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Instagram captions for selfies

Do you know, that selfie became a word early 2013, and according to Wikipedia, a selfie is a photo taken with your smartphone’s camera, the front camera most likely.  right now selfie is not a new thing, and we all love posting our group or selfies to the gram, and we sometimes get lost for captions to use for the almost perfect selfie you want to upload.

I am glad you have found your way here. i have put a list of fresh 200+ Instagram captions for selfies. you most likely won’t find these captions anywhere on the internet. unless of course it’s been copied from here.

Please do not mind me, it is free to use. and also share with friends and family. there you have it. the best Instagram captions for selfies.

Instagram Captions for Selfies

  • I hate selfies, but I look so beautiful in them.
  • NASA has a lot of my photos, don’t fret, I am a star.
  • I am unique, that’s why my photos stand out.
  • Selfie queen
  • The Hardest Part about business is minding yours.
  • I rule my world, call me King.
  • Even the angry Emoji is a Smiley.
  • On the Low.
  • Remember the days we prayed for what we have surplus now.
  • You just gotta look for what gives you joy, don’t be a zombie-like the walking dead.
  • Don’t let what people think about you, define your judgment or how you live your life.
  • I am Queen.
  • You will understand life is better when you laugh a lot.
  • Classy is the theme, trashy is a no, sassy? Yes, maybe a little.
  • That selfie, you just don’t want to delete or post either, cus your hair looks perfect, but your face is meh.
  • Why are so many things better in dreams?
  • Why so sad? Happiness is free.
  • When you cry for the same person twice, then you have successfully repeated the same mistake.
  • Where is my prince charming? let me go all Cinderella on him.
  • People often love you, because of what they stand to gain from you, some love you because of what you bring to the table, some love you for who you are. Know the difference today.
  • You have one life, don’t stop fighting for it.
  • I see many girls with flowers on their hairs but no love in their hearts.
  • Even the strongest of women will have some sort of insecurities, no matter how beautiful they are, not many would admit.
  • There’s a girl out there with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair.
  • Even the most beautiful women will have at least some insecurity, whether they admit it or not.
  • If you don’t text me back, I will hunt you.
  • Let me tell you what insecurities can do to a beautiful lady, it makes her question herself, knowing fully well how powerful she is.
  • Just stare with your eyes, do not touch.
  • I’d rather dine with the sinners.
  • Anyone sees this, then you are dead.
  • He is everything I want, sadly I can’t have him.
  • The time is sexy, I guess you know what this means.
  • Once you figure out the people who want to be in your life, then you will realize how you have stress yourself over nothing for the people who don’t care if you breathe or not.
  • Hold your breath for a minute. The queen is here.
  • I am proud of who I am, I don’t care what you think.
  • Life is sweet like chocolate, and sometimes you let some things that are undesirable go to waste, like the pack it comes with.
  • Hey, you there?
  • Goodbye my lover and my friend
  • She loved the man who treated her like ordinary, and scorn the man who would give everything for her. Inside life..
  • It’s Sunday and I am fantastic as usual.
  • After your thoughts have taken a new turn, let your life turn a new leaf.
  • Holy moly, she is gonna be very mad.
  • Don’t claim you love me, and do things that hurt me easily.
  • Pretenders, please stay away from me.
  • Bad energy stays very far away from me.
  • People who judge you, are often not better than you, listening to them is the highest of stupidity.
  • Come take a ride in my new Lambo
  • It’s a new week, and I see the money coming.
  • It’s another new day, and we have God to thank for everything.
  • I sing better when I am in the bathroom
  • Why hate me now, don’t you think it’s early.
  • I ain’t even in my prime now, you hating already.
  • My girl looks like Halle Berry, and your girl who is from the ghetto looks hairy, that shit scary mehn.
  • Some path will make you want to give up, it’s what makes the journey worth it when you win in the end.
  • Why jump high to get noticed? If they want to roll with you they would just keep being you and you will get liked for you.
  • We have one life to live, when we live it right, one life is more than enough.
  • Good morning gents.
  • Ladies do you miss me?
  • Beauty is nothing without brains, believe me when I tell you this.
  • I can categorically tell you. I can never be yours.
  • Will you be the love of my life?
  • Can you handle what you see?
  • You know your man truly loves you when he gives you everything you need, not everything you want.
  • If you can’t stand, you most likely have to crawl.
  • The first step is discovering yourself, before going all out to find someone.
  • Please what planet are we in again?
  • The sun is pretty cold today.
  • This has got to be the best selfie of all time.
  • Instagram got me verified, but I declined that shit.
  • Did you manage to see what I did?
  • Life will throw so many craps at you, dodge it, you don’t want crap in your life, believe me.
  • I spoke to her soul.
  • You relate to my status, I can feel it touch lives.
  • I asked her, how good my flow is, she said I was the dopest.
  • Lord knows I have been underground, and its been hell.
  • Dude I always excel.
  • I saw the list and worthy mentions, I am better than them all.
  • Post this on your next blog, and watch the internet go quiet.


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