about how you have changed my life completely I shed tears of joy, you are the only reason I made it this far, I once cried to God for someone to come console me in this wicked world, but he sent you now my life is filled with happiness. What a mighty God I serve. I love you my better half.


37. How can I forget our first kiss, the hugs, and the romantic cuddles at night? It’s kind of crazy but it’s true you change my life, my life hasn’t been short of happiness since the day I met you, I really love you so much, my day is all bright and full of merry it’s all because of you.


38. Sometimes I feel growing wings, so you can climb behind and we fly together in love to wherever we want to go. I want you to be mine forever, I am yours for the keeps. I love you till the end.


39. My heartbeat, that’s what you are, I don’t ever want to lose you, and it’s evident what will happen if I do. My life revolves around you, my sole purpose is to be with you the rest of my life. I love you so much.


40. My heart has been transformed into a paradise, I appreciate the love, my heart knows no hate and I do not lack love, I have it in excess, all because I have the goddess of love as my life partner. You are outlandish. I savor every moment with you.


41. I now realize we are a match made from heaven, all doubts in my heart have been eliminated, I was afraid I was going to lose you, but you kept reassuring me your love for me has no bounds. You are enchanting, I cherish you like nothing else.


42. You are simply amazing, how can I ever get tired of you? It’s impossible to unlove you, every time we kiss, my heart is ignited, I keep loving you more every day, I swear, I would be lost without you.


43. You stole my heart, you are my lover bandit, you are the one that is going to make me say ‘’Yes I do’’,  the love virus you put inside of me doesn’t want to leave me, because you drive me mad, I am so crazily in love with you. I’m enamored with you.


44. Friends come and go, it’s in human nature for this to occur, a river that flows with water can become dry tomorrow, the law of nature makes this possible, even the sun doesn’t shine 24hours a day, but when it comes to my love, it stays 24/7, my love has come to stay and it will never dry up. I hold you in reverence. You mean so much to me.


45. I am ready to take it to the next level with you, I really care about you, the more I get to know you, the more my heart wants you, I have had a lot of ups and downs since I met you it’s been one hell of a coaster rider. I can’t stop looking at you because right now I think I am under your spell.


46. I am really blinded about what people say about you, whatever might have happened in the past I don’t care, there is a good reason it happened all in the past, my heartburn with desire for you, if there is one thing I adore most about you is that you make me want to be a better man, it will be awesome to spend the rest of my life with you. I cherish you so much.


47. You are the queen that rules my heart, I am totally devoted to you, I will serve you and give you the best treatment a queen deserves. You are the object of my affection I can’t bear to be apart from you.


48. Your smile contains a lot of ingredients that can keep a man happy every day of his life, a day without a smile on your face is not a day I would want to see come to pass, you are the light of my life, you electrify my soul, I love you so dearly. I want to spend the rest of my life in your bosom.


49. Your support in my life is imminent, I don’t think I would have gotten this far without you. You have in one way or the other contributed to my success, I owe you everything, you have been wonderful to me, I want to let you know that no one matters but you, you make my life worth living.


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50.  It’s really hard to imagine or figure out why you love me so much, when I look at myself, I for one knows it’s quite a lot to put up with me, but you love me regardless, it means a lot to me, loving you back is the least I can do, I will worship you till eternity. You are really a gem.


51. When I look at you every morning, my head goes gaga, it’s really hard to take my eyes off you anytime I look at you, even though we have been together for quite a while now, it’s like with each passing day, you unleash a new part of you, it’s all lovely I must say, that’s the amazing thing about you, it’s not just something in you that makes you special, there are quite a lot of things about you, that will leave us guessing for eternity. You are my bumper package. I love you to die.


52. I have endless happiness in my life, because with you in my life, it’s no dull moment, I just can’t wait to finally be with you forever, I certainly know what I am in for, and it’s a whole lot of merry 360 with you. You are like air to me, you mean so much to me. I marvel at your presence.


53. I got so many things so wrong in my life, how I got to make the right choice with you is mystifying, I make irrational moves and decisions, I guess good heaven smiled on me the day I set my eyes on you, because for once in my life I did something that would change my life forever. You literally carry me away, I want to let you know that I cherish you above anything else in my life, my soul sings for you. I love and adore you so much. I bless God for giving me you.


54. I don’t want to be sick in love the way I am now, I just want to be with you, I am missing you and I can’t take it anymore, you that you are my obsession, it’s you I long for, I really miss you so much, my soul mate. All I want is for you to come back and be with me till eternity, you are the only person my heart yearns for and I want to be with you forever. Every day of my life, my love for you breaks bounds.


55. In you, everything I ever wanted I have, even more, my lacked juice and you brought that sauce and now my life is all spicy. Every day I look at your beautiful face I feel something inside me like it stirs my soul, I just want to let you know that my life is incomplete without you in it. You are the yin to my yang. You rock my world.


56. You assure me with the sweet love you shower on me daily, people see me every day and ask the secret of my happiness, I just smile and tell them, it’s all you, my sweetheart. Sometimes I ask myself, who it could be if not you, then I reply myself and say no one. No one compares to you my darling, you balance me out, and you are the only one for me.


