Insulting Quotes For Haters

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Insulting Quotes For Haters


Just as life presents hurdles, trials, and obstacles for us, so does it present haters who are hell-bent on seeing us failing rather than becoming successful.

It is disheartening and heartrending when we’ve got friends and loved ones who criticize us, pray for our downfall and paint a bad picture for us to the world. It is devastating and sad.

But then, violence has never been an option. The wording is the key. For with words, one can hit the nail right on their head. Hence, we have composed the best insulting quotes for haters to let them know you don’t give a hang about them.

Here are the ideal Insulting Quotes for Haters that you can use to heap coal of fire on them.

1. Don’t get disgruntled when haters smear you. Be joyous. It only means those unpleasant people see something extraordinary in you that they do not see in themselves. Cause no one throws stones on a fruitless tree.

2. No amount of hate can bring me down. The more haters keep hating, the closer I am to my goals. Haters can kiss my ass.

3. I’ve come to realize that life becomes benign when you pay less attention to those jobless ones who have all the time in the world to hate on you.

4. I have gotten to that stage in my life where I no longer give a hang about my haters. I would instead invest my time in something useful rather than worrying about those backstabbers.

5. I always strive to be better than I was yesterday, all thanks to haters and fake people in my life. For without them, I would not have gotten this far. Thanks.

6. No negative vibes can stop me from aiming for the top. So my lovely haters, try harder.

7. Those friends who keep telling you it isn’t possible, watch them, for they are your hindrance to attaining success.

8. For those unbelievers who feel I can’t get that employment letter or certificate, watch out. For am going to shove it down your gaping asses once I get them.

9. Always pray for your haters. For the more they hate, the more they keep motivating you indirectly to succeed.

10. It’s okay if you don’t see anything good in me. Life is difficult for the blind.

11. I promise to shine so brightly like the sun that you get blinded by it, and I will get you a clutch to ease your movement, you keep hating its cold, I have no issues.

12. At a point in life, I was getting weary. And then, I remembered my haters. I hastily stood up, picked my bag, and continued climbing to the top. Thanks, dummies, for your inspiration.

14. I’m too busy chasing my dreams than paying attention to my fans, which most of them are my haters.

15. Now I know why middle fingers were created for foes like you all.

16. I looked down and saw some of my enemies grinning at me. Oh, that is it, baby. I’m always a step ahead of you guys.

17. I’m strong-willed and unyielding. No hater can ever pull me down.

18. Fear not. For those hating on, you can’t harm you. They are nothing but toothless dogs.

19. Keep hating assholes, and I will keep glowing.

20. I promise to be successful so, I can rub my success on their sorry asses.

21. Hey hater, still wanting to know if I have made it or not? Here, my middle finger will do the answer.

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23. Never feel bad when people hate on you. Instead, tell them to direct that energy into something positive, and they will see how their lives will change for the better.

Haters going to hate quotes

24. If they are to look for a picture to campaign against animal cruelty, yours won’t be exempted for blood is thicker than water.

25. I had almost wanted to give a hang. Instantly, I remembered Lucifer was once an angel. So were you.

26. It’s okay if you don’t like me. Not everyone likes expensive things.

27.  My bad. If I hadn’t looked carefully, I would have passed you for an ape.

28. There is no difference between you and Monday mornings. No one likes neither of you. Steer off, son, ain’t got time for bad energy.

29. To all my haters disguising as friends, keep hating while I keep grinding and soaring like an eagle.

30. I keep wondering how on earth you made it here. Someone must have unlocked your cage.

31. You all can throw as many stones as you want. I may be bruised but not broken.

32. You are so damn ugly that babies hide their faces at the sight of you to avoid having nightmares.

33. I would have loved to imprint my palm on your face. But I don’t want to be arrested for animal abuse.

34. Why not channel your hate into something productive. At least, it could power the zoo.

35. Hey dear! Have you heard? Lives are being sold at a cheaper rate. Why not purchase one. You can thank me later ass hole.

36. I smile whenever you cross my mind. The fact that you would never measure up to me gladdens my heart. Isn’t it amazing?

37.  Don’t allow people’s words and actions to stop you from being the best you aim to be. They can go on hating on themselves. No one cares about them, and it is so evident they need love too.

