26 Memorable Bittersweet Leaving Job Quotes

Quotes about leaving job

leaving job quotes

1.  You’ve shown that hard work and dedication pays. I trust you to do exploits in your new position. Indeed, I’ve learned a lot working with you these past years — all the best friend.


2.  Working with you has been excellent so far. You’ve taught me that diligence and efforts are the keys to succeed in life. It has been delightful working with an unusual and exceptional coworker like you. I know you will be successful in your new job. We will miss you, dearly. Go and make us proud.


3.  Whatever stage in life, you may find yourself, may you continue to succeed and excel. I wish you nothing but the best of luck wherever you may find yourself. New opportunities await you. Goodbye. We will be in contact.


4.  It’s going to be a hard time getting used to the fact that we won’t be working together anymore. i wish you Godspeed in your new endeavor see you soon!


5.  You will always be my favorite colleague and my best pal, no matter the distance between us. Still can’t believe you’re leaving. I will miss you, friend. Good luck with your new job!


6.  I still haven’t been myself since i heard you were leaving. This office is truly going to miss having you around. As you begin a new phase of life, may you experience all the right things this life has got to offer — Goodluck friend.


7.  You came, you saw, and you are about conquering the world. I know you’re off to bigger and better things — best of luck in your new endeavors.


8.  I’ve had a great time with you so far. You’re not just a colleague, but a friend. No amount of thanks would be enough for every word of encouragement and kind gestures you showed to me. Its been a great journey working together, it will be sad to see you leave after so many amazing moments and wins. i hope we stay in touch as buddies.


9.  In all Honesty, it has been a great pleasure working with you here. Thank you for your guidance, motivation, patience, support, and advice. Greater heights await your friend. Keep doing great things.


10.  The sweet moments we’ve spent together will always be remembered and cherished by me. I’ve enjoyed working with you. I’ll miss you, my dearest friend. Good luck with your new job.


11.  Thank you so much for all your resilience and efforts you’ve put into this organization. You’ve made my stay here beyond enjoyable. I’ve grown so much since the day i started working here. I’ve learned much more from you than i ever could have imagined. We wish you tremendous success wherever you go!


12.  I wish you all the best as you start a new phase of your career. You’ve been an inspiration to us. I sincerely want you to continue in success in all your future endeavors.


13.  I want to use this moment to acknowledge you for your ceaseless and innumerable efforts thus far. Your kindness and unwavering support would never go unappreciated. I wish you all the best. Goodbye!


14.  We know this opportunity is what you’ve always wanted, but we wished you could stay forever with us. You’ve impacted us beyond all ramifications of life. Please keep in touch!


15.  You’ve taught me so much than i ever could have expected. Your jovial and caring nature is one thing i admire most about you. You’re so tenacious and unyielding to situations. You’re simply one of the best colleagues there is. I wish you success.


16.  It’s still a shock that you’re leaving. But then, you can’t be with us forever. Moving forward was the best decision you ever made, and we are firmly behind you, as you take a step closer to your goals. We will miss you. Please try and keep in touch with us from time to time.


17.  Your resignation letter was a massive blow to this company. We will genuinely miss you — best of luck in the next stage of your career. I won’t forget you in a lifetime, and you complete me as a worker and its good you know you are the best man, i have worked with in my entire life. It’s a massive blow to not just me but our great company. Please let us stay in contact.


18.  I will miss my partner and buddy, but the great times we have conquered and won together will forever be in my heart, you are the most reserved colleague to have allowed me to be a better staff. i wish you best of luck wherever you go.


19.  I wish you the best in this next phase of your career. It’s been fantastic liaising with you, Congratulations and best of luck.


20.  How i wish you didn’t have to leave. Your absence is already affecting me. You’ve been a friend and a mentor. I held you in high esteem, and i still do. Good luck in your new endeavors.


21.  I’m still finding it hard to believe you’ve left for good. Our workplace hasn’t been the same since you left the office. Your contributions and dedication are such that cannot be forgotten in years to come. You’ve left footprints in our hearts. You will be missed, dearie.


22.  Work won’t be as fun and crazy as it was without you. We won’t have anyone to make us feel giddy and happy anymore. The whole workplace will miss you. Goodbye.


23.  Thank you for all the advice and motivational words you’ve rendered thus far. Thank you for putting me through some tedious tasks. Thank you for lightening and bringing smiles to my face. I can’t thank you enough. You’ve been so helpful and supportive all through your stay here. Go and wrought wonders as you journey through life.


24.  I am so pleased that i got to meet a unique being like you. Your charisma and charms magnetized me to you. Many thanks for all your words of encouragement, and am so happy we got along so well. Enjoy your new position!


25.  Your kindness, patient, and knowledge is one that hasn’t been seen know heard of. You were the pillar of this great firm. It hurts to see you’re leaving, but we know you deserve the best. You’re truly irreplaceable and a valuable gem to us all. We love you. All the best.


26.  I hope your dreams and ambitions are actualized as you begin a new start from here.  I wish you all the best friend, as you scale through greater heights.

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