57. It’s all fun and good vibes with you, no wonder I can’t stay away from you a minute. Your personality is amiable, you are always ready to put a smile on people’s faces at any opportunity. I can’t be thankful enough for having you in my life. Everywhere we go together, kindness oozes around you.  I am a better person because of you.


58. I just have to say this, missing you is like living on life support, if I don’t see you anytime soon, it’s going to be a disaster. I am in the agony of love now, only you can come to rescue me. I can’t bear to be without you my honey. What I have for you is more than just a mere crush my lady, I think I am under your spell. I love you, I love you. I just want to be with you right now.


59. I just want to be with you every second of my life, I would so want that if it’s even possible, this feeling I have for you is very real, you don’t know what your smiles does to me, it reanimates my soul. I care for you deeply.

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71. Seeing your smile always is my utmost desire, you deserve everything that brings joy, you are so sweet and I am totally into you because you are a perfect lover.


72. I am currently one of those times of my life, that make me realize how important you are to me, I miss you so much my honeybunch.


73. You are my world’s best boyfriend, and you deserve all the accolades there are, you are very caring and you love me so much. You got me down forever love.


74. Your voice can melt an icy heart with your flames of love, the kind of love you give me each day is never seen anywhere. I love you because I have happiness every day because of you.


75. I know I miss you so much, when I think about the cute smiles you give me any time with a pillow fight, you are the best boyfriend ever, I couldn’t have dreamt of a better boyfriend than you. You are my dream come true.


76. Do you know, I just smile anything I think about you, there is this piece of me that wants you every second by my side, I know it’s impossible, but I carry your smile in my head everywhere I go.


77. I don’t know if there is any sweeter companion other than you, I look at you and I connect deep into your soul, I see that the love you have for me is limitless. I am the happiest woman on earth. Thank you for your love.


78. I hope the deep thoughts of mine will make you reflect on how important you are to me, my love for you incredible. You inspire me to be a better lady.


79. I will never stop smiling for you, my heart will love no one else but you, the love I have for you will never die.


80. Whenever my spirit is down, you lift it with your soothing words that touch my soul down to my spine, which makes me reflect how lucky I am to have you in my life.


81. it’s amazing how your name makes my heart melt. haha, silly right? but it’s the truth my darling. I love you [boyfriends name]


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82.  It’s astonishing how great I feel each day, knowing I’ve got someone who loves me more than I can ever imagine. Having you in my life makes me the happiest man alive. Though I remembered asking God for the best He gave me an angel instead. You make me complete, happy, and fulfilled. Thank you for your love.


83.  I’ve always dreamt of having a loved one so unique and breathtaking just like it is in the movies. To have a romance as exquisite and astounding just like it is in love books. And here I am today, living that dream, because, with you, my life is all colorful, meaningful, and ecstatic. I’m happy I have you in my life. Thank you for loving me my sunshine.


84.  I have met quite a number of beautiful, responsible, witty, and attractive girls worth dating. But each time I get closer, I discover they are unable to fill the void in my heart. Then boom, you showed up out of the blue like stars in the sky. You wowed me with your difference and sense of reasoning. There’s no one as spectacular and eminent as you. I promise to be with you for the rest of my life. With all of my heart, I will love you forever.


85.  If ever am been asked how much I love you, I’m certain I cannot express it profoundly, cause no vocabularies can adequately describe my feelings for you. But whatever I have for you is out of this world and even the world beyond. I love you so so much dear. You’re just so perfect for me cause I’ve got all I need in you. I thank my stars for bringing us together.


86.  I don’t need any other girl when I have you in my life. You are more than a hundred girls put together. Your soul fits into mine perfectly well. Your eyes lighten those dark corners in my life. Your smile is too precious to be forgotten. You will remain the only woman in my life forever. I Love you pumpkin.


87.  Even if it means going to the end of the world, I will do that just to see that big smile on your face. No weapon, no hindrance can stop the feelings I’ve grown for you. My love for you supplants all. I’m waiting and praying for the day I finally make you the happiest woman on earth. I love you deeply.


86.  Here is my promise to you. I promise to love, cherish and eulogize you. I promise to always be there in times of difficulties, challenges and be willing to support, pray and stretch out a helping hand to help you scale through the hard phase of life. Although, I won’t promise to lend you a shoulder when in tears, because I would make sure that nothing on earth should bring tears to your eyes. And last but not least, I promise with the whole of my heart, soul, and body to be by your side, and together, we will conquer the world. I love you beyond measure.


87.  Your presence in my life has taken a toll on me. I’m now putting my very best into my future since you walked into my life. I work hard and tirelessly to actualize a beautiful future for us. You’ve opened my eyes to the reality that I can achieve anything once I set my mind to it. What would I have done without you my heartbeat? I cannot love you any less. You are the best thing that ever happened to me.


