Letter To A Friend Who Is Going Abroad For Studies

Hey fellow letter writer, Have you ever had a friend go abroad for studies? Or maybe you are about to leave the country for school. If so, you might appreciate this collection of amazing messages below:


Letter To A Friend Who Is Going Abroad For Studies

  1. Life is waitin’ for you! I can’t believe you are going away to Costa Rica today. You had amazing grades in college and got a scholarship to study abroad, but now it’s time for you to spread your wings and fly. I’m gonna miss ya, but I know God has a plan for you that I can’t even imagine. Love ya!
  2. I don’t know how to say goodbye to you because I might never see you again. You mean so much to me and I want you to be happy, so go on and spread your wings and fly… because it’s not just the sky that is the limit, but your mind. Be brave and go out there to find something that you are worth fighting for.
  3. I meant to write you sooner, but things got hectic. I hope this card finds you well and thriving abroad! We miss you so much and actually wish we were going with you to London. Keep us updated every chance you can and keep in touch! I promise to write more often. Love Ya, Bill
  4. I accept the fact that our paths crossed for a reason. Thank you for always being there for me throughout the years and supporting me. You are one of the most amazing people I know. Here’s to you and I am so proud to call you my best friend!
  5. You and I have been friends for a long time, I have watched you grow through the years and I feel like I have grown with you. Each time we meet it feels as if we are back in college. But this too shall pass, as all things will come to end but for our friendship we will always remain close.
  6. Remember to follow your heart wherever it takes you. It will never steer you in the wrong direction. The little part of me that I put in here; it belongs to you.
  7. Dear _____, I hate saying good bye! But the memories we made together will keep me smiling and happy even though you are not next to me. You are such a great person and I wish the best for you as you head off to college. Don’t forget about your friends back home, you already telephoned your neighbor to water your plants while you are away! And of course I always have plenty of cookies in case you need it. Stay safe!
  8. Have a safe journey! I hope this letter finds you well. It’s hard to believe that you’re going so far away but I know you will do great. You’ve always been an adventurer, and it should come as no surprise that you want to travel the world and see what there is out there. Keep in touch!
  9. Dear Friend, you have been my best friend for a long time now and even though it is hard to see you go far away I know that your future is bright and that you will be a big success. I wish you all the best and may happiness always surround you. You can do anything you put your mind to!
  10. I can’t believe you are really leaving already. The thought of you being so far away makes me wish I could take your place so I wouldn’t be left here without you. Going abroad for studies is a big step in your life and I will pray that you are able to complete it successfully and return home safe. I know it is not easy, but don’t forget how much we love and care about you!
  11. If you have to leave, I am glad it is to do something that you love. I know how much this means to you so I want to support your dreams. I will miss you terribly, but we are bound by an unbreakable bond of friendship. Please do not forget me while you are away. I will write everyday even if it seems pointless because nothing is pointless when it comes to our friendship.
  12. Dear Friend, I hope you are having a great time while you’re still here. Just wanted to tell you how much I miss you and how much we all need you back. Will be counting the days until your holidays.
  13. I can’t believe it. I am really going to school in Paris! I’m so excited, yet scared at the same time. Thanks for coming with me to the airport! I’ll miss you tons and tons, but we will keep in touch very often. Love you lots!
  14. I can’t believe you are really going to leave! You are wonderful and I will miss the times we had. Best of luck in your new life, don’t forget to call when you have a chance. I’ll always be here for you.
  15. I will always want to be in your life. Even if I don’t get to see you as often, I will always feel connected to you. Just think of me as your guardian angel who protects you from the bad things in life. I will always love you no matter what!
  16. I wish I could be more eloquent than this, but I can’t. However, I will try. Your leaving is going to crush me for awhile. But I choose to look at it as just an extended vacation with your friends. In reality, you won’t be gone for that much longer and the time will fly by incredibly fast. When you’re back home (and hopefully moved in with me), everything will be like normal again and your absence will feel like a distant dream.
  17. Hello, my friend. I am writing this letter to you before you leave for the University of London. It’s not because I am good in expressing my feelings but also to let you know how much I love you and how much you mean to me. No matter where we are or what we do, we will never forget each other.