38. I thought you were real. Until I discovered you were a venomous snake in human form.

39. I don’t know which is worst. The fact that you are stupid or ugly. Cause there is no vaccine to cure any of them.

40. Some times, I wonder how you think. But then, your brain is still wrapped in a plastic bag with the price tag still attached to it. It is high time you started using it darling, so it doesn’t get rusted.

41.  Keep hating. Keep criticizing. Keep gossiping. The more you do all that, the more popular I become. Thanks to my ever working haters, for increasing my popularity, you never fail to motivate me towards being a better person.

42.  I could have said some awful things to you. But you would be too dumb to notice.

43.  Some persons emit happiness, good tidings, and blessings wherever they go. Sadly, someone like you brings bad luck.

44.  Stop getting distracted by people who shouldn’t be found in your circle. They are the demons against your progress. Chase them away like chickens.

45. I never knew what nightmares were until the day I ran into you.

46. I heard the devil is looking for a partner. Perhaps, I could fund your trip to hell bitch.

47.  Could you tell me the significance of the middle finger again? Cause you might be getting it soon, asshole.

48. I thought I had friends. I didn’t know I had a pack of wolves waiting to devour me.

49. Do you know what hurts bitch? The fact that I can never lower my self to your standard. Diamond doesn’t mix with pebbles.

50. How on earth were your parents able to put up to you. You stink ass hole. Ranging from your attitude to your very soul and body.

51.  They say likes attract likes. Now I know why we never got along. Cause sunlight and darkness are the opposite. So are we bitch.

52.  Stay the hell out of my business moron. The next time you pork your douche nose into it again, I would make sure you face legal consequences.

53.  You are so full of shit that the previous time I saw something like you in the toilet, I flushed it speedily.

54.  You are so funny and dumb that I wouldn’t mind owning a circus so you could perform for the world each day.

55. If they should give an award for the most stupid person on the planet, I am sure they wouldn’t think twice before giving the award to you. You truly deserve it, baby.

56. I’m dying to shut that lousy mouth of yours. But you are not worth a minute of my time. Ride along with dude.

57.  I so much wish I could make you invisible. Your very existence pollutes the earth.

58. One of the most common things on this planet is common sense. Unfortunately, you lack one.

59.  At times, I become perplexed at the trash you spew from your mouth. Now I am convinced that not everyone has a brain.

60.  I couldn’t help but think of you today at the zoo. I think they missed you. Why not go back to them.

61.  Don’t ever try to act smart with me, and I can detect any hater from afar whenever I see one. To avoid issues, please stay away from me. I want to be surrounded by people that love and care for me.

62.  The world would become a better place if people like you could disappear into thin air.

63.  I wouldn’t mind blowing my nose and wiping it on your bare ass.

64. Your ugliness scares the shit out of me. Even a masquerade is better off than you. I feel for your future generation.

65. You are free to hate me as much as you can. No amount of hate can stop me from aiming higher. Keep beefing.

66. We all make mistakes. Even gods do. And you are a living proof sweetheart.


   Insulting lines for haters


67.   You are so evil that I wish I could teleport some demons from hell to come to learn from you how to be unpleasant to good people.

68.  I would have loved to ask what your problem is, but your breath stinks so badly.


69.  I get it that you don’t like me cause I’m way better than you. No one chooses expired milk over a new one — poor kitten.


70.  Your stupidity wows me. How I wish there was a vaccine to cure it.


71.  I will keep balling while they keep hating.


72.  I’m like a diamond. No matter where I am, I will keep sparkling so bright like the sun.


73.  It’s high time you got featured in 101 ways to die. Your face is so scary and horrific that looking at it is horror itself.


74.  Bitching, gossiping, hoeing, and hate don’t pay. Get a life and stop being a pain in people’s life.


75.  You are a two-faced human.  You’re wicked on the outside and evil within.


76.  Sorry I talk like an idiot sometimes. How else would you have understood me?


77.  Please take a break gossiping, so your mouth could rest. We don’t want a human parrot.


78.  You must have scared the hell out of those doctors the minute you were born. Cause I believe they screamed, seeing your ugliness.


79.  I presume you were busy going about other people’s business when God was ditching out common sense.


80.  Your existence is the only thing the world seems to regret.


funny hater quotes

81.  Are you always this stupid, or did you come here without a brain?


82.  I so much wish you could disappear from the face of the earth (I don’t mean this), but you get the idea why I said what I said. Your existence pollutes the air.


83.  Don’t you ever get tired of blabbing all day like a toothless dog? Or is it a profession for you? Jeez, bitch! Try and be useful.


84.  I’m baffled at the level of dimwittedness coming from you. It is alarming.


85.  Once I finally make it to the top, I would make sure you get to sit at the front seat while I give my success speech, you will surely get some shout out and appreciation, your hating job never went unnoticed.


87.  I understand your hate for me, sis. It isn’t easy to be good looking, intelligent, and smart. That’s what you can never get what I have now in a thousand years to come, simply because all you do is hate.


88.  Calling you a gorilla would be an insult to the animal kingdom.


89.  I won’t be surprised if you get gold as the ugliest dude on earth. It is all the hating you do that makes you ugly inside and outside.


90.  If only you are being paid each time you poke your nose into people’s business, you would have become a bubbling millionaire. LOL


91.  You smell like rotten bags of garbage that every time I’m beside you, I get an urge to be alone.


92.  Sometimes, I can’t blame you all for hating on me. It takes effort and consistency to be able to stand out amongst fools.


93.  Try saying something intelligent next time. Everyone is tired of listening to your senseless talks.


94.   Is there a possible way to get rid of you? Ah! Offering you as a sacrifice to Aliens wouldn’t be an evil idea.


95.  I tried looking for the meaning of a moron in the dictionary. But then, I stopped cause a little look at you gives the perfect description.


96.  I’ve gotten to that stage where I don’t give a damn anymore. You hate me, right? Good and fine. Keep hating while I keep climbing higher.


97.  Here is a wipe to clean your mouth, baby, cause there’s still a little bit of bullshit around your side mouth.


98.  How on earth do you think jerk? Could it be that your brain is filled with pebbles?


99.  Did you know to smile before your haters can kill them faster than aids? Try it out.


100.  Love those unpleasant friends and pray for them. They are the only ones pushing you closer to your dreams unknowingly.


101.  Some times, let’s learn to appreciate our haters. Without them sticking their fat asses in our businesses, we wouldn’t have gotten this far. Their hate is our motivation.


102.  If you don’t like me, you can jump into the sea cause I don’t give a flying hang about you.


103.  You are so fake that even mirrors fail to capture your true reflection. Its really a shame trying to be what you aren’t.


104.  You want to live a calm and peaceful life? Ignore the haters and watch how your life becomes serene.


105.  Whenever I see you, I begin wondering if you were born to be stupid or you get paid for stupidity, you give it you are all like your life depends on it.


106.  You are not as lovely as people think you are. You are the devil himself. How did I get to know you? Pretenders like you should be avoided at all costs.


107.  I don’t care to know your reasons for hating. Just get out of my life. I don’t want to be plagued by your evil nature.


108.  I was wondering how you put on clothes, so your tail doesn’t show demon.


109.  You look so bright and smart until you speak, leaving us in awe. How can someone be this dumb?



110.  You would surely need a brain transplant soon. Yours is on the verge of decaying. Hasten up please so you don’t die without a brain.


111.  They say everyone is beautiful in their way, but I am sure they wouldn’t know the same for you. Your deformity needs to be researched.


112.  I know I’m not perfect, but at least, I’m not living a fake like some pretenders I know.


113.  Overthinking causes weight loss. No wonder you are so damn skinny.


114.  Beautiful people don’t seek attention. You’re craving for one because of your potato looking face.


115.  I bet you can’t stand under the sun, so your plastic face doesn’t meltdown.


116.  Haters are so quick at spotting people’s imperfections, turning a blind eye to theirs.


117.  Don’t allow any psychopath to bring you down to their level. That’s what they do when they can’t get to you. Watch out for them, and you can always be better than them.



118.  It’s intriguing to see the numbers of people waiting to watch you fall rather than succeed. The hate is real.

119.  Never be satisfied with your current position. Keep striving and grinding until your haters commit suicide.

220.  No matter how far the journey may seem, I’ll keep pushing till heavens smile at me so I can rub my success on their sorry faces.

Don’t hate those that hate you. Love and appreciate them. The fact that they would never measure up to your standards is the enthralling part.

Fear not! Whoever is throwing stones at you is already beneath you. Straighten your crown and keep queening.

Envy is a disastrous illness. I wish you speedy recovery haters.

Irrespective of their tactics to take you down, never stoop so low to their level.

Always pay less attention to your haters. They ain’t worth a minute of your time. It’s so fortunate that joblessness has taken a toll on them.

People would often say the worst things behind your back. It is a way of consoling their irrelevant self to feel better than you do.

I may not be a real superstar, but I’ve got fans in the form of haters who can’t get enough of me. I’d be killing them with my vibes.

I know I’m not the best. Nor the most intelligent nor prettiest. But I know in years to come, you’ll never be able to get to where I am today. Sorry!

It’s crazy how people hate you for no just cause. But it’s more insane when you’ve got no one hating on you. Haters are motivators. Feel proud to have lots of them.

If only apes could talk, they could have come out to reclaim their lost one.

I don’t care if my smiles and happiness are killing you. You can hang yourself.

Crush me or love me, I would still glow like the sun. Keep hating while I keep reaping.

Walk with your head high, smile with confidence, and talk with authority because there are haters who would kill to be on your spot.

Be grateful for makeups. It would have been difficult differentiating you from a zombie.

Hold those who are jealous of you in high regard because they are the only ones who seed you to be better than they are.

If all love you, you are doing something wrong. Only the real get haters.

Regardless of how irrelevant you think you are, someone somewhere is envious of your little self. Keep slaying while they keep hating.

Being dumb is tolerable. But being ignorant and ugly is out of the world. It’s so amazing you possess both.

Keep your worth intact and your long finger higher to haters.

If I had a chance, I would make life unbearable for you. But instead, I would fold my arms and watch life deal with you itself.

I hope someday your throat gets clogged up with all the trash and shit you’ve been spitting.

Humans don’t hate you. They hate themselves for not possessing the unique traits you’ve gotten and for not getting the attention everyone else is giving you.

Some people are like tycoons. They appear, and disasters lurk around.

Wearing makeup on your two faces must be though. However, that’s the only way you can be noticed by being fake.

Haters don’t walk around with a sign on their forehead. They wear an invisible mask to hide their evil nature. Be wise

I could care less about anyone right now. I’m so busy living my life to take note of any miscreants.

They think they’re the smartest, but sadly, they can’t engage in meaningful conversations for just 5 minutes. You can’t be a hater and still be a dump. Get a life.

I may not have every perfect thing going for me, but I am still with the love of my life. But you, No. Even solar power has lasted more than all your relationships in years. Pathetic!

It’s impressive seeing you spreading shits about me. It’s cool knowing you ain’t spreading your legs. That’s the only thing your sorry ass can do best.

Your level of fake is alarming such that the world-renowned country denied ever making you.

Keep hating, I’ll keep balling, and you’ll keep watching. It’s confirmed. You’re a huge fan.

Want to know why you’re pained? Because you’ll never be as peculiar as I am. I am an original copy. You’re nothing but a prototype.

You’re no different from a remote. People choose what they want to see with it. In reality, people keep choosing me over you while tossing you aside.

It takes courage to stand out. Can you? Oops. I’ve forgotten you’ve always been a coward.

The only significant difference between you and an Alien is that Aliens are compassionate. But you’re not — what a colossal mistake to Mankind.

Being silent isn’t stupidity. It means being mature enough to know when and when not to talk. Not everyone is a human parrot like you.

How I wish your existence could be wiped away from the face of the earth. The world would be such a better place to live in.

You could have become a millionaire if only the energy exerted in gossiping is the same energy you put into your future goals.

Hating doesn’t pay bills. Get something else, dumb ass.

Hello haters! I sincerely want to appreciate you all for bringing me to the spotlight. I wouldn’t have made it this far if it wasn’t for your hate. Thanks

Remember that whatever you do today will always come back to hunt you. Karma is real. Stop the hate and be productive.

Knowing I’ve got a considerable effect on people makes me glad. It feels excellent seeing I’ve got a hold on you.

Worry not about those that gossip behind you. You will always be a step higher than them.

I’ll keep posting till you can’t get enough of me.

Wanna you know your real friends? Throw them on water and watch the fake ones floating.

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