88.  I’ve gotten the best gift for life. I  couldn’t have prayed for a better lover and partner than you. You lift me with your words of wisdom, you brought sweetness into my life. you inspire me to become a better man assuring me of a brighter future. I will love and worship you above anything else in this world.  I love you so dearly and I can’t stand to be apart from you.


89.  They say love is blind. I’m glad they’re only speaking for themselves and not for me. Because with you baby, I can see clearer than I was before. I can see your love for me in those mesmerizing eyes. I also see all you’ve been doing just for me. Thank you so much. I’ve become so attached that I will go crazy if you should ever leave. I love you from the depth of my heart.


90.  Just as Jesus sacrificed his life for us, am willing to do the same just for you. Believe me when I tell you that you’re so precious to me that I can’t imagine losing you to someone else. You’ve hypnotized me, in body and soul. I cherish you like nothing else, and I can never live without you and till my last days on earth, I’ll be loving you.



long deep love messages for her

91.  Before now, I never knew what it meant to be loved. I never knew what it meant to give your whole heart out to that special person. I never understood the true language of love. But today, am swimming and basking in the ocean of love. I’m living a fulfilled life because I’ve got my strength beside me. With you, I’ve got every single thing I ever craved for in life and even much more than I envisaged. My life was sauceless but you made it spicy. You’re like a rain parching thirst. You’ve created a beautiful rainbow worth admiring. I can’t pinpoint why you love me this much, but I do hope that your feelings never change even for a second. I will love you till eternity sweetheart.

92.  Whenever I stare at your breathtaking beauty each morning, my head gets swelled. It’s amazing how someone could love me this much despite my imperfections. Though we’ve been together for quite a long time now, it still feels like we just started dating because each new day, our love gets deeper and deeper. You’ve made falling in love easier than I thought, with those captivating smiles and unique traits you’ve got. It’s so amazing I must confess. Because it makes you special and different from your kind. I know there are still more adventures on the way to explore and I just can’t wait to explore them with my beautiful damsel. I Love you.


93.  I’ve heard people talk about happiness. I’ve heard people talk about soulmates. I desired to have a feel of them but Little did I know I was a step to getting all that. As nature would have it, you breezed into my life at the appropriate time. The wind was so strong and unwavering. A wind that blew away all the dirt surrounding my heart making a way for good things to flow in. You went as far as conquering my fears and wearing me a garment of boldness. You made me felt so alive. I’ve never being surer of anything in my life except you. In you, I’ve found my soulmate and my partner. And now, I can boldly say I have endless happiness. I heart you, Princess, now and forever.


94.  I’ve made decisions I ain’t proud of. I’ve made some choices that earned me the name failure. But dating you is the only thing I ever did right since I was birthed into this world. I presumed God smiled on me from heaven the day we met. Because our relationship proves that I didn’t not only make a good decision but a good choice for our future kids. You sway me away with all you do and say. I’m fascinated with the aura you emit. I’m sending you this message to let you know that I value and hold you in high esteem. I adore you baby and would keep doing so till we part to meet no more.


95.  I don’t want to be drunk in love but sane in love. I want to be in the right state of mind when am with you. I want to be in the right frame of mind when am expressing my heartfelt desires to you. Being drunk might push me to a limit but being sane would mean consciousness of mind because I want to love you wholly with every fiber of my soul. I owe my life and my world to you. I’ve excelled and thrived where others failed. I’ve climbed and soar where others fell. This could only have been possible with your constant words of encouragement and motivation. I truly love you the most beautiful one. Thank you for being a part of my crazy life.

96.  Today, am going to assure you of my undiluted love for you. You are one person I cherish so very much. An extraordinary being that brings smiles to hundreds of faces. A beautiful, unyielding, and selfless soul. I can’t say I’ve been in love because this is what real love is and would always be. It is no longer news that you’re my happiness and my prowess. You can never be compared to any other girl because you are specifically unique in your own different ways. I promise to love you and only you alone.


97.  I’ve been contaminated with a disease called love. Crazily enough, I pray never to be cured of this strange illness. I virtually can’t do anything without you beside me. It’s all merry and fun being with you. You’ve got that spark that’s lacking in other girls. You’ve got that smile that can make one go gaga. The good vibes that ooze from you are worth contaminating. I can’t be more grateful enough for having an outstanding personality in my life. I’m ten times better than I was because of you. I truly appreciate you, my queen.


98.  Scrolling through some photos of us and I couldn’t help but reminisce on our beautiful memories. It all started like a dream that was to elapse in the morning. However, ours sailed us off to dreamland. A land of no return. A land where no one matters except us. You’ve become my life support and my oxygen. Without you, I would be nothing but a lifeless human. What I feel for you goes beyond feelings and attachments. It’s as though you’ve cast a spell on me and I don’t ever wanna be cured of this but remain being hypnotized. Love you forever.

99.  If only I could stop time when we’re together with our hands intertwined. If only I could bring the sundown and take you up there so the world could see your radiance. If only I could carve out my heart and hand it to you so you could see the depth of my love for you. I am insanely happy to be a bigger fraction of your life. Though I may not say this often, know that you hold an unattainable position in my heart. I love you deeply.


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