  18. Dear _______, It’s time to say goodbye as you leave for your studies! I’m sad to see you go but this is a great opportunity for you! Now take care of yourself there, and write me every once in a while!
  19. Will it be hard for me to see you go? Yes, but I’m thrilled that you’ll have the opportunity to follow your dreams. Just know that I’ll always think of you as one of my dearest and best friends. Wishing you all the best, I love you!
  20. I am a little sad that you will be going away for a long while. I wish you all the best and I am sure you will do great.
  21. Vanessa, From the moment you said yes to studying abroad I’ve felt so much pride and excitement for you. You have always been one of the most driven people around and now you’re true dreams are coming true. I will miss you dearly but I know you will succeed in everything that comes along your path. I wish I could go with you so we can experience all these new adventures together, but I know this is an amazing opportunity and I am so grateful that you shared it with me.
  22. I can’t believe you’re going away for so long, I’ll miss you. Two years is a long time, but my love will still be the same. Be safe and have fun, call me whenever you miss me too much and I’ll send your favorite…
  23. It is very hard to imagine that our college life together has come to an end. In these years we have spent together, you have always been a true friend to me. But now the time has come for us to part and begin our own individual lives.
  24. Lots of fun in London! I know you’re going to have a blast! Please take lots of selfies and stay safe. See you in a year.
  25. I can’t wait for my first year of law school to be over! It has been the most difficult time of my life and I haven’t been able to enjoy these past few months.  But now that you’re going to college, I’m more than excited and happy. As we said a hundred times before, “We will always be friends!”
  26. Don’t let anything that happens go by without your noticing it, because the world is large and it’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories. It has a new side to it every day. It’s foolish to upset yourself trying to find the meaning of life. Just wake up and live with stamina every day as if you were getting another chance at life. Missing a lifetime wouldn’t be such a great loss, so long as you learned something about living from it.
  27. You are the greatest friend that I have ever had and I hope you persist in writing to me on a regular basis while you are away. I will miss you very much. My life has been enriched by knowing you and your friendship, and I look forward to keeping this bond we share for many years to come.
  28. Dear friend, It was a pleasure meeting you and I hope one day we will meet again. Take care and have a safe trip.
  29. Dear S, As you’re about to reach the end of your high school and college years, we both know that the mere word “going abroad for studies” has been a very frightening experience to you. In actual fact, you have been kept busy with this thought for years.
  30. For all I know you are very excited about going abroad for studies, and yes I know that would be a great opportunity for me. You are my dearest friend and that will never change. But… Forgive me if I sound selfish but I’m going to miss you so much! We’ve been friends for more than a decade and half now. We have grown up together and we have seen ups and downs of our friendship. In the end we have come out stronger than before.
  31. If I could send myself, I’d go with you. But since my time is limited, with my little wishes, some are to be sent, others in thoughts will be shared. I know you’ll bring these places alive and in the end say you’ve been changed for a lifetime. I’ll be there to receive you, when the planes touch distance of miles. There’ll be hugs and kisses just because, and lips pressed together like ours. And we’ll celebrate our friendship that’s lasted this
  32. Hey there, friend! I’m so happy that you decided to write me. I really appreciate it and miss you all the time. I hope you are having a good time and making lots of new friends out there. Take care of yourself and I’ll see you in two months.
  33. I do not know how I can ever thank you for your friendship. You were there for me from the start and our friendship has grown to become a respected and reliable bond. It makes me happy to see you doing great things, proud that even when miles apart we still communicate like we have never been separated.
  34. I’ll miss you dearly, my friend. It will be a long year without you. I’ll look forward to every moment we get to spend online though. It won’t be the same as visiting you in person, but at least we can keep in touch and video chat all through the year!
  35. I have always admired your strength and courage. The decision to move abroad was not an easy one, but I know that you will do great things with your new life. As you embark on this journey of a lifetime, I’d like to wish you all the luck in the world. I hope that you will make many friendships, find love, and get a good education. You are going to do awesome at college